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Follow the 10-80-10 Rule If You Want To Reach Your Next Big Goal

Follow the 10-80-10 Rule If You Want To Reach Your

Whether It is a new project you are working on or a new direction your company is heading on and you need to make sure everyone is on par with it which can seem a little daunting. Being a leader is not an easy task, being responsible for a huge undertaking can make a nervous wreck out of you.

A huge part of success is when you take the time to really understand what it is that you want to accomplish and put aside the time for goal setting you have to go after your objectives. These following should be your goals in life.

Note: If you want to get better at goal setting you will have to know what are goals. In order to make productive goals in life and personal goals. We will show you how to find what are your goals in life and we will help you figure out how to set goals and achieve them.

Here is a new leadership model which simplifies the process and focuses the leadership efforts on when they are needed the most: at the beginning and in the end. This 10-80-10 rule proposes a method in which you give your 100 percent at the beginning and at the end of the project and let your team take over the course of things in the middle, with you only occasionally pitching in. One of the famous achieving goals quotes is:

“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” — Fitzhugh Dodson

To get started you will need these few personal development goals and go after your objectives.

Note: If you want to get better at goal setting you will have to know what are goals. In order to make productive goals in life and personal goals. We will show you how to find what are your goals in life and we will help you figure out how to set goals and achieve them.

Vision (objectives)

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Before you dive into a project head on, it is important to have a layout, a plan before you start. You should ask yourself these questions:

what do you see the end product being? why is this endeavor important? How will it benefit your organization in the long run? What role does each team player play individually?

Note: If you want to get better at goal setting you will have to know what are goals. In order to make productive goals in life and personal goals. We will show you how to find what are your goals in life and we will help you figure out how to set goals and achieve them.

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It is important for you and the people involved to have a clear picture of what their roles and duties are in order for them to feel invested and an important part of the giant picture.

This will make them feel like their input matters and in the long run, will improve their performance and increase their engagement in the overall project.

Note: If you want to get better at goal setting you will have to know what are goals. In order to make productive goals in life and personal goals. We will show you how to find what are your goals in life and we will help you figure out how to set goals and achieve them.

Direction (objectives)

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Having a vision is necessary but without concrete direction, it is baseless. After an idea sprouts, from any one of the team members, it becomes the duty of the team leader to brainstorm and channel the idea into a path with the help of his/her team.

It is important you have a clear set of shorter goals and tasks which lead up to the main end product which makes it easier for everyone to do their part and assess the overall progress of the project at hand.

Having a direction gives you clarity and makes it easier to communicate things to your seniors and your team members. Functioning this way it becomes easier to set a timeline for your project and you can reach your goal within the set limit.

An idea only becomes real when you have a clear picture of how you are going to accomplish it.

Creativity (objectives)

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By giving direction to your team it is not implied that you spoon-feed your team as to how to do their jobs or provide them step by step instructions.

When you take on a project especially the kind you have not done before, it is important to give your team room to figure out things on their own using their creativity. You need to give them a general outline, a goal, and a deadline and a review of their resources and limitations, but that is it.

How they choose to arrive at their destination should be something that depends entirely on them.

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Let them spread out their wings, achieve their goals through unconventional and out of the box thinking, you will be surprised at what your team members are capable of when you put your confidence in them. As long as they reach the desired target within the set timeline, you should give them a free reign regarding their methodology.

Note: If you want to get better at goal setting you will have to know what are goals. In order to make productive goals in life and personal goals. We will show you how to find what are your goals in life and we will help you figure out how to set goals and achieve them.

Empowerment (objectives)

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Leaders who micromanage their team members end up doing more harm than good. Thier attitude suppresses creativity and chatters the confidence of their team. An effective leader gives their team the appropriate tools: materials, training, research, time and money and then steps away. You have to trust your team members to do their jobs effectively.

Trying to overlook every minute thing is highly impractical and will only end up with you stepping on toes without any productive outcome and will leave you exhausted and frustrated, instead, you should focus your energy on overlooking things on a macro-level and be ready to step in anywhere your help is welcomed.

During the middle phase of your project, there will be unanticipated troubles, setbacks, and micro failures but you must keep the moral high and preserve team spirit. When the project reaches its end phase, it is time for you step back in with full force.

Add Your Voice (objectives)

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Do not be afraid to give your opinion on things after all you are the leader for a reason.

You probably have more experience in the field, which gives you an edge over things and a special kind of wisdom which you should use to alter or fix anything you deem not up to the mark.

These last touches can make a huge positive difference in the end result of your project.

Acknowledge The Contributions (objectives)

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Make sure you give credit those who deserve it. Acknowledge your team’s endeavors and individual contributions to the project publicly and openly.

Celebrate the little successes and validate their efforts as this will fuel their drive and inspire them to work hard in the future too for your organization. Their faith in the organization will increase and make them more loyal to you and improve your popularity among team members as well.

Seek Additional Opportunities (objectives)

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You can use all the newly learned expertise to make this project open new doors for you. Seize any chance you get no matter how unlikely its success may seem because you never know what idea may be the next success story.

This 10-80-10 rule channels everybody’s energies in the way that is the most productive for you and your team, with the leader only focusing their energy in the beginning and in the end and trusting your team to effectively accomplish their goals in the middle.

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Food Safety Rules Every Manufacturer Needs to Follow

Food Safety Rules Every Manufacturer Needs to Follow

Food Safety Rules Every Manufacturer Needs to Follow

If you are in the food manufacturing business, there are plenty of essential food safety rules that need to be followed at all times.

Rules regarding the process of handling, cooking, and manufacturing food are put in place to keep you safe, your employees safe, and your customers safe.

Read on to learn more about the food safety rules that all manufacturers should follow to be sure you’re doing everything the right way.

Avoid Cross-Contamination

Certain foods should always be kept separately from other foods to avoid the risk of cross-contamination or the spread of germs. Food like raw meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs all pose an increased risk of contamination.

To ensure your manufacturing facility is following the proper food safety rules, keep these types of foods separated from each other. Make sure all preparation areas and tools like cutting boards are color-coded so that different foods don’t accidentally come in contact with others.

Talk to your staff and make sure everyone is properly trained about the risks associated with cross-contamination. Encourage a rigorous cleaning process that keeps meats, chicken, seafood, and eggs prepared in the right way.

Preventing cross-contamination also applies to other food ingredients. All spices and other edible materials should be stored away from cleaning supplies and raw meat. For example, the cleaning closet in your facility should be located near the kitchen or food prep areas to help keep the threat of cross-contamination to a minimum.

Practice Proper Hygiene Food Safety Rules

Anywhere food is present, good hygiene must be adhered to at all times. If you operate a food manufacturing facility, make sure that every single employee understands these rules.

All people who come into contact with food should wash their hands with antibacterial soap and water. The same protocol must be followed after using the restroom.

Hairnets should always be worn inside the facility, and protective gloves are also recommended. Find out what your local, state, and federal laws are regarding food-handling hygiene.

Once you set forth these rules, make sure that they become part of your company policy. Perform re-training or give reminders to employees as needed. When people are clean, the food will stay safe and clean, too. 

Keep Good Records and Perform Thorough Training

In order to maintain a safe place for everyone, records should be kept in an official log that documents a variety of information. These logs can be a real lifesaver when it comes to an audit or another official review.

Keep the logs in a place where only you and other managers have access to them. Your logs should include things like records of accidents, employee reprimands or corrective action, and anything you do to make improvements.

Take careful, detailed notes of what happens in your food manufacturing facility. It’s a good line of defense if you ever need to prove that you’re doing things to ensure the safety of all.

Check on the latest food safety rules and laws, and then put them into practice through training. Draft a uniform training manual that applies to everyone, and then make any changes in the future as needed.

When everyone follows the same protocol in regard to food safety, you’ll have a much easier time keeping everyone safe. Re-train your employees as you feel the need just so everyone has a refresher course on the safety ground rules.

Keep It Clean

When it comes to cleanliness, it applies to more than just your food. Make sure that your facility is always clean including the floors, walls, and all machinery.

Have someone who is designated to check on everything within the building in terms of manufacturing machinery to ensure that it’s constantly clean. It may sound surprising, but there are even environmental factors that have significant impacts on food quality.

When your entire facility is clean, it will encourage your employees to be clean, too. It also gives an aura that the food you make and sell is made of the highest quality.

Cleanliness goes beyond the main lobby and warehouse. It also extends to things like pest control, proper food disposal methods, and even employee personal hygiene.

Foster a spirit of cleanliness throughout your company to encourage everyone to keep things in check. Use quality cleaning materials that won’t contaminate the food, but that will be effective at killing germs and creating safe surfaces.

Disinfect all food preparation areas, equipment, and machinery to make sure that it’s free of potentially dangerous germs and bacteria. In addition to overall cleanliness, proper food cooking and storage practices should always be in place.

When you combine good food prep and cooking habits with a clean environment, the result will be safe, delicious food that your customers will eat in confidence. Try to take a proactive approach and make sure that all of your food safety rules are being enforced at all times.

Food Safety Is the Key to Success

When you practice a few food safety rules, your food manufacturing company will produce food that’s good for everyone. Remember to enforce the rules when it comes to things like cross-contamination, food storage, and good hygiene.

Put a thorough training program into place and enforce the rules. Encourage people to follow up, and take good records with a detailed event log in case you ever need it.

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Web Presence: Elementary Strategy to Follow for Improving It & Find New Customer

Web Presence: Elementary Strategy to Follow for Improving It &

It really doesn’t matter which type of business you have what matters the most is which strategy you follow to improve your web presence. Web presence plays a crucial role when it comes to enhancing the customer base and earning more ROI in less time. During the past days, businesses used to follow two important methods for improving their customer base that is: 

1. Direct advertising. 

2. Word of mouth

However, in today’s digital era a wide range of options are available for businesses due to access to the internet, it has opened up new ways for businesses that aim to improve their business’s presence on the web and grab the attention of a large audience base that also in a very short span.  

Know what is the Exact Meaning of Improving Web Presence for Your Business

Web presence simple means summing up identities that businesses have created and interaction which have been established online using this identity. These identities can include your business website, pages, social media account, and much more which pop up in the search engine list whenever any of the customers search for your business. 

Web presence is an effective digital salesforce and when businesses try to optimize their web presence they can easily create brand awareness. This digital interaction can help to turn your web visitors into your ideal clients. Once you develop a strong web presence for your business, you will definitely have a huge potential which helps you to retain and attract one through various channels available online. 

Different Way to Consider for Enhancing Web Presence for Your Business 

All types of businesses these days are using various marketing strategies but unable to get the desired and steady stream of customers for their business. No matter whether you have established business or have just started your business what matters for attracting more customers and gaining huge referrals is optimizing your web presence. 

By optimizing the web presence of your business you can easily reach thousands of customers all over the world. As a business entrepreneur if you want to expand your business outside the boundary of your local area then you have to pay attention to improving your web presence. You can develop an effective marketing strategy and can use various proven ways to enhance your web presence in lesser time. 

Optimizing the web presence of your business doesn’t happen overnight, but having a strong web presence is very essential for businesses as it helps them to achieve long term goals. It allows the customer to find your business, communicate with you, trust your brand, and much more. Having a strong web presence can sound quite challenging but if you want to achieve it then you have to plan and implement the right strategy which provides the proven results for your business. There are proven ways which you can adopt to increase conversion rates, customer engagement, traffic, and much more for your business. 

Develop a Website for Your Business

Only 51% of businesses have their business website while almost 97% of consumers are searching online for preaching products or services from the brands. Businesses who have yet now owned their business website are losing end number of opportunities what is waiting with open arms on their way. 

And for enhancing your web presence developing the website and an app for your business can prove to be the first and essential activity. With the help of the expert or mobile app development company, you can portrait an excellent piece that loads quickly on the user’s devices and provide them with updated information about your business product or service which you sell. The website or app crafted by them will be mobile-friendly, eye-catchy and will optimize your business URLs.

Sponsored Advertising

Businesses should leverage other sources to improve their web presence, they can use other sites which allow them to advertise their business online using sponsored advertising. Making advertisement using other websites ensure you to reach more customers from the desired targeted market, websites which allow sponsored advertising can be proven beneficial for your business product or service. Each click on your advertisement can bring more customers and traffic to your business website. And each view done by the customers can ensure customers have exposed your business. 

Stay Active on Social Media Platforms 

Staying active on social media platforms can help businesses to grab the attention of millions of users because the majority of customers might have their account on one or other social media platform. One of the most popular activities on the internet is Social media usage. 

As per the report, around 2.65 billion users use social media platforms worldwide, this number is estimated to jump and reach 3.1 billion by 2021. Hence businesses who want to improve their presence online must utilize the power of social media and must create their business page or account on famous sites like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and many more. 

Facebook has around 2.45 billion active monthly users, hence it will provide you the best way to communicate with your target audience. The use of social media can also help you to get more word of mouth from the customers. You can share posts on Facebook and tweet on twitter to attract your targeted audience and make them know more about your brand. You must include all the information about your business on social sites and also pay equal attention to regular updates about your newly launched product, offers, discounts, and much more. 

Multiple Forms of Content to Attract the Audience

There is no doubt that blogging is one of the effective ways to enhance your web presence online. But you can also use multiple forms of content for attracting your customers, this useful content can help you to define your brand’s voice and also build trust among the customers. Businesses should focus on developing multiple forms of content to provide customers with informative and entertaining on like: 

  • Vimeo or Youtube video that represents your brand. 
  • Developing infographics. 
  • Podcast hosting.
  • Creating a case study.
  • White paper and ebook publishing. 

When you provide qualitative and unique content to your audience it will surely create a positive image in your customer’s mind and will force them to trust you. You can also convey them to make a purchase by delivering good content which will ultimately increase your business sales. 

Find the Best Match for Your Business!

All online activities togetherly are responsible for creating your brand’s images in your customer’s mind. Hence businesses who want to develop a positive image in their targeted audience’s mind must take extra care while performing various online activities. 

Put your customer’s need on top is the success mantra for all the businesses who want to enjoy a huge audience base and high profit for their business. But businesses who are lacking to have a strong business presence will not receive the desired outcome for their business in this digital world. They can use helpful tips to enhance their web presence and can reach the targeted objectives in lesser time


Does Your Law Firm Website Follow These 4 Best Practices?

Does Your Law Firm Website Follow These 4 Best Practices?

Does Your Law Firm Website Follow These 4 Best Practices?

Your website is often the very first interaction that a potential customer has with your business. 

As a law firm, you want to ensure that your website design shows a sense of authority and professionalism. Of course, you also want to ensure you rank high in the search engine results and that people stay on your website for as long as possible. 

The best website design practices can make that happen. 

Read on to learn the basics of what makes for superior law firm web design. 

1. Speed Matters

More than 40% of consumers say they’ll click away from a website that takes more than three seconds to load. 

That’s why a fast-loading website is at the top of our law web design tips. 

We suggest decreasing image sizes, enabling browser caching and file compression, and using a content distribution network to speed up loading time. You may also consider switching to a dedicated hosting server is your site has seen a major increase in traffic recently. 

2. Mobile-Friendliness is Essential

Roughly 2/3 of Americans say they use mobile devices to get online, and that they usually use mobile devices in lieu of desktop computers. 

One of the most important aspects of web design for law firms is to make certain your website is mobile-friendly. 

This means making buttons and font large, getting rid of pop-ups and autoplay features, and even considering creating a completely mobile version of your website. 

3. Make Scheduling/Billing Simple

Your clients don’t want to have to waste their time combing through your website trying to find out how to pay their bills online or how to book a consultation with your firm. 

Your law firm web design should include chatbots that act as digital customer service representatives. These bots can help customers know which services to book, guide them through the online bill payment process, and even make appointments for them. 

Include online forms so customers can come completely prepared for your appointments, and allow them to see your availability on your website. 

4. Hire Professional Design Services

SEO experts at GLM Designs explain that lawyers need a professional, well thought out website that sets them apart from their competition and attracts new clients.

In most cases, website design for law firms isn’t something you have the time or expertise to handle on your own. 

Hire a professional team that specializes in law firm websites. This way, you’ll get the best of both worlds when it comes to your site’s overall design and SEO optimization.

What Else Should Strong Law Firm Web Design Include?

Of course, these tips are just the foundation of excellent law firm web design. 

You’ll also need to consider how you organize your internal pages and blog posts, where to place your social media icons, and how to guide visitors through your natural sales funnel. 

Looking for more tips and tricks on how to outrank your competitors and increase conversions? 

Keep checking back in with our blog to make sure you’re up-to-date on all the latest web design trends. 


Top 10 Vape Models to Follow on Instagram

Top 10 Vape Models to Follow on Instagram

Top 10 Vape Models to Follow on Instagram

Want to know the top 10 vape models on Instagram?

Vape models make the vape culture sizzle. They’re the entrepreneurs and talent on Instagram and other social media networks that everyone who loves vaping wants to become and follow.

These sassy girls promote vape brands. Whether it’s their own brand or they work for your favorite vape stores and vape suppliers.

If you love vaping, here are the top ten vape models you want to follow. But before you do, check out this ultimate vape shop.

The Top Ten: Vaping Models to Follow on Instagram

Here are the best vape models to follow on Instagram. They each have their own style and thousands and some, millions of followers.

Let’s smoke!

1. @pandorablue

From Orlando, Floria, Pandorablue is the queen of vaping with 1.6 million followers. She promotes a variety of vape juices you’ll love and creates a cool community environment in her Instagram posts.

This smoking hot model gets attention. She is the current top model vaper on Instagram and the hottest promoter.

2. @misaliaa

Misaliaa is a beautiful and talented vape model from Malaysia. She’s pretty young and has a lot of tricks she performs for her Instagram followers.

What’s important to her is quality. Her content about the performance. With 232k followers, she knows how to get things done.

Her followers recognize her efforts to put on an outstanding show. They know she works hard to make it all happen.

Her videos show you that you don’t need top-notch video editing abilities to create an eye-catching video. What’s most important is talent, which she evidently has. Her followers can tell she works hard for her community.

3. @dose.of.farrah

Farrah resembles the girl next door. She has a wholesome look that she shows on her Instagram page. Although she looks modest and humble, this vape promoter is one of the most popular models in vaping culture.

On the dose of Farrah Instagram page, you’ll read daily posts and she has a lot of sponsored content and ads.  She also has great giveaways from time to time.

She knows how to sell vaping products. This stunning model uses quality photographs shot both indoors and out. They seem to get the attention of the vaping community.

With her beauty, creative pics and free stuff, it’s not surprising she’s built an Instagram community of 230k followers.

4. @justpeachyy

Just peachyy is definitely not the girl next door. Her piercings, tattoos and vaping action are her signature. Also called Hannah, justpeachyy has published thousands of Instagram posts.

Her bad-girl vibe gets the attention of 120k followers. She’s bad, smart and a good promoter. Different brands that feature juices and mods sponsor her posts. Her photographs rock.

And even though she has a bad girl attitude, that doesn’t stop her from thanking her followers with all the praise they give her. She’s also good about answering any questions about content.

5. @wannatashaa

Natasha is the ultimate vape trickster. And a vape model who has the talent many followers want. Just look at her Instagram posts. They’re packed with limitless vape tricks.

The way Natasha performs makes her viewers wonder. Can this girl be real or is she using computer-generated imagery tech effects?

Natasha works hard at focusing her posts on her performance talent that she shows her 107k Instagram followers. And doesn’t waste time trying to be overly provocative because she doesn’t need to.

This is one of the reasons she has earned recognition and respect from vaper influencers who matter.

6. @priscillacrystalg

When it comes to sexiness to promote vaping, this model has it. Priscillacrystalg compels 89.7k followers to get into vaping culture in a myriad of ways. Her pics are smokin’ in every way.

One thing is for sure: she knows how to be an effective promoter. Although she’s sexy, she’s also elegant combining good taste with seduction while she sells her juices and mods in the hottest outfits.

Her pics display a variety of juice flavors while she vapes compelling 89.7k followers to notice.

Just look at her Instagram page and you’ll see thousands of likes and a comment section that always gets abundant compliments and intriguing questions.

7. @vaping.rose

A Filipino vape model, Elyssa Rose (vaping.rose) gets her 71.1K follower’s satisfaction promoting vape products that she enjoys. Her photos are versatile and composed. They’re not that provocative, but she surely satisfies her audience.

She informs her followers about current discounts, introduces new vape juices and lets them know about the latest events. Whether it’s with her cool photos or content, she is sure to engage.

Her followers do not only get the chance to enjoy photos, but they also get learn about discounts, new vape juices, and upcoming events. This beautiful vape model knows how to promote and entertain.

8. @valerie.w33

Another well-known trickster, Valerie impresses 32.9K followers with every post. This vape performer and promoter brings the world of vaping abilities to the next level.

She makes her devoted followers want more and wonder what her next trick is going to be. Other than tricks, Valerie treats her fans with giveaways sometimes and writes product reviews.

She is a well-respected and admired vape model for aspiring vapers. Her comments section is often jam-packed with nice compliments about her skills.

9. @ohmmywattsup

Ohmmywgattsup aka Chrystianna is the object of affection of 31.23k dedicated followers. She leads a new generation of vapers with tricks and talent. With her around, you know the future of vaping has great potential.

She always moves with a mod by her side. This model posts content consistently. On her Instagram page, you’ll discover new products and some killer vape trick skills.

10. @alliembers_

Alli Embers has a special talent integrating food, vape and the natural environment in her photos. She captures the interest of 19.1k Instagram followers when she writes a new post.

This vape model spends her time promoting different products for more than one vape company. She’s creative in her photo presentations and boasts a sense of style that occasionally includes great tricks.

The Takeaway on the Top 10 Vape Models

Now you know the top ten vape models to follow on Instagram. These beautiful girls are the ultimate trickster, influencers, and promoters when it comes to selling everything vape.

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