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10 Things Men Pay Attention To (That Women Don’t) »

10 Things Men Pay Attention To (That Women Don't) »

What are the things men pay attention to in your relationship?

There are no concrete analogies that can describe love relationships. As in the case of men and women, you may claim the attraction of opposites. However, no relationship can last unless the partners have things in common, so the old saying that birds of a feather flock together is accurate.

Most people don’t pay attention to their quirks, but men are sure to notice your idiosyncrasies. You may be surprised at the things that men pay attention to that you don’t. Perhaps it’s because you are too busy with your infatuation of him.

Do you ever take those little love quizzes in magazines or online? Some of the questions about your mate may be obvious, while others require a more intuitive response. If your guy took a quiz about you and your personality, would he pass with flying colors?

The beauty of a committed relationship is that you complement one another. That’s not to say that you aren’t a complete person in your own right. It means that your love balances each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Such a feat can’t be accomplished without love, empathy, and a lot of work.

Physical attraction is what sparked your mutual interest, but only love and respect will keep you together. Have you ever gazed in the mirror to see what your lover sees? Maybe the little flaws that you’re so sensitive about have never mattered to him.

Since he loves you, your mate wants to make you happy. The only way he can do that is if he genuinely pays attention to you, the things you say, and what you do. Men pay attention to patterns and can tell when you need extra love and support.

Does He Speak Your Love Language?

Part of being in a relationship is knowing how your mate loves, also called love language. Men usually show their love and affection differently than women do. Your guy may show his affection by doing something sweet and romantic, while you may prefer putting your feelings into words.

If you are both being genuine to each other and yourselves, each love language is beautiful and acceptable. What does he see that you no longer do? Is it the automatic way you carry yourself with grace and dignity?

10 Things That Men Pay Attention To (That Most Women Don’t)

Does he notice that you are more self-confident when you are wearing your favorite color? Here are ten things that men pay attention to about you that may be surprising.

1. Your Smile

The eternal beauty Marylin Monroe once noted that a woman’s greatest asset was her smile. No makeup product, designer dress, or dazzling jewelry can ever compete with the genuine smile you give your sweetheart. When he is having a bad day, a simple smile or a gleeful grin may be the thing that lifts his spirits.

The female smile has long been the subject of poetry and art, like the mysteriously demurring smile of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. Frequently, a well-timed grin may get your man’s attention, as he wonders what you are thinking. The Mona Lisa isn’t sharing her secret.

2. Your Diet

Since men are biologically hardwired to be protectors and providers, men pay attention to what their lover is putting on her plate. Perhaps you feel comfortable with a few salad greens and a sliver of chicken. For you, it’s part of a healthy diet and your usual appetite, but he may subconsciously see your humble meal as his lack of provision for you.

Don’t be surprised if he encourages you to stack your plate high. Perhaps if you do, he might feel less guilty about the feast on his plate. It’s okay to stick to your guns and eat what you like.

3. Your Style

In the animal kingdom, it’s the males that are bursting with color and other characteristics to pique the drab females’ curiosity. Fortunately for humans, women usually have a monopoly on beauty and style. Your style is probably so ingrained in you that you don’t have to give it much thought.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and men pay attention to how you look in what you wear. Men are often attracted to women who are sure of themselves and aren’t afraid to be different. Believe it or not, he may have a better idea than your best girlfriend in what styles look best.

4. Your Passions

Part of loving a man or woman is to know what they like and what’s important to them. It’s a vital part of any lasting relationship. If your lover has been with you long enough, he will soon learn the passions that are close to your heart.

No matter your hobbies or interests, a true soulmate will know and encourage you to excel in your talents. Why does he seem to have a knack for picking gifts that reflect your hobbies and other interests? Men pay attention to what brings you joy, and he wants to be part of it.

5. Your Expressions

Although you may not realize it, your sweetheart is studying your face while gazing lovingly into your eyes. As you both practice active listening and empathizing with each other’s feelings, he will notice which of your expressions match your emotions. Consequently, women are usually better at these subtle cues, but love can do a lot for the male intuition.

You may be able to fool your friends or co-workers, but your sweetheart will know when your expressions aren’t congruent with your emotions or conversations. He can look at your face and notice when you’re feeling defeated, angry, or hurt. Sometimes, you can look into each other’s eyes and never say a word. Yet, you both seem to know what is going on due to the bond and connection you have with each other and your facial expressions.

Here are seven ways you can tell you have found your partner for life.

6. Your Conversation

Countless studies demonstrate that men and women communicate differently. How many times have you been irritated at your man because he missed a cue in your conversation? Women are usually more in tune with their feelings, and you know how to vocalize how you feel.

While your man’s communication skills may be your opposite, he can often read between the lines. He knows which subjects are taboo and which ones you enjoy. If you are normally an animated conversationalist, he often can intuit your moods by your energy and the cadence of your voice.

7. Your Quirks

Even if you are in a long-term relationship, you both are still individuals with similarities and differences. For any relationship to be healthy and lasting, you learn your partner’s little quirks and deal with them. If these differences don’t infringe on each other’s rights and happiness, then be willing to cut ties and move on.

Your beau knows your oddities and will be as understanding with yours as you are with his. If you’ve been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive tendencies, your quirks may be linked to anxiety. Either way, he knows and understands everything about you.

8. Your Favorite Foods

Do you remember where you first met each other or had your first dinner for two? Your man took notice of what you were eating and drinking. Does it warm your heart when he remembers how you like your coffee and that you prefer mayo instead of mustard on your sandwiches?

When he knows your favorite foods and beverages, choosing an eatery for date nights is a breeze. He remembers your favorite restaurant, the dish you order, and what you were drinking. On special occasions, he may prepare your favorite meal for a quiet dinner at home for an added treat.

9. Your Favorite Color

Did you know that women usually perceive color better than men do? Now you know why you often help your mate differentiate between black and navy socks. All men should, at the very least, remember the color of their lover’s eyes.

Not only does your partner know and adore your eye color, but he also remembers your favorite color. He notices the dominant hue in your wardrobe and how you look in it. When he’s picking out a gift for you, he doesn’t need to stop and think about the best color to choose.

10. Your Pet Peeves

Pet peeves are usually irritating quirks you notice in other people. While there will always be disagreements in any relationship, considerate mates know what pushes each other’s buttons, and they try to stay clear of those situations. You are probably quite vocal with your beau when it comes to things that grind your nerves.

Many of your pet peeves may not have anything to do with him. However, he may do little things like leave the toilet seat up or crunch too loud on his potato chips. As your sweetheart, men pay attention to the things that tick you off and try to keep them at a minimum, as you should with his pet peeves.

Final Thoughts on Recognizing the Things To Which Men Pay Attention

Relationships are a labor of love that is worth every moment. It means that you are lovers, best friends, and most influential advocates. The more your man takes notice of you, the more he can meet your needs physically, emotionally, and spiritually. On the flip side, if he doesn’t notice those little things about you, then he’s not that into you.


Why Is Content Marketing Hogging the Attention? Here’s the Future of Print Advertising

Why Is Content Marketing Hogging the Attention? Here's the Future

Why Is Content Marketing Hogging the Attention? Here’s the Future of Print Advertising

In 2011, the number of smartphones in the US surpassed the number of people. More people are looking at their phones than reading print. Is the future of print ad campaigns dead and gone? 

If you own and operate a business, you’re always thinking about the future of advertising and marketing. You need to be able to keep up with the times if you expect to succeed in the business world. 

You may notice people these days talking a lot about digital marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. 

While these will likely continue to be important, what about print marketing? Continue reading about print advertising and find out if it still has a future. 

Print Advertising Isn’t Dead!

Here’s a spoiler: print marketing will remain alive so long as there remains a physical customer presence. Many experts will tell you print marketing still holds incredible value alongside your digital marketing campaign. 

Even with the advent of computers, mobile phones, tablets, and virtual reality, even young people have an affinity for paper. 

The Permanent Nature of Print  

Digital content is fleeting. When you design your digital marketing campaign, you need to think about constant updates to your internet content. 

This is true for your blog and various social media platforms. 

Print on paper carries an inherent feel of permanence. In a digital world, it can feel like information comes and goes with a moment’s notice. 

Think about ancient collections of books. With proper care, print has the potential to last forever. 

While this is true of the digital, digital information is quickly lost beneath mountains of information. 

Entice Customers to an Online Experience 

So far as we can tell, the best way to think about print advertising is as a complement to your digital brand. For example, you might consider getting customized stickers with your social media links printed across it. 

You can use your print ads to encourage potential customers to interact with your brand on an online platform. 

Will Print Disappear Forever? 

Of course, there is an anxiety about the future of print as a medium. Books, magazines, and newspapers face a certain uncertainty. 

It follows print advertising may soon lose traction. 

Soon, our augmented realities may overlay our present physicality. Print may soon disappear from the collective memory of humanity. 

Sound a bit like a science fiction dystopia? Already, we are seeing digital information integrate with reality in real time. 

The future of technology and its implications are still vague. One thing is certain, though. The future of print and print marketing is uncertain. 

Live in the Present 

Although the future of print and marketing are uncertain, you and your business should continue to live in the present. For now, print advertising remains a valuable asset in your marketing campaign. 

Print can be a great complement to your digital marketing campaign as you build your brand. 

Always stay up to date on the business world and find out what works and what doesn’t. To find more advice on marketing and business, visit our marketing section. 



Getting the Glance: 6 Attention Grabbing Logo Design Ideas

Getting the Glance: 6 Attention Grabbing Logo Design Ideas

Getting the Glance: 6 Attention Grabbing Logo Design Ideas

With all the millions of logos in the world, how could yours possibly stand out amongst the competition?

It’s hard enough to get a unique logo with a professional designing it. But, since you’re starting a brand new business, you don’t have the money to hire someone.

Don’t despair. With a little guidance, you can create your own one-of-a-kind logo.

There are certain ideas of design that every graphic artist follows. If you keep them in mind, you’ll be on your way to creating something eye-catching.

What is it about a logo that makes people want to get a second look? One factor is that it appears professional.

If yours looks amateurish, people might do a double-take. But, that’s not the kind of glance you want to grab!

With images and text all around, trying to get the attention of potential customers is difficult. Check out these logo design ideas for help.

1. Simplicity Is Still Eye-Catching

The idea that something simple stands out more than a busy design might not make sense at first.

You might imagine that a design with a lot going on would look interesting. That it gives the eye all sorts of things to check out. There are more details to discover.

Actually, it’s usually the opposite.

A logo isn’t a beautiful mural that people want to stand in front of and marvel at. It’s branding that someone will look at quickly and make a snap judgment about.

Simple designs always look more professional and pleasing.

Think of the Apple Computers logo. It’s understated and to the point. Just an apple, and only using one color!

As you get ready to make your logo, check out other famous logos. You’ll begin to notice how little there is going on.

2. Don’t Recreate What’s Already Been Done

After you get some inspiration from other logos, throw all of that out the window. You never want to copy or even hint at a logo that’s already been done before.

The whole point of a logo is to create brand recognition. People can associate a logo with a brand quickly.

You don’t want people to look at your logo and confuse it with another brand. Then, you’re obviously not standing out.

What if they look at yours and it just reminds them of another brand? Then you’re reinforcing another brand’s recognition and not your own!

After you design a few logo options, a good idea is to reverse Google image search them. That way you can make sure that there aren’t any designs out there that are too similar.

3. Design for the Logo’s Use

Before you ever start brainstorming designs, take some time to think about how you will use the logo.

Think of where that logo will usually be featured. Imagine what size it will be. Put yourself in the shoes of someone seeing it for the first time.

That should inform how you design the logo. For example, let’s say you’re designing a logo for a new podcast you’re creating.

Most times, when people see your logo it will be on their phones. That means it will appear to them as a very small square. Design with that at the forefront of your mind.

Your logo should be easy to read. Any illustration should be clear at that small size. No details should be too small to make out.

4. Go for Timeless

After designing this logo, you won’t want to keep updating it periodically. That’s why you should do your best to create a timeless logo. One that will grow with your business for years to come.

How do you do that? Don’t use any silly or trendy fonts. They might seem fun now, but they’ll probably look outdated soon enough.

Again, you’ll have a better chance of ending up with a timeless design if you go for simplicity. Limit the number of colors you use. Really consider whether an illustration will hold up as well as something more abstract.

Of course, you can’t always predict whether something will look dated in five years.

If yours does, you can check out Their designers can actually take your old logo and update it to look more modern. Or they can just create something totally new!

5. Color Is Key

Color is one obvious way that you can catch someone’s attention. Take the time to choose a palette that’s perfect for your logo.

One way to do that is to design your logo in black and white first. Then, you can pick out a few color schemes and apply them to the logo at the end.

Some colors that you like might not make your logo pop as much as you imagined it would. Seeing different options side-by-side will allow you to make a more informed decision.

6. Get a Second Opinion

When you’re working on a logo for a while, you might become too close to it. That’s especially true if you’ve done many drafts.

Whether you love what you’ve done or can’t tell if it’s good or not, get a second opinion.

Send it to a few friends whose taste you trust. Ask them all what their first impression is. See if there’s anything they’d change.

If you made your logo in different color options send them those to find their favorite. You don’t have to take their advice if you don’t agree. But, if all five friends say they love the green logo, they might have a point.

Get Started with These 6 Logo Design Ideas

These 6 logo design ideas will get you started on the path towards an eye-catching creation. Don’t be afraid to play around with all sorts of concepts. Let your imagination wander and you’ll end up with something truly unique!

Want to learn more about DIY designing for your business or brand? Check out this article for website design tips and tricks.