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15 Ways to Keep A Platonic Relationship Drama Free

15 Ways to Keep A Platonic Relationship Drama Free

Since the beginning of humanity, people have tried to figure out the mechanics of love and relationships. Often, the lines of separation become blurry, especially in the case of platonic relationships.

The Greeks used many words to describe types of love because they felt it fell into many categories.

Platonic love is named for the ancient Greek philosopher Plato as this type of emotion transcends sexuality, and it’s more like a divine closeness. For Plato, the ideal love would be unselfish and kind, which would make an intimate relationship even better. Plato believed that men and women could be just friends if they so choose.

Fifteen Rules for Keeping Your Platonic Relationship Free of Drama

Do you have a close friend of the opposite sex who is more like a buddy or sibling than a lover? How can you maintain a platonic relationship without compromising each other’s values? Can you be married or in a committed relationship and keep close friends of the opposite sex?

It is possible, but nobody said it would be easy. It’s up to you and your friend to have honest and open communication to decide what is acceptable and what isn’t. If you want a healthy unromantic relationship, here are 15 tips to keep in mind.

1. Pay Attention to What You’re Saying and Doing

Remember what it was like when you had your first major crush in junior high school? Every time you saw the object of your attraction, you got butterflies in your stomach, and your body turned to gelatin. You were giddy, clumsy, and everything you said made you feel as if you were sticking your foot in your mouth.

These are not the conversations and actions you want to keep in a strictly friendly relationship. Watch how you act in front of your pal. If you are giggly, flirty, and turn beet red as soon as you see him or her, then you may give off the wrong signals.

2. Establish Healthy Boundaries

There must be healthy boundaries in any relationship, be it romantic, friendly, or family. Never assume that your long-time buddy of the opposite sex knows where to draw the line. If you both agree to remain friends, you must also discuss boundaries and relationship rules initially.

Are you both comfortable with a hug when you greet? Lay down the rules about texting, phone calls, and gifts. Also, be sure you’re both on the same page about what conversations and actions are acceptable and which ones aren’t.

Some people have friendships that come with “benefits.” However, both parties must agree that it isn’t a situation that is going any further than casual intimacy.

3. Don’t Disrespect Your Partner or Spouse

Just because you begin a romantic relationship or get married doesn’t mean you must discard all your long-time friends of the opposite sex. It just means that the boundaries of these relationships will change. You owe it to your committed partner or spouse to be loyal, honest, and respectful.

Ideally, your old buddies should become your friends as a couple. In a Platonic friendship, always talk and act as if your romantic partner is seated next to you. It’s not okay to divulge personal information about your partner to your friend, especially if it is negative.

4. Keep Your Hands to Yourself

It turns out that you did learn a lot about life from your days in kindergarten, especially when it comes to personal space. Generally, women are more nurturing and touchy-feely when they relate to others, especially men. When you agree just to be friends with a guy or girl, remember what your kindergarten teacher said and keep your hands to yourself.

Some touching is innocent, such as a little side hug or shaking hands during a greeting. Be aware that too much touching assumes that you are attracted to him and may cause more sexual tension than usual. If you can’t keep your hands off each other, then there’s more to the equation than just being friends.

5. Don’t Go on Romantic Dates

Sure, maybe the two of you hung out together in high school or college, and nothing romantic became of it. However, having dinner, going to the movies, or late-night cruises is just going to confuse your emotions. Plus, you don’t want to give others something to talk about.

If you do go for dinner or to an event together, why not make it a group date? If that’s not possible, get a large table that doesn’t suggest or encourage intimacy. It’s fine to spend time with your buddy, but make sure you save date nights for your partner or spouse.

6. Don’t Try to Manipulate Feelings

It’s only human to wonder if the other person has feelings that are more than friendship? If you aren’t in a committed relationship already, perhaps you’ve always wanted to be with him and need to settle the questions in your mind. Watching and listening to him and use your intuition may suggest that he feels the same way.

However, if those signs aren’t there, don’t manipulate him or her into having feelings that they don’t. Not only will you make yourself look foolish and needy, but you could jeopardize a valuable relationship. If you must resort to manipulation, then you are wasting your time.

7. Treat Each Other Like Friends of the Same Gender

Of course, you’re probably not going to take your male buddy to the beauty salon for manicures and pedicures, unless he is in touch with his feminine side. When you are with a platonic friend, try to treat him the same way you would one of your girlfriends. Make sure there are no agendas, no googly eyes, and you are just having fun and enjoying their company.

8. Don’t Act on a Crush

Do you sometimes find yourself daydreaming about being with your male or female friend intimately? Even if you are married or in a committed relationship, it’s perfectly normal to have a little crush on someone of the opposite sex. The key is to make sure that it doesn’t go any further.

Let’s assume that you two meet up in the shopping mall, and she’s wearing an attractive shirt that brings out the striking blue in her eyes. It’s okay to think she’s beautiful, and you may feel a few butterflies in your stomach. It’s essential to let the moment pass so that it doesn’t turn into something you both will regret later.

9. Sexual Tension Might Be Inevitable

One of the things that separate you from the animal kingdom is that you know how to control your primal urges, or at least you try. If it weren’t for sexual attraction, humanity would have died out early on. The call to merge is as natural a need as food, shelter, water, and acceptance.

You might as well accept the fact that sexual tension will exist in any platonic relationship. It’s up to you both not to put yourselves in a compromising situation that would cross mutual boundaries. If you can’t do that, then it’s time to rethink the relationship. Some people can’t be “just friends.”

10. Keep the Conversation Clean

The occasional naughty joke can be humorous if it’s in the right company. However, X-rated conversations can get out of hand and create inappropriate sexual urges. When discussing boundaries, be sure to agree that your communications will be appropriate, including texts and emails.

If you feel that the conversation is going south, speak up, and change the subject. There are plenty of things to discuss besides intimate issues.

11. Give Each Other Some Space

If you have someone who is just your friend, it’s probably not suitable to be cozied up on the couch or at the dinner table. Keep touching to an acceptable distance, and make sure to give your friend some space. Being too close is going to cause problems, and if you want to stay committed to your current partner, distance is a good thing.

12. Avoid Going on Trips Together

Unless you are also with your committed partner or spouse, avoid vacationing with your buddy. It’s too easy to fall into the roles of a couple, which can lead to trouble. Also, if you usually feel giddy and lovey-dovey after a few drinks, steer clear of the bars with your friend.

13. Talk About Your Feelings

Any healthy relationship requires genuineness and honesty. Do you want more from the Platonic relationship, or do you feel like a boundary has been crossed? Don’t be afraid to express your feelings and communicate effectively.

14. Be Open with Your Partner About Your Friend

You shouldn’t keep secrets from your partner. If you go out with a friend of the opposite sex, make sure your spouse knows about it. Also, don’t be secretly texting or phoning him all the time because it looks suspicious.

15. Know When It’s Time to Part

Sometimes, even the best relationships expire, and it makes things uncomfortable for both parties to continue with the charade. If you both aren’t on the same page in this platonic relationship, don’t keep frustrating each other or lose your partner over it. Wish each other luck, smile, and walk the other way.

Final Thoughts on Maintaining a Drama-free Platonic Relationship

In a perfect world, Plato’s design for human relationships may work effortlessly. But we don’t live in an ideal world, and human love and attachment are complicated. Only you can decide what relationships are best for you and when to call it quits.


Where To Find The Best Free Images For Blogs

Where To Find The Best Free Images For Blogs

Where To Find The Best Free Images For Blogs

Generating amazing content doesn’t just happen thanks to your creative abilities.

You also need the right digital marketing resources to make your content as valuable as it can be. This means investing in things like link building campaigns and funding online ads, or even just finding the best images for blogs.

Every blog needs an image if you want it to be successful. But, if you aren’t a photographer, paying for professional images can easily add up.

Thankfully, there are many free image sites out there to make this tool more accessible. If you’ve never heard of such a website before, don’t worry – we’ve made a list of some great ones to start out with.

Here are all the best places to get free images for blogs.

1. FreeImages

FreeImages is exactly as it sounds – the place to go when you need a photo, but you don’t want to pay for it.

Their stock is full of all sorts of captures. From candid shots of people who range in age and background to beautiful landscapes and wildlife, everything you need is right here.

The only catch? Some pictures will have varying restrictions and uses.

Be sure to read the rights you have access to before you download an image and put it on your blog. This will keep you in good standing with FreeImages and prevent any other issues from happening, like a direct conflict with one of the photographers who upload their shots to this site.

2. StockVault

Up next on the list is StockVault. This is a place where creatives of all kinds come together.

Photographers and videographers upload the works they want people to use. Then, bloggers, print media developers, and all other sorts of individuals find what they want and make it part of their campaigns.

Someone may be looking for an image of an old, abandoned building while another person may need the perfect shot of a person laughing or a beautiful home. Whatever it is needed, there are plenty of images for blogs available here.

Not to mention, StockVault also has presets, graphics, and textures available!

These can be used with pictures you download or on their own. Such resources are the final touch to make any blog post complete. Having them ready to go and easy to access can transform your creative process.

3. Unsplash

Unsplash is another great place to go for all the free images you need.

The site has a search function that is similar to any standard search engine. Simply go to the homepage, type what you’re looking for, and browse through the results that come up.

You will also notice suggestions for related, popular searches as you’re typing.

Not even sure what you’re looking for? Try using Unsplash’s Chrome extension.

They have a feature you can add that generates a new image every time you open a tab. The image is available to download right away. This can make content creation a more fun, inspiring process than what you’re normally used to.

4. Flickr

Flickr has no cost in terms of finances – but there are a few hoops to jump through on this site.

Every time you search for images for blogs, the best way to begin is by looking for “using creative commons license.” This search will result in a variety of free thumbnails for you to look through, of all sorts of visual content.

As some images catch your eye, click on them to see if you can actually use them on your blog or not. Each one will have specific rights and conditions, depending on the photographer who uploaded the image in the first place.

Most of the time, a photographer just wants a link back to their work. This recognizes them as the original creator of the content you’re using on your blog and can help expand their online presence.

There are some people who will want payment, or who will only allow photos to be used for certain things. Still, Flickr is among the most popular and most trusted sites for bloggers to find free images.

5. Dreamstime

If you enjoy using Flickr, you’re going to love Dreamstime, too.

This site also makes a big effort to protect the rights of photographers, while making it easy for other content creators to find free images. Everything is royalty-free and simple to find and download.

Just note, some images will have a cost, but these will only be around twenty cents!

That’s something that anyone can pay for, although it will add up over time. Stick to the free options Dreamstime has available unless you’re absolutely in love with one of the paid photos.

6. New Old Stock

What if the subject you’re blogging about is part of a specific niche?

This might make your search for free images for blogs a bit harder. But, thanks to the expansive depth of the internet, it won’t be impossible.

Take New Old Stock, for example. This is a free images site that is dedicated to sharing vintage photos with online users. Some of these will be real-time accounts of major points in history, while others will simply take you back in time to shots from everyday life.

Either way, the journey is pretty cool and very easy to access through New Old Stock.

7. Public Domain Archive

The Public Domain Archive works kind of like the way New Old Stock does, except it offers bloggers more variety of images.

You can find vintage photographs here, as well as modern captures and everything in between. All the content ranges from nature shots to city streets and buildings as well as people and things.

Such a variety is fun to explore and even better to make use of in any blog post. With so much to choose from, you may even decide to turn your blog into an interactive magazine.

Get All the Best Images for Blogs and Boost Your SEO

Why use images for your blogs, anyway?

Because these can improve your site’s ranking more than you might think. Images offer more content for search bots to crawl. Plus, you can name and caption an image with relevant keywords, or use it as a way to link elsewhere on your site.

Always do such SEO tactics with the photographer’s rights in mind.

To help you manage this part of your SEO campaign and more, sign up today.