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Booze and Business: The Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Entertainment

Booze and Business: The Dos and Don'ts of Corporate Entertainment

Booze and Business: The Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Entertainment

Did you know that one of the best ways to build client relations is by connecting with them one on one?

Do you want to know how to make the best impression when meeting with a client? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over corporate entertainment ideas and what to avoid.

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Reserve Ahead of Time

If you’re meeting with clients in a few weeks, don’t leave choosing a venue for the last minute. Make sure you reserve a restaurant ahead of time or find out that the attraction is open.

When you reserve, let the venue or restaurant know you are meeting important clients. Speak with the manager and tell them you’re looking for exceptional service.

Consider going to a venue or bar that your company has worked with in the past. This way, you’ll know you’re working with people you trust.

Stay off Your Phone

Set your phone aside when entertaining your client. Give them your full attention. If they see that you’re on your phone, they might think you’re not interested in what they have to say. If you get a call, let them know you will be right back.

Help Your Guest Feel Comfortable

Everyone can get nervous before a meeting, even if it’s in a relaxed setting. Clients might want to know what to expect if this is your first entertainment get together.

Aim to put them at ease right away. This will set the tone for the rest of the meeting. Later on, the client might end up referring you to a close friend or relative.

Let Your Client Order First

When meeting with a client at a local bar or restaurant, let them take the lead. They know that you’re meeting for business, but they might want to keep it casual. If they order food, go with the flow and do the same.

If they end up ordering drinks, don’t feel pressured to do the same.
If you decide to have a glass of wine or a beer, make sure you set a limit. Otherwise, you could end up saying something that gets taken the wrong way.

Listen to Your Client

It’s easy to get too focused on what you’d like to share at the meeting. Make sure you don’t stop listening to your client. Allow them to take the lead in the conversation.

When they see that you care about what they’re saying, you build your relationship. You will gain not only more business but a potential friend in your network.

Don’t Talk Business Right Away

Give yourself time to chat with the client. See if your guest brings it up the business topic first.

Before the meeting, know what your goals are and only mention them later on.

If you have material to present, prepare what you’ll say beforehand. This way, you’ll feel more confident and help set your client at ease.

Research Your Clients

You can find out what interests your clients by checking out their LinkedIn profile. There you can learn about their volunteering activities or other interests.

Are they on the board of a local art gallery, or do they run a golf fundraiser? Organize a game at a local course or bring them to a gallery night.

Dress up for the Meeting

If you’re meeting with clients for dinner, get dressed up. It’s way better to arrive overdressed instead of under-dressed. You are the face behind your brand and company.

If your meeting is at a golf course, then dress in the right attire and go with business casual.

Don’t Use Offensive Language

In any business meeting, make sure you don’t swear or use rude expressions. Try to speak to clients in a respectful manner as you would to your family. This will help keep the meeting professional.

Don’t Lie to Your Client

If you are there to try and land a business deal, make sure all the information you have on hand is credible.

Making false claims to win a sale could harm the reputation of your company and burn bridges. Word will get around that you aren’t trustworthy. If you don’t know the answer to one of their questions, let them know you will find out right away.

Offer to Pay for the Service

When you go to a meeting, you’re spending time with a future client. Set them at ease by taking care of the bill.

They will know from that gesture alone that they can expect quality customer service. This is a sign that you are a dependable person.

Don’t Get Offended

You will need to accept the fact that some new people you meet won’t move forward with you. Not every meeting will result in a deal or new sale. Don’t let yourself get discouraged or upset. This could harm your chances of meeting new clients.

If someone sees that you are gracious and polite, they may pass your name on to their friend or relative.

Hold Onto the Receipts

Make sure you hold onto everything from your parking stub to the receipt from dinner. Keep a spot in your wallet reserved for business receipts. You’ll have everything you need for your accountant.

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Now You Know More About Corporate Entertainment

We hope this guide on meeting with clients was helpful. When you have a corporate entertainment meeting, set your client at ease.

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