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The 5 Most Influential San Diego Bloggers

The 5 Most Influential San Diego Bloggers

The 5 Most Influential San Diego Bloggers

Moving to any new city has its hardships. Anyone who has ever relocated can attest to the challenges of getting used to a city’s way of life.

Fortunately, this is the day and age where it’s easy to learn about a new city online – straight from the locals! And San Diego bloggers are no exception!

There’s much more to San Diego than gorgeous beaches and warm weather. Newcomers can enjoy the best that this city of 1.3 million has to offer with the best local bloggers around!

Indulging in San Diego’s Tastiest with EJEats

Food is a pretty big part of any city. After all, it brings people together and can tell a great lot about a place.

There’s no shortage of good restaurants in San Diego. And Erin Jackson of has scoped out and written about the best places for every palette.

She also writes articles about local events, recipes, and traveling. Not to mention, she’s not shy to show off her great photography skills.

New (and hungry) San Diego residents can find restaurant reviews and food ideas at EJEats.

Living Better & Sunnier with Love, Olia

Newcomers to San Diego find the transition to easier when they’ve got support from the locals.

Love, Olia radiates as one of the best up and coming San Diego bloggers. Olia herself is an expert on everything from clothes to skincare, and fitness to travel.

Olia also takes lifestyle to a whole new level. She regularly updates her adorable and well-crafted blog with motivational content. Reading her daily musings, readers can’t help but love themselves just a little more.

Local Sports at San Diego Sports Domination

San Diego is a sports town. And local sports lovers trust David Frerker for his insight into everything sports.

Whether about local baseball, football, or information about tickets, Frerker has fans covered. He’s been writing for the local sports scene with his blog, San Diego Sports Domination, for a few years now.

Frerker knows San Diego sports. He writes about the local college sports teams and the major league teams. Not to mention, he’s got the Los Angeles Chargers AND Olympic games covered.

San Diego Sports Domination helps new residents stay up to date with the local sports scene.

SoCal Moms Love MomSmack

MomSmack’s Stefanie and Theresa are a matriarchal power duo. They’re also rising the ranks as San Diego bloggers, and for good reason.

Stefanie and Theresa know motherhood from infancy all through the college years. Between both of them, they have 6 kids.

They’re helping families new to the area with day trip ideas and things to do in San Diego today. They also have a trove of recipe ideas for dinner, cocktails, tailgating, and so much more!

With their insights on motherhood, lifestyle, and everything in between, San Diego moms never feel alone.

The Lowdown on Music & Arts at San Diego: Dialed In

There’s always something going on in San Diego. Whether it’s attending an art show, a concert, or a festival, San Diego residents are never bored.

Since 2006, Rosemary Bystrak has been San Diego’s voice into the local music and arts scene. With her blog, San Diego: Dialed In, locals can find music and art events for every genre, any time of the year.

She not only writes about music and art. Her blog features ticket deals, show reviews, as well as a list of venues.

Bystrak’s passion is connecting San Diego residents to the local talent.

Stay Connected with San Diego Bloggers

Getting to know and love San Diego is easy by following the blogs of those who know it best. These top 5 bloggers know San Diego best, and they can help any new resident get acquainted with ease.

Know any other bloggers from San Diego who should’ve made the list? Leave a comment!