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Start Em Young: When to Schedule Your Kid’s First Dentist Appointment

Start Em Young: When to Schedule Your Kid's First Dentist

Start Em Young: When to Schedule Your Kid’s First Dentist Appointment

Dental health is incredibly important, not just for your teeth, but for your entire body. In fact, dental disease has been linked to other health problems, such as heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, and low-birth-weight in infants.

So it’s important to have regular dental checkups every year, but when should you first take your child to have their first dentist appointment? The answer may surprise you, read on to find out!

At What Age Should Your Child Have Their First Dentist Appointment?

Typically, your child’s baby teeth will begin to come in around 6 months of age. Every child is different, however, and some children don’t begin teething until closer to 12 months, or even older. The lower front incisors are typically the first teeth to come in.

As soon as that first tooth is visible, it’s time to make your appointment. You want to have your child see a dentist right at the beginning because the dentist will be able to check and make sure that your child’s teeth are developing normally.

If you have an established family dentist, they may be able to see your child, or you can make an appointment with a pediatric dentist who specializes in children’s teeth. Your pediatrician should be able to recommend someone if you are having trouble finding one.

Benefits of Starting Dental Appointments Right Away

It may seem like overkill to some to see a dentist for a single tooth, but there are several benefits of starting your child’s dental relationship young. The first benefit is the opportunity for early intervention. The sooner a dentist can check on your child’s tooth development, the sooner they can intervene if there is a problem.

Another benefit of seeing the dentist right away is the comfort of your child. Many children can be frightened of the dentist, but exposing your child to dental checkups, and making them familiar with their dentist at such an early age helps them to get used to it and consider it normal rather than scary. 

Lastly, establishing good dental care is important for children because the prevention of cavities is much better than treatment. The only thing worse than a baby with a toothache is what you have to do to fix it. Small children cannot use the same numbing and sedation medications that adults do when they get cavities filled and have to undergo a much more dangerous procedure where they are put under general anesthesia and go to the operating room just to have a cavity filled!

Start Them Early, It’s the Tooth!

So you see, as soon as you see that first tooth, a first dentist appointment is not far behind. Making sure that your child establishes dental care early will ensure that they stay healthy and keep that beautiful smile you love so much!

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Only the Best for Your Kids: What to Consider When Choosing a Kids’ Dentist

Only the Best for Your Kids: What to Consider When

Only the Best for Your Kids: What to Consider When Choosing a Kids’ Dentist

How common are cavities? The answer is they are quite common. According to the CDC, 20% of children between the ages of 5 and 11 will have at least one untreated cavity.

What’s the best way to prevent them? By brushing your teeth. Ideally, you want to do so at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.

Not only that, but it’s important to floss. If anything, it’s one of the best things that you can do to prevent dental disease. Of course, going to the dentist regularly helps as well.

Do you have little ones? Thinking of bringing them to a kids’ dentist for a checkup? If so, you’re on the right page!

We’ll be going over some tips on how to choose the best dentist below. Keep reading to learn more! 

5 Tips on How to Find the Best Dentist for Your Child

Looking for a pediatric dentist? Here are some things that might help with your search!

1. Ask Other Parents For Recommendations 

Are you friends with other parents? If so, don’t hesitate to ask them for recommendations. Chances are, they’ll be happy to tell you about their experiences.

Feel free to ask them questions as well. For instance, you can inquire about the atmosphere and comfort of the office—things that a simple phone call might not reveal.

2. Check Online Reviews 

Reviews are a great source of insider information. Give them a read—you’ll probably be able to learn a lot from them. After all, people like to write about their own experiences.

As far as where to find reviews, there are various sites that you can use such as Yelp and RateMDs. Of course, you can always just Google it.

3. Call the Office

Found a dentist that might be a good fit? The next step is to pick up the phone and call them. You want to ask them any questions that you might have. 

For instance, you might want to inquire about their policies. Do they let parents stay with their child during the appointment? That might be important if you plan on staying by their side.

4. Schedule a Consultation 

Most dentists will be happy to schedule a consultation with you. Of course, you’ll want to bring your child—that way, you can see how they’ll interact with the dentist.

Ideally, you want to pick someone who has a preventive approach. In other words, they should be proactive about preventing future issues. 

5. Give Them a Visit

Visit the office before making an appointment. Check to see if they cater to children. For instance, some offices have play areas in the waiting room, which can help ease your child’s nerves.

The last thing that you want to do is to bring them to an uninviting exam room!

Picking a Kids’ Dentist 

And there we have it—five things to consider when you’re choosing a kids’ dentist. If anything, you want to do your research. Don’t just pick one randomly!

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Clean Teeth, Happy Family: How to Find the Best Family Dentist

Clean Teeth, Happy Family: How to Find the Best Family

Clean Teeth, Happy Family: How to Find the Best Family Dentist

Your family needs clean, healthy teeth—but no one likes going to the dentist.

Finding the right family dentist can be challenging. You need someone who understands how to treat teeth from the young to the old. 

You might not look forward to taking your kids to the dentist, but it’s critical to take good care of your youngster’s teeth. In kids aged 6–19 years, dental cavities (tooth decay) is the most common chronic disease. This can lead to infection and pain. 

An excellent dentist makes it more enjoyable to schedule visits. How do you find the best family dentist? Here’s your guide. 

Check Your Insurance

Start with dentists in your network. You can ask friends for referrals (and you should!). However, if your insurance doesn’t cover a highly-recommended dentist, you’ll find teeth cleanings, and other dental work gets expensive. 

Most dental insurance plans don’t function in the same way as your health insurance. Many dentists have more flexibility in how they work with dental insurance providers. 

If your current dentist is no longer in your network, or you find a dentist that seems perfect but isn’t in your network, talk with them. They might offer payment plans or comparable rates to being an in-network dentist. 

But, if it’s not an option to stay with your first choice of dentist, as them for recommendations. Dentists understand that treatments are expensive, or that different dentists can help with different needs. They’re often connected enough to know another great dentist that works for your insurance or budget. 

Ask Your Friends

You can do this before you check your insurance (see above). However, it’s often more budget-friendly to find your top choices from within your dental insurance network first.

Once you have a few options, ask your friends if they know those dentists, how they work, and if they’re suitable for the whole family.

Friends and family understand the importance of a dentist who handles both kids and adults well. Your circle of friends will give honest input about a dentist and what they like or don’t like about a dentist on your list. 

Check the Location

A top-rated dentist can be tough to find. An excellent dentist that’s close to your kid’s school, your home, or your work is even more challenging to find. 

With at least two visits to the dentist per year for each member of your family, make sure your dentist is convenient. You’ll take kids out of school and take time away from work to care for your family’s teeth.

Unless you have unique circumstances or truly prefer one specific dentist across town, don’t compile a list of recommended dentists that are too far away. For instance, if you’re in the Toledo area, find a dentist in the area. 

Going to the dentist can feel like an inconvenience. Don’t make it a bigger hassle by choosing a dentist that is outside of your day-to-day area. 

Visit the Office

When you’ve done your research to narrow your dentist search, visit the office. 

  • Is it comfortable? 
  • Is it kid-friendly? 
  • Is it in a reputable location?
  • Is it clean?
  • Is the staff friendly and competent?

Ask about their treatment procedures. How do they treat pain when filling cavities? What products do they use for teeth cleanings? Make sure you’re comfortable with how they handle your mouth and your family’s mouths. 

Talk with the dentists and the staff. Most adults can adapt to a new dental hygienist and procedures easier than children. Make sure the staff and the office environment works well for your children. You don’t want your kids to dread going to the dentist twice a year. 

Verify Credentials

There are good dentists with training and experience. Then there are “budget” dentists who probably cost less but who might not be the best choice to handle your family’s dental needs. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) is one of the most well-known associations to help you find a reputable dentist. But not all excellent dentists register with the ADA. 

It’s not necessary to restrict your dentist search to only ADA-registered dentists. The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, and the Academy of General Dentistry are a few other reputable organizations that support quality dentists. 

No matter your potential dentist’s organization affiliation, be sure they are fully qualified Doctors of Dentistry. Without that licensing, a dentist lacks the experience and knowledge to care for your teeth. 

After-Hours Care

Sometimes tooth emergencies happen on the weekend. When that happens, you don’t want to wait until Monday for relief from pain. 

What is your dentist’s after-hours policy? They don’t have to offer after-hours, emergency help in their office. But it’s critical that they can connect you to a local partner dentist who can help your family with an oral issue after office hours. 

Finding the Best Family Dentist Improves Smiles!

Turn your family’s frowns upside down. Finding the best family dentist for your family helps improve their smiles—in more ways than one!

Most dental practices have come a long way from a cold, intimidating environment. Many dentist offices have screens for kids (and adults) to watch movies while the hygienist works on your teeth. 

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be something your family hates to do! Find the right environment for your family and a payment plan or in-network dentist that helps your budget. 

If you found this article helpful, be sure to check out some of our other articles to help your family stay healthy!