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Low Carb Not Low Fun: Go out to Dinner at These Keto Friendly Restaurants

Low Carb Not Low Fun: Go out to Dinner at

Low Carb Not Low Fun: Go out to Dinner at These Keto Friendly Restaurants

Sticking to your diet doesn’t mean you’re forced to stay home. Different eating establishments cater to individual styles of eating. 

If you’re eating a keto diet, there are restaurants who support your diet selections. 

The keto diet–short for ketogenic diet–burst onto the health scene in 1923 as the Ketogenic Therapy. Dr. Russell Wilder at the Mayo Clinic created it as a way to treat people who suffer from epilepsy.  

Five variations of the diet exist but they all have the same focus–low carbs and high fats. This ratio tricks the body into producing ketones that get turned into energy. The result is a dramatic drop in pounds and immediate weight loss results.

Don’t lock yourself up in the house to remain faithful to your style of keto. Eat out! Go to dinner at these keto friendly restaurants.


Yes, Subway lets you order it the keto way. And the best thing about this restaurant chain is it’s almost everywhere. 

Subway lays its menu out buffet style. So you get to see the full selection of fats and carbs. Go the open-face route since most bread options don’t work with the keto diet. 

Try the cold cut combo, roast beef, tuna salad, or club. These meats pack healthy levels of fat, protein, and fiber, with a safe amount of carbs. If you must add veggies, eat the lower carb alternatives–bell peppers, olives, and spinach.

You can do some lettuce, but stick to romaine and arugula. Those contain less sugar and are keto-approved. Follow these tips to remain keto. 

Add McDonald’s to the List of Keto Friendly Restaurants

You can make a run under the golden arches and still remain keto true. You can get just about any McBurger as long as you minus the bun and fixings. 

Stop by for breakfast and order a bunless sausage McMuffin with egg and a large black coffee. If you miss breakfast, lunch has plenty to offer. Double your keto pleasure with a double cheeseburger (no bun) and an afternoon decaf–no cream.

Stay away from the fries and anything else breaded. They’re obviously packed with carbs and veer you off your diet. 


Everyone loves salad and you can have your fill at Chipotle. Stop by for lunch or dine in at dinner.

Chipotle has a salad bowl option. The best part about it is the lettuce is romaine, which is a keto approved vegetable. A bowl of romaine nets about 2 carbs a serving. 

Pile on some chicken, steak, carnitas, and even a hefty serving of barbacoa without the guilt. Choose wisely from the other fixings. Some of them have hidden carbs that will blow your diet up. 

Go ahead and ask for double meat and throw on a small serving of cheese and tomato salsa for flavor. 

Eat Out

Going low carb doesn’t mean low fun. You can have your keto and eat out on it too. 

Step out and enjoy the array of Keto friendly restaurants who cater to people on high fat, low carb diets. 

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