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What Are Guest Blogging Services? 4 Proven Ways They Boost Web Traffic

What Are Guest Blogging Services? 4 Proven Ways They Boost

What Are Guest Blogging Services? 4 Proven Ways They Boost Web Traffic

What are guest blogging services? We’re glad you asked.

If you have a blog, new or old, you’ll likely want to use this winning resource at some point.

Guest blogs are when you write up a blog post but it gets published on someone else’s site, with a link or bio drawing readers back to your site. This allows you a new method of reaching readers you may not normally have. Of course, it helps to guest post on a site that has high traffic, as the odds of someone reading your blog will increase. 

Additionally, you can allow other bloggers to post on your site to beef up your content.

If you’re trying to booster your web traffic, guest blogging may be a worthwhile tactic for you. Check out the following information to see how it benefits your site.

1. Blogs Establish Your Authority

If you want to prove yourself an industry expert, you need to have authoritative blog posts that highlight your expertise.

Readers are more skeptical than ever, but if you establish trustworthiness by posting expertly-written content, your audience will trust you as a leader in your niche or industry.

This will immediately provide you with leverage over poorly-written, spam-heavy content.

2. Blogs Speed up Your Discovery Rate

In your mission to get your website noticed, have you written blog post after blog post and felt like the words never got read? Were you writing to a non-existent audience?

Guest blogging beefs up your content without having to deal with the middlemen—editors and publishers—and without you having to plug away at the keyword night after night. This way, you can add to your inventory and get discovered in weeks or months rather than years.

3. Your Competition Is Utilizing Guest Blogging

An astounding 89% of B2B marketers cite content marketing as a “very important” marketing strategy.

What does this mean for you?

It means that if you don’t use guest blogging services, your competition already is. Your blog will stand out in a bad way—as one that doesn’t have the authority or in-depth knowledge of a subject.

If nothing else, blogging will align you with your competition; in the best case, it’ll elevate you above those who aren’t using it yet.

4. Your Audience Uses Blog Posts to Aid in Decision-Making

If you’re selling a product or service, guest blogging (and blogging in general) is all the more critical.

People use blog posts to help them make decisions about a product or service. They seek out information before buying something—perhaps to solidify their purchasing decision. Most B2B buyers consult blog posts at one point in their buying journey.

Ready to Utilize Guest Blogging Services?

If you think guest posting would work for your site (and it will), start reaching out today. It’s hard to continually generate new content, and because of that, many publishers will likely consider having your post on their site.

In the future, you may even consider having a guest blog published on your site! It’s a win-win for both parties.

If you enjoyed this article on guest blogging services, keep scrolling through our site. We can help you leverage the power of the internet to become successful in your business endeavors!


7 Tips to Blogging About Alcoholism Recovery

7 Tips to Blogging About Alcoholism Recovery

7 Tips to Blogging About Alcoholism Recovery

According to a recent survey, more than 14 million American adults have been diagnosed with alcohol use disorder. That number represents about 6% of the adult population in this country.

If you fall into this category, then you know first-hand how difficult it can be to overcome alcoholism and put the pieces of your life back together. It can also be just as hard to keep yourself on the neverending road to recovery.

Starting a sobriety blog is a great way to keep yourself busy when you’re going through the recovery process. It’s also a great way to help others who might be going through a situation similar to yours.

Just make sure you go about kickstarting a sobriety blog in the right way. Here are seven tips that will help you with blogging about alcoholism recovery.

1. Stop Waiting for the “Right” Time to Start a Sobriety Blog

When you first start walking down the road to recovery following a long fight with alcoholism, you genuinely might not be ready to start a sobriety blog. You don’t have to feel pressured to do it the moment you step out of alcohol rehab.

But far too often, people who have been checked out of rehab for months make the mistake of sitting around and waiting for the “right” time to start a sobriety blog to come along. They don’t realize that there isn’t a “right” time to do it.

As long as you’re physically and mentally able to start putting together blogs for a sobriety blog, you should do it. There is no time like the present to get your blog up and running, even if you’re still trying to sort your life out and get back to some semblance of normalcy.

2. Read Other Sobriety Blogs to Help You Establish a Voice

What “voice” are you going to use when you begin writing sobriety blogs?

Are you going to be a super-serious blogger? Someone who takes a more lighthearted approach to blogging about alcoholism? Or a combination of the two?

You can begin establishing a voice for your writing by spending time reading other sobriety blogs. You can see what you like, what you don’t like, and what seems to resonate the most with you.

Over time, you’ll be able to create a unique voice for yourself that people won’t find on other sobriety blogs. It’ll add value to your blog and give it a much better sense of direction overall.

3. Get Into the Habit of Writing Down Blog Ideas All the Time

Coming up with great blog ideas is one of the things that many people struggle with when they first set up a sobriety blog. They want to write about alcoholism and the road to recovery as much as they can—but they don’t always know where to start.

When you first launch your blog, you should spend an hour or two coming up with a long list of blog ideas. Then, you should add to that list over time as you come up with new ideas.

You never know when inspiration is going to strike you. You might be taking a shower one day when you come up with the perfect ideas for a blog.

Get into the habit of writing these ideas down so that you always have something ready to write about.

4. Keep Things Simple When You’re Writing Your Blogs

You’re not going to solve all the problems that people have when it comes to alcoholism with a single blog post. So why bother trying to do it?

You don’t need to post 5,000-word blogs every time you hit “Publish” for them to be worthwhile. In some cases, you don’t even have to write blogs that are over 100 words long for them to make an impact.

You should let the words flow naturally when you’re writing your blogs rather than trying to pen long pieces that take hours and hours to create. This will make blog-writing more fun for you and make your writing feel less forced than it might otherwise.

5. Aim to Inject Your Personal Experiences Into Your Blogs

If you’re in a position where you’re writing a sobriety blog, there’s a good chance that you have a long and storied history with alcoholism. Use that history to your advantage.

Find ways to sprinkle your personal experiences into your blogs when you’re creating them. This will make your blogs unique to you and help you create real connections with those people who read them.

6. Commit to Updating Your Blog on a Regular Basis

Is your ultimate goal to build up a big readership so that you can help as many people as you possibly can with your sobriety blog? If so, updating your blog early and often is going to be essential.

You don’t necessarily need to post a new blog every single day if you don’t have the time to do it. But you also shouldn’t allow weeks and weeks to go by in between your individual blog posts.

7. Use Social Media to Drum Up More Interest in Your Blogs

In this day and age, it’s never been easier to promote a sobriety blog and get people interested in reading it. Social media has made it possible for sober bloggers to cast a wide net when promoting their posts.

Sign up for social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more to promote your sobriety blogs to the masses. You can also use social media to field feedback from readers and to answer any questions they might have about your recovery.

Go Jumpstart Your Very Own Sobriety Blog Today

Studies have shown that anywhere from 40 to 60% of the people treated for alcoholism end up relapsing at least once. It’s not easy to stay on the straight and narrow following alcohol rehab.

One way to improve your chances of staying sober might be to start a sobriety blog. It’ll provide you with some much-needed accountability and make you feel like you’re making a real difference by staying sober and teaching others about how to do it.

Check out the other articles on our blog to learn more about turning yourself into a successful blogger.


Event Blogging for Dummies: How to Start an Event Blog

Event Blogging for Dummies: How to Start an Event Blog

Event Blogging for Dummies: How to Start an Event Blog

Billions and billions of people use the internet each day. They use it to connect with others, shop for goods, and obtain knowledge and information. 

That’s an incredible audience that you could be tapping into. If you’ve yet to get into blogging, you’re missing out on one of the biggest money-making platforms of recent years. Blogs are an amazing way to generate traffic and build an audience. 

That’s why event-based blogging has become so popular. If you plan and host events, a blog can be the easiest way to market them and expand your event’s reach.

If you’re new to blogging, this all might sound a little out there. But don’t worry. Read on, and we’ll walk you through a blogging for dummies guide to event blogging. 

The Blogging Basics

So you’ve decided to start a blog. Who can blame you? It’s an easy and ingenious way to spread information and make money. But how do you get started? 

Making a blog doesn’t have to be difficult. You can be up and running within half an hour. You just need to follow a few simple steps.

The first and most essential being: choose a blogging platform.

There are a number of blogging platforms available to you online. You can use whichever catches your fancy. But there’s one that is clear king among them, and that is WordPress. 

WordPress hosts nearly half of all blogs on the internet. As such, it has an incredible amount of plug-ins and customization options. WordPress is the recommended go to for new bloggers because it’s free, easy to set up, and even easier to make your own. 

If you don’t go with WordPress, other sites like Tumblr and Blogger are also very popular. 

All of these blogging platforms offer free-of-charge blogs to anyone and everyone. But you’ll need to make a decision whether you want to be associated with them or branch out and pay for your own domain name.

If you’re hoping to have a blog that feels professional, you’ll probably want to host it yourself and take the “” out of your URL. Inevitably, it lends an amateurish air to the proceedings. 

If this is your first time launching an event blog, it’s advisable you create your site about two months before the date of your event. This will give you time to build an audience.

Designing Your Event Blog

Once you’re up and running on the logistical side of things, it’ll be time to turn your blog into a place that people would want to visit. 

Most blogging platforms have a huge number of templates available for you to get started with. Time to get creative.

Take a look at the event you’re hosting. Is it a New Year’s bash? A valentine’s fundraiser? 

Whatever the case may be, you need to design your blog’s appearance so it falls in line with the vibe of your event.

If you’ve already started designing things for the event itself, feel free to incorporate these ideas directly into the site. Color schemes, graphics, event signage ideas…anything you have already made is fair game. 

Keep navigation simple as possible. No one likes getting lost on an overcrowded or overstuffed site. 

Keyword Research

Proper keyword use across your blog and posts will help lead web browsers to your site, and therefore, your event. So before you actually start writing posts, it’s time to do a little research. What keywords would direct the most traffic your way? 

This may sound difficult to figure out, but luckily Google has created a keyword tool that can help you get to the bottom of things. Simply, input different words and phrases related to your event and Google will kick back the most SEO-friendly keywords at you. 

You want to choose keywords with the highest search rate possible so that more people have a chance of stumbling upon your site.

The best keywords are usually specific as opposed to broad. Specific keywords help to avoid getting buried under the other sites on the web. They can connect you more directly with an interested audience. 

Implementing Keywords 

Once you’ve chosen the perfect set of keywords, it’s finally time to get blogging. You have a limited time to gain an audience before your event arrives, so you’ll need to be posting quite a bit. And you need to make sure these posts are properly optimized for search engines. 

If you write short blog posts, aim to do at least fifty, if not more. If you write longer blog posts, somewhere in the twenty to thirty range should do. 

When writing your blog posts, make sure to use your keywords in the blog titles and headers. Include them in your page meta descriptions and in captions for any photographs. 

Don’t get too precious about your blog content. You’re going to need to churn out a lot of posts in a little amount of time. So you need to be fast, efficient, and not get lost in the details. 

Spreading the Word 

Once your blog is up and running, it’s up to you to get the word out about it. There are many ways to do this. 

Start by making social media accounts to tie in with your blog. Share your posts and update these accounts frequently. Use the appropriate hashtags and tags that can help these posts reach new audiences. Follow other accounts that may have similar audiences. 

Then, work on creating backlinks to your own site. Backlinks are links that direct to your blog from other websites. They help to increase Google’s ranking of your site and serve to draw new traffic in. 

To help create backlinks, search your keywords and find other blogs of a similar nature to yours. Comment and interact with these blogs and link to yourself if you can. You can also submit your site to various blogging directories to help create more backlink sources. 

Event Blogging for Dummies 

With your blog up and running and backlink clicks rolling in, you are well on your way to event success. The above blogging for dummies guide can help even the most novice of bloggers get started online in no time. 

Need more help promoting your online content? Check out our blog for more. 


How To Succeed In Fashion Blogging

How To Succeed In Fashion Blogging

How To Succeed In Fashion Blogging

Do you want to become a menswear fashion blogger?

If you keep up with the latest fashion trends and enjoy helping others dress for success, starting a blog may be the best option for you.

Once you start a fashion blog, you realize running it is not very easy. Starting a fashion blog requires you to dedicate time to it.

Make sure that it is something that you really love and you’re not just doing it because everyone is doing it.

Fashion blogging is fun but there is a lot of work that goes into it. This includes posting, scheduling, writing, and editing, just to mention a few.

Here are a few tips on how to start a fashion blog and succeed at it.

Register a Domain Name

The first thing you need to do is choose your domain name, which is the dot-com that you will be using.

If you want to grow your blog into a business and turn it into a place where many people are going to visit, you’re going to need a domain name.

They are very cheap because you can get them for as low as ten dollars a year.

You need to choose what you want your blog to be named and it may take you some time to come up with the name.

You can use something catchy, your own personal name, or what you’re going to be blogging about, which is men’s fashion.

Once you come up with the name, check to see if it’s available and purchase that domain and get hosting.

Design a Unique Site

The next step is to get your site designed.

Your blogging experience will be so much better if you have a well-designed site because you are going to want to post on it more and it is going to appeal to more people.

Ensure you make your site aesthetically pleasing and in your own style to make your fashion blogging boom.

Choose A Suitable Platform

Choosing your platform would be the first option in your design process.

One of the most important things is select the platform that you want to make your blog on. Have a clear set idea of what you want to do.

There are many blogging platforms that you can use like Tumblr, Blogspot, and WordPress.

You may start off your fashion blog on Blogspot because it is completely free, is powered by Google, is very reputable, and anyone can use it.

WordPress is a standalone company and is more for the advanced bloggers or somebody who wants to grow their blog larger and have more functionality on their blog.

If you’re starting out, Blogspot may be your best option as it’s generic and simple to use.

Like Tumblr, they have a lot of blog templates you can choose from and customize your blog to make it a lot better and cleaner. This is much cheaper than customizing a WordPress blog.

Later on, you can to transfer your Blogspot account to your WordPress account.

See which blogging platform suits the style of your blog and use it.

Get Started

Many people think they need a high-tech camera, editing software, and all the writing software, but you really don’t.

Get yourself an affordable and quality camera for your photography sessions.

Many bloggers these days use their iPhones or just point and shoot cameras and their photos are amazing.

With the advanced technology nowadays, you can get great photos from just your phone. You can use your phone’s editing apps to edit the photos for your blog.

All you have to do is put your camera card into your computer, or if you have them on your phone, edit them from there and then email them back to yourself so that you can upload them from your computer.

Stay Authentic

As you learn about how to be a fashion blogger, one important aspect is to remain true to yourself.

You may see many fashion bloggers posting about a trend that you particularly don’t like and that’s okay.

Remaining true to yourself is why your followers or viewers are viewing your blog. They want inspiration from you because they like your style, the way you dress, and what you choose.

A lot of bloggers fail or go down in viewers or ratings because they just start posting irrelevant things.

If you wouldn’t tell a person about an experience or a certain outfit or anything else you’re posting about, then don’t post it on your blog. To get some clothing items to begin blogging about, you can buy here.


One of the best ways to get your blog out there these days is through social media.

Make sure you network your blogs on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

Using social media to promote your business is important in this era because it enables you to connect with so many people online.

You need to network and share with everybody what you’re doing, what you’re wearing, and any other form of inspiration.

Another form of promotion or clicks over to your blog would be to post on style sites such as Lookbook.

Lookbook is a platform online for all different fashion influencers where they can post an outfit and people view them.

As it gets higher on the page list, more people start following and clicking over to your blog if you put a description with your link to your blog.

It is a great way to start gaining a viewership and followers.


Being consistent is the key to blogging success.

If you’re consistent, people are going to find your blog interesting and the fact that you update regularly is going to mean a lot to them.

If you want to start a blog, then you should make a rough schedule of when or how often you will be posting.

You need to set realistic and achievable goals then slowly work up from that.

It may be difficult at first but you have to put work in if you enjoy it and you want it to grow.

Wondering How To Start A Fashion Blog?

Discussed above are great tips would on how to start a fashion blog.

Define your content, invest in good photography, get connected and be confident in all you do then you will succeed at fashion blogging and make money while at it.

As a blogger, you can provide something that no one else in this world could provide. Embrace your individuality and you will have quality blogs.

For more information, contact us.