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10 Quiet Games for Kids to Play While You Work From Home| 6 Min. Read

10 Quiet Games for Kids to Play While You Work

Do you need to come up with some games for kids that keep them quiet while you’re working? Do you dread hearing your youngsters whine about being bored? What’s a busy work-at-home parent like you to do?

In the past, children found creative ways to keep themselves occupied when the weather was terrible. Many of today’s kids just want to vegetate in front of the tv or play video games for hours. Is that a familiar scenario at your place?

Statistics are alarming for the average number of hours most American children play on technology. While limited tv and gaming has its place, you probably want your children to spend more time without it. Besides, your home job may require Internet work, and your connection speed can be slowed down with the whole family using it at once.

Children need structure, so consider making a daily schedule to help balance the needs of your home. Use a poster or whiteboard, write each child’s name on it, and block out the time they each get for technology. Fill the rest of the spaces with exciting games, activities, lunch hour, and rest time.

Before school is out and the battle against boredom begins, you must be prepared. Your little ones can have fun, and you can get your work done in peace.

Here are ten games for kids that they will love to play while you are “at work.”

games for kids

1. Puzzle Time

Children of all ages enjoy a challenge, especially riddles and puzzles. These can be done individually or as a group. The good news is that these fun past times don’t require a lot of noise, which is good for you.

You can find beautiful jigsaw styles inexpensively for any age level. Set up a small table in a quiet space of the house where the kids can work on them. It can stay in place, and they can work on it a little bit each day.

Dollar stores usually have plenty of word searches, crosswords, and other gamebooks for children. Provide crayons, colored pencils, and markers, and store them in plastic containers. The Internet is a free source of free printable games and color sheets to copy.

2. Scavenger Hunt

When it’s raining and blustery outside, your youngsters can still have an adventure. Remember the scavenger hunts you enjoyed as a kid? This treasure hunting game can be just as thrilling indoors.

Beforehand, gather several unusual items and make a list of them. Hide each item in a creative place, considering your children’s age level. Give each child a list of things to find and a pencil to check them during the hunt.

Although healthy competition is suitable for children, you don’t want your scavenger hunt to turn into a noisy brawl. Give each kid a little prize after the game for a job well done. For even more exciting adventures, consider giving your hunt themes, like beach items or beauty stuff.

3. I Spy

Here is a game that kids have loved for generations that is quiet and doesn’t require anything. There’s no age limit, and they can play the game inside, outside, or even while traveling. I Spy encourages kids to use their imagination, guessing skills, and color memory.

To play, one child is chosen to be the spy. He will look around the room and will pick any object to keep in his mind. Then, he will say, “I spy with my little eyes, and the color of it is…” and will say what color the secret object is.

Each child gets a turn to guess one object. The guessing continues around the circle until someone guesses it correctly. The winner becomes the new spy for the next game.

empathy class

4. Fun Challenges on Paper

If you have a pile of scrap paper and some pencils, you can keep your youngsters busy for hours. The rules for tic-tac-toe are simple for even the youngest children as they battle to see if X, O, or the kitty wins.

Your little ones can also improve their spelling and vocabulary by playing the classic Hangman. Who will guess the mystery word before the gallows are drawn? How about a game for kids of Dots and Squares, where players vie for squares to write their initials?

Another fun game with paper is making a classic fortune teller. The paper is folded into triangles that you work back and forth with your fingers and open for a funny fortune. Use bright colored paper and find an easy template online to make them.

5. Hand Games

Many adults still play Rock, Paper, and Scissors to choose someone for a dreaded task. Teach the kids the hand sign for rock, paper, and scissors and how to clap with their fist. Then, teach the rules about what item trumps the other.

Your kids can also learn amazing tricks using a length of string tied into a circle and arranged into designs on their fingers. If you don’t remember how to make the classic designs like Jacob’s Ladder, Eiffel Tower, or Spider’s Web, look for online tutorials under games for kids.

The iconic yo-yo is making its way back to toy departments across America. These little toys on a string are easy to work, and your kids can learn to make them do amazing tricks. When your kids play with their yo-yos, be sure they have enough space away from breakables.

6. Home Bingo

Bingo can be played with numbers, letters, shapes, or even objects. Home Bingo is a hybrid of a scavenger hunt and Bingo and can be made age-appropriate. It can be played in one room or around the house.

Create a simple 5 X 5 square grid on the computer and print them out. For each card, write the names of different household items in each square, making each card different. An older child can call out random things that the others can mark off of their card.

The winner calls Bingo when she has marked off five items vertically or horizontally. Then, she becomes the next Bingo caller. Print out several cards for multiple games.

7. Quiet as a Mouse

Fortunately for parents who work from home, the object of some games for kids is silence. When your kids play a game of Mouse, you may wonder if they are even in the house. It’s a fun game that you don’t have to hear.

Players get in a circle, and the chosen leader says, “One, two, three, mouse!” Everyone must stay quiet or be eliminated. The last person to keep the silence is the winner, and the game restarts. After a good game of Mouse, your busy mice may be ready for a lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches.

8. Classic Games for Kids

Two of the classic games for kids that are enjoying a revival are jacks and marbles. You may have heard your parents talk about it or have played the games yourself. These were favorite playground games that are just as fun indoors.

You can purchase a set of jacks or marbles in most department stores or online. Vintage metal jacks and glass marbles are collectible and can be quite expensive. Today’s finds are cheap and easy to find.

For either game, your kids will need some space to make a circle. If you don’t know or remember the rules for the game, find and print them out from your computer. Explain the rules for younger children.

Learn 10 tricks to help make parenting a more joyful experience.

9. Using Play Money for Games

Do you have play money left from old board games? Create games for kids, so they learn how to count money and shop. Help your youngsters set up a store or a bank, and they will be counting cash all day.

For the store, give each child some play money and set out a few canned goods or other small things for them to purchase. You can also let them play bank and cash paper checks. These fun games are good ways to teach your kids about business and home economics.

10. Thumb Wrestling

Arm wrestling can be a challenging sport, so thumb wrestling is the next best thing. To make the game fair, pair up kids that are around the same age and ability. While the game is usually quiet, you may hear a little giggling.

The kids pair up and clasp one of each other’s hands, thumbs up. Then, they use only their thumbs to wrestle and hold their opponent’s thumb down for the count of three. Winners can challenge each other for a final championship.

games for kids

Final Thoughts: Mastering Quiet Games at Home

It’s not an easy task to work at home and keep your children quiet and occupied. When you plan games for kids that are creative and exciting, you are less likely to hear them whine about boredom.

So, the kids get to have fun playing quiet games, and you can get your work done. Even something as simple as a word search can make a big difference in your day.


9 Hidden Signs He’s Playing Games with Your Heart

9 Hidden Signs He's Playing Games with Your Heart

Relationships are a game for some men. They pull you in, then spit you back out. Many times we fall for it thinking he’s our soulmate. Watch out. We’ve got nine not so visible signs he’s playing games with your heart.

Nine Subtle Signs He’s Playing Games With Your Heart

1. Roller Coaster Of Love

If a man has you on his roller coaster of love, he’s playing games. It isn’t fair to you that some days he feels like calling and texting while other days he disappears. Sometimes he seems excited about the future while other days he looks a million miles away. This roller coaster of a relationship is insane. You’re the one getting whiplash while he strings you along for the ride.

Sometimes he truly might be busy. Other times he just might be a jerk. Sometimes guys just lose interest. This behavior hurts you but is better than the man that wants you as his pawn.

These types of men just test you to see how far you’ll ride. They want to see if you’ll keep playing because as long as you play, they get exactly what they want in a partner. Ask them upfront if they’re taking you on a ride, or if they’re truly interested in you, but don’t know how to show it in the right way.

2. They Have No Other Allies

Some women fall for the sweet, mysterious type of man that seems to be a loner. Yes, there are great men out there just like this, but there’s also the narcissist that isolate their partners. You may notice he’s controlling of anyone around him. In fact, there’s hardly anyone else ever around him because of this.

No one wants to fall prey to his games. He’s playing games by making you think you’re the most special person in his life, but in reality, he doesn’t have many people in his life at all. This is because this game usually involves using people until they no longer have the need for them. You don’t need a lot of friends if you’re always trading them in.

You’ll notice he has many former girlfriends, but it was always their fault the couple split. You’ll notice he’s no longer friends with his buddies because the buddies did something to end the friendship. When someone doesn’t have allies on their side, there’s usually more to the story.

pop meme

3. They’re Too Sensitive

Sometimes men are born sensitive. Other times they’re playing games with your heart. Narcissistic men don’t respond well to criticism at all. They feel they’re above criticism. You might be joking, but they don’t take it that way. When men are too sensitive, it sometimes means they’re just playing with your emotions.

They want you to feel bad for being “mean” to them. When they don’t get their way, you’re in trouble. They need to feel in control at all times. When you hit their buttons, they may show you their sad side, making you feel horrible. The world isn’t going to cater to them.

They don’t understand why everyone isn’t on their side. Men that take offense to everything you say without you giving your side aren’t worth your time.

4. They Have No Empathy

If someone has no empathy for you, it’s time to run. A relationship needs to be a balanced one where both parties listen to both sides of arguments. If a man has no empathy towards your viewpoints in life or things that have happened in your life, it’s all a game to him.

You’ll notice he doesn’t have much feeling about anything in other people’s lives. He claims to be close to people but doesn’t worry about what’s going on in their life. He might not even realize you’re going through a tough time. When you disagree, he won’t budge no matter your feelings on the subject.

In all reality, you aren’t “together” in the sense of being a couple at all. If you can never unite with empathy and sympathy, you’re just riding along together on that roller coaster.

These fifteen images prove that chivalry is, indeed, alive and well.

5. You Can Never See Their True Self

It’s possible to be with someone, yet never know who they are when they’re playing games. The game is all about the mask. You can even live with someone without them taking off that mask. This is because some men simply hide their feelings and who they are. It’s not even about you. It’s all about their insecurities as a person.

The game is all about how long they can keep you around without you seeing behind their mask. Some men don’t like to be vulnerable at all. They may not be able to take off their mask because it’s protection for them. You never see if they have any true redeemable qualities because they won’t let you. Don’t worry. This game is not because you’re not “good enough.”

This game is because they feel the mask is who they are, and it’s the only way they’ll ever survive in their world.

Learn why only some people reveal their true colors during a breakup.

6. They Need All The Attention

If your man needs to be in the spotlight at all times, it might mean he’s playing games. If he gets all of the credit for the relationship, you’re just a pawn. Some men want the fame when they do nothing much in the relationship.

They may seem to be the prize of all the men, yet they’re scumbags. When they’re on a pedestal, they have the power. They love attention because they feel powerful. They may portray themselves as a martyr who needs support in life.

Basically, they will do anything they can to get the attention they need for their ego. In a relationship, if you both don’t have the attention you deserve, there is no need to be in it. He needs to treat you like you’re on a pedestal as well.

7. His Eyes Are Always Roaming

It’s okay if your man has a normal wandering eye. Most men are programmed to notice beauty in women. It becomes a problem when you notice he is always staring at other women, find random texts on his phone, or notice him talking to lots of women.

He may claim they’re just friends, but some men have a deeper motive. It’s simply disrespectful in a serious relationship to have lots of women on your dance card. If he’s streaming you along just so he can reach the next height of women, figure it out and run away. If he cheated on someone else with you, take note that he may do it again.

For some men, one woman is never enough. It might also be the fact he wants a lot of different women. Don’t take it personally. Some men just cannot be fulfilled with just one woman. They play games to figure out which one will do the most for them physically and mentally. A cheater will tell you anything you want to hear to get you off his back about the other women.

Don’t believe him unless he’s sincere. Don’t waste your time with someone that will never have enough love in his life.

8. It’s All About Acceptance

The acceptance game goes beyond a mask. Their goal in this game is to make themselves seem like a wonderful person just to be favored. They want to be the most popular person in the room. You fall for their kind, sweet persona because they want you to favor them.

They don’t truly care if you care about them, but they want that acceptance. They crave to be on top of the world. You’re just in this game because you help accelerate them to this power couple status. They may pretend to agree with you on everything.

Or he’ll pretend that he supports your side. Finally, he may even act like your values are their values. It’s all about getting acceptance then moving on.

9. It’s Always Your Fault

One of the meanest ways to play with your heart is the wrongful assignment of fault. The guy that sends you on a guilt trip is the wrong man for you. He will manipulate everything into being your fault. Many women fall for this in a relationship because they want to keep the man, and they are hopeful that things will change.

They might not even realize they’re being manipulated. Many times a man will seem empathetic and then slowly reveal his true motives. They start showing you through emotions that they’re sad you hurt them. It’s always the fact you hurt them instead of they did anything wrong.

It’s easy to turn things around in their favor. If you start seeing a pattern, stand your ground. Don’t stay around to be the victim when they seem to always be the one suffering for love.

playing gamesFinal Thoughts on Ending Things With Somone Who’s Playing Games

Don’t feel disappointed in this relationship.

In the end, if a man is playing games with your heart, he’s the loser.  Know that you can win the game by leaving him. You don’t need to be a pawn to anyone that doesn’t deserve you as a partner.


10 Online Gambling Games You Need to Try

10 Online Gambling Games You Need to Try

10 Online Gambling Games You Need to Try

One of the biggest universal truths out there: gambling is addictive. We all know it.

Sometimes you find yourself jonesing for a run at the slots, but without enough free time in your week to make it happen. Have you ever thought about playing online gambling games?

There are a ton to choose from. You can gamble with real money or fake tokens, depending on the game.

Ready to find your online gambling niche? Read on for ten of the best online gambling games out there.

Real Money Slots

Maybe you’re feeling spendy, but just not up to jumping in the car and heading to the casino. Back in the day, you’d be out of luck. In 2018, though, there are tons of real-money online casinos that you can play in.

You won’t even miss the real thing. The free drinks, maybe.

Planet 7 Casino

Planet 7 Casino is a fun one because they host a huge variety of smaller games for you to pick and choose from. Their games are simple, easy to pick up, and feature creative characters.

It’s free to sign up, and they even offer a bonus when you join. Their deposits are easy, and withdrawals are instant if you do hit the jackpot!

Ruby Slots

Ruby Slots will give you $50 in chips just for signing up, with no deposit required. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

It’s natural to feel slightly dubious about how much these sites are actually paying out. Before you sign up, they can seem like a lot of flash with minimal substance.

There’s more than meets the eye, however. Ruby Slots boasts a total payout of $25,000,000 in 2016. That’s comparable to most in-person casinos today.

With figures like that for an online gambling site, who needs to leave the house to hit the casino these days?

Miami Club

Miami Club is hands down the best online gambling site if you’re searching for the classics. Not only do they have over 130 different slots, but you can play online table games! You can play Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Deuces Wild, and Aces and Faces with people from all over the world.

Remember the days when mom would tell you not to talk to strangers? Yeah, those days are history. Now, online gambling sites are a great way to make new friends from all cultures and walks of life.

They also have a real-money Wheel of Chance that you can try your hand at!

Sloto Cash

Sloto Cash casino has been around since 2007, so you know it’s trusted. In addition to their regular games, they also offer tournaments and mobile play.

Their jackpot is at eight million right now. What are you waiting for?

Casumo Casino

Casumo is perfect for the ambitious gambler. Their site is structured so that you climb the ladder of success, unlocking new spins and rewards along the way. The site tracks your progress and you compete with people all over the world!

Casumo also has great reviews, and offers 200 free spins upon signing up! Perks on perks on perks!

W88 Thai

W88 Thai is one of the most active online gambling sites in Asia. It features all the games you could ever want, plus sports betting! They also feature an app so you can place bets while sitting at the bar watching the game.

If you prefer to watch football games at home, they even stream live football so you can watch your bet in action from the comfort of your own home. Watch now!

Just For Fun

Sometimes, you’re just a little strapped for cash. That’s life!

Don’t let it ruin your fun. There are plenty of online gambling games that don’t play for real money. Use e-tokens to satisfy your urge without breaking the bank.


GSN offers tons of free, interactive casino games that feel like the real deal. They have fun twists on slot machines, like American Buffalo, Diamond Royale, and Wild Savannah. It’s nice to change up the style of your slots every now and again!

Ever wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune? Face it, every gambler has dreamed of it at least once in their life! GSN’s got you covered– they have a Wheel of Fortune slots simulator! is a great resource for the gambler who doesn’t want to commit to playing with real money, but is toying with the idea. The site offers both free and real-money online games.

They offer the classics like European and English roulette, and newer, modern-day cult favorites like Sinbad’s Revenge!

Free Slots

Maybe you don’t need a ton of variety in your gambling life. It’s not such a bad thing to find what you like and stick to it.

If this sounds like you, and you favor only a slot machine, you’re going to love Free Slots. Slots are the only thing they offer, and their site is super straightforward and easy to play on.


Slotozilla is another fun one if you’re thinking about switching over to the world of real-money online gambling. They have fun, newfangled, interactive free games. Most of them come with the option to buy in with real money.

What’s also cool about Slotozilla is that they don’t require you to sign up to play. Sometimes, you just want to sit down and hit the slots with minimal fuss.

This is an especially nice feature if you’re not into real-money play. Why bother with login information if you’re not putting your card number in?

It’s simple, straightforward, and offers tons of variety.

Your Online Gambling Favorites

Now that you’ve read up on all the gambling games and casinos that are on the net today, you should be all set to choose your favorites. Right?

If only it were that easy! The internet has exploded to the point where it’s saturated with tons of awesome online casinos for you to choose from.

Sure, it can be overwhelming, but it can also be exciting! Check out some more online casinos to be sure you’re searching every corner before you determine your fave!


How Brain Training Games Boost Memory and Productivity

How Brain Training Games Boost Memory and Productivity

How Brain Training Games Boost Memory and Productivity

It may sound silly at first to hear that you can boost your memory and productivity just by playing brain training games, but Austrian researchers would disagree.

In February of 2018, a research center in Vienna published their findings – Dogs who play brain games have more energy and sharper minds.

But if dogs can benefit from playing a game or two, you can, too.

In fact, studies have shown that video games can help stroke victims increase their mobility.

How It Works

Your brain actually has the ability to keep changing throughout your life.

It’s called brain plasticity, and it refers to the growth of brain tissues when you undergo new physical or mental activities.

Just like working out to strengthen your muscles, you can actually exercise your brain to strengthen its cognitive abilities. Most of the time, brain training games work to improve your sensory perception. Sensory perception is what makes your brain so quick to process and digest information.

How much information and how fast that information can travel to the brain are important for developing a better memory and increasing productivity.

These games help in those areas by involving you in different scenarios where you have to remember things in order to complete a task. They also train you to recognize things you may not notice your first time around.

Used in combination with nootropics, your brain can really gain some memory and productivity skills (Check out this nootropics blog if you are interested in finding out the benefits of supplements that help your brain perform better).

Brain Training Games Examples

A good brain training game should have the ability to speed up your processing capabilities, improve your recognition functions, and teach you to ignore distractions like noises and people.

So what can you play?

Here are some examples of brain training games that work.

Escape Rooms

If you are a social person who likes group activity, you can try hosting an escape room party.

Escape rooms are incredibly popular with thrill-seekers, but few people realize that these life-size puzzles are actually good for your brain.

They require you to problem-solve and think critically. You also have to train your memory in trying to escape by remembering various clues you collect along the way.

Not only do you have to remember the clues you found, but the clues your peers found.

Escape rooms are sometimes locally provided, so be sure to look around in your area.


Another game for the social butterfly – host a trivia night with your friends.

You can find loads of trivia questions online and have multiple categories so that you and your friends can test your brain’s knowledge across the board.

Not only is it a brain training game, but it’s also one of the better known team-building games.

What You Can Do

Beyond games, you can also learn more about your brain by researching online.

Several health blogs are available for you to start your research and find out more information on how to keep your brain in good condition.

Don’t let your brain down. Start playing!