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Weird McDonald’s Menu Items You Can Only Eat in These 8 Countries

Weird McDonald's Menu Items You Can Only Eat in These

Weird McDonald’s Menu Items You Can Only Eat in These 8 Countries

Pairing high-quality photos with customer reviews is the best way to gain credibility in restaurant marketing. With foods as aesthetic as the tomato-basil fries and even cheesecake, it’s no wonder that McDonald’s locations across the world have gained notoriety for variety.

Here are our top 8 weird McDonalds items you can only find around the world.

1. Bulgogi Burger in South Korea

The bulgogi burger in South Korea mixes the sweet, savory beef of bulgogi in a classic American-style burger package. As far as weird McDonalds items go, the bulgogi burger sounds like a delicious escapade for us.

2. Aoili Fries in Australia

In Australia, you can enjoy classic McDonald’s fries with a twist. These loaded BBQ aoili fries offer a new spin on spice to match the salt-infused treat. Ready to try these?

In consistent McDnald’s fashion, you can try these fries for $3.55. Check it out here.

3. Spain’s Grand Big Mac Chicken

For all you chicken loves, the Grand Big Mac Chicken replaces traditional beef patties with breaded chicken. Only available in Spain and other European countries, this McSandwich features special sauce instead of mayonnaise. 

4. Red Velvet Cake in Malaysia

We recommend traveling to Malaysia for its abundance of foods to try, including street food specialties. But what about its McDonald’s?

At McDonald’s in Malaysia, you can enjoy red velvet cake along with cookies & cream cheesecake. Expanding the menu to include higher-end desserts? We’re on-board with Malaysian McDonald’s for sure!

5. Weird McDonalds Items in China

The taro pie in China features the sweetness of the taro root in a dessert. A common practice in East Asia, the taro root brings a unique taste to a new McDonald’s dessert.

Believe it or not, the mashed potato burger in China doesn’t get rid of the classic beef patty. Instead, it adds a layer of mashed potatoes to the burger. This is a win for potato lovers like us!

6. Japan’s Ebi Burger

This shrimp tempura burger features ebi saunce on a bun. Tempura is a popular Japanese dish that features shrimp dipped and covered in panko crumbs.

Also dubbed the Filet-o-Shrimp, the classic shrimp tempura sauce featured here is already making us drool.

7. The Netherland’s Stroopwafel McFlurrey

The Netherland’s Stroopwafel McFlurrey features wafer cone pieces and caramel. Slightly chilled caramel paired with crunchy wafer cones make this one of our must-tries. Sounds like a frozen win to us!

8.Germany’s McNürnburger

In Germany, the McNürnburger brings bratwurst into the classic McDonald’s burger. Instead of a beef burger, enjoy classic bratwurst sausages on a McDonald’s bun.

Trusted Food, Around the World

While McDonald’s may not be at the top of your list for global cuisine, McDonald’s worldwide menu items can often give you a quick glimpse into cultures around the world.

McDonald’s worldwide revenue in 2019 was $21.03 billion. Exploring weird McDonald’s items can offer the perfect taste to their success. We trust that McDonald’s knows what they are doing when it comes to cuisine worldwide. 

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