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Tutoring Ads 101: How to Effectively Grow Your Tutoring Business Online

Tutoring Ads 101: How to Effectively Grow Your Tutoring Business

Tutoring Ads 101: How to Effectively Grow Your Tutoring Business Online

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 brought more attention to tutoring, but tutoring has been an important learning tool for years.

If you’ve noticed the need for tutoring and want to fill it, you know you need to drum up customers. While referrals are a great source of leads, that doesn’t help if you don’t have anyone to refer you yet.

One of the ways you can gain more attention online is through tutoring ads. Continue reading this article to learn how to advertise your tutoring business online.

Setting Yourself Up for Success With Tutoring Ads

Whether people are trying to find an online math tutor, someone to help their kids through science or history – you need to show up for your specialty. If you only want to tutor in one subject, you can still make a good amount of money.

Speak to Your Audience Directly

Avoid the marketing mistake of talking to everyone in your ads. If you speak to everyone that wants a tutor, you’re not going to get attention.

Think of the exact person that you want to help. Is this person an 8th grader that is having trouble with math? Maybe the person you want to help is someone trying to improve their SAT score.

While you should think about the student you’ll be tutoring, you should also keep in mind that the parent is most often the one paying. Speak directly to the parent when you’re writing your ads.

Offer an Outcome

Before you run your ads, check to see if they offer an outcome. Many tutoring ads simply say something like, “tutoring for xyz city” or “Math tutor in xyz city.” While the ad is descriptive, it doesn’t give the person an idea of what result they will get when they work with you.

If you’re tutoring in math, then your ad could say something like, “Help your child improve their math test by one grade.” Make sure you’re confident in whatever claim you put in your ads because people will hold you to it.

Choose the Best Place to Post

When you’ve honed your ad and are ready to post, you can put it on sites like Craigslist and the local classifieds.

Check to see if the local schools have a specific site you can post your services as well. The more places you have your ads, the more likely it is that you will be able to snag a good tutoring job.

Promote Your Business Through Content Marketing

If you decide you want to add content marketing to your strategy on top of tutoring ads, you can drum up even more business. If you are a solo tutor, you may even have to bring in some help.

The internet allows for a wide variety of opportunities. We have put together an article library to help you get the most out of those opportunities. Check out our articles on content marketing strategy today.


How to Use Facebook Ads For Real Estate

How to Use Facebook Ads For Real Estate

How to Use Facebook Ads For Real Estate

Real estate agents have so much to gain from Facebook advertisements. Their targeting capabilities are much more precise than those of other social media platforms.

Not only can Facebook ads find your audience through behavioral and demographic targeting, they’re also low in cost.

However, many agents still aren’t on board with this trend. So, those who are willing to take the risk will gain a competitive advantage over other realtors.

But, as with all marketing plans, you need to have a strategy. Here’s how you should utilize Facebook ads for real estate.

“Likely to Move”

Backed by behavioral data, Facebook now has categories of people who are “Likely to Move”.

This data comes from online and offline research. It also is generated through partners associated with the platform.

People who have visited real estate sites recently will appear in this category. Those who have posted about first-time house buying will be included, as well.

From there, you can even further segment your audience. You can narrow it down based on age, household income, and geography.

Facebook strategically places adds to accounts that fit their “Likely to Move” category. This means you’re not wasting dollars advertising on people who haven’t expressed interest in moving.

Say you’re in the West with ranches for sale and want to reach interested buyers. You can specifically target those who have looked up ranches in the area.

Don’t Only Use Facebook Ads for Real Estate Shoppers

Direct your advertisements to mortgage brokers, too.


Because targeting mortgage brokers means you’re increasing your chance of referrals.

Facebook also allows you to narrow down your target by job title. Simply input ‘mortgage broker’ into the ad’s search engine, and voila! You’ll reach a whole new audience.

You don’t want to spend a great deal of money on those uninterested in buying or selling. But, reaching certain niche audiences can really boost your reputation.

You may also consider advertising to those with the following job titles: processor, closer, and refinance advisor.

Coordinate with Traditional Efforts

Since you’re targeting a specific area, you should implement traditional strategies at these places, too.

Sure, much of what comes in through direct mail is tossed in the garbage. But, traditional marketing can be much more effective when combined with digital efforts.

It’s no question that consumers require multiple opinions before making a purchase. That means they need to make several types of impressions with your company.

So, if you’re spending the money on Facebook ads, you should also coordinate around your standard tactics. Send your post cards and other direct mail ads to tenants in the same area codes.

It’s ideal to begin your Facebook efforts just before you send out your direct mail. Then, keep those ads running for some time afterward to maximize exposure.

Get Things Started

So, you’ve learned how to manage Facebook ads for real estate. What’s your next digital marketing strategy?

If you’re looking to drive more traffic, leads, and sales to your page, join us at Article City to receive premium content from our amazing team of writers.