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How to Pick the Best E-liquid

How to Pick the Best E-liquid

Salty and Sweet: How to Pick the Best E-liquid

Almost 4% of adults in the United States are turning to vape. It’s become a popular way to consume nicotine.

Despite its popularity, some people are unfamiliar with vaping. What is vape juice? How do you vape? And how do you choose the best vape juice?

In this guide, we’ll clear the smoke and take a closer look at vape juice. 

What is Vape Juice?

Vape juice, or e-liquid, is a liquid that is used in a vaporizer. The vaporizer heats the liquid into smoke, and you inhale it similar to smoking a cigarette. 

One of the reasons people turn to vape is to lower their nicotine intake. With vape juice, you can choose your nicotine level. The nicotine level will change the taste of the liquid. 

Vape juice is usually composed of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or a combination of the two. Propylene glycol is responsible for better flavors, but vegetable glycerin gives better vapes. Usually, a PG and VG combination is best because it offers the most flavor from the e-liquid. 

How to Find the Best Vape Juice

Vaping is much more enjoyable when you can choose your flavors. There are a variety of different flavors, and some are even customizable. Here are a few tips to finding the flavors that will work for you. 

Nicotine Level

Your nicotine is level important. How much nicotine are you seeking to consume, replace, or lower?

For those who smoke less than a half a pack a day, choose a lower level. For those who smoke more than that, select a medium for a higher level. If you’ve never smoked before, start with a lower level of nicotine. 

Blends or Single Flavor

Most vape juices come in a blend or single flavor. But that doesn’t mean one is better than the other! Think about what types of flavors you like and head in that direction when choosing. 

For those just starting on their vaping journey, there are tobacco flavored liquids to make the transition from cigarettes to vaping easier. 

Vape juices come in different amounts, so if you’re interested in a flavor, you’ve never tried before, stick to buying a small amount, that way you’re not stuck with a large amount of a flavor you don’t like. 


As mentioned above, you have the choice of choosing between a PG or VG based e-liquid. The base will depend entirely on your preference.


Not all vape juice is created equal. The brand you choose does make a difference, and the highest quality brands will have a bolder flavor. You can find high-quality vape juice if you view here. 

Vape Juice Takeaways

Starting to vape is pretty easy, and when you consider the number of vape juices available, you have plenty of options. Hopefully, this article has answered the question, “What is vape juice?” and give you a more in-depth look into it. 

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