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Therapists Explain the Link Between Good Character and Positive Thinking

Therapists Explain the Link Between Good Character and Positive Thinking

Good character, Helen Keller once eloquently stated, often comes from facing and overcoming difficult times. It doesn’t take much to remain poised and even-tempered when life goes well. But a person’s real character shows when he’s faced with trials and tribulations. The hard days give us a chance to chisel away at our weaknesses and come out stronger in the end. Without struggles in life, we wouldn’t have much of a reason to develop ourselves.

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” – Helen Keller

So, how does positive thinking correlate with developing excellent character? You might feel as if it all boils down to the actions you take. However, anything that manifests in reality begins first inside the mind. Negative thinking easily defeats you. But if you can look at the bright side during even the fiercest battles, you can come out victorious.

No one accomplished anything worthwhile in history without having a determined, optimistic attitude. The mind tells our bodies what to do. So if you want to achieve a better reality, you must begin with correcting any defeating thoughts that creep into your brain. Not only does thinking positively help you accomplish more, but it makes you a better person. Below, we’ll explain more about how optimism can develop your character.

Therapists explain how good character and positive thinking go hand-in-hand:

If you go about life thinking bad things will happen at every turn, then you’ll likely experience precisely that. Our minds create our realities every second, so if you feel predominantly negative thoughts, you’ll start to have more unpleasant experiences. Simply put, people who approach life more optimistically tend to attract better experiences and have better health as a result of lower mental stress.

Studies prove the correlation between positive thinking and better health, citing the following benefits:

  • Increased longevity
  • Decreased rates of depression
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Lower rates of sickness from the common cold and flu
  • Better mental and physical health overall
  • Improved cardiovascular health and a far-reduced risk of death from cardiovascular diseases
  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress
  • Lower anxiety and stress levels
  • Better quality sleep

As you can see, positive thinking comes with a plethora of mental and physical health benefits. If something as small as changing the way we think can impact our health so drastically, think of the vast implications, it could have on an even deeper level. Perhaps thinking differently could also make us better people and create a ripple effect on humanity as a whole. Let us explain a few ways that being positive could transform your life and give birth to a whole new you.

Positive thinking gives you the courage to face adversity.

Negative thinking doesn’t make for a very productive, fulfilling life because it stands in the way of everything you want to accomplish. It destroys your willpower and steals your joy. When you think that you’ll get through a situation no matter what, however, you tell your brain that failure isn’t an option for you. As we said earlier, a good character comes from facing challenges, but if you’ve already made up your mind that you’ve lost, then you don’t give yourself a chance to grow from the experience.

Positive thinking gives you the courage and strength to overcome anything that life throws at you. While it may take time to transform your mindset, you will start to see the effects in your life. Our brains are malleable, proven by something called neuroplasticity. We can change the operating systems in our minds anytime we want to and rewire our brains for better outcomes in life.

You start seeing others as equals rather than your competition.

 Positive thinking also promotes community, because when you change your mindset, your compassion increases as well. If you live in a negative frame of mind, you likely only think about getting by and doing what you need to survive. From a positive point of view, you begin to see the beauty of life and how everything connects on an energetic level. As a result, you’ll start to honestly care about others’ well-being instead of treating them as your competition.

Positive thoughts help reduce cortisol and stress levels in the body, making it easier to connect with and relate to others. It takes down the walls we build around ourselves for protection and instead fosters a sense of comradery. Basically, when we feel good inside, we will want to share that joy with others. This happiness can have a ripple effect on others because smiles and cheerful attitudes are contagious.

If we can use positivity to unite us instead of promoting negativity that divides us, why would we consciously choose anything except the former? Just some food for thought.

Positive thinking promotes good character because it makes you more responsible.

 When you have a negative mindset, you may tend to blame others for your problems. However, in a positive frame of mind, you know that you control your reality, and you assume responsibility for everything in your life. However, your life looks now like you’ve created it in one way or another. By thinking positively, you’ll have the willpower and drive to change anything you don’t like, and at the same token, feel gratitude for the good things.

In other words, positive people feel a sense of inner power because they know they can choose to experience something better whenever they choose. They write their story, and they don’t shift blame to anyone else. By owning up to their mistakes, they can analyze what went wrong and learn from it. When you blame others, you remain stagnant because you always have someone else to blame for your actions.

You are less likely to ruminate and will focus on solutions instead.

Negative people tend to mull over what went wrong, as studies prove. This lowers your immune system, creates unwanted stress in the mind and body, and in general, keeps you stuck. Positive people take the lessons they learned from unfortunate experiences and transform them into opportunities for the future. In other words, they remain even-minded in both good and bad experiences. They know that you can’t have light without a little darkness sometimes, and they don’t sweat the small stuff.

Focusing on solutions helps you build character because you know that nothing can bring you down for too long. You’ve made up your mind that you will overcome anything that stands in your way, and you’ve trained your brain to look for solutions. Positive thinkers make good leaders because of this personality trait as people look to them for answers to complex problems.

Unfortunately, humans focus more on negative than positive experiences because we needed to look out for threats in nature to survive. Our brains haven’t yet evolved from this primitive state to adjust to the modern world, so that is why we have to work so hard at reframing our thoughts. Below, we’ll go over a few science-backed ways to become more optimistic.

How to retrain your brain to think happy thoughts:

  • Recite positive affirmations. A lot of the way you think comes from your self-talk. If you tell yourself defeating thoughts all the time, you don’t give yourself much of a chance to witness things in a positive light. Instead, tell yourself things like, “You have what it takes to get through this.” Or, you say, “You’re a strong, capable, amazing person.” As you recite these affirmations either silently or out loud, you’ll start to notice a change in your perspective after a while.
  • Expect good things to happen. One way to trick your brain into thinking positively is to keep your attention on positive experiences. If you make it a point to re-focus more on positive events, the bad parts of life will start to take up less mental space.
  • Think of obstacles as opportunities rather than burdens. When you look at everything that happens to you as a lesson, you become empowered and shift your experience. Instead of being a victim, you see yourself as an observer of what happens to you. You apply what you’ve learned and use it to build a better, more aware version of yourself.

Final thoughts on how good character and positive thinking connect to each other

In life, we always have an amazing chance to build on our experiences, and those who practice positive thinking know this. Therefore, they use negative experiences as simply tools to expand their awareness and chalk it up as important lessons learned. They give thanks to every person and situation they come into contact with because they just view life as a never-ending school, where we advance after we learn certain things. Positive thinking builds character because it shifts your mindset from that of a victim to a powerful creator of your own destiny.


15 Signs That Reveal A Good Man

15 Signs That Reveal A Good Man

A good man may be hard to find, according to many women. The definition of what makes a man “good” may vary,  but certain qualities are non-negotiable. Many people wonder what traits are essential in a good man. So, what qualities make a man suitable?

A good man, one study found, has certain qualities. Women ranked qualities like honesty, humor, kindness, and dependability as the most important.  But there are other qualities that could be added to this list.

Here is a list of 15 signs that reveal a good man.

1 – Supportive of you

A good man is supportive of you, whether it’s in your career, your schooling, or your creative outlets. He sees what you’re doing as essential, not just secondary to him. He encourages you to pursue your dreams because he cares about you and your interests as much as his own interests. He’s for you, not against you.

good man

2 – Works hard to get to know your family and friends

If you’re in a relationship or married, you know how important it is to you that your family and friends get to know your partner. When he wants to get to know your family and friends, it’s especially encouraging to you. He cares for enough about you to want to know these people, because they’re people you love. When he reaches out to your family and friends, it’s a sign of his love and commitment to you. Keep an eye out for this kind of good man.

3 – Respectful

Respect is an essential quality in human relationships. If your man isn’t respectful of you, it should be a huge warning sign. Disrespect means he’s not really for you, he’s more concerned about himself. Don’t believe the lie that once you’re married, he’ll be more respectful. Disrespect of women can be a sign of entitlement or sexual dominance, one study found. If you see this in your man, you may need to step back in the relationship.

4 – Emotionally open

Men who are emotionally open and in touch with their feelings are better able to listen and encourage your emotional growth. Emotional vulnerability makes your relationship deeper. When you share your opinions and struggles with your man, you should feel his understanding. A man who is emotionally uptight or unwilling to talk about his feelings is immature. This isn’t the kind of relationship you want.

5 – Willing to work on your relationship

A good man values your relationship enough to work towards its growth. He doesn’t blame you but seeks to own his own negative contributions. One study found that forgiveness is an essential element in a relationship. A good man is willing to forgive. He doesn’t hold a grudge or try to get revenge when you do something wrong. Part of being human means you do and say things you may regret later on. A man who’s willing to work to make himself better and work on your relationship is indeed a good man.

relationship meme

6 – You share similar values

This might not seem like a game-changer in a relationship, but it’s a huge contributing factor to a successful relationship. Having similar values means you and your man have the same values related to marriage, family, religion, and character qualities like trust and honesty.

If you disagree on too many of these values, you’ll be clashing all the time. You may not agree on all of these, but a good man is open to discuss his values and is ready to compromise for the sake of the relationship. If he’s refusing to budge on too many of these, he may not be the one for you.

7 – Good manners

Good manners show respect. A good man knows how to relate to people like a gentleman. Here’s a list of some basic manners a good man should practice.

  • Ready to vacate his seat for an elderly person or disabled person
  • Says excuse me
  • Says thank you and please
  • Doesn’t use foul language in public
  • Is ready to help
  • Listens
  • Doesn’t talk about bodily functions in a group of people
  • Chews with his mouth closed
  • Doesn’t talk with food in his mouth
  • Keep his elbows off the table.
  • Washes his hands
  • His cellphone use in public should be private. NO one wants to hear him shouting into his phone at a restaurant.

A good man is mannerly or at least desirous of good manners. Not everyone learned good manners at home, but if your man is as least anxious to learn good manners, this is positive. If he thinks these courtesies are stupid or unnecessary, be alarmed. It’s not a sign he’s a good man.

8 – Reliable

Reliability is critical in a relationship. A good man is trustworthy. If he says he’ll do something, he does it. He doesn’t make excuses for himself. He’s reliable at work and at home. He shows up for engagements or parties on time. If your man is unpredictable, you can’t trust that he’ll be there for you. This quality is essential, so don’t overlook it when you’re considering a good man.

9 – Mature

No one wants to see a man acting like a teenager. It’s unattractive and quite honestly annoying to see a man speaking and acting half his age. It’s a sign he’s insecure. Men like this are usually looking for attention. This type of man may be fun at a party, but he’s not ready for a long term relationship. No woman wants a relationship that requires her to continually rescue her man from his immature activities. If your man acts like this, he may not be right for you.

10 – He’s a leader and a follower

We often consider a good man as someone who can lead, but a good man is one who can also follow.  He is respectful at work of his boss, or team lead. He’s doesn’t need to be in control all the time. Also, he is willing to allow you to lead in areas where you have more experience or know-how. He is neither insecure nor afraid he’ll look “weak” if you lead in the relationship. Good men also know how to lead when needed in various situations which include

  • Knowing how to delegate
  • Respecting that others may be better at a job than they are
  • Motivating the right way, without guilting or threatening
  • Empathizing with others
  • Wanting others to succeed
  • Being humble, but don’t tell everyone they are
  • Wishing the best for everyone around them

11 – Owns his mistakes

A good man owns up to his mistakes. He listens to criticism without getting angry or blame-shifting. He admits he was wrong without drama or playing the victim. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who wallows in self-pity. It’s selfish and proves they can’t handle criticism. A humble man that owns his mistakes is a good man. He’s humble enough to admit his weaknesses and desirous of change.

12 – He communicates

Studies show that couples who have effective communication have a more satisfying relationship. A good man not only communicates well, but he initiates contact with you. He doesn’t see it as your job to start a conversation. Also, he values your input.

And while may not agree with you on a topic, but he’s open to talking about it. He doesn’t insist that he’s right, or make you feel like your ideas are stupid. A good man will communicate with you because he cares for you.

pop meme

13 – He takes the initiative in the relationship

A good man is an initiator. He initiates in

  • Home projects-he doesn’t wait for things in the house to fall apart before he gets them fixed
  • Finances-he’s saves and budgets
  • Communicating with you.
  • Planning activities as a family or couple
  • With the kids, he’s attentive to what they’re doing and how they’re doing.

14 – Faithful

A faithful man is a good man. He’s faithful by not gossiping about you behind your back or flirting with other women. He’s loyal enough to protect your reputation, your confidences, and your sexual relationship. His love isn’t divided, he’s attentive to you alone because you’re most important to him. A faithful man is a faithful man who you can trust with your life.

15 – Financially responsible

A good man knows how to keep his finances in order. He should understand or be learning about the essential elements of economics such as:

  • Credit score
  • Savings
  • Reasonable financial risk versus bad financial risk
  • Insurance
  • 401K
  • Cash savings
  • Investing
  • Taxes

A good man won’t prey upon you for money, or ask to borrow money from you all the time. On the other hand, he doesn’t place too much emphasis on money. A good man is generous, not stingy. He won’t get angry if you spend money on something for yourself.

Finally, he’s balanced when it comes to money, seeing it as a means, not an end in itself. Lastly, a good man is willing to learn from you if you have more financial knowledge and experience than he does. This is a sign that he’s humble, and that’s good.

good manFinal Thoughts on Finding a Good Man

If you have found love with these traits, hang on to him. He’s a definite keeper. Congratulations–you found a good man!


The Top Cannabis and THC Extraction Methods: Getting the Good Stuff

The Top Cannabis and THC Extraction Methods: Getting the Good

The Top Cannabis and THC Extraction Methods: Getting the Good Stuff

Experts reckon the legal marijuana market will be worth more than sixty-six billion dollars worldwide by the end of 2025. It’s an eye-watering figure and proof that the cannabis plant has become a valuable commodity.

Getting the good stuff out of it and in its purest form is the way forward.  Analytical methods along with real lab equipment are essential to do this safely. THC extraction is all about chemistry. This is how it can be done.

THC Extraction and Solvents

Extraction techniques come into play for isolating specific desirable compounds from the plant. Cannabis contains more than a hundred cannabinoids or chemical compounds. These include cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBD accounts for up to forty percent of the plant and many believe it helps with anxiety, pain management, and sleep issues. THC is the psychoactive compound that can give you a high. Isolating these two chemicals clearly has advantages.

A common form of extraction relies on a solvent, such as alcohol. The cannabis soaks in alcohol, normally ethanol. Removal of the plant material follows and equipment filters the liquid. The alcohol will then evaporate.

Safety First

Volatile solvents such as butane, propane, and hexane can also help to prepare extracts. Because of the hazardous nature of these gases, this should only ever happen in controlled environments.

The extract should undergo analysis for concentrations of specific compounds. This can be done through a THC lab test, for example.

Many solvents aren’t safe for us to consume. It’s vital to check their absence in the final product to guarantee a safe, chemical-free extract is being offered.

Using CO2 for Extraction

Instead of using alcohol or other solvents, this method extracts the cannabis components from the plant with carbon dioxide. High pressure and heat turn the CO2 supercritical. That means it behaves like a liquid and a gas at the same time.

The equipment necessary for this method of extraction is more expensive. It does though produce higher yields. The process uses modifications to extract specific compounds. That happens through changes to temperature, pressure or runtime.

The different compounds achieve concentration levels at different speeds during the same procedure.

Once the cannabis components have been extracted, the CO2 goes into a condenser. It turns into a liquid for filtration and reuse. This makes this method cheaper and reduces the need to dispose of waste.

More Basic Extraction Methods

Not all types of cannabis extraction need investment in large amounts of machinery. Kief, for example, can be separated from cannabis buds simply by grinding and sieving.

Hash can also be made by taking frozen cannabis buds and breaking them into ever smaller pieces over a screen. Ice water can also be used to separate the trichomes from the bud. Once they’re dried they can then be pressed into a hash block. 

Chemical Processes

The most efficient way to remove and separate the useful compounds in a cannabis plant is to use professional equipment. This is going to give you the purest results for THC extraction and other cannabinoids. 

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9 Top Ergonomic Office Chairs That Are Good for Your Back

9 Top Ergonomic Office Chairs That Are Good for Your

9 Top Ergonomic Office Chairs That Are Good for Your Back

Do you suffer from back pain? Are you constantly sitting down throughout the day?

Most of us spend long hours sitting down during the average day, whether it’s when working in an office, taking long commute rides, or sitting in a classroom all day.

If you suffer from back pain, there’s a good chance it may be linked to the chair you sit on all day.

If you’re hoping to reduce pain, then choosing a chair that will support your back is crucial. That’s where we come in to help. Read on to discover the top ergonomic office chairs to assist with your poor back.

1. Herman Miller Embody Chair

This popular Herman Miller Embody Chair, designed by Bill Stumpf, is adored by office workers.

The unique spine-like design of the chair moves along with the posture of the body, helping keep your posture correct. No more slouching in the office!

This may sound uncomfortable, but the clever design helps keep you feeling relaxing by stimulating the oxygen and blood flow around your body.

The structure of the chair helps keep the spine aligned, therefore reducing pressure in the lower back and minimizing lower back pain. So, this chair is the best chair for posture on the list.

If you want to learn about Eames chairs designed for Herman Miller click here – what is an Eames chair?

2. Haworth Zody Chair

The famous Haworth Zody Chair is well deserved to be on this list – it’s acquired a certificate and recommendation from the American Physiotherapy Centre, after all!

The structure of the chair features a clever asymmetrical support system. This allows you to reduce pressure to assist with any painful issues residing in your lower back and neck.

The passive pelvic pad that features also helps with the alignment of the spine. In the long term, this can help prevent diseases like slip disc.

3. Serta Mid-Back Office Chair

Featuring ergo-layered body pillows and made of environmentally friendly leather, the Serta Mid-Back Office Chair is certainly designed for comfort.

The armrest is also softly padded, providing even extra coziness and relief when you sit down to work for the day.

Use the tilt technology of the chair to help you correct your posture, allowing you to keep your back in a neutral position. As a result, this will reduce any back pain and will prevent the build-up of pressure from any vulnerable parts of your body, making it the best computer chair for back pain.

4. Alera Elusion Swivel Chair

Because of the comfort that the Alera Elusion Swivel Chair provides for its price, this is one popular chair among customers suffering from back pain.

The back of the chair provides great support to help maintain your posture, therefore reducing lower back pain. The contoured seat cushion featuring a waterfall edge also helps minimize any pressure on your legs.

Does your office get warm in the summer? This chair not only assists with posture and back pain, but the breathable fabric mesh design will also provide cool relief when the room gets a little stuffy.

5. Leaders Executive Synthetic Leather Office Chair

The clever design of the Leaders Executive Office Chair enables huge support in the neck and the back to offer pain relief.

What’s more, this ergonomic computer chair includes two back ests that are fully adjustable, meaning it can fit people of all shapes and heights. Plus, you can adjust the seat height and tilt tension too.

At an affordable price, this is one option that will help you with back pain but won’t break the bank.

6. Steelcase Gesture Chair

Fancy splurging on one of the finest ergonomic chairs money can buy? Then the award-winning Steelcase Gesture Chair is your best bet.

The design of this revolutionary chair accommodates different body positions and sizes while supporting and protecting both the back and neck.

As well as adjusting the height of the chair, you can also alter how much pressure it offers for your back. So, whether you prefer a firmer or softer feel to help with your back pain, you can decide exactly what suits you making it one of the best ergonomic chairs on the market.

7. Herman Miller Sayl Chair

While Herman Miller chairs aren’t cheap, the Sayl Chair is the brand’s most affordable option.

Available in several different colors, this affordable chair is produced using recyclable materials, so it’s an eco-friendly choice for the office, too.

The main feature is the backbone of the chair which provides support for the back.

As it’s the brand’s most budget-friendly option, it means the chair doesn’t share any of the adjustments and other features that other models from the company offers.

8. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

The Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is the best-selling ergonomic chair the brand produces due to its high quality and price.

It’s patented LiveBack technology means that the chair molds to fit the shape of your back, providing you with support and comfort that can reduce back pain. The chair also moves to accommodate your frame as you change position or recline – so you can focus on work while keeping your back and neck comfortable.

9. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Designed by Bill Stumpf, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is said to be the first ergonomic chair to feature a woven seat and back design in replacement of foam cushioning. As a result, it doesn’t look like or work as most office chairs do.

Instead, the Aeron technology used works to provide proper posture for the user, resulting in a reduction of back pain.

Which of These Top Ergonomic Office Chairs Will You Choose?

If like millions of others you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer each day, then you should definitely invest in a quality office chair. This is especially so if you find yourself suffering from back pain issues.

One of these top ergonomic office chairs is sure to benefit your working day, and there’s an option to match every budget.


New Fashion Trends for 2019: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

New Fashion Trends for 2019: The Good, The Bad, The

New Fashion Trends for 2019: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Dying to learn about the new fashion trends this year?

Did you know that the US fashion industry made over $44.5 billion last year? And those numbers are expected to grow by 3.5% to 4.5% in 2019. But what does that mean for you?

A couple of things. First, fashion is big business. You’ll find hundreds of thousands of new dresses, shoes, and sunglasses on the market each year. With so many choices, it’s easy to pick up a fabulous dress just to have your friends tell you it’s grossly outdated.

Or worse. You show up at a party only to realize someone else is wearing the same outfit. We’ve all been there before, right?

The only way to prevent these fashion faux pas is to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest trends. Then you’ll know what’s in, what’s out, and what’s a poor imitation. Read on.

New Fashion Trends from Instagram

Social media is one of the easiest ways to keep your eye on fashion. With a few quick taps, you can wrap your eyes around locals in New York City and Paris alike. If you want runway fashion, you’ve got it. If you prefer to peep the locals, you’ve got that too.

And nowhere is it easier than on Instagram. Well, one of the newest trends you’ll find there is the California Cool look. Think LA beaches in the 60s, and you’ll get the gist.

For men, we’re talking about multi-spectrum Hawaiian shirts. The kind with so many bright colors, you lose track. Tropical prints, tie-dyes, and beat up sneakers. If your man would feel comfortable hanging at the beach in it, then consider it trending.

For you ladies, dark denim and rolled up cuffs. We’re not talking wrists. Keep the cuff rolls on your overlong pants or shorts.

If you need something warmer, consider an ensemble with dark jeans, and a long sleeve leopard print top. Don’t forget to round out the outfit with the black boots of your choice like you’ll find at this designer site.

Needles are In

If you’re getting into the fashion biz, you know that new trends are just old trends coming around again. If you’re smart, you’ll take every opportunity to get to rummage through your grandmother’s old trunk. You never know what kind of groovy gear may be hidden in there.

For instance, this year, crochet is back in. So, if you can’t find it in grandma’s trunk, maybe she’ll make you an outfit from scratch. Think shoes, tops, and even dresses.

Unlike past years, avoid white crochet and lace. Think in terms of muted greys with soft caramels and oranges. Also, don’t be afraid to add a splash of boldness. Just shoot for understated rather than brazen.

As for the footwear, sandals with crocheted tops are the way to go. Once again, stick with muted colors. Greys or tans or even blacks with a splash of color.

Toss Your Leather Purses

Successful fashion blogging is all about spotting trends on the rise. Well, hold on to your Louis Vuitton. Things are about to get interesting.

Leather Handbags are out. So are cloth handbags.

So, what’s in? Well, they’re woven. They’re rustic. And they’ve been women’s most useful tool throughout history. They’re wicker bags.

They’re often made entirely of the course, fibrous material. Though, you should be wary. If the clutch isn’t accented by another material, it would never make the Paris runways.

A natural wicker color is preferred. If you want to change things up, choose a dark tan or brown bag. The fibers don’t hold bright colors well. They come out dull or faded.

So, keep your eyes out for the words “picnic handbags” or “picnic clutches” the next time you’re on the town. You just might find your newest wicker friend.

Headwear Goes Big

Jacky-O glasses? Check. Jumbo clutch? Check. Supersized hat? Check, check, and check. That’s right, oversized hats are in. And they’re taking the world by storm.

If you haven’t seen this type of headwear before, it’s bold, it’s bright, and it’s floppy. The rule of thumb seems to be the bigger the better.

If you’ve seen woven, large-brimmed hats for gardening, you’re headed in the right direction. The difference is this year trending gear comes sans the reeds. It’s all about the fabric. As long as you have room to see, you’re hitting the mark.

Some material choices include light, gauze fabric in whites and sky blues. Others include densely woven fabrics with dark polka dots. Some runways are more adventurous, choosing non-organic materials. So long as it’s a light color or transparent, it’s in.

Don’t Forget the Feathers

As any woman knows, a good feather boa can make any outfit. Well, this year, it’s not only the boas that are in. It’s the feathers.

You’ll find them on the straps or hems of all your favorite designers. Soft, thick feather accents. Bouncy, long accents. You’ll find they come in all varieties.

The key with picking up your next feather accented dress lies in the weave. The dresses that’ll make an impact will look like a downy chick. All the rest will look like half-plucked geese.

The feathers should be springy to pressure and soft to the touch. Again, you want them to accent your dress, not overcome it. If you find one that’s covered, avoid it at all costs. We want you looking fashion forward, not fashion unforgivable.

Also, look for solid colors. Say yes to your little black dress. Say no to your bejeweled Carnival dress. Feathers can contrast the color of the dress, so long as the feathers come in a single solid color.

And if you feel like spicing things up, remember, you can never go wrong with a boa.

What’s Next?

Well, now that you’ve discovered the new fashion trends for early 2019, it is time to go shopping. Ping the girls and tell them it’s time to raid your favorite stores. Just remember California Cool, and everything woven, big, and feathery.

Be sure to take five minutes to browse through our other ridiculously addictive articles. So long and good luck!


How to Write Good Instagram Captions: The 5 Best Captions for Every Type of Instagram Post

How to Write Good Instagram Captions: The 5 Best Captions

How to Write Good Instagram Captions: The 5 Best Captions for Every Type of Instagram Post

Did you know that Instagram as a social media platform is on the rise? After all, it reached about 1 billion active users back in June 2018. It’s only expected to grow from here, with 2019 bringing the American user base to 111 million.

This makes Instagram one of the best platforms for brand building and improving relationships with customers. That said, you won’t get anywhere without the ideal posts and captions.

If you want to get the best Instagram post out there, you need good Instagram captions. You can also use these social media tips to get more followers.

Are you ready to learn the best Instagram captions? Read on to find out what they are.

1. Funny Captions

Are you having difficulty writing something witty? When you’re writing an Insta caption, you can always use humor as a means of promoting your posts. Some people might groan at the thought of puns, but it’s often effective.

Always remember to try making something relatable. For example, you can use this caption: “I need a six-month holiday twice a year.” It helps you appeal to people who know the hardships of working life.

2. Clever Captions

Wittiness isn’t limited to jokes. You can make relatable captions using wit alone. For example, if your follower base is mainly office workers, a witty line like this can make them laugh: “There may be no excuse for laziness, but I’m still looking.”

3. Savage Captions

These types of captions can be motivational. It can cater to any type of audience, even when you’re buying Instagram likes. A lot of people like reading savage one-liners that make them feel more empowered.

That means a caption like “Be a little more you and a lot less like them” can become inspiring to people. It fosters individuality that a lot of people lack. That way, your audience engages your posts more.

4. Song Lyrics Captions

A lot of people love song lyrics. Depending on your target demographic, you can put any song line as the caption of your Instagram posts. If your audience leans more on the mature side, maybe a line from The Beatles can do the trick.

5. Hashtag Captions

When you’re writing your captions, keep it short and sweet. But it’s always important to place hashtags whenever you can. You can use hashtags as your caption no matter what kind of post you have.

Make sure that you place the hashtags in a way that doesn’t make your post look cluttered. A good way to do this is to use line breaks to bury them beneath your main caption. It’s clean but it still lets you get found.

Get Good Instagram Captions Today!

There are a lot of ways for you to make captions for Instagram. Depending on the type of profile you manage, you can pick any caption from these five categories. You’re not limited to one, so feel free to mix and match to make good Instagram captions.

Do you want to make money with your fashion blog on Instagram? Read this post and learn some tips that can help you find the right niche to profit from, as well as the right attitude to make it grow.


10 Tips on What Makes a Good Website Design

10 Tips on What Makes a Good Website Design

10 Tips on What Makes a Good Website Design

These days, an online presence is an essential part of running a successful business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sell products online or just want to make sure people can find you. Either way, you need to make sure your website has a good design and is easy to find.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to designing a website, keep reading.

Listed below are ten great tips to help you figure out what makes a good website design.

What Makes a Good Website Design?

It’s easier than ever to put together a website for business or personal use. But, in order for your website to really be effective, a good design is key.

These ten tips will help you answer the question “what makes a good website design?” once and for all.

1. Fast Load Times

Whether your business offers medical supplies or antique furniture reproductions, fast load times are essential.

If your website takes forever to load (in this case, forever means more than a couple seconds), people are going to go elsewhere.

Fast load times also improve your search engine ranking, which makes it easier for people to find your site.

2. Easy Navigation

Visitors don’t want to waste time figuring out how to navigate your website.

Make sure it has a clear, obvious layout with an easy-to-locate menu, obvious navigation categories, and a search bar.

3. Use an “F” Pattern

Another way to make your site easier to navigate is to arrange your content in an “F” shape.

Eye-tracking studies have found that people tend to scan a page in an “F” shape.

This means that they pay attention primarily to what’s shown in the top left portion of the screen. Information that’s located on the right side or bottom of the page often gets skipped.

Take advantage of people’s natural tendencies and make sure the most important information is located in the top left quadrant.

4. Keep it Simple

Clutter is unprofessional and uninviting. If you have a million images and icons on your site, it will be harder for visitors to find what they’re looking for. It also will decrease your site’s load times.

Before you add anything to your site, ask yourself what purpose it serves. If you’re not sure, leave it out.

5. Use the Right Font and Font Size

All the information on your site needs to be easily readable. Both the font and the font size that you use will help with this.

Look for fonts that are clear and easy-to-read.

Focus on simplicity and clarity; don’t look for anything fancy or overly stylized. Avoid using a variety of fonts, too. Stick to just one or two complimentary styles for a cohesive look.

You also should avoid using anything smaller than a 16-pixel font size. Sixteen is typically considered the bare minimum for text. Don’t make visitors squint to see what you have to say!

6. Make it Mobile-Friendly

Google recently announced its mobile-first index in response to the increase in the number of who are using their smartphone or tablet browser to visit websites.

This means that Google’s algorithms will start using the mobile version of a website’s content for rankings.

If your website isn’t set up to be viewed on mobile devices, you’re setting yourself up for failure in the SEO world.

A mobile-friendly device will adapt and rearrange itself so that it’s easy to view on a smaller screen. It will also be easy to use on any device, not just a desktop computer.

7. Make Your Contact Information Obvious

Don’t make visitors hunt for your contact information. Include your email address, phone number, and any other information you want people to have in an obvious location.

Ideally, this information should be available on every page of your website. And, you should have a separate contact page as well where people can email you directly.

8. Annotate Your Links

Don’t just use the words “click here” for your anchor text. It may seem like a smart move for getting people to click on your links. But, in reality, people need to know exactly what they’re clicking on.

Help your readers out. Start annotating your links so that people know where they’re going and what they’ll find when they get there.

This practice also helps visitors who are blind or have poor vision and may be using a screen reader. These devices allow them to skip from link to link to get an idea of what’s on the page. If your site is full of “click here” links, blind visitors will have a hard time figuring out what your site is all about.

9. Use the Right Colors

The colors you use when designing your website can make a huge difference to visitors’ experience.

When you’re trying to figure out what makes a good website design, you should think about the message you want to send with your color choices.

Visitors tend to associate certain colors with different emotions. For example, blue often signifies trust, while grey signifies professionalism.

In addition to choosing colors that send the right message to your visitors, you should also be sure to use colors in a way that makes your site easier to read.

Contrasting colors for the text and background make text easier to read. And, vibrant colors help draw attention to important elements (like a call-to-action button).

10. Use Images to Your Advantage

Pictures help you establish your brand and connect with your audience. But, they need to be high-quality, professional photos. Blurry snapshots won’t cut it.

If you don’t have any high-quality photos to use, you may want to consider investing in stock photos to give your site a professional feel.

Infographics and videos are also great for communicating complex ideas in a simple way.

Visitors often prefer these options to reading a large block of text, too.

Want to Learn More?

You now know more about what makes a good website design. But, do you feel like there’s still more to learn?

Check out some of our other web design-related articles to improve your skills even more. With our help, you’ll be a web design expert before you know it!


Treats Can Be Good for You! 5 Health Benefits of Frozen Yogurt

Treats Can Be Good for You! 5 Health Benefits of

Treats Can Be Good for You! 5 Health Benefits of Frozen Yogurt

If there’s one food people can agree on loving, it’s frozen yogurt.

Frozen yogurt (more affectionately known as froyo) is more than just delicious. It’s an easily customizable dessert that comes in a variety of flavors. Some people love it for its taste, but there are more that love it for its health benefits.

There’s no denying that if you’re looking for a healthy dessert that froyo beats out ice cream. But have you ever thought about why?

Once you read this post you’ll know about the variety of health benefits it has to offer.


Tired of drinking milk to get calcium? Treat yourself with some frozen yogurt!

Froyo has an average of 178 milligrams of calcium per half-cup serving, it’s clearly an excellent source of calcium.

Calcium is well known for its positive effects on bones and teeth, but it does much more than keep them strong.

Calcium intake can help reduce the growth of excess cells in the colon, which in turn could help prevent cancer. Diets high in calcium can also aid in weight loss and help prevent obesity.

Low calories

If you’re counting calories it can seem like every day is a struggle to eat within your limits.

If you have a sweet tooth you’re limited to only so many options. Luckily dessert fans can rejoice, frozen yogurt is here to save the day.

Frozen yogurt itself is a very low-calorie food, even when it’s flavored. If you’re careful with your toppings and serving size, you can have a nice low-calorie dessert if you choose to eat frozen yogurt.

Improve digestive health

Do you feel like you’re sensitive to dairy? Do you miss enjoying frozen desserts?

Frozen yogurt could be the dessert option that you’re looking for.

Frozen yogurt is full of probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for the human body, and froyo is full of the two helpful organisms Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilous.

Those two probiotics can help break down lactose and be easier on the stomachs of people with dairy sensitivities. The helpful bacteria can also help balance the amount of microflora in the gut.

If you look for frozen yogurt that has the live and active culture’s seal, you’ll have a dessert that’s great for digestive health.

Froyo has tons of protein

Cookies, cake, and other desserts may be tasty but they don’t have much nutritional content. Traditional desserts are full of sugars and carbs, but frozen yogurt is full of protein.

Protein filled snacks can help you feel more satisfied. Frozen yogurt can be the perfect snack for people that need to feel full.

There’s a lot of protein in a half cup of frozen yogurt, more than enough to justify this sweet treat every once in awhile.

Low fat

Satisfying snacks that are also low in fat can be hard to come by.

On top of all the health benefits, froyo has to offer, its low-fat content may be the best.

Ice cream can be very fattening, but frozen yogurt has almost half the fat of ice cream. If you want to make sure that you’re keeping your fat content low, you can stick to non-fat flavors.

What health benefits of frozen yogurt do you like the best? Let us know about it in the comments section!