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Elevate Your Status: How to Be Well Liked at Work

Elevate Your Status: How to Be Well Liked at Work

Elevate Your Status: How to Be Well Liked at Work

Nearly 70% of employees are actively disengaged. And 58% of people trust strangers more than they do their own boss.

In a world where change is constant, good leaders are hard to find. 

A large part of leadership is the ability to connect with others. You may do your job brilliantly, but you will not get that promotion if no one respects you.

You may be wondering how to be well-liked in the workplace. Here are some places to start.

1. Develop Your Strengths 

Are you a visionary? Do you have great organizational skills?

Be sure that those around you know your strengths, and keep doing more of what you are good at. While it is important to grow in areas you may not initially show potential, you will want to be known as a strong professional.

2. Ask How You Can Help

If you have extra time during the day, ask your boss or colleagues how you can help them out. This will show that you are committed to being a productive member of the team.

Ask how you can provide favors, and don’t be afraid to pick up the slack where you see something needs to be done.

3. Ask For Advice

Asking your superiors for advice will flatter them and demonstrate a commitment to improvement and excellence. While your questions should not betray a complete lack of knowledge in certain areas, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for fresh ideas. Find out how you can fine-tune your skills.

4. Keep Your Feelings in Check

Emotions that find their outlet in personal relationships are often not appropriate for the workplace. If you are feeling slighted or overwhelmed, resist the urge to gossip or complain about your situation.

You will bring everyone around you down if you talk about the negative aspects of your job. Instead, try to find the silver lining in every problem. You will want people to see you as someone that inspires them.

Smile a lot to communicate confidence and hope.

If you are really feeling down, ask a colleague to distract you with a story or focus on where you can help someone in a worse situation. 

5. Genuinely Listen

Talk about yourself less, and let others take the reigns. People will respect you more if you listen and take a sincere interest in their stories. 

While it may seem harmless, constant small talk can also lead others to lose respect for you. Instead, ask about people’s interests, hobbies, and concerns. You don’t always have to express your opinion, but you can appreciate their point of view.

If you do give your opinion, make sure it is well-thought-out and respectful. Offending someone who disagrees with you is an easy way to make enemies.

6. Don’t Compete Unfairly

There is a lot of competition in workplaces. You do not, however, want to sabotage someone, or take credit for the work of one of your employees.

While these seem like easy ways to get ahead, they will not earn you respect. Set a good example and keep the playing field level by avoiding tricks.

7. Stay Organized 

The first thing you should do each day is set priorities. Make sure the most important things in your schedule get done first.

Keep a “to-do” list of things that need doing, but are not urgent. When you have free time, tackle them in the order of importance.

Keep a calendar of important dates. Do not assume you will remember events or deadlines before they arrive.

You do not need sophisticated technology to stay organized. Sometimes, your phone calendar will work just fine.

8. Lead With Professionalism

Building great relationships is especially important for those in leadership roles. If you want your staff to respect you, start by showing them you care.

Don’t be afraid to delegate responsibility. Give clear guidelines, and then let your staff do their jobs. If someone is new in their role, focus on what they did right, and give suggestions for improvement.

When giving feedback, be careful not to reprimand like you are scolding a child. Instead, show concern for how someone may be feeling. 

Once you have opened a warm dialogue, draw your employee in and discuss your concern honestly. Keep your tone calm and light, with positive facial expressions. If you are angry, your employee will not be able to hear the truth.

9. Avoid Distraction

In a digital age, it is easy to seek escape from daily problems into a glamorous social media world. Set a time right after work when you will be able to dive into your vortex of online drama. While you are on the job, however, you will score major points for avoiding any website distractions.

You may simply be checking your professional or personal emails a lot during the day. Try to limit yourself by only checking in every hour or so. This will actually serve to make you less anxious and stressed.

Avoid coworkers who gossip too much. Be polite, and happy to see them, but be careful not to get drawn into conversations that might cause you to say something you regret. Remember that your professional integrity is more important than your popularity.

How To Be Well-Liked

You may not be sure how to be well-liked in a workplace environment. Warmth, kindness, and respect will earn you a lot of trust. Doing your job well and avoiding unnecessary drama will have you well on your way toward a successful career.

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