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How to Start a Gardening Blog and Monetize It

How to Start a Gardening Blog and Monetize It

How to Start a Gardening Blog and Monetize It

Are you inspired to blog about gardening? The easiest way to share your passion for gardening is to start a blog. In addition to sharing information with the world on your blog, you also have to take advantage and make money in the process.

If you find the idea of starting a blog confusing, you can follow a  helpful guide to make an informative site that you’ll be proud to own. Learning how to write a blog and make money is not as difficult as you think. This article explores how to start a gardening blog using the easiest steps.

Here are some basics to get your blog up and running.

1. Set Up Domain and Hosting for a Gardening Blog

Create a keyword-rich domain name that reflects what you’ll be writing about on your blog. Expect to pay at least $15 per year from popular domain hosts. Dedicated hosting providers are flexible, they offer enhanced security and performance, and you also have the assurance that your personal information is protected.

Next, use a WordPress hosting platform that offers reasonable prices. The process is simple for you to connect your domain to a reliable WordPress host. There are many free WordPress themes and plugins for you to install.

Be sure to select a WordPress theme and design layout that represents your blog’s niche. 

2. Share Your Gardening Expertise

There is so much information that you can write for your readers. You can inform them about house plants for sale, how to set up a garden and other essential details.

Write search engine optimized content for every blog post you publish. SEO is an effective technique that helps your content to be found in all major and popular search engines. You can even install and activate SEO plugins on your WordPress blog.

These plugins are designed to help you save time and to gain more readers. Sharing your content across popular social media platforms also gives you the advantage to grow your traffic.

3. Earn Money

Once your blog has a constant flow of monthly traffic,  you can have it monetized with affiliate products. Affiliate marketing involves selling products and services for merchants that commissions for each sale. 

Almost all online merchants have affiliate programs that you can join for free. With just a few steps, you can install gardening related affiliate links and banners on your blog to earn money. 

A simple step for you to earn affiliate sales is to write quality SEO content that includes your affiliate links. This is a lucrative technique you can use to monetize your blog from your target audience. 

Create a Unique Blog That Attracts Readers

One important rule to make a successful gardening blog is to create helpful information for people.

To get long term success, be consistent writing valuable content people want to read. Readers love solid, engaging content and it makes them inspired to keep returning to your blog to get more updated information.

If you’re interested in learning about content strategy, keep browsing our site.