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How to Market Your Home to Luxury Buyers

How to Market Your Home to Luxury Buyers

How to Market Your Home to Luxury Buyers

Looking to sell your luxury home? Your marketing needs to be on point. Here’s everything you need to know about how to sell it quickly at a competitive price.

Luxury Homes for Sale – What’s Your Price?

It’s important to sell your luxury home at a competitive price.

A competitive price is found by your real estate agent through comparative market analysis.

This takes into account the value of your home while being cognizant of the other luxury homes for sale in your area. Your real estate agent will sift through data, tour comparable homes, and call on brokers for insight.

Buyers in your area have more to spend than most. This doesn’t mean they won’t deliberate and negotiate.

This is why listing your home at a competitive price is essential.

Marketing Materials

The price of your home is just one part of your marketing plan.

Luxury homes for sale are not commonplace. Your marketing plan should have a refined, compelling strategy to match.

Create a unique website for your home.

Ensure that your website is mobile friendly. Sites with intuitive navigation, which are gorgeous and clean will charm potential buyers.

Seek out the best, innovative marketing materials to post on your website and other venues your agent deems appropriate.

This means professional picture, video, and drone photography. Hire skilled writers for your ads and brochures.

Showcase your home’s amenities. This includes:

  • Design (intricate details and open floor plan)
  • New technology: control locks, heat, and AC from your phone
  • Pool
  • Home theater
  • Spa bathroom
  • In-home gym


Luxury homes for sale should emphasize their exclusivity and the gorgeous landscape in the marketing materials.

When buyers see your marketing materials, the exclusivity and privacy of your luxury home should be apparent at first glance.

Showcase the land around your home with picture and drone photography. Whether the greenery around your home is beautiful but simple or lush and colorful, ensure that its design matches your home.

Time of Year

Selling at a certain time of year is important for anyone selling a home, however, luxury homes for sale raise the stakes.

Things to consider are school, terrain, and weather.

Being cognizant of schools in your area is important for anyone selling a home. If your luxury home is in a school area, it’s important to consider the children of potential buyers. Be prepared to give some information about the schools.

Many families with children will be looking for a new home in late Spring and Summer. Selling outside this window means that fewer families are shopping.

Fortunately, it doesn’t exclude all buyers.

Potential buyers look for luxury homes outside this window, but they still want an unforgettable viewing.

If you live near water or your luxury home is lake or oceanfront, extreme weather could mean unfriendly cold, wind or even hurricanes if your luxury home is on the Gulf.

Aim to show your home in the right season, when the weather is pleasant.