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15 Habits A Conscientious Person Has Without Realizing It

15 Habits A Conscientious Person Has Without Realizing It

We all want to live our best, most conscientious lives, don’t we? It isn’t easy to rise above the daily stresses and challenges of life. We must each learn to overcome obstacles and realize our goals, one by one. Many of us have aspects of our personality or habits that we would like to change to improve aspects of our lives. Still, we may lack the self-discipline and resolve to make authentic, lasting changes.

What does it mean to be conscientious?

Conscientiousness is the personality trait of being deliberate and diligent. It implies a desire to do things well and to honor commitments to the self and others sincerely. Conscientiousness is a desirable character trait, for it means that you are thoughtful in your words, thoughts, and actions when living your life. While most people have some areas of their lives where they display traits of conscientiousness, it is admirable to show this kind of integrity in all aspects of life.

How do conscientious people think and act?

In general, a conscientious person applies deliberate, careful thought to all situations, from a minor position to the most significant aspects of life, and seeks to act in integrity and honesty regarding all situations. While this is a character trait that can be developed, most people who display this type of deliberate thinking have done so for some time; they were born and raised with examples of people around them living and acting in integrity. People who display conscientiousness may even have ingrained habits and patterns that they engage in that they are not even aware of; it’s simply woven into the fabric of their being.

15 Dominant Traits of a Conscientious Person

Are you conscientious? Do you apply deliberate and diligent thought and action to life’s situations? Do others find you admirable and want to be in your company in hopes of learning how to manage their lives better? Take a look at these traits of conscientiousness and see how many of them you embody, or what you must do to become one of those people that you admire.

Trait #1: Organization

A place for everything, and everything in its place. You have designed a system of organization for most things in your life, and you get slightly stressed if someone isn’t privy to your mode of stacking, storing, and measuring. If taken to the extreme, this organization can morph into obsessive-compulsive disorder or perfectionism. Along with this talent for the organization comes a need to balance it out; those socks can stay on the floor for five more minutes. Try not to have a meltdown.

Trait #2: To-do lists

If something goes on a “to do” list, you WILL achieve this goal. You cross it off with a great deal of satisfaction, knowing that you put your heart and soul into the task. And now you get to move on to the next conquest. You are a person of your word; you honor your commitments to yourself and others, and others seek you out for your dependability and responsiveness.

Trait #3: Self-discipline

You are the epitome of self-discipline. Whether your goal is to read a new self-development book, to improve an aspect of your professional life, or to lose ten pounds, you have it covered. You will find systems of success to reach each goal, and if these systems don’t yet exist, you will create them. Discipline and steadfast attention to each task allow you to enjoy the journey of accomplishment, and you stride forward with the confidence that you will find a way to meet all of your goals.

Trait #4: Best effort

When others are signing up for the half marathon, you put your name down for 26 miles. Home economics class may have meant scrambled eggs for your classmates, but you were interested in crafting a delicate and flaky quiche for your presentation. Whatever you choose to do, you give it your best effort, and if you are not adept at the skills required to accomplish a task, you’ll set about to acquire this skill set to reach your ultimate potential. Watching you achieve is a source of inspiration to others as they seek the same kind of resolve they see from you.

Trait #5: Deliberate thinking

You may be a person of few words, but they are well-chosen. You are a very deliberate thinker; when a problem is presented to you, you survey all angles before arriving at your conclusion and course of action. Being a careful thinker allows you to take action with confidence, knowing you have exhausted all possibilities and arrived at all findings before coming to a resolution. Be proud of your intellectual abilities, for a person like you is becoming increasingly harder to find.

Trait #6: Success

Being the type of person that others wish to allow you to exude a sense of confidence, which is extremely attractive. You seem to attract success like a magnet, and your humility and honesty make your station in life that much more admirable, as you don’t take your position for granted. You have earned the respect of others, and you return this in kind as you forage successful relationships. Indeed, you may even have made it your mission in life to help others achieve their goals as well; nobility and kindness look good on you. Keep up the excellent work.

Trait #7: Financially responsible

Being a person of your word is essential to you. You understand the value of obligations and expectations, and your financial affairs reflect these qualities and beliefs. You pay your bills on time, you honor your commitments to others, and you find your economic issues growing positively. As you continue to use your resources wisely, you’ll keep growing and expanding to your full potential.

Trait #8: Clean

Cleanliness and order are essential to you. Indeed, you like your surroundings and your home to reflect this value. You take pride in your home, and even if it is modest, you care for it and lovingly maintain it, knowing that as you do so, you are paving the way for more good to come to you.

Cleanliness may be a habit that is so ingrained that you don’t realize it is a part of your daily routine; dishes are always washed, the floor is always swept, and beds are always made. You’ve made the mundane fun and enjoyable; please teach the rest of us to cherish our home and create inviting spaces, no matter what we currently live in.

Trait #9: Practice self-care

A conscientious person cares about his/her body as a temple and practices self care and presentation with care as well. Clean and combed hair, clean clothing, and a polished appearance are just as important as grooming your home; you present an image of loving kindness to yourself that is inspiring to others, so keep shining in the self-care department to show others how to love and care for themselves.

Trait #10: Healthful eating

Just as you give thought to how you design your day, you give careful thought to how you design and care for your body. The practice of healthy eating is very important to you. So you shop for, prepare, and cook meals as if you were serving a king or queen. Gobbling chicken wings over the sink is not an option for you. It is time to set out the linens, light a candle, and practice mindful eating in an environment that is good for the body and the soul.

Trait #11: Organized workspaces

Regardless of the number of deadlines you have, you always seem to be able to maintain a clean workspace. Papers are filed, the desk is dusted, and your personal effects are tasteful and pleasing to look at. You have designed the ultimate space for creativity and productivity. Plus, it is a place that you look forward to going to each day as you anticipate the wonderful things you will do at work.

Trait #12: Punctuality

A conscientious person is almost always on time. If it is within their power to arrive on the dot, they will do so. Meetings, dinners, social engagements, work, play….it doesn’t matter. Being on time is part of the whole package. Of course, you can count on them to be watchful and respectful of others’ time as well.

Trait #13: Dependability

If you are conscientious, you can be trusted to do what you say you will. You will not take on more than you can handle, and that which you do take on you do to the best of your ability. Sure, you have challenges that may arise. However, you are diligent about working around them and coming up with solutions that work for all.

Trait #14: Fearless about challenges

True grit is evident here in that you don’t run from challenges—you meet them head-on. Many people who live in this kind of integrity tackle the most challenging and unpleasant aspects of life first, knowing that leisure will come later. The best part about getting your work done satisfactorily is that you can attack your entertainment with the same passion as the early day.

Trait #15: Body conscious

Your body is your temple, and it is essential to keep looking young and fit as long as possible. You have adopted a regular exercise routine, and it is a regular part of your day. As sure as the sun rises in the East, you commit to a workout each day in hopes of attaining the perfect human form….or at least your version of perfect.

Final Thoughts: Thank You if You Are One Such Conscientious Person

Deliberate life-liver, you get our respect for sucking the marrow out of life. You inspire the rest of us to live better, cleaner, more regulated lives, and for that, we thank you. We are grateful for the opportunity to see your example, that we may raise the bar and improve our quality of life.