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Psychologists Reveal How to Shift Into A Positive Mindset on a Bad Day

Psychologists Reveal How to Shift Into A Positive Mindset on

Do you ever wake up in a bad mood? It doesn’t matter how much sleep you get or how good you feel; your spirit is off. Sometimes, you wake up feeling great, but the smallest thing can tick you off and put you into a negative mood. However, you will live a happier, more fulfilling life by shifting gears into a positive mindset.

Someone at the office may make a snide comment, or you may find that you’re out of coffee, and it’s only 10 am. All the negative things that you must deal with within a day can affect your mood. However, you can’t stay in this mood as it’s not productive or beneficial for a happy life.

Why Do Your Moods Fluctuate?

Did you know that your moods can have everything to do with your ego? Research suggests that folks use up their determination to prevent temptation, but they drain rational resources.

Each person has a stress-threshold that dictates how much they can take without blowing a gasket. Once you get beyond that threshold, it alters your mood. You may become grouchy, irritable, or syndical of others.

While you see what’s going on outside your body, do you know what’s going on inside to make these changes? Your blood pressure goes up and down as you encounter stressors from the day. With these blood pressure fluctuations come the increase of cortisol, which is also known as your body’s stress hormone.

Since each person’s threshold is different, it can be a small thing that alters your mood, or it may take something significant. If you need to change to a positive mindset and put the moodiness aside, there are some things you can do.

Five Ways to Change the Negative to a Positive Mindset

A negative mood comes from strong feelings that you’re having that you cannot shake. Rather than face the issue and deal with the feelings, you choose to react. Thankfully, when you resolve your problems and face the things that are bothering you, it helps change to a positive mindset.

Even if the coffee container is empty in the morning, take a 15-minute break and run to a store to get more. Sure, it’s an inconvenience, but rather than stewing about such a minor issue, you can fix it. Here are some ways to help you stay optimistic.

1. Catch up on Rest

According to the Center for Disease Control, one out of three people in this country does not get the required hours of sleep they need. Do you know what happens to your body when you don’t get sufficient sleep? It increases your chances of developing mental distress, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems.

If you’re not getting at least seven hours of sleep each night, it can put you in a negative mindset. When you don’t feel good in your body, it can affect your mood. If you’re having problems sleeping, then you need to talk to your doctor.

There are many herbs and things that can also help you get a restful night, such as melatonin. When you get your sleep back on track, it’s easier to keep a positive mindset.

2. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is the ability to switch your mind from a pessimistic state to an optimistic one. Today’s society makes it extremely easy to get sucked into a negative mindset. However, you don’t have to live in a place of discontent when you can change your brain’s molecular structure by using gratitude.

Did you know if you focus on your blessings instead of the things you don’t have, then you will be healthier and happier? There have been many studies that have proven that when you have an attitude of thanksgiving that it stimulates the hypothalamus in your brain to improve your mood.

If you find it hard to do a 180-degree turn on your gratitude level, start with small things first. Notice the beauty in your child’s face, or be appreciative of the lovely, cozy bed you climbed out of this morning. Did you know that gratitude can be just as addictive as being negative and grumbly?

3. Calm Down with Meditation

If you can’t seem to master a positive mindset, then you should try meditation. It can be overwhelming to find time to fit everything you need to in a day, and all the stress can affect your mood. So, you can fix this by taking the time to channel positive energy and release the negative.

Sometimes, you need to breathe. Scientifically, there is a reason why mindful breathing and the relaxation that comes with meditation works. When you experience stress or have mood fluctuations, the prefrontal cortex in your brain goes into an overactive state, which can lead to depression.

Thankfully, meditation is the key to change those brain regions that are linked to the blues. When you’re using mindful breathing, you retrain the brain to focus on your success and not your failures. When physical sensations intrude on you, you will feel negative emotions like stress.

The rhythmic breathing that occurs in meditation helps you work yourself out of a bad mood, no matter what comes your way. It’s because you are taking time to stop, and you’re sorting out all those feelings that are causing you problems.

Did you know that there are specific mood-boosting meditations that can assist you in your goals? These meditations are especially beneficial for those who are new to this ancient practice.

4. Use Your Support System

You need a support system to make it in this life. People don’t realize how incredibly important it is to have someone that you can call when the whole world seems to be going wrong. When you feel negative, reach out to a friend or family member to talk too about what’s going on.

A third party can look at the situation from the outside and put things into perspective. You can make a bigger deal of the situation often because you compound it with all the other stressors you have in your life. Getting good advice and support is much needed to keep you in a positive mindset.

Psychologists did a study and used brain imaging to see how your brain is affected by your moods. They found that people who verbalize how they feel often have fewer problems with sadness and anger than those who try to keep it all inside.

When you avoid talking about the troubling things, you give them power. However, when you vocalize these issues, you release the energy they have on you.

There’s all this noise inside your head that gets louder as your stress level rises, and you become overwhelmed. When you find somewhere and someone that is your safe place, you can release all the noise and have clarity.

5. Exercise

You already know that you need to get so much exercise each week to maintain a healthy weight. However, research shows that your mental health benefits just as much from a workout. The evidence and studies that have been done on this subject are overwhelming.

When you exercise, your body begins to release neurotransmitters like norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. It also releases endorphins, which all work together to make you feel good. When you are depressed, it’s likely caused by an imbalance in these neurotransmitters.

However, a doctor will give you a medication, or you take some herbal treatments to rebalance them. Many people don’t realize that exercise is so powerful that it can be the equivalent of taking anti-depressant medication.

When you’re struggling with negativity, you need to go for a walk, run a mile, or do some intense cardio. You will release those happiness chemicals to put you in a positive mindset.

Here are ten vital reasons why you should take the time to count your daily blessings.

Final Thoughts on Living a More Fulfilling Life by Shifting into a More Positive Mindset

No one likes to be in a bad mood. Consequently, you are responsible for your actions and your attitudes. The smallest of things can trigger you and put you in a negative frame of mind, but you can control how you respond to those triggers.

You have the power to move beyond the problem and live in optimism. Thankfully, your bad mood won’t last forever. If you need something to help prod you to give you some perspective, then you should look to the future and not the past.

Do you remember that day in 2018 when you were so angry you could spit nails because you were late for work? No, of course, you don’t remember. The good news is you won’t recall these little mood fluctuations because they are a fleeting moment in time.

Focus on your future, and live in a mindset where you count your blessings and not ruminate on everything that is wrong. You will be surprised at what a difference it will make in your life when you focus on the positive things.


5 Signs Of Bad Communication In A Marriage

5 Signs Of Bad Communication In A Marriage

Any divorce lawyer will tell you that one of the most common reasons that a marriage fails is bad communication. People just don’t talk or express themselves as they used to. While some of this can be blamed on phones and other devices, a lot of it is simply two people who are unwilling to see eye to eye until it’s too late.

The good and bad news is that this poor communication doesn’t just “jump” to the end result of divorce. There are usually plenty of signs of communication problems in that way. Many couples may not even be aware of the symptoms.

According to a study published by Dr. Mary Ogechi Esere and other colleagues of The University of Illoran, Nigeria, a marriage without effective communication will crumble. Because of this, it’s essential to recognize and fix communication problems before the union gets to the point of collapsing. Here are five signs of bad communication in a marriage that you can begin to recognize and fix before they get out of control.

1. You have replaced listening with talking.

One of the most significant indicators of a failure to communicate is when communication becomes a one-way street. Sure, there is plenty of talking happening. The two of you aren’t missing a beat when it comes to sharing information.

You may share the details of your day or talk about any activities or chores that need to be done. You may speak about childcare concerns or bills, or even ask how work is going.

One person may even be expressing deeper concerns like how they’re feeling about certain things. This is where the real disconnection comes in. The other partner may simply respond with more talk.

The problem is that it’s all talk, just something that’s filling the air. Either one or both parties are simply not listening to the other. You hear each other, but you’re not processing what’s being said and taking the time to truly understand your partner’s feelings.

It’s like the wants, needs, and desires of each person are being tuned out. This type of dismissive behavior must be nipped in the bud early before it can have lasting damage to a marriage.

Each person must understand that merely hearing the other person isn’t enough. You must each think about what your partner is saying and process it. Only then can effective communication be restored, and a solution to whatever other problems are happening can be found.

2. You find yourself assuming how your partner is feeling.

It’s every person’s dream – to find someone who is on the same wavelength as they are. They want someone that’s so “in tune” with them that the person just automatically knows how they’re feeling.

On the surface, that sounds nice but, that only works in the cupcake stages of a relationship. This is because you’re only dealing with a limited range of emotions. However, keep in mind that we’re all a sophisticated container full of emotions brimming beneath the surface.

By the time you get married, you should have made it past all those initial, easy-to-read emotions. You should understand that there is more than what you can see. This means that you aren’t going always to be able to “read” your partner’s feelings.

That’s okay! It can be considered as healthy. After all, you’re most likely not a psychiatrist or a psychic. This is where communication comes in. You absolutely must be able to talk to each other about your feelings.

When you find yourself in a situation where you can’t or won’t talk to each other about your feelings, there is a severe breakdown of communication. There should never be a time where you’re assuming your partner’s feelings and vice versa. When this starts happening, it’s time to get together and work on the communication between the two of you.

3. You find yourself being irritated at even the smallest issues.

It may seem like your partner can do nothing right lately. You may find yourself wondering how he can be such a screwup. I mean, simple things aren’t even being done, simple needs aren’t being met, and you just too annoyed to even mention them.

When you stop to think about it, a lot of these situations are just that – situations. Not issues. You might not even be able to put your finger on why these things irritate you so much.

There may have even been a time where you thought these little nuances were cute. Those were simpler times. Times when it seemed your partner could do no wrong.

Those times don’t have to be gone forever. You can fix the issue of being irritated at everything if you fix the real issues that’s going on between you. There is only one way to fix those practical issues, and that is to change the bad communication.

You must be willing and able to express what’s irritating you. This doesn’t mean petty stuff. This means the real stuff that’s slowly chipping away at you. You also must be able to listen to your partner if they want to express what’s irritating them.

4. You feel more comfortable talking to someone outside of the marriage.

When you are more comfortable talking to someone outside of the marriage instead of your spouse, there is a clear issue with bad communication. Your spouse should always be the first person you can go to whenever you need to talk. You should feel comfortable in confiding in your spouse, and your spouse should feel the same way about confiding in you.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever confide in friends or family. It’s healthy to be able to talk to others outside of your relationship. Sometimes a fresh perspective on situations can help to open your eyes to specific issues.

However, they should never be a substitute for talking to your spouse. When you begin to avoid talking to your spouse in favor of talking to others, that’s when it’s not okay. That’s when you and your spouse need to talk more than ever, no matter how uncomfortable it can get.

There shouldn’t be any subject that you can’t talk to your spouse about. Even if specific issues push both of your buttons, you should still be confident in knowing that you can speak to your spouse even in disagreement. If not, you may both need to seek outside help together instead of individually.

5. Your sex life is terrible.

Sex might not be everything in a marriage, but it does count for a whole lot. When there is any type of problem in a marriage, you can be sure that it will be reflected through your sexual chemistry. If you’ve noticed a change in your sexual habits with your spouse, bad communication may be the blame.

Poor communication leads to a breakdown in other aspects of the relationship. This can include emotional, mental, and even spiritual elements. Once these things have been broken down due to lack of communication, what you have left is sex.

Sex alone doesn’t keep a marriage together.

You’ll begin to notice that physical bond breaking between you and your spouse. One or both of you may simply “not be in the mood” more often. By the time you’ve reached this point, you’ve probably let the lack of proper communication go too far.

According to Chris Kraft, Ph.D., a director of clinical services of the Sex and Gender Clinic at John Hopkins Medicine, there are plenty of sexual roadblocks that occur in marriages. It’s not necessarily even malicious roadblocks, just everyday circumstances like kids, bills, careers, and more.

The problems mainly occur when there is no communication between spouses about how they’re feeling about all of these things. “You need to talk about it because the resentment that builds up around feelings of inequality is one of the biggest killers of intimacy and sexuality,” says Dr. Kraft.

It’s time to rush into fixing your bad communication problem before it’s too late. It takes two to tango, so if you’re feeling the results of poor communication through your sex life, your spouse is feeling it also. Just sit down and have an honest conversation with each other.

Final Thoughts on Signs of Bad Communication in a Marriage

You got married for a reason. That reason had to have been worth it, right? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to fix the poor communication between you and your spouse.

Communication is what keeps a marriage secure. Sure, times may get tough, and your spirit may get drained from time to time, but this is when you need your partner the most. Use the five signs above to recognize when bad communication has become a problem in your marriage so you can fix it before it becomes a more significant issue.


10 Reasons That Prove Living Single is Better Than a Bad Relationship

10 Reasons That Prove Living Single is Better Than a

Are you in a bad relationship? If so, you should consider the benefits of some alone time. Living single can be a freeing experience that allows you to discover things about yourself you never knew. In fact, there are a lot of reasons that being single is attractive. Plus, being in a bad relationship is pointless since it probably won’t survive in the long run. Why subject yourself to the emotional abuse of a failing relationship?

Being in a bad relationship is a very draining experience. It affects you mentally, physically, emotionally, and sometimes even financially. Your spirit, along with your bank account, can get drained down to zero. You may end up feeling worse than you have ever felt before.

Instead of being in a relationship that makes you unhappy and unhealthy, you should consider a happy, single life. Being single can prepare you for the next relationship, which, hopefully, will be a lot better than the bad one you’re in. Plus, there are plenty of other benefits you will gain from being single. Here are ten reasons that single life is better than staying in a bad relationship.

Ten Reasons Why Living Single Beats Staying With a Poor Partner

1. When you’re single, you’ll have peace of mind.

All the constant fighting in a bad relationship can take a severe toll on your psyche as well as your physical body. A bad relationship puts continuous stress on you. As plenty of doctors will tell you, stress can cause cognitive decline, a decrease in overall health, and can even lead to an early death.

You do not have to deal with your psyche being in turmoil. All it takes is a decision to be by yourself so that you can repair yourself. By choosing a single life, you will have peace of mind and spirit.

2. You can focus on your own goals.

Achieving goals is hard enough as it is. When you must split your focus between your goals and someone else’s goals, that will make your goals even harder to attain. After all, you are only one person.

It may sound selfish to be single so that you won’t have to worry about your significant others’ goals, but it’s not. Before you can help someone else, you must help yourself. Imagine how much stronger your relationship would be if you have already achieved some goals in life, and you and your significant other both have something to bring to the table.

3. No one can hurt you.

When you enter a relationship, you take a risk on love and, unfortunately, a chance of getting your heartbroken. A bad relationship often results in the latter. Being hurt can do severe emotional damage, and it can take a miracle to get over the pain.

Being single shields you from being hurt again. This situation does not mean you should be alone forever. However, you should fly solo for as long as it takes for you to heal. There is nothing wrong with protecting yourself from the pain of a bad relationship and do not let anyone rush you to get over it. Take all the time you need.

4. You can work on loving yourself.

No one is perfect. In a bad relationship, you might feel pressured to be perfect to make things work. You may think that the relationship will improve if you are smarter, prettier, stronger, more prosperous, etc. Dealing with this sense of not being good enough can cause you not to love yourself. In fact, it might even make you hate yourself.

You cannot love someone else until you love yourself first. Being single allows you to rediscover self-love without the feelings of being inadequate for someone else. You will only have to make yourself happy, so it will be easier to love yourself on your own.

5. You’ll be free to go where you want whenever you want.

When you are in a bad relationship, you may feel like you need to leave. However, distance can make a bad relationship even worse. One of the best solutions to this is living single.

When you’re single, you can go wherever you want and stay as long as you want. You can move, travel, or stay right where you are. You do not have to check in with anyone, and you don’t have to consider the effects of your traveling on the relationship. Being free to move around on your terms is much better than being in a bad relationship.

6. You won’t have to compromise.

When you are in a great relationship with someone you love, compromising is tolerable and sometimes even welcomed. In a bad relationship, it can feel like you are giving up a little more of yourself each time. You can begin to feel like you’re never getting what you want or need, or that your feelings don’t matter.

When you are single, the world is your oyster. Your wants and needs come first, and you can fulfill your desires. You can be selfish without, well, being selfish. Living single means that you don’t have to compromise until you meet someone worth you putting them first.

7. You’ll have more space at home.

In the grand scheme of things, having less space in your home due to a relationship isn’t one of the biggest problems you can have. However, if the relationship is a bad one, what’s the point of being unhappy and cramped?

When you’re living single, you have your home all to yourself (unless you live with parents or a roommate). You don’t have to make room for decorations you hate or split up valuable closet space. If you live in a major city where apartments are the size of shoeboxes, this is even more of a reason to be single. Space is a commodity. Don’t sacrifice it for a bad relationship.

8. You’ll be free to meet the right person.

If you’re in a lousy relationship, chances are you’re probably with the wrong person. The right person wouldn’t make you feel so bad. Knowing this, why stay with the wrong person?

It can be hard to stay single and wait for the right person to come along. You’re human, and human nature makes you desire love, bonding, and attraction. However, you don’t want to settle for a bad relationship just to satisfy an instinct.

No matter how hard it is, choose to be single until the right person comes along to fulfill your innate need. After all, you don’t want Mr./Mrs. Right to pass you by because you are taken.

9. Your health will improve.

The first section touched on how a bad relationship can affect your health negatively due to stress. Stress, especially chronic stress, can have devastating health consequences. While stress can come from many areas of your life, a bad relationship is guaranteed to produce a large amount of it. Some health consequences of stress include:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Heart problems

The list doesn’t end there. You can avoid having stress-related health problems from a bad relationship by not being in a bad relationship. Embrace living single. It might save your life.

10. Being in a bad relationship is just not worth it.

No one deserves to constantly be unhappy. This goes for you as well as your significant other. Being in a bad relationship can destroy your self-confidence, your self-worth, and your self-respect. When those things are destroyed, it can be hard to build them back up. It’s just not worth losing yourself to a bad relationship.

Being single allows you to live your life and build yourself up. While some people might look at single life as a lonely life, it’s better than dealing with the sacrifice you’ll make by trying to save a failing relationship. Plus, when you’re single, you can focus on all the right things so that when you get into your next relationship (a good relationship), you have everything you need to make it work.

Final Thoughts on Living Single vs. Staying in a Bad Relationship

There are a lot of bad relationships in the world. In many cases, it’s not because the people are bad, it’s because they aren’t right for each other. No matter what the reason is, it’s just not going to work without you sacrificing yourself.

If you’re in a bad relationship, you should give some serious thought to living single. A failing relationship can take a severe toll on you in the form of physical, mental, or emotional abuse. Choosing to be single over staying in a bad relationship is choosing to love yourself enough to put your well-being first. Doing this also helps the other person in the relationship because they are free to do the same.

Don’t look at living single as a bad thing. It’s an experience of self-discovery. You’ll learn so much about yourself while simultaneously strengthening yourself more than you ever thought possible. When the next relationship comes around, you’ll be ready. And hopefully, it will be a relationship that lasts a lifetime.


10 Things Couples Can Do To Change A Bad Relationship

10 Things Couples Can Do To Change A Bad Relationship

Many people wish for the fairy tale romance where they all live happily ever after. Isn’t that everyone’s romantic goal in life? When you find your soulmate, everything should be sunshine and roses for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, couples living happily ever after only happens in fairy tales and movies. You’ve lived and experienced enough to realize that nobody has a perfect relationship or marriage, and anyone can have a toxic partner. It can happen to anyone.

Are you a person struggling in a bad relationship? Even though we all have disagreements and may want to call it quits, the good usually outweighs the bad. What if your relationship is more tumultuous than fulfilling?

How do you realize when your relationship is worth saving or not? Do you continue to your partner in your future, or do you feel doubtful or unnerved about it? Life is too short to stay miserable.

Is it possible to salvage a bad relationship? If you both have committed to making it work, there’s hope. Consider these ten tips for reconnecting with your lover.

bad relationship

1. Go Back to the Start

When you are playing classic board games, getting sent back to start is a bad thing. In a faltering relationship, starting from the beginning, maybe your saving grace. It brings you back to the things that connected you in the first place.

Sit down together and have a heartfelt conversation about when you first met. You can write down some points to share with your partner. What attracted you to the other person and made you stand out from the rest?

In revisiting roads of the past, you may discover where you lost your love along the way. The things that formed a bond then have the power to recreate one now. Perhaps you can retrace your steps to reverse a bad relationship.

2. Offer and Receive Forgiveness

Since no human is perfect, an ideal relationship is impossible. No matter how much you are in love, you both are bound to make mistakes that hurt one other. However, when a toxic partner keeps making the same mistakes, it makes them a life habit.

There will always be thorns on the roses, and there will be many times when you are angry at each other. In a healthy relationship, couples can usually wait out the storms and find healing. Some grievous trespasses are not so easy to forgive.

One of the worst casualties in a committed relationship is cheating. It’s a betrayal that rends your heart and crushes your spirit. Frequent disagreements can also fester and create unreconcilable differences that can destroy a couple.

If you both have decided to move beyond whatever rift you had, it can only be done with forgiveness. It is a chance to offer the offending partner the opportunity to change. It’s in no way excusing or forgetting the offense.

Are you the offender? Ask for forgiveness, but you must also learn to forgive yourself. Now, you must also learn to trust again as a couple, and you should learn from previous mistakes.

3. Learn How to Connect Again to Improve a Bad Relationship

When you first fell in love, you probably wanted to spend every waking moment talking and being with your person. As time passes, some couples get used to the relationship and take the other for granted. You may have said a million times in the beginning that you can’t even breathe without talking with each other, but you soon realize you can.

In a healthy relationship, both people learn to connect on a physical and spiritual level. It goes beyond the superficiality of sex. When you are genuinely in love, you are still interested in what your partner says and feels.

When’s the last time you put down the phone or stepped away from the computer to have a meaningful conversation? Do you know what is happening in your partner’s life at this moment? A relationship can’t survive unless you stay in constant, loving communication.

pop meme

4. Go Out on a Date

Married couples often get in a rut and lose the excitement they once had. Loss of interest can quickly lead to a bad relationship. Even if you must move some things around on your schedules, making time for each other is crucial.

Set aside a day or an afternoon each week just to go on a date. Go for a walk in the park or make dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant. Bring back the fun and spontaneity in your love life.

5. Become a Toxicity Detective

While you review the internal reasons, your relationship may be going south. You should look for external ones that are toxic. Many marriages and love relationships have been ruined because of outside forces. It’s up to you to identify and eliminate them as much as possible.

Do you have friends or family members who offer nothing but negativity? Perhaps, these people are continually playing you against one another. Until these toxic folks follow reasonable boundaries, it’s best to stay clear of them.

6. Set the Game Rules

Nothing succeeds in this life without rules and boundaries, including relationships. If you and your lover haven’t set healthy boundaries, then the relationship can’t last. How can either of you be upset with a broken rule if the rule hasn’t been established?

For your relationship to flourish, set clear expectations and guidelines with each other. Don’t expect your partner to be a mind reader. When you outline and understand reasonable boundaries, you are more likely to enjoy mutual respect.

If your partner feels uncomfortable spending time with you, then they should voice their feelings. Are there issues that are non-negotiable in the relationship, such as substance abuse and how you define cheating? Remember not to expect anything from your lover that you are not willing to do yourself.

pop meme

7. Learn to Color Outside of the Lines

Just because you have established mutual boundaries doesn’t mean the relationship should be static and boring. Einstein once observed that the meaning of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. People in a relationship crave variety and the element of surprise.

Break out of your rut and do something different with your partner. Take a spontaneous trip or start a fascinating hobby together. Spice up your romance and do something totally out of character for you.

8. Leave the Past in the Past to Avoid a Bad Relationship

The demise of many relationships is an unrelenting memory. As you work on forgiveness and empathy together, discuss ways to acknowledge the past and leave it there. Otherwise, past transgressions will still hold a death grip on you.

When re-evaluating the rules and boundaries, set one for arguments. Make a pact not to use the past as ammunition. If past grievances are still lethal weapons, a bad relationship is inevitable. If you both can’t go beyond the hurt, your connection will suffer.

9. Be Each Other’s Best Friend Again

Everyone needs a circle of friends beyond their love relationship. It is normal to have a girl’s night out or a weekly guy’s poker game. Isolating yourself as a couple can be just as damaging to a relationship than neglecting each other.

Yes, you probably have people you consider your best friends. However, conflict can arise if your mate isn’t at the top of your list. Nobody wants to take second place to another, especially if it’s a person of the opposite sex.

You must include time to have fun with your besties, and don’t be afraid to spend some time alone because it’s healthy. Consequently, you must try to spend just as much quality time with your lover, who should be your best friend. Like a flower, a relationship will die without proper care and attention.

10. Seek Professional Help

Some bad relationships have so many variables, and it makes it difficult for couples to reconcile. If you and your mate have decided that your relationship is on the rocks and it’s worth saving, you may need professional counseling. Just admitting there is a problem is a giant step in the right direction.

It’s not a sign of weakness to seek couples counseling. Venting to a neutral party can be helpful, and the counselor may draw out solutions you never considered. For some couples, the relationship may be beyond repair.

If your partner is toxic or abusive in any way, then it’s time to leave. You deserve someone to love and care for you ultimately. An experienced couple’s counselor can help you sort through these issues in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. If your partner is unwilling to seek counseling as a last resort, you may need to re-evaluate your relationship.

bad relationshipFinal Thoughts: Know When to End a Bad Relationship

You don’t have to stay in an unhealthy, bad relationship just to feel needed and loved. Discuss these suggestions with your partner if you feel like you’re drifting apart. If you’ve done all you can do and things are still unbearable, then it’s probably a cue that it’s time to move on with your life.


15 Bad Habits That Reveal a Workaholic

15 Bad Habits That Reveal a Workaholic

Being a workaholic is an addiction that steals your life and joy. It is an escape from solving real problems and is rooted in more profound issues. Work addiction prevents you from the identification of the real problem and getting rid of it.

People can see workaholism as an advantage and opportunity for career growth. However, that’s not true. Work addiction prevents a person from achieving success, not only in personal life but also in work. Besides, it can have a deadly and negative impact on their health and other spheres of their life.

Like any other addiction, such as drug or alcohol addictions, you must change the behaviors. Treatment begins from admitting to the problem and development of a detailed strategy on getting rid of the habit.

Before we discuss 15 bad habits of a workaholic, we will give you the first piece of advice: don’t hesitate for a minute; start to learn everything you can about the dangers of being a workaholic and its treatment. We say that because their addiction absorbs workaholics’ minds, and it is a rare occasion when they can even realize that they are in trouble.

Here are 15 habits of workaholics which they need to change as soon as possible:


1. Maintaining an Erratic Sleep Schedule

A workaholic is likely to neglect their sleep. They work more than their work requires, or they find additional occupations for themselves. However, the lack of sleep decreases the performance of an addict and only creates an illusion of productivity.

If you noticed that you have a constant lack of sleep, you should immediately establish a healthy sleep pattern. You strive for 7 to 9 hours of sleep nightly.

You need to forbid yourself from using device screens 1 hour before going to bed. Try to sleep in complete darkness. Don’t allow anything to interrupt your sleep.

2. Improper Nutrition

If you eat fast food on the go, while you are late to somewhere and your head is busy with thoughts about your work, it can end poorly.

In addition to this, a workaholic, probably, doesn’t eat food regularly and in proper time, rather, they eat a lot for one intake. That will reflect on their well-being, through conditions of the liver, stomach, skin, ability to think, and on their weight.

To prevent all those nightmarish consequences, a workaholic must set a meal schedule. It should be no less than 5-6 sessions for food intake, and it should be spread throughout the day evenly.

3. Overworking

Whether the addict works physically, or primarily with their brain, their zeal exhausts them. While a person is young and strong, they are unable to notice their fatigue and therefore do not consider it. Nevertheless, as the years pass, their bodies will give them back the lack of care in the form of pain in bones and muscles, as well as poor performance.

You can avoid this by setting strict restrictions on work duration. According to your new rules, you will work only a certain amount of hours a day.

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4. Neglected Appearance

A person that is enslaved by their work routine often doesn’t consider the way they look to the extent that they should. They wear old clothes, and their hairstyles betray their self indifference. Workaholics may want to change only in the case that it becomes an obstacle for completing their working tasks.

This habit can harm a person’s socializing. They should put improving their appearance as one of the steps in the list of things to change to stop being a workaholic.

5. Lack of Socializing

Without enough social interaction, you can fall into depression, and your life will seem meaningless. If you’re in this situation, immediately try to acquire friends or acquaintances.

To have productive and enjoyable relations with people, you need to look for soul-mate people: the ones that share the same interests in life. Your world vision has to be approximately similar.

6. Neglecting Health

Workaholics see themselves as insignificant people. They often think that it’s not a big deal if they die before getting old. They may also think that as soon as they will achieve such heights, that at least they will be able to care about their body.

The truth is that their ability to work effectively will decrease with that attitude. Start to do something to fix it: visit a therapist for a consultation. Or, at least conduct research to find advice on how to maintain your health.

7. They Don’t Reflect on Their Feelings

One of our crucial needs is to reflect on our feelings and understand them. Our psyche speaks with us and can tell us if there is something wrong in our life. It may be that you need to change something or to forgive someone, or, vice versa, to stop relations with someone for your own good.

When you are not sparing any time to sort out your feelings, you may make incorrigible errors in important decisions. Include in your schedule time during which you will spend at least 20 minutes reflecting on your inner self.

8. Neglecting Exercise or Physical Fitness

It is likely that work addicts are not doing enough to stay fit. This is especially true for those who work in the office. However, even if you are working hard as a loader in a grocery store, it doesn’t mean that all groups of your muscles are all right. Also, we shouldn’t forget about cardio exercise and other workouts in which you will develop those muscles that are not exercised while you are lifting boxes.


9. Alcohol, Drugs and Nicotine Addiction

When overloading themselves, people don’t understand that they are not robots by nature. People can’t live without relaxation and relief forever. In that manner, they begin to relax and enjoy in an unnatural way.

To stop using substances it is preferable to seek help with a specialist.

10. Neglecting Intellectual Development

When a person is devoting all their time to one function, they have no time to explore the world, to discover new ideas, or to become more versatile. Soon it will become more noticeable. They think that nothing interests them and that nothing attracts them, except for their work.

They will be deeply frustrated when their profession will not provide them enough novelty. To prevent this, start to read books 30 minutes a day minimum.

11. They Forget To Have Fun

One of our bodily needs is to spend time at ease, forgetting about our problems and laughing. You will be surprised when you see what relief and mood improvement it will give you when you will practice spending time in the atmosphere of fun and jokes, from time to time.

Thus, this strict behavior is not better than other bad habits. Your career is supposed to bring some higher satisfaction to you and others, without sacrificing your comfort. However, if you are a workaholic, you are just mocking yourself.

12. They Forget to Dream

Whey is it important to dream about the future, to imagine different variations of it, and to build plans? It may happen that you don’t really like what you currently do. By imagining yourself growing in the future, you may develop absolutely different plans of action for the following years.

13. Multitasking

While a person tries to complete as many tasks as possible, the quality may suffer. It is not good for your memory either. Don’t fall into a fuss, take only the number of projects that you can complete with quality.

To suppress this bad habit, write your priorities in a journal: what are you are going to do today in the first place, and what will you do after completing the most important tasks.

14. They Do Everything by Themselves

There are numerous benefits in a skill to work in a team. If it is in your family, it gives development to your children and prepares them for mature life. It also strengthens relationships in the family.

When you do everything by yourself, you don’t give your relatives a chance to help you. Additionally, you teach your children to be egotistical.

15. They Accept All Propositions

Something in the head of work addicts makes them see themselves as obligated always to say “yes.” It can even be harmful to their career in various ways. If you say “yes” to one thing, you are going to say “no” to another. That means that you can miss more profitable projects. When you always say “yes”, people will not evaluate you fairly.

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Final Thoughts on Avoiding the Bad Habits of a Workaholic

To get rid of an addiction is a difficult task. An addict should want to be successful in recovery. However, don’t hesitate; stop wasting your energy in vain. There are so many things that you can achieve if you will free yourself from that abnormality.

Your loved ones have to support you in these attempts. You should find a good therapist to instruct you in more detail.

If it is not you, but your loved one, who needs help, you have to be patient. They can become irritated when you are trying to bring them back to real life. Your close one escaped the real world for a reason. However, if you manage to help them, they will be grateful to you in the future.


Bad Credit? No Problem! Common Questions Asked About Bad Credit Title Loans

Bad Credit? No Problem! Common Questions Asked About Bad Credit

Bad Credit? No Problem! Common Questions Asked About Bad Credit Title Loans

Having a problem with your credit? Dealing with less than satisfactory credit is not something anyone wants to deal with, but it’s a reality that you unfortunately face. The problem is that many lending companies are not as forgiving of your credit.

When lenders consider giving money to clients, they first check out your credit score to see if you would be a good candidate. A bad credit score may make them consider looking the other way.

However, not all is lost just because of a low credit score. You can still get bad credit title loans if you’re ever in a situation where you need cash fast. Keep reading to find out how it works, and if it’s right for you.

What Are Bad Credit Title Loans?

As said earlier, getting a loan without stellar credit can be a challenge. However, you can still get the money you need by giving your title in exchange for a loan.

Here’s how it works. You would take the title of your car to a loan center that works with clients with bad credit. You would then give your title to a lending company, who in exchange would hand you the funds you need.

The process is specifically geared to help people just like you to get back on their feet when no one else is willing to help.

How Hard Is It to Get a Loan?

Getting a loan is actually quite simple!

With most bad credit title lending companies, you don’t have to jump through hoops just to get the funds you need. The actual application and transferring of the loan is a short process, and you can get your money on the same day.

You can even go online to start the process of getting a title loan, and the process is entirely streamlined and easy to do.

Will I Get My Title Back?

Absolutely! Your title is only held by the lending company until you finish repaying the loan. After you pay the loan off, you get the title to your car returned to you.

The title only does to main things for the company: it gives them an actual monetary value that they can give you in loan money, and it acts as collateral to protect their assets.

After you pay off the loan, they have no reason to hold on to your title any longer. It will be released immediately and returned to your hands in a few business days.

We Can Help You Budget

Now that you know how to get bad credit title loans for your needs, you may want to learn ways to save and budget the money you already have. We can help you do just that.

At Budget and the Bees, we love finding ways to make the most out of your dollar. We cover ways to advertise on a limit, how to pay off your debt quickly, how to organize and invest your funds, ways to travel smartly, and so much more.

Ready to get started? Check out our site to learn all about what we have to offer you. We’re sure you’re going to love what you see here!


Can You Get Big Loans with a Bad Credit Score? Yes, It’s Possible. Here’s How

Can You Get Big Loans with a Bad Credit Score?

Can You Get Big Loans with a Bad Credit Score? Yes, It’s Possible. Here’s How

Bad credit is a serious problem for a lot of Americans. In fact, approximately 25 percent of all Americans (that’s 43.4 million people) have a credit score that is 599 or lower.

If you’re part of this group, you know that getting approved for credit cards and loans (especially big loans) can be quite challenging.

It’s important to know, though, that it’s not impossible for you to get the money you need, even with a low credit score.

Read on for some tips that will help you get big loans if your credit score is subpar.

Learn Your Credit Score

The first step to take if you want to apply for a loan is to check your credit score. A lot of people have no idea what their credit score is or if it’s accurate.

Start by checking your credit report and finding out your score. Then, look more closely at your report to see if there are any errors that are bringing your score down. If you notice any errors, work on getting them corrected as soon as possible.

Evaluating your report will also give you insight into the issues that have caused you to have a lower score. Is it a lot of late payments or missed payments, for example? 

Work with a Credit Union

Once you know where you stand with your credit score, you can do some more research and find out which lenders are most likely to work with you.

As a general rule, credit unions are often more forgiving than banks and are more willing to work with people whose credit is less-than-stellar.

Reach out to a local credit union and find out what kind of loans you qualify for. You might be surprised at what’s available.

Apply for a Secured Loan

If your credit score is low, you might still be able to qualify for a secured loan.

Secured loans require you to offer up an asset like your car or your house as collateral in exchange for funding. Lenders are more likely to approve your application if they know that the loan is secured against something for value.

Make sure you have a plan to pay back this loan, though. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing your belongings if you can’t meet your payments on time.

Find a Co-Signer

Having someone with a high credit score co-sign your loan is a good way to access financing when your own credit isn’t up to par.

A co-signer is someone who agrees to take over your loan if you default. It’s a big responsibility, so it can be hard to find someone who’s willing to do it.

If you can, though, it’ll help you build your credit while also giving you access to the money you need.

Consider Personal Installment Lenders

A personal installment lender takes a lot of factors into account (not just your credit score) when determining whether or not they’ll provide you with the money you need.

Look into working with one if you’ve been turned down by other lenders and need money to cover a large emergency expense.

Work with an Online Lender

Online lenders are another good option to consider if you find yourself getting turned down by traditional lenders.

According to Bonsai Finance, online banks often offer better loan terms and interest rates than traditional lenders. They’re often more flexible as well and have options for people in all financial situations, including those with bad credit.

Before you agree to work with an online lender or give them your personal information, be sure to do some research to make sure they’re credible and don’t have any complaints against them.

Get Multiple Quotes

No matter what kind of lender you’re considering using, it’s smart to get multiple quotes before you agree to work with one over another. 

Doing some research upfront will help you ensure you’re getting the best rates, loan terms, and fees possible. 

Beware of Predatory Lenders

When your credit score is low and it’s harder for you to get lenders to approve your loan applications, you’re a prime target for predatory lenders.

Be wary of loan offers with terms that seem too good to be true. There’s a good chance they are.

Many predatory lenders offer loans that seem great on paper but are actually full of fine print that can cost you a lot of money in interest and fees later on.

Always read through loan agreements carefully before you agree to work with a particular lender.

Improve Your Credit Score

All of these strategies are useful when it comes to trying to get a loan with a bad credit score. While you’re working on choosing the best loan situation for your needs, though, it’s important to also work on improving your credit score.

Set up automatic payments to avoid late penalties, and make sure you’re keeping your credit utilization as low as possible.

You might even want to delay applying for a loan for a just a few months until you can raise your score. Even raising it by a small amount can help to increase your chances of approval and allow you to enjoy better terms and interest rates.

Get Big Loans Today

As you can see, it’s totally possible to get big loans when you have a low credit score. The key is to make sure you’re implementing the tips listed in this post. 

It might take a bit of trial and error for you to get your loan application approved, especially if you want a loan with great terms and interest rates.

If you know all your options and take the right steps when applying for these loans, though, you’ll be much more likely to get approved and get your hands on the money you need.

Do you want to learn more about how to qualify for loans and manage your money?

If so, we’ve got plenty of helpful resources available to you. Check them out today by visiting the Money Management section of our website.


New Fashion Trends for 2019: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

New Fashion Trends for 2019: The Good, The Bad, The

New Fashion Trends for 2019: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Dying to learn about the new fashion trends this year?

Did you know that the US fashion industry made over $44.5 billion last year? And those numbers are expected to grow by 3.5% to 4.5% in 2019. But what does that mean for you?

A couple of things. First, fashion is big business. You’ll find hundreds of thousands of new dresses, shoes, and sunglasses on the market each year. With so many choices, it’s easy to pick up a fabulous dress just to have your friends tell you it’s grossly outdated.

Or worse. You show up at a party only to realize someone else is wearing the same outfit. We’ve all been there before, right?

The only way to prevent these fashion faux pas is to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest trends. Then you’ll know what’s in, what’s out, and what’s a poor imitation. Read on.

New Fashion Trends from Instagram

Social media is one of the easiest ways to keep your eye on fashion. With a few quick taps, you can wrap your eyes around locals in New York City and Paris alike. If you want runway fashion, you’ve got it. If you prefer to peep the locals, you’ve got that too.

And nowhere is it easier than on Instagram. Well, one of the newest trends you’ll find there is the California Cool look. Think LA beaches in the 60s, and you’ll get the gist.

For men, we’re talking about multi-spectrum Hawaiian shirts. The kind with so many bright colors, you lose track. Tropical prints, tie-dyes, and beat up sneakers. If your man would feel comfortable hanging at the beach in it, then consider it trending.

For you ladies, dark denim and rolled up cuffs. We’re not talking wrists. Keep the cuff rolls on your overlong pants or shorts.

If you need something warmer, consider an ensemble with dark jeans, and a long sleeve leopard print top. Don’t forget to round out the outfit with the black boots of your choice like you’ll find at this designer site.

Needles are In

If you’re getting into the fashion biz, you know that new trends are just old trends coming around again. If you’re smart, you’ll take every opportunity to get to rummage through your grandmother’s old trunk. You never know what kind of groovy gear may be hidden in there.

For instance, this year, crochet is back in. So, if you can’t find it in grandma’s trunk, maybe she’ll make you an outfit from scratch. Think shoes, tops, and even dresses.

Unlike past years, avoid white crochet and lace. Think in terms of muted greys with soft caramels and oranges. Also, don’t be afraid to add a splash of boldness. Just shoot for understated rather than brazen.

As for the footwear, sandals with crocheted tops are the way to go. Once again, stick with muted colors. Greys or tans or even blacks with a splash of color.

Toss Your Leather Purses

Successful fashion blogging is all about spotting trends on the rise. Well, hold on to your Louis Vuitton. Things are about to get interesting.

Leather Handbags are out. So are cloth handbags.

So, what’s in? Well, they’re woven. They’re rustic. And they’ve been women’s most useful tool throughout history. They’re wicker bags.

They’re often made entirely of the course, fibrous material. Though, you should be wary. If the clutch isn’t accented by another material, it would never make the Paris runways.

A natural wicker color is preferred. If you want to change things up, choose a dark tan or brown bag. The fibers don’t hold bright colors well. They come out dull or faded.

So, keep your eyes out for the words “picnic handbags” or “picnic clutches” the next time you’re on the town. You just might find your newest wicker friend.

Headwear Goes Big

Jacky-O glasses? Check. Jumbo clutch? Check. Supersized hat? Check, check, and check. That’s right, oversized hats are in. And they’re taking the world by storm.

If you haven’t seen this type of headwear before, it’s bold, it’s bright, and it’s floppy. The rule of thumb seems to be the bigger the better.

If you’ve seen woven, large-brimmed hats for gardening, you’re headed in the right direction. The difference is this year trending gear comes sans the reeds. It’s all about the fabric. As long as you have room to see, you’re hitting the mark.

Some material choices include light, gauze fabric in whites and sky blues. Others include densely woven fabrics with dark polka dots. Some runways are more adventurous, choosing non-organic materials. So long as it’s a light color or transparent, it’s in.

Don’t Forget the Feathers

As any woman knows, a good feather boa can make any outfit. Well, this year, it’s not only the boas that are in. It’s the feathers.

You’ll find them on the straps or hems of all your favorite designers. Soft, thick feather accents. Bouncy, long accents. You’ll find they come in all varieties.

The key with picking up your next feather accented dress lies in the weave. The dresses that’ll make an impact will look like a downy chick. All the rest will look like half-plucked geese.

The feathers should be springy to pressure and soft to the touch. Again, you want them to accent your dress, not overcome it. If you find one that’s covered, avoid it at all costs. We want you looking fashion forward, not fashion unforgivable.

Also, look for solid colors. Say yes to your little black dress. Say no to your bejeweled Carnival dress. Feathers can contrast the color of the dress, so long as the feathers come in a single solid color.

And if you feel like spicing things up, remember, you can never go wrong with a boa.

What’s Next?

Well, now that you’ve discovered the new fashion trends for early 2019, it is time to go shopping. Ping the girls and tell them it’s time to raid your favorite stores. Just remember California Cool, and everything woven, big, and feathery.

Be sure to take five minutes to browse through our other ridiculously addictive articles. So long and good luck!


Are Nitrates In Your Food Bad For You?

Are Nitrates In Your Food Bad For You?

Are Nitrates In Your Food Bad For You?

It seems like every week there’s a new food issue people are concerned about. One minute experts are warning people about high fructose corn syrup, and the next they’re talking about the dangers of fat in food.

Recently more people have been worried about nitrates in food. Some people may think that concern over nitrates in food is relatively recent, but debates over its presence in consumables have been around since the 1970’s.  

Before you can understand the recent nitrate controversy, you need to take a quick science lesson.  

The difference between nitrites and nitrates.

Some people use the words nitrites and nitrates interchangeably, but they’re both different compounds. 

Both nitrites and nitrates are naturally occurring inorganic compounds made up of nitrogen and oxygen. The key difference is that nitrates have three oxygen molecules, and nitrites only have two.  

Nitrates are so common that they’re naturally found in soil, water, and air. They’re also incredibly versatile compounds.

Nitrates are used in a variety of foods.  They can be used for coloring food, and are widely used for preserving cured meats and dairy products.  

They’re also used for industrial purposes. You can find nitrates in explosives, fertilizer, and even some kinds of glass enamels. 

It isn’t very uncommon for certain compounds to be used for human consumption and industrial purposes.  But there’s something about nitrates and nitrites that make them dangerous.

A volatile reaction

Nitrates don’t pose much of a health risk to animals, it’s when they’re converted into nitrites that things change.

Nitrates are stable compounds, nitrites aren’t.  Once nitrates are converted into nitrites, it can turn into nitric oxide or nitrosamine. Both forms of nitrites have carcinogenic properties and are linked to a variety of other health problems.  

Nitrosamines only form in a specific environment, they must be near amino acids and in high heat.  Unfortunately, many popular cured meats are cooked under these conditions.

Since nitrates in food are such a controversial topic, some people may wonder how something that could be dangerous to humans is safely processed.

If you want to understand the rampant use of nitrates in food, you need to think about one of America’s most popular treats.  

Consider the hot dog

Like many nitrate-heavy foods, hot dogs are a quintessentially American food. They’re very popular, simple to prepare, and inexpensive to manufacture and buy.  You’ll find them at nearly every sporting event or BBQ, and cut up on nearly every child’s plate.

Despite the hot dog’s popularity, it is one of the worst foods you can put into your body.

If you want an example of an unhealthy level of nitrates in food, look no further than the hot dog.

Nitrates are an important part of the average hot dog.  Unlike some meats, it’s very difficult to process them without the use of nitrates.

There’s nothing wrong with the hot dogs themselves.  After all, it’s just meat and bread.  

The real problem is the way that they’re processed with nitrates.

Nitrates allow the hot dog meat to keep its pink color and prevent it from spoiling too fast. Without nitrates, it wouldn’t be possible to process and ship them the way our society does.

Nitrates in food is the new normal

Nitrates have become an essential part of the preservation process, and effect most meats they way they do hot dogs. Nitrates are also incredibly cheap. Using them is the easiest way to keep up with meat demand in the country.  

Almost every kind of meat you eat, regardless of if it’s cured, has been treated with nitrates.  If nitrates were only in one kind of food it would be simple, but they’re in nearly everything.

High levels of nitrates can be found in popular fruits and vegetables.  Naturally occurring nitrates in vegetables aren’t cause for concern, but synthetic nitrates are.  

Nitrates are popular additives in fertilizers. Fruits and vegetables that are grown in nitrate-heavy soil can easily pick up excess compounds.  

Nitrates are so present in food that some companies rely on using other additives to counteract their harmful effects.

Many people don’t know this, but hot dogs are processed with vitamin C (although most companies will list it as ascorbic acid on their labels) as a way to counteract the powerful nitrates.

It may be comforting to some that companies try to mitigate the damage nitrate loaded food can cause.  But others that are concerned about their health are going to want to cut as many nitrate-heavy foods out of their diet as possible.

If you’re ready to change the way you eat and live a healthier life, make sure you follow these tips.

Cut down on meat

Meat has earned a very prominent place in the American diet and it has very staunch defenders.  Some people can’t imagine cutting down on meat, but if they’re concerned about nitrates in food they’ll have to learn how to live without it.

There’s no denying that there is a link between certain cancers and meat consumption.  

In 2015 22 scientists in 10 countries published a report that linked red and processed meat to cancer.  Many scientists believe that meat’s cancer causing properties come from the way it’s processed and preserved.  

That study may be worrisome, but nobody is saying that meat is inherently bad. Lean meat can be very high in protein, and red meat can give you essential B-vitamins.

The real problem is the amount of meat most people eat.

A report by the World Health Organization found that the average American will eat 270.7 pounds of meat every year. That means that some Americans are almost eating their weight in meat annually.

If you can’t bear the thought of completely cutting meat out of your diet, you don’t have to.  Meat doesn’t have to be the entree, it doesn’t even have to make an appearance on your plate.  

You can get all of the vitamins and minerals you need with fruits, vegetables, grain, and dairy.  

Read labels (carefully)

People that want to avoid nitrates in food should become avid label readers when they’re shopping.

Today most companies aren’t simply going to list “nitrate” as an ingredient. There are plenty of “industry” terms they can use to make products look more appealing to health-conscious consumers.

If you pick up something and see “potassium nitrate” or “sodium nitrate” on the label, set it back down.  

Also be sure to pay close attention to the nitrate’s position on the label. If it’s one of the first few ingredients, that food has more nitrate than you want to eat.

Eat organic 

We’ve already talked about how some food manufacturers will label foods to downplay their amount of nitrite. 

If you want to play it very safe, you should consider only buying organic products. Organic foods can’t be produced with synthetic nitrates and nitrites, which could significantly cut down on health risks from the compound.

It’s also important to note that if you’re concerned about nitrates in food that you should be weary of the “natural” label.

Natural foods are nothing more than an advertising ploy.  Many natural foods can be loaded with harmful chemicals and additives. USDA certified organic foods need to meet strict standards, and you won’t find “creative” labels that downplay the presence of harmful ingredients. 

Load up on antioxidants 

Sometimes nitrates in food are unavoidable.  You may have to occasionally eat nitrates, but there is something you can do that can help fight against its harmful effects.

We mentioned before that antioxidants like vitamin C can help lessen the dangerous effects of broken down nitrates.  

Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants if you want to avoid the harmful effects of nitrates in food.  Antioxidants can help keep nitrates from breaking down into nitrides and other dangerous compounds.  Antioxidants also have a variety of other health benefits.

Go beyond food

If you’re worried about how nitrates in food can affect your health, you should be concerned about them in other parts of your life.

We mentioned before that nitrates can be found in nature and in industrial products.  Since nitrates are popular preservatives, some cosmetics companies will use them in make-up, lotions, and skin care products.

Because of its wide use in fertilizers, nitrates are being found in a surprising amount of local water reservoirs.  The water you use to bathe and cook could be loaded with dangerous nitrates.

If you want to ensure that you aren’t bombarded with nitrates, take action. A water filter answers the question of how you can keep your water clean.  They can remove harmful nitrates and make it safe to drink and use.  

Read cosmetics labels carefully, and consider using organic products.

No doubt about it 

As far as most scientists are concerned the debate over nitrates is over.  There’s an undeniable link between nitrate-heavy foods and cancer, people that want to lead healthy lifestyles should avoid them as much as possible.

Nitrates aren’t the only dangerous additives in foods.  People are concerned about artificial colors, phosphates, and other chemical compounds.  

Tell us about what you do to avoid harmful additives and eat clean and stay healthy.