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Therapists Explain How to Develop Your Self-Belief in 8 Easy Steps

Therapists Explain How to Develop Your Self-Belief in 8 Easy

Self-belief, as the term suggests, means believing in yourself and your abilities. If you don’t have much self-confidence, it makes it hard to achieve your goals and maintain healthy relationships.

Low self-esteem can occur due to several reasons, such as:

  • You’re struggling with unresolved trauma or neglect.

If your parents always criticized you and didn’t reassure you very often, you probably had to work even harder to love yourself as you got older. Learning how to build self-confidence as a young adult may take time if you never knew this valuable skill as a child.

  • You are surrounding yourself with unkind people.

If you have friends who always tear you down or make snide comments, it may affect your self-belief. Not having boundaries and allowing people to walk all over you can hinder your confidence levels. Usually, people who have to put others down have low self-esteem and lack love for themselves, so try to remember that it isn’t about you. Also, make sure to distance yourself from these types of people and try to find positive friends.

  • You entertain negative self-talk.

If you continuously entertain defeating thoughts about yourself, you won’t have much confidence and may find yourself in unpleasant circumstances. Perhaps you may take jobs that only allow you to barely scrape by because you don’t feel good enough for something better. You may also get involved with relationships that invite more stress and negativity into your life.

A few poor choices can take a toll on your self-belief. If you moved to a new city for a job opportunity and it didn’t work out, for example, it may cause your self-esteem to take a nosedive. Some people take things much harder than others, so a minor setback or a poor choice can cause them to second-guess themselves in the future.

Why do you need self-belief?

To put it simply, you need confidence in yourself to achieve goals and maintain relationships with people. Low self-esteem can affect every facet of someone’s life, from their job to their relationships to lifestyle choices. If someone holds a negative view of themselves, they may use substances or get involved in dangerous lifestyles in an attempt to numb their emotions.

If you grew up in a challenging home environment where your personality didn’t get a chance to flourish, you might consider therapy to help you develop confidence. When your upbringing doesn’t give you what you need, it usually reflects in some way in your adult life. Therefore, to have a healthy self-image as you grow up, you will need support from someone such as a therapist or a close circle of friends.

Not everyone who experiences trauma or neglect as a child will have self-esteem issues. However, studies show a strong correlation between childhood trauma or abuse and low confidence levels. Having a good relationship with yourself and believing in your abilities can help you navigate life’s challenges and create a fulfilling future. We all need some level of confidence to complete tasks and tend to our responsibilities in life.

With that said, what if you struggle with self-esteem and have no idea how to develop it? Don’t worry; we have some tips you may find helpful to get you started on your journey to self-love.

Here are eight steps to developing your self-belief:

  1. Have an idea of who you’d like to become and what you want to accomplish.

If you have no clue what you wish for in life, you don’t know what qualities you need to develop in yourself or what steps you need to take. So, you first need to make a list of character traits you’d like to work on and goals you would like to set for yourself. This way, you have a clear idea of what direction to take your life in and who you see yourself becoming. Don’t put any limitations on yourself for this exercise; go all out and write down all the qualities you want in your highest self as well as your loftiest dreams.

You may not have confidence you can achieve these dreams in your present state, but put that negative thinking out of your mind for a few short seconds. Remember that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to – it just takes willpower and belief in yourself.

  1. Practice positive affirmations.

If you want to achieve a more positive relationship with yourself and grow your confidence, you’ll want to include some positive affirmations in your daily routine. Before work or school each morning, write down a few motivational phrases such as “I love myself” or “I attract beautiful things into my life.” This way, you will start the day on a positive note and set the tone for the rest of the day.

You can even write them down on some flashcards and bring them with you so you can refer to them throughout the day. We all need some encouragement, and affirmations make a great way to reset your brain and prime it for positivity.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone often.

Plenty of us get complacent after a while and don’t want to do anything to disrupt the order in our lives. However, we can’t grow unless we actively choose to experience new things and get outside our bubble sometimes. Unique experiences that may seem scary at first can help build your confidence and reveal your true potential. You can take baby steps at first, but make it a point to step outside your regular routine at least once a month.

Keeping life fresh and exciting will improve your perspective and allow you to expand your realm of possibilities.

  1. Challenge any harmful and negative thoughts that pop into your head.

Humans have thousands of thoughts every day, most of them on repeat from the previous day. So, when you have self-defeating thoughts, remember that you don’t have to believe them. Because your thoughts are fleeting, you shouldn’t put too much stock in them. Meditation can help you remove yourself from your thoughts and gain clarity if you struggle with having a monkey mind.

  1. Have a winner’s attitude.

Life boils down to our attitude about it. Because we create different realities based on our most prevalent thoughts, we all have varying experiences. If you want to have a more satisfying life, you should work on improving your attitude and seeing the silver lining whenever possible. This doesn’t come easily to everyone, but with practice, you can start having more positive experiences as your mindset shifts. If you believe wholeheartedly good things will happen, then they will because of the intentions and energy you’re putting out.

  1. Encourage yourself and others.

Treat yourself like you want to treat others because the relationship you have with yourself determines all your other relationships. Hold yourself in high regard, and practice self-love and care often. None of us has all the answers to life, so don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone walks a different path in life, so focus on the one in front of you.

No matter your circumstances, as long as you show yourself kindness and love, you can achieve anything your heart desires. If you can fill your cup, make sure to give the rest to the people around you. We all need some love and encouragement to get by, so if you have any to spare, be generous!

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and practice regular self-care.

If you don’t feel good on the inside, you won’t have much energy to create a beautiful life on the outside. Confidence comes from within, so start there. Eat healthy, nourishing foods, move your body in a way you enjoy, tell yourself positive thoughts, and surround yourself with uplifting people. Also, make sure to get good-quality sleep and follow your heart when it comes to your career. If you have a good relationship with yourself, it will help build your self-belief.

  1. Distance yourself from negative people and influences.

People who complain all the time or have a negative outlook, in general, won’t help you improve in life. Try to choose positive people and influences so you can continue to develop your self-esteem. Also, avoid watching emotionally upsetting TV programs or listening to depressing music, as these will influence your mood as well.

Final thoughts on developing your self-belief

Positive self-belief comes from the choices you make and the influences you have in your life. If you want to have more confidence, make sure to feed your mind and body well, keep positive people in your circle, and have goals for yourself. The beautiful thing about life is that we can change it in a moment’s notice. We do not have to keep stuck in a mindset or place that doesn’t allow us to flourish. As long as you continue working hard on your self-belief, you’ll never feel disappointed in life.


20 Easy Ways to Impress Your New Crush

20 Easy Ways to Impress Your New Crush

Do you think you are falling for someone? Does he feel the same way? There’s no way to know for sure when it comes to matters of the heart. When you are interested in a new crush, you might feel afraid to make the first move. And you definitely want to impress that potentially special someone.

So what’s a person to do to attract the right kind of attention? Here are 20 ways to impress your new crush and ensure they take notice.

Twenty Ways to Make a Lasting Impression on Your New Crush

1. Be Open and Genuine

There’s nobody in the world quite like you, and there never will be. Why would you want to be anybody else? Your new crush wants a person who is genuine and confident.

Although you want to make a great first impression, try to relax and just be yourself. Let your new crush see you for who you are. When you keep your body language neutral and receptive, you will show an interest in her that she will notice. Let her fall in love with the real you, not a façade.

2. Smile and Have a Sense of Humor

Physical attraction is a much-misunderstood aspect of human relationships. Real, inward beauty is most important, and it’s what will make your relationship last. However, outer beauty is what will attract him in the first place. It’s the only way he can get to truly know you.

Long after your new crush forgets what you were wearing when he first met you, he will remember your smile. A lovely, genuine smile costs you nothing, but it’s more valuable than any gold or diamonds you could wear. Not only does your grin show an interest in him, but it also conveys your sense of joy and humor.

3. Be a Good Listener

Everyone wants someone to show an interest in their life. Nothing is more unappealing than a bore who can’t talk about anything else but himself. If you want your new crush to blossom into a fulfilling relationship, you need to be a good listener.

Practice active listening skills like open body language, mirroring, no interruption, and clarification. Ask her about her day and other questions about things that are important to her.

4. Be Positive

Who likes hanging around a “Negative Nelly?” Guys enjoy talking with women who are upbeat and make them laugh. Being positive doesn’t mean you have an unrealistic view of the world. There are injustices and negative influences in everyone’s lives that must be addressed.

However, there are too many happy things to discuss rather than dwelling on the negative aspects. Be a great conversationalist and talk about things that make her satisfied and dwell on the beautiful things in life. When you radiate joy and positive energy, it makes you even more attractive to a prospective suitor.

5. Take Pride in Your Appearance

You already realize that your new crush was first attracted to you by your appearance. Now that you have his attention, how you look will be even more critical. How else is he going to discover how beautiful you are on the inside as well as the outside?

Getting used to each other is not an excuse to let yourself go. When you are meticulous with your grooming and individual style, it shows your new person that you have self-confidence. He should never be embarrassed to be seen with you in public.

What guy would be impressed to see his lady with no makeup, hair scrunched up like a rat’s nest, browsing through the department store in her slippers and pajamas? Guys, no woman is attracted to a scrubby dude. Look your best and carry yourself with self-respect and dignity.

6. Know How to Have Fun

One of the many blessings of having a steady love interest is that you don’t always have to do things alone. To keep your new crush interested, you must show them that you know how to have a good time. Boredom is the kryptonite of a lasting relationship.

You needn’t spend a fortune to have fun together. Think of exciting places to go or things to do. Don’t start your relationship by getting into a date night rut. Be creative, and keep your sweetheart’s interests in mind.

7. Don’t Be Clingy

Do you want to destroy a budding relationship quickly? Just start texting and phoning him non-stop and whine when he can’t be with you every second. Such behavior spells clingy and desperate, which is most unattractive. You needn’t be aloof, but don’t appear to be needy and controlling.

8. Be Spontaneous

Have you ever heard that variety is the spice of life? Nothing could be more accurate when it comes to relationships. Stay one step ahead of her and keep her guessing what you’ll do next. Meet after work all dressed up and have tickets to a musical she’s dying to see.

Go beyond the norm and do something thrilling together, like hand gliding or exploring a local cave. Instead of your usual Saturday date night, why not plan a surprise getaway to a quiet cabin in the woods? Do the unexpected, and your relationship will always be fresh and fulfilling.

9. Be Open About Your Feelings

Of course, you don’t want dates with your new crush to seem like a therapy session. While it’s good to have each other lean on, you don’t want to go overboard. Neither do you want to keep your emotions penned up in a stoic hush?

Be honest with your feelings and allow your beau to be frank with his. Remember that women tend to be more in touch with their emotions than men are. Be empathetic with one another, and don’t be afraid to say how you feel. It will draw you closer together.

10. Keep the Past in the Past

Many people make the mistake of unloading their romantic history on their new love interest in the beginning. Does he need a running list of your broken relationships and why you despise your former lovers? Remember that being honest doesn’t mean to tell everything you know.

Again, stay positive and don’t spend precious time bad-mouthing people. It will only make you look petty and perhaps a liability in the relationship. Keep any lessons you’ve learned from past experiences in your heart and get rid of the rest.

11. Be on the Same Page

Perhaps nothing could be more painful and embarrassing than assuming a love interest where there isn’t one. If you are crushing on her, are you sure that she feels the same way? Is it something that may lead to a closer relationship, or is it a passing infatuation?

12. Be Polite

Since when was being a rude attractive? Please note how your new crush treats you because it can reflect how he will treat you in the future. Guys, women still love to be treated like a lady, so be polite with your manners. Does your love interest show courtesy to others?

13. Be Curious, But Not Invasive

When you start dating a new love interest, of course, you have many questions to ask. The whole concept of dating is to get more acquainted with each other. You’ll have a plethora of things to discuss and discover about your love interest.

However, this is a budding relationship that must grow in rapport and trust. Please don’t rush in like a roving reporter and make her feel like she is being interviewed. Talk about your interests and your family life, but make sure you keep your questions general and non-threatening.

14. Random Acts of Love

Isn’t it funny how small, random acts of love mean so much in a relationship? It’s a chance to use your passion and creativity together. Write a little love note and leave it in a place where she’s sure to see it.

Can you imagine his surprise when he sees a single red rose on his desk with a card from you? It’s these little gestures that let him or her know that you are thinking about them.

15. Start a New Tradition

While spontaneity is vital for a healthy relationship, so are traditions. They keep you grounded as a couple and make you remember who you are. Think about starting a tradition that will mean something to you both.

It could be visiting a favorite restaurant once a week or playing your favorite love song to each other and dancing the night away. Do something special that is just meant for you two.

16. Join the Gang

If you’ve decided to take a step from friendship to a love relationship, you’ll want a chance to blend into each other’s group of friends. It’s a great way to officially announce your love so that people will know you as a couple. If you have other platonic relationships, they should be friends with you both.

17. Set Boundaries

Is he interested in dating you seriously? Or is he expecting to date other women? It may take a few dates to see where your relationship is heading. Set boundaries early in the relationship, so each of you knows what to expect from the other.

18. Be Attentive

Do you know when your sweetheart has done her hair differently or is wearing a new fragrance? Has your beau trimmed his beard, especially for you? Pay attention to these things and be complimentary, and your lover will be glad you noticed.

19. Take Time

If you have a plant and don’t water or give it care, it will die. The same thing can happen in a relationship. While you both need personal space, you must take time for one another and blossom in love.

Outside of your work commitments and other obligations, your love interest should take a top spot in your life.

20. Be Faithful

Has your crush turned into a committed relationship? Be a faithful lover and avoid the temptation of straying. Even if you are texting or emailing intimately with somebody else, it’s still cheating.

Final Thoughts on Impressing Your New Crush

Having a new crush can be an exciting point in your life. Maybe this will be your forever person. Being honest and having open communication can make the difference in a lasting relationship. Most of all, take care of yourself regardless of the outcome of this budding romance. Good luck with your new relationship.


Hackers Beware! 15 Easy Ways to Prevent Hacking

Hackers Beware! 15 Easy Ways to Prevent Hacking

Hackers Beware! 15 Easy Ways to Prevent Hacking

Last year, President Trump pleaded with the Justice Department to investigate a hack. According to the president, China likely hacked into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Many of the emails, he alleged, had classified information.

The FBI never found any evidence to support the claims, but it begs the question: can we prevent hacking?

If high-profile individuals like Clinton can get hacked, then how can we protect our data?

Keep reading to learn the 15 most vital tips to protect yourself from cybercriminals.

1. Use Two-Step Verification for Email

The number one thing you need to do to protect yourself online is secure your email address. Hackers who have access to your email can change other accounts.

If possible, you need to set up two-step verification for your email.

You’ll have to use your password and another verification method before getting access. This is an effective step that will prevent hacks.

2. Create a Unique Password

Another step in stopping hackers is making a good password. The majority of internet users make very bad passwords. In 2014, for example, the top five most popular passwords were:

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. 12345
  4. 12345678
  5. qwerty

Cybercriminals who crack passwords upload the information to databases online. That means anytime you use passwords on the database, it’s already exposed to hackers.

3. Update Your Computer or Device

Another tip on how to prevent hackers is to keep up-to-date with software updates. These important updates often have patches that fix vulnerabilities.

Failing to update may leave you open to an attack. It’s best to set your phone or computer to auto-download updates as they become available.

4. Password Protect Your Internet Connection

Too many internet users fail to password protect their own internet connection.

Without a password, all the data that you send and receive is completely exposed. That means anyone in range of your router can get this data.

Criminals can also use an open network to spread infections or steal your bandwidth. At worst, they could use your connection to conduct illegal DDoS attacks.

5. Reconsider Connecting to Open WiFi Networks

Understand you face the same risks of exposure when you connect to an open public WiFi network.

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from hackers on a public network:

  • Always turn off the ‘auto-connect to WiFi networks’ setting
  • Only enter in login information when the site has “https” rather than “http.” The “s” indicates a secure connection to the website.
  • Avoid logging into accounts through apps. Instead, use the internet browser
  • Always log out of your accounts after using them on a public network

As a general rule, only connect to a public network when you have no other choice.

6. Prevent Hacking With Faraday EMP Bags

When pondering how to stop hackers, few consider the possibility of a major grid attack.

Electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) have the ability to destroy electrical devices. EMPs may occur as a result of a deployed weapon or natural phenomenon.

There’s very little you can do to protect your electronics from an EMP blast. It’s recommended you look for an EMP tech bag like the one found at

These bags can stop your devices from getting destroyed by an EMP. In a large scale attack, this bag could be life-saving.

7. Don’t Trust Email Links

A major tip on how to prevent hacking is to vet all links in emails.

Never click on a link from an email unless you trust the source. Even trusted sources sometimes send malicious emails on accident when they’ve gotten hacked.

It’s becoming more common for cybercriminals to mimic legitimate websites. They’ll ask you to log in on this duplicate website that actually steals your data.

When in doubt, type the known website’s address into your web browser rather than clicking a link.

8. Limit Your Social Media Friends List

I know. It seems silly to suggest you not talk to strangers on the internet in 2019. Still, consider how much personal data you leave exposed on social media every day.

Modern-day hackers use a technique called social engineering. They attempt to manipulate targets by befriending them. This often leads to them letting private information slip on accident.

Social engineering can also impact you when a hacker adds someone on your friend’s list. They can gain access to your private profile by being friends of a friend.

The best way to avoid being a target of social engineering is to deny friend requests from people you don’t know.

9. Consider a VPN Service

These tips suggest maintaining privacy on the internet is very difficult. It isn’t impossible, but it’s very close.

Even the most infamous hacking group, Anonymous, found this out the hard way. Hundreds have gotten arrested after learning their actions weren’t so anonymous after all.

If you want to maximize your privacy, consider using a VPN service. VPN is short for virtual private network. This type of service shields your computer’s IP address when you go online by using a middleman.

This middleman does all the communicating with different websites. It protects your location, computer address, data, and browsing history.

Usually, this service only costs around $5-10 per month. There are free options as well, but use your best judgment when choosing a service.

Keep in mind that VPN services are not infallible. Law enforcement agencies can still force them to give up your info, so don’t try to use one for illegal purposes.

10. Be Cautious About Your Own Blog

In February of 2018, over 5000 websites got hacked. When cybercriminals hack websites, they steal data like email addresses and passwords.

If you use the same password on your email account, you’re in danger! Always switch up your passwords when creating accounts on websites or blogs.

Your customer’s information may also get exposed during a hack.

It’s necessary to research cybersecurity for blogs if you have your own. These steps will protect you and your readers.

11. Watch for Malicious Apps

Understand not every app found on Google or Apple’s store is safe. Many apps are malicious.

Some apps are covert in their methods. Pay attention when an app asks permission for:

  • Access to your contacts
  • Recording conversations
  • Sending messages
  • Administrative permissions
  • Access to your location

Many apps use this information in valid ways. If the app doesn’t need the data to function, it may be collecting it for nefarious purposes.

12. Avoid Sneaky Social Media Surveys

If you’ve been on social media any length of time, then you’ve run across fun surveys. You answer lighthearted questions, share, and wait for your friends to answer too.

Most surveys are for entertainment, but some may be prying for specific information. Some survey answers could also be verification methods for your accounts. Be careful of posting:

  • Your birthday
  • The road you grew up on
  • Your mother’s maiden name
  • Your first pet
  • The first company you worked for
  • The city you got engaged
  • Where you were born
  • Where you attended college or high school
  • Your favorite food

These answers could allow hackers to gain access to your account. They could answer your security questions based on your survey answers.

They may even be able to change your password!

13. Consider a Password Manager

Password manager programs help you create unique, hard-to-crack passwords for each account. Usually, the manager lets you create a master password to access all your accounts.

This step makes it very difficult for a hacker to access your accounts by password cracking. If one of your accounts does get hacked, your manager will alert you right away.

The method isn’t perfect because a master password can also get hacked, but it’s much less likely.

14. Delete Data on Old Devices

Almost 44 percent of Americans will upgrade their phones as soon as possible. This means a lot of working tech gets resold on the market.

Whether you’re upgrading a computer or smartphone, never get rid of it without wiping it. Otherwise, the new owner may have access to all the data you left on the device.

The best advice is to restore your phone or computer back to factory settings.

15. Be Wary of Giving Information to Businesses

Companies try to avoid massive cyber attacks, but major breaches still occur.

If you aren’t required to give personal information to a company, then don’t. Never volunteer your phone number, address, or other information unless necessary.

It’s better to take your business elsewhere than to have your data exposed in a hack.

Don’t Fall Victim to Hackers

Over the past two decades, internet hacking has exploded. Hacking actions have forced the hands of politicians, businesses, and online users.

Yet, collectively, we continue to remain oblivious to the real dangers of the internet.

We must take steps as individuals to prevent hacking and protect our personal data. Otherwise, we are spiraling toward a privacy-free world.

Take heed of these 15 important tips, and try to incorporate them into your internet routine. Don’t be the next victim of a hack.

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Truck Driving Career: How to Become a Truck Driver in 7 Easy Steps

Truck Driving Career: How to Become a Truck Driver in

Truck Driving Career: How to Become a Truck Driver in 7 Easy Steps

49.3 million tons – that’s how much freight the U.S. transportation system moved every day in 2015. These shipments, packages, and parcels were worth around $52.5 billion.

Of all methods of transportation used, trucks come out on top. The trucking industry takes care of about 70% of all freight in the U.S. every year.

No wonder then, that the country is seeing a shortage on truck drivers. Experts estimate that within the next 10 years, the U.S. would need at least 890,000 truckers. Especially with the continuous rise in e-commerce and online shoppers.

All this has opened many truck driving career options to interested truckers.

So… Are you one of those who’ve always wanted to know what it feels to be behind the wheels of these massive machines? If so, then check out this guide we’ve made that’ll help you do exactly that!

1. Figure Out if a Truck Driving Career Is Really for You

As with any other career, you first want to answer the question, “Is truck driving a good career?” You want to make sure it fits you and your income goals.

Speaking of income, truck driver salary in 2017 averaged $44,500 across all states. Keep in mind that’s only the average, as salaries vary based on many factors, such as experience. There’s also the specific type of trucking and of course, the employer.

Experience is a huge determiner in the trucking industry. Those with about five years of trucking experience under their belt can earn around $55,000 a year. Working for the same company also increases the chance of seeing a salary increase.

Some trucking jobs, like those who drive for performers and artists, also earn more. The same is true for truckers who transport hazardous chemicals or fuels.

That said, once you’re sure you want truck driving as a career, choose which industry you want to work in. Especially since some sectors, like hazardous chemical transport, require a specific license.

2. Determine if You Have the Personal Qualifications

Next up, be sure you have what it takes to be a trucker. One of the most important is the ability to work independently, most of the time even alone. Also, keep in mind that many jobs may involve up to 11 hours of “daily driving”.

Since you can expect long hours of daily driving, you should have the physical stamina for it. You also need power and energy for loading and unloading the freight you move.

You should also have a sense of responsibility and a squeaky-clean driving record. Timeliness and stress management skills are also important to become a good trucker.

Plus, it’s important to have in-depth know-how of truck mechanics. You need to know when to change tires and have at least a basic understanding of truck maintenance.

3. Meet the Minimum Requirements

You should be at least 21 years old before you can drive a commercial truck. Also, most employers need their applicants to have finished high school. Some accept a GED equivalent though, so be sure to check with your potential employers.

A commercial’s driver license (CDL) is also mandatory. But before you can get a CDL, you first need to pass your state’s regular driver’s license examination.

4. Decide on the Type of CDL to Get

CDL drivers can only drive what their license allows them to. That’s because there are several CDL classifications, from A to C.

The type of license dictates the maximum size vehicle you can operate. It also dictates the specific type of vehicles you can drive. It even specifies what kind of freight and load you can legally move and transport.

The license with the least restrictions is the Class A CDL. With this license, you can drive any size vehicle, including tractor-trailer combinations. It also lets you move loads weighing more than 26,001 pounds.

Having a Class B license lets you drive single vehicles with a total weight of more than 26,001 pounds.

A Class C license gives you the authority to drive any vehicle outside of the A and B Classes. But it’s reserved for carrying and moving hazardous materials. Class C CDL drivers may also carry and move sixteen or more occupants (including the driver).

5. Get Your CDL Training

Once you’ve decided which type of CDL you want, next is to get the training for it! There are institutions that provide exactly that, such as the Truck Driver Institute.

Depending on the CDL classification you want, program lengths vary. If you’re interested in becoming a HAZMAT driver, then expect more training.

Consider getting the highest level of CDL qualification. This way, you’ll have more job opportunities even if your first job only needs a Class B or C license.

6. Pass the CDL Exam

CDL exam procedures vary from state to state, although most consist of both a written and a road skills exam. You need to pass both so you can get your license.

In general, the written test analyzes your knowledge of truck driving and road laws. It’ll also test you about other essential trucking safety regulations.

As for the road skills test, a state-licensed examiner will ask you to drive a commercial vehicle. You need to show them your actual driving skills in this test.

7. Seek Help from a Job Placement Service

Most reputable CDL training schools offer their students job placement services. That’s why you’d want to choose an institution that also provides this kind of assistance.

Aside from your school, truck driving associations can also help you find your first job. Make sure you also check reputable websites for job openings, such as Indeed or Monster.

Get Started with Your Career as a Pro Trucker

You can get started on your commercial truck driving career as soon as you hold a license! But since the entire process takes quite some time, it’s best you start Step 1 as soon as possible. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get behind the wheel.

As soon as you’re ready for your first truck driving job, accessorize! Check out this list of best truck accessories every trucker should have.


Breathe Easy Busy Bodies: How to Stay Healthy and Happy When You’re Super Busy

Breathe Easy Busy Bodies: How to Stay Healthy and Happy

Breathe Easy Busy Bodies: How to Stay Healthy and Happy When You’re Super Busy

In a 2017 poll, only 33% of Americans said they felt “happy.” Now, happiness is a difficult thing to define, much less quantify. But the poll results do tell us something about the state of our psyches.

We are overworked, underpaid, and stressed to the max. If you’re looking for ways to stay healthy and happy in these super busy times, look no further. 

Make the Time for Sleep

We all know that sleep is important in determining our quality of life, yet it’s the thing we decide to skimp on first. Maybe it’s because we don’t know just how important sleep is. 

Sleep is a major determinant in your moods on a day-to-day basis. Sleep deprivation can lead to greater feelings of anger, sadness, and anxiousness. So try to make time to sleep, even if that means sacrificing in other areas. 


The scientific jury is still out somewhat, in what exactly the physiological benefits of mediation are, but so far, we know that they’re good. Frequent meditators report feeling less stressed and happier. 

These days, you don’t even have to join a Buddhist monastery to find the time to meditate. With the help of smartphone apps like Headspace or Calm, you can find the time to meditate in short, 10-20 minute bursts.

It’s Okay to Say No

The common refrain “You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce” is true, but Beyonce actually knows how to manage her commitments. Many of us don’t.

Even with way too much on our plate, many of us can’t seem to stop saying yes to new responsibilities. If people are constantly coming to you for favors and tasks, you have to know that it’s okay to say no to things. 

This will lead to less stress and more happiness. After all, it’s better to do a few things very well than it is to do a lot of things poorly.

Find and Maintain Intimacy

Life is hard, and you shouldn’t have to go it alone. Finding and maintaining intimacy, platonically or romantically, is a huge key to happiness in life. When sharing a kiss, a hug, or having sex with someone, our brains release oxytocin, otherwise known as the “feel good” chemical. 

It can be difficult to find time for friends or lovers with a busy work schedule, but time well-spent with these people in your life makes for a much happier one. If you need help finding ways to stay intimate with your partner, make sure to follow this advice. 

Need More Advice for Staying Happy While Super Busy?

Hopefully, this article has given you some coping mechanisms for managing your super busy lifestyle. You just have to remember to take a breath, smell the roses, and partake in some self-care. 

However, if you’d like more advice on how to stay healthy and happy in these trying times, be sure to check out the rest of our articles, like this one on how to reduce workplace headaches. 


5 Easy Ways to Kill Time at an Airport

5 Easy Ways to Kill Time at an Airport

Dying on Your Layovers?: 5 Easy Ways to Kill Time at an Airport

3.5 billion people get on planes and travel either domestically or internationally every single year.

Reasons for flying vary and include going on vacation, seeing family, traveling for work, and everything in-between.

While the people who fly and their reasons for doing so are radically different, there is one trait that everyone who steps foot on a plane universally shares…

They hate layovers.

Layovers are the scourge of humanity. In the worst of times, they make you miss connections and opportunities. In the best of times, they induce unbearable levels of boredom.

To help make your next layover a little more tolerable, below, our team shares with you 5 solid ways you can kill time between when you land and when your next flight starts boarding.

1. Binge Watch That Show You’ve Been Considering

If your airport has WiFi (god help you if it doesn’t) and you have a Netflix subscription (god help you if you don’t) one of the best things you can do to kill time during a layover is binge watch that show you’ve been thinking of picking up.

You know, that one all of your friends told you was good but you never got around to watching partially out of forgetfulness and partially out of defiance?

A long layover should give you more than enough time to smash a few episodes.

2. Drink

This suggestion may not be for everyone but for those of you that love a good beer, glass of wine or cocktail, airport layovers can be a great excuse to throw a few back.

We love going to airport sports bars, nursing a beer and using our order as an excuse to loiter in front of a television set for 4+ hours.

Whenever you think your waitress is going to kick you out, you just order another round.

3. Window Shop

Rich people love shopping to kill time at airports.

If you’re rich, awesome! Shop away.

If you’re not rich, also awesome! Window shop!

Caution: Checking out all of the cool perfumes, advancements in neck pillows, and magazines airports have on tap may lead to the occasional impulse buy. If you’re wary of your ability to browse without buying, try giving your credit card to a travel companion for safe keeping.

4. Make Money

If humans weren’t such good procrastinators, we’d love airport layovers because they’d give us ample time to work and make money! The thing is though that feeling obligated to work sucks…

Still, we’re obliged to tell you that if you have 5 hours at an airport, you’re better off using them to be productive than to kill time.

If productivity is as dirty a word to you as it is to us, you could play casino slots from your mobile device and pretend to make money… That’s almost a good use of time, right?

5. Set Goals for Your Future

We love killing time by coming up with goals on how we could better use our time in the future… If that sounds like an oxymoron it’s probably because it might be.

Wrapping Up Easy Ways to Kill Time at an Airport

There you have it. 5 solid ways to kill time at the airport.

If none of our suggestions hit the spot for you, you could always try killing time by checking out more of our awesome content on ArticleCity… We certainly wouldn’t judge you if you did.


Easy Steps to Make a Viral Facebook Post

Easy Steps to Make a Viral Facebook Post

4 Tips for Creating a Viral Facebook Post

So you want to go viral. It could be for future fame, financial gain, or because you really believe in your message.

All three desires are worth their own merit and can be the driving force behind your viral Facebook post. And all three can be a reality for you if you follow these tips!

Read on to figure out how to use Facebook to your advantage and get your name or message out to the masses.

1. Creating a Viral Facebook Post: The Hook

You can’t have a viral Facebook post without a topic. The topic and how it’s worded is going to be the “hook” that catches your readers. If the information is not of interest to them, they will keep on scrolling, looking for something better.

The title of your post, or the linked image, will be the first thing your audience sees and notices. Creativity, humor, or shock value matter.

The reader’s first taste of the article or post should be relevant to them and give them a taste of what they may be in for when they begin to read. Many people are not going to become engaged in an article that doesn’t interest them in some way. This means they likely won’t share it, hindering the likelihood of a viral post.

2. Images Are Your Friend

Images and infographics are also another great tool. Something visually pleasing and related to your article will entice the reader to share this great article or piece of information they’ve found.

Using visually pleasing components in your post will allow for the reader to remember what you say and take away some cool statistics or information. When information is paired with memorable images, the likelihood of the reader retaining the facts increases.

When posting to your own page, Facebook covers are equally important. These photos will draw the eye into your page and make people curious as to what you have to say.

3. Be Clear and Concise

Regardless of what age your main audience is, it’s no secret that the age of computers and smartphones has shortened the attention span of most readers.

When composing a post that you want to be shared over and over again, keep this in mind. Unless doing in-depth research, people are not going to be engaged in an extremely lengthy article.

They want facts and bullet points, and easy to read information. Don’t dumb it down too much, but keep in mind the vocabulary you use, as well as the topic at hand.

4. Ask and You’ll Receive

If you find that you’re still having a hard time getting your information or post out there to the masses, it might be time too take a look at social media influencers.

There are a couple ways to go about using these accounts that have tons of followers, but the easiest two are going to be joining in relevant conversations, or flat out asking for a mention of a quote.

Just being able to associate your post with this type of account should drive traffic and shares.

The Line & Sinker

Overall, creating a viral Facebook post isn’t incredibly hard. But it does require a good bit of thought and effort.

The other component is somewhat luck of the draw, but if you include these tips in your next attempt to go viral, you may just have some of that good luck.

If you need ideas on creating content that is strategically shareable, check out a few posts on content marketing.


4 Easy Tips for Promoting Your Online Weed Content

4 Easy Tips for Promoting Your Online Weed Content

4 Easy Tips for Promoting Your Online Weed Content

According to Search Engine Watch, there are 7 reasons why and how content goes viral. These include content that is able to trigger emotions, positive sentiment such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, and people’s natural tendency to share powerful ideas.

But virality isn’t the only measure of online content success. Your online weed content, for example, doesn’t have to be seen and loved by everyone. As long as your target audience responds positively to your content, you may not think of it as viral but you can consider it as a job well done.

Of course, getting there takes some work. So if you’re looking for ways to promote your weed blog or specific articles, we’ve got some tips for you to try.

How to Promote Your Online Weed Content

1. Target Smaller Community Sites

Remember what we said about reaching your target audience? The beauty of going after smaller community sites such as Reddit or Quora is you can go after active and focused audiences, which is awesome for niche-specific blogs.

But take note, this may sound easy but you can’t forget about adding value to the community. This means you have to establish yourself as an authority. In this case, an authority in weed.

Try to be helpful and actively participate. That means posting questions and maybe even promoting others’ work. When community members notice your contributions, they will start following you, which is your cue to start sharing (aka promoting) your content.

2. Consider Paid Promotion

Some channels such as content recommendation platforms work for those who want to reach a wide audience. If you want to be an online weed content to stand out, though, you should promote on social networking and/or social bookmarking sites.


With Facebook’s sponsored posts or Twitter’s promoted tweets, you get the option to really hand pick the people whom you want to see your content. These promotion channels will allow you to go as granular as you want. You can target by age, occupation, location, and even marital status.

For those who have a limited marketing budget, this is also a cost-effective option. You can adjust your bids as low as $1/day. This means you don’t have to spend a lot just to get eyeballs to your weed website.

3. Work with Influencers

Business Dictionary defines influencers as individuals who can affect others’ purchase decisions. They can do this because of their authority (real or perceived), knowledge, position, or relationship.

If you can network with influencers in your niche and get them to share your content, you automatically get access to their followers. If you’re an influencer yourself (refer to what we said about building authority), it becomes a mutually beneficial partnership. Your combined audience obviously means increased exposure for both parties.

Now, if you’re still working on becoming an influencer, perhaps you could ask to become a contributor on their site. If it’s a blog about weed brownies, you can write a related post or do a video reviewing pot brownies.

4. Try Retargeting

An easy way to promote your content is retargeting. If you’re not familiar with the concept, it means getting visitors who have read one or some of your posts and luring them back to your weed website.

This is usually done with ads. Tagged visitors will be shown banner ads that will hopefully entice them to check your site again. Retargeting can also be accomplished with email marketing.

If you send out newsletters, you can use social media retargeting and deliver exclusive content to your existing subscribers.

Was this article helpful? If you found it interesting, don’t forget to give it some love by sharing it, tweeting it or emailing it to your friends.