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How to Get a Sex Copywriter Job

How to Get a Sex Copywriter Job

How to Get a Sex Copywriter Job

It’s not difficult to become a copywriter if you have the right educational foundation. However, finding work as a sex copywriter can be a little more difficult.

Because it’s a niche you will be specializing in, there are less options for sex writers than there are for those in tech or finance. However, that doesn’t mean that finding a job opportunity is impossible.

Here’s how to find steady work writing for sex-related topics:

Learn About The Field

If you want to write intelligently about sex-related topics, you need to do everything you can to become an expert. Do your research and learn about common talking points in the business of sex.

Maybe you find that a lot of people are asking questions about sex workers and phone sex operators online. Maybe some people want to know more about sex toys like vibrators, fleshlights, or anal bullets.

Start compiling a list of topics that you think would adequately serve the online sex community. Your goal should be to try and fill a void of information. If you’re one of the only people writing about a specific topic, people will flock to your website.

Practice Your Craft

If you want to find steady work as a sex copywriter, you need to hone your abilities! Never forget your fundamentals. As in any copywriting field, basic grammar and syntax skills are a must.

After mastering the basics, you can start to practice writing for your chosen niche. Try reading other sex-related copywriting online so you can get a feel for the tone and style required in the field.

Build a Portfolio

Once you have a grasp of what goes into writing sex copy, it’s time to start building a portfolio of clips to show potential employers. Very few companies will hire you if you don’t have writing samples to show them.

Try your hand at writing a sex-related piece even if no one is paying you to do so. Some potential employers might even be impressed with the initiative you are taking.

Market Your Services

Sex copywriting is a niche that not every trained marketing writer feels comfortable trying. You can use this to your advantage.

Create an ad that communicates your credentials and post it on as many job networking sites as you can. Facing any sort of competition is much less likely in the sex niche as it would be for other niches.

Find Clients

Always look out for potential employers. Keep an eye out for as many job websites as you can and be ready to apply for any openings.

Once your get your first client, you’re officially a professional! Using the same process, you can now start building your client base and growing your business quickly.

Success as a Sex Copywriter Takes Determination

However, success does not happen overnight. As a writer for a niche industry, it might be difficult to find work at first. Once you get that first job offer, your earning potential and prospects will increase exponentially.

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