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Astrology Explains 15 Things Never to Say or Do Around a Leo

Astrology Explains 15 Things Never to Say or Do Around

Astrologers can agree that Leos are the proud lions of the zodiac. They love compliments, can’t stand to lose an argument, and generally want to know they’re always loved. As such, most are incredibly confident, protective, and like to be the center of attention.

Powered by the sun, Leos welcome the limelight as they and are in full form when they receive praise. Leos always needs the right energy to shine the brightest, which is why you should always be intentional when speaking with any lions in your life.

Never Say These 15 Things to a Leo

While this sign is very proud, they are also quite sensitive. What may seem like a simple comment to some can quickly cut to Leo’s core. If you have a Leo in your life that you love, make sure you never say the following things to them:

1. “Stop making it about you!”

Though this sign knows the world doesn’t revolve around them, they depend on their loved ones to make them feel like they’re the center of attention. Just like the sun, they desire to know how important they are to everyone’s lives.

This is why it can be incredibly painful when someone close to them makes them feel bad for making situations about them. This sign is most comfortable when they have others hanging off of their every word.

Before you tell your loved one that they’re not always the center of attention, try to hear them out when they do talk about themselves or draw references from their own lives. In most cases, this is their way of relating to you.

2. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll do it.”

If you are relying on this fire sign to finish a project with you, it’s important to show them that you trust that they will take care of it. There’s nothing this sign hates more than feeling like they’ve let someone they care about down.

This sign wants to be in control in their own lives and will get angry if they feel as though you’re taking that control away. Even if this sign can’t lead the way in everything, always make sure they ask for help before you try to take care of it on your own.

Remember, this sign often hides their insecurity and fear by regaining control. Make sure to respond to this by taking the time to understand and allow them to open up to you.

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3. “I forgot about our plans.”

We all miss important dates and forget other details, but forgetting to invite a fire sign to an event is incredibly offensive. This sign absolutely hates to feel forgotten and will be very deeply hurt if it ever happens to them.

If you’ve forgotten about your fire sign, you need to make things right quickly. Beg this fire sign for forgiveness as you genuinely express how sorry you are. Then, let them get their anger out as the share how your actions made them feel.

You can get back into this sign’s good graces by validating them. Explain to your loved one how much you care for them and eventually, they’ll return to being the powerful sun you know and love.

4. “Stop holding onto things, just let it go.”

This fire sign is complex and emotional. They’re not always going to forgive and forget in certain situations. In some cases, this sign may even bring up things that happened in the past as if they just happened yesterday.

While it can be annoying to rehash certain things with your loved one, this is how this sign works things out. Instead of telling this sign to “Let it go”, talk to them about what they’re experiencing. Chances are, if you give this sign the opportunity to share, they’ll be able to start letting it go on their own.

5. “I already complimented you.”

Enough is never enough for this sun-powered sign. This sign feeds on the positive energy of others’ compliments and affection. For example, if your lion keeps asking you if you like something, they’re just seeking validation.

For some, one compliment is all that’s needed, but this isn’t the case with this sign. Feel free to let loose with your compliments and signs of affection. Oftentimes, all this sign needs is to know that you believe in them and they’re doing enough.

6. Never tell a Leo, “You’re so self-centered.”

While this sign is happy to be the center of attention, never call them self-centered. This sign likes to think that the world constantly revolves around them, though they know that it doesn’t.

Pointing out this personality trait by using the word “self-centered” will make your loved one angry. It’s best to talk about your feelings and ask them to focus their attention on you for the time being.

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7. “I didn’t know you were so needy.”

All of us are needy from time to time. This sign especially craves attention and wants to know that their loved ones are there for them.

Don’t make your fire sign feel bad for this. Show them how much you care by laying on the love.

8. “I’m not sure how I feel, Leo.”

Astrologers believe this zodiac sign to be one of the most confident and self-assured signs. As a result, this sign wants to know that others around them are just as confident and are doing what they believe is right.

If you’ tell a fire sign that you haven’t made up your mind about a decision that’s important to them, you may unintentionally offend them.

Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic relationship, you should be clear about your intentions and decisions. Even if you really don’t know how you feel, share your thoughts with them. Making an attempt to communicate with your fire sign is sometimes all it takes.

9. “You’re overthinking it!”

Another way to offend your fire sign is to tell your loved one they are overthinking something.

This sign is deeply introspective and seeks the true meaning in any situation. By their nature, they are deep thinkers and need the time and space to figure out certain thoughts.

10. “Don’t do that.”

Telling a fire sign what to do and what not to do is a quick way to get into an argument. Make sure your fire sign knows they’re in control of their own decisions.

11. “You’re too much.”

The emotions that fire signs feel can be particularly overwhelming. At times, this zodiac sign struggles to handle their feelings.

To truly love this fire sign, you should never make them feel as though they’re too much for you to handle. Give them the chance to work through their feelings while you help them feel safe.

12. “It’s not a big deal!”

For a fire sign, everything in their life can seem like a big deal. If your loved one comes to you to share news, it’s because they want you to get excited about it.

Show your fire sign you’re on their team by always cheering them on.

13. “You always do this.”

To a fire sign, the world “always” can be pretty triggering.

This word can make your loved one feel as though you’re constantly dissatisfied with their actions. Instead of reacting this way, try to have a rational conversation about both individual’s behavior and any patterns that you’ve noticed.

14. “Why are you like this?”

Leos have very strong personalities and need partners and friends that let them be themselves.

If you ever question this sign’s personality or lifestyle choices, you’re telling them that you aren’t happy with who they are. To a fire sign, these are fighting words.

15. “You have to change.”

Fire signs have a strong opinion of themselves, to the point where they’ll lash out at anyone that isn’t completely happy with who they are.

If you ever tell this sign that they need to change, they’ll be deeply wounded. This sign loves to know how much they matter to their loved ones and wants to be accepted. Be sure to tell any fire signs in your life that you love them for who they are.

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Final Thoughts on the Things You Should Never Say to a Leo

This sign is a confident yet sensitive creature. They bruise easily, so it’s important to always choose your words carefully with this sign.

Treat the fire signs in your life gently and with love. By laying on the affection and working to truly understand them, you’ll their personality shine like the star they are.