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How to Use a Travel Log App to Capture Memories

How to Use a Travel Log App to Capture Memories

How to Use a Travel Log App to Capture Memories

If you want to make your vacation one to remember, you’ll want to do your best to put together some memories.

Those photos and videos of the family trip could be just what you need to remember some great times and share them with others.

One of the best ways to go about this is through a travel log app.

Such an app will make sure you have the nifty bells and whistles to keep all of those vacation memories.

With this in mind, let’s explore more about using these apps.

#1: Find The Best Travel Log App

The beauty of using a travel log app is that there are plenty to choose between.

When you’re looking to get started with them, put together a list of the ones that have the features that you need.

For instance, Google Trips is an app that allows you to plan out your trip, keep accurate notes and store your itinerary. Since it’s linked to Google technology, you’ll also have up to date info on hotels, places to eat, things to see and do and traffic patterns.

As you might guess, this is excellent to have in your pocket when planning a road trip across multiple states.

If you need to rent a vehicle, Turo is great in this regard. They point you in the direction of third-party car owners who lend their vehicles for rental.

Mile IQ is a great travel log app to keep as well since it logs your mileage automatically any time that you drive. Having this app is particularly important if you drive for a living — such as a commercial truck driver.

This app logs the miles so you can receive government reimbursement. Couple this capability with an app like Comfreight trucker load boards, and you’ll also be able to find freight jobs seamlessly.

#2: Make The Best Use Of Your Hard Drive Space

If you’re planning to use a travel log app when on the go, it’s best that you clear space on your phone for it.

Rather than just delete items, you’d be best served adding a large SD card. Photos and video files can get huge, so never rely on your phone’s built-in hard drive.

It may also be worth your while to sync to cloud storage so that you’re never worried about taxing your phone. Apps like Instagram keep photo and video files on your phone after you post, so you can also free up clutter when you have duplicates.

#3: Stay Prepared And Charged Up

Finally, the best thing you can do is keep some chargers and adapters handy at all times.

The most wonderful travel memories and information will be lost if your battery is dying. Today’s smartphones use a crazy amount of data, so you owe it to yourself to have a backup charger in place whenever these processes become draining.

Even when traveling abroad, bring some portable chargers that keep you in the game. The last thing you’d want is miss out on photos of Italy’s countryside because you let your phone die.

What travel log apps do you use? Leave us a comment below!