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12 Behaviors of People With High Emotional Intelligence

12 Behaviors of People With High Emotional Intelligence

Many people view IQ as most important, but in our opinion, the world could use a lot more emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence means being able to perceive, control, and assess your emotions as well as others’. This type of knowledge means knowing how to respond to someone without letting your emotions get the best of you. And it also means remembering you can’t control other people’s feelings.

“It is very important to understand that emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence; it is not the triumph of heart over head—it is the unique intersection of both.” –David Caruso

People with high emotional intelligence contribute a lot of essential skills to society and may not even know it. Sensitive, emotional people often get looked at as weak or unproductive in society, but they simply possess different characteristics than their less sensitive counterparts. They have a way of seeing into the heart of people and smoothing out disagreements that may occur between more logical types. So, to sum it up, emotional intelligence gets downplayed a lot in society, but without empathy, our world would not function.

Psychologist and one of the pioneers of emotional intelligence, Daniel Goleman, wrote a book about how information doesn’t have much value if you lack empathy. In Dr. Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence – Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, he talked about five main components that make up emotional intelligence.

We will go over what he outlined in his book below, as well as other behaviors of people with high emotional intelligence.

Here are 12 behaviors of people with high emotional intelligence:

emotional intelligencer

1 – They have high self-awareness.

According to Dr. Goleman, the first sign someone possesses high emotional intelligence is their level of self-awareness. Those with high emotional intelligence can keep close tabs on their emotions and control their reactions to other people. They never allow their feelings to get the best of them.

They don’t stuff their feelings away, but they also don’t let their emotions steer the wheel. People with emotional intelligence just pay attention to their feelings, so they don’t overreact or make bad decisions based on emotions. They also know themselves very well and set boundaries with people so they can maintain a sense of peace and autonomy at all times. People who are emotionally smart use this thoughtful gift as a way to keep in touch with their inner selves and gain insight into their feelings at all times.

2 – They have a remarkable ability to control their emotions.

The emotionally intelligent ride the waves of their emotions and don’t attach themselves to them. They simply allow the feelings to come and go without labeling them as good or bad. As humans, we all have fluctuating emotions, so if we feel sad today, then tomorrow, we might feel happy again. Knowing this, emotionally smart people keep a calm, even demeanor despite how they feel inside.

Emotional regulation is a crucial trait of the emotionally smart because, without the ability to control emotions, you will always fall victim to the chaos happening around you. However, if you can view your feelings as merely passing thought waves, you can ride the stormy seas and keep your ship afloat rather than letting the currents drag you under.

3 – They are motivated.

People with high EQ don’t allow themselves to play the victim. Indeed, they take full responsibility for their situation and life. They don’t let passing feelings get in the way of their goals, so they can keep focused on one task for long periods without getting fatigued. A lot of people feel tired just because their minds won’t shut off, but the emotionally intelligent know how to remain mindful, so they have higher productivity.

This doesn’t mean that possessing emotional intelligence keeps you from having bad days, but you’ll bounce back much quicker than those who don’t have a handle on their emotions.

mentally strong

4 – Emotionally smart people have a lot of empathy.

Emotionally intelligent people are some of the most empathetic people you’ll meet. Empathy means recognizing how someone feels and being able to relate to them. Those with a high EQ have a deep caring for how other people feel and always strive to make others around them feel better. They often get approached by other people who feel comfortable sharing their problems and concerns because they give off such a caring, sensitive vibe.

Being empathetic means, you can usually tell how someone feels without them even having to say a word. However, if the person chooses to divulge any details about their life, they will listen with open hearts and ears. They typically have excellent observational skills, and their intuition allows them to anticipate other people’s needs.

5 – They have excellent conversational skills

Despite the stereotype of emotional, empathic people being introverted and antisocial, emotionally intelligent people have great conversational skills. They can get to the heart of the matter quickly and easily because they don’t shy away from in-depth topics. They help lift others and motivate them, which makes them appealing to hang around. Emotionally intelligent people have excellent leadership skills due to their ability to observe problems and come up with compassionate solutions.

6 – They adapt quickly to their environment.

Those with high emotional intelligence have a chameleon-like ability to blend in with anyone, anywhere. Whether they’ve just gotten a new job or have moved to a new city, people with emotional awareness can keep a positive mindset anywhere they go. Since they know that everything in life just reflects their inner emotional state, they try their best to maintain a positive one at all times.

7 – They don’t try to be perfect.

People that have a keen awareness of their emotions know that trying to attain perfection will just lead to burn out and unhappiness. They realize that failing at something means more than never trying at all. That’s because they can learn many lessons in the process. However, shying away from new opportunities leaves no room for growth. Since they care more about improving themselves, they don’t let a fear of failure stand in their way.

8 – They understand how a healthy lifestyle benefits their emotions.

Emotionally intelligent people typically follow a healthy lifestyle. That’, because they know they can’t have a balanced mindset without taking care of themselves. They go to bed early, meditate, manage stress, workout, eat healthily, and treat others with kindness.

Their vibration radiates out to others because they take care of their health on the inside and outside. These practices allow their emotions to remain in check, as well.

9 – They express gratitude.

High EQ’s have a glass-half-full kind of attitude about life. They don’t see the point in dwelling on what goes wrong because that only lowers their vibration. They know that to attract good things in life, you have to keep your mind focused on all the positives. These types feel thankful for what they’ve been given and try to give their share to others as well.


10 – They can remain focused on one task for long periods of time.

Even if they have a lot going on in their heads, they can cut through the chatter and keep focused on the task right in front of them. Since they have the ability to manage and control their emotions, they don’t allow boredom or fatigue to keep them from their goals. If they feel stressed, they get up and workout, stretch or do something else to release it. Then, they get back to work. They know when to take breaks, but they stay the course and always finish whatever they start.

11 – They are highly creative.

They may not have a typical creative job. But they always use their innate abilities in whatever field they work in. They typically think outside the box and can view a problem from a bigger perspective.

This creative juice allows them to come up with a strong solution to an issue because they use their natural curiosity for life, along with their creativity to tackle problems. This also relates to being a good leader because these skills can be useful in the business world.

12 – They don’t get offended easily.

Since they have a good idea of themselves and set boundaries with people, those with high emotional intelligence don’t get offended easily. They know that whatever others think and feel about them only reflects their inner emotional state. Thus, nothing outside themselves can hurt them. Therefore, they listen to others with an open mind. However, they never allow their inner state to become upset by turbulence or strife from others.

emotional intelligence
Learn how meditating can help you gain control over your emotional responses.

Final thoughts about people with high emotional intelligence

Overall, having high emotional intelligence means having an awareness of your emotions as well as others’. Tap into your inner emotions. You will access a whole new world of knowledge that will open up many doors for you. Of course, even if you don’t have these skills, you can acquire them. Mindfulness and showing compassion for others can help increase emotional intelligence.


Does CBD Hemp Oil Get You High? An introduction to CBD

Does CBD Hemp Oil Get You High? An introduction to

Does CBD Hemp Oil Get You High? An introduction to CBD

CBD is a hot topic at the moment, and if you’re like many people, you might be wondering just what it’s all about. 

There’s a lot of conflicting information on the internet, so if you just want to know the basics, it can be hard to figure out the truth! Does CBD hemp oil get you high? Is CBD illegal? Does CBD help with pain? 

These are really common questions, but if you search them, you’ll find a lot of conflicting answers. It’s a new topic; this is totally understandable.

Don’t worry though, we can get down to the facts. Here’s a quick beginner’s guide on the basics of CBD for anyone who’s brand new to it. 

So, Does CBD Hemp Oil Get You High?

This is one of the most common questions (and misconceptions) about CBD oil and other CBD products. 

There are many people who equate CBD with recreational marijuana. There’s some logic behind this, but somewhere along the way, people get a little bit lost.

CBD can come from one of two main plant sources, marijuana or hemp. CBD, however, doesn’t have the psychoactive properties of the other main compound found in the marijuana plant: THC. This is where people start to get turned around. It doesn’t help that “hemp” used to be a street name for recreational pot, either!

While both of these compounds work on the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, they do so in very different ways. CBD tends to have a soothing effect, making it great for anxiety and pain. THC has a few different effects ranging from stimulating to hallucinogenic. THC has medicinal uses, but it’s most popular for its recreational purposes. 

CBD available from suppliers may have a trace amount of THC in it, but it’s so low that you wouldn’t be able to register it. 

So in short: does CBD hemp oil get you high? No. Not at all. 

Are CBD Products Illegal? 

This is another popular question about the CBD industry! This one makes a lot of sense. It’s really only recently that the legality of CBD became more solidified. 

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the production and sale of hemp and hemp products in the United States of America. As we discussed earlier, CBD can come from the marijuana plant, but it can also come from hemp. 

CBD from the marijuana plant is federally illegal. If you’re living in a legal state, however, this is a non-issue. CBD from the hemp plant, however, is legal in all 50 states. 

This is one of the reasons that it’s so easy for people to buy CBD online. It’s incredibly accessible and even trendy. As long as hemp remains legal, CBD products will also remain legal. 

What’s the Best CBD Product to Buy?

CBD has a lot of different uses, so depending on what you’re using it for you might want to buy a specific kind of product. CBD has researched effects on pain, anxiety, and even some stubborn skin conditions. They don’t all need the same products.

CBD tinctures and oils are fairly multipurpose and common. They’re easy to ingest and they work quickly. You can add them to food or drinks if you like, but with oils, it’s best to take them sublingually for the quickest possible impact. 

If you’re suffering from post-exercise pain or even some kinds of skin condition, you might want to try out a CBD balm or lotion instead. These are easy to administer to localized pain or irritation and should give a calming effect to the skin and tissue underneath. 

If you’re trying to manage some anxiety but aren’t concerned about speed, you can try out edible products. CBD edibles are common right now, and new ones are coming out all the time. You can buy snacks, sodas, and even candy with CBD inside. 

These edible products often have a pretty low concentration of CBD, and the CBD will take a little longer to work its way through your system. Check the label first to make sure that the dosage is high enough for your needs.

If you need quick relief from pain or anxiety, CBD can be inhaled through a vaporizer. This is the quickest way to get CBD into your body so you can feel the effects almost instantly. If your CBD is for serious anxiety or chronic pain, this might be the best choice for you.

Can You Make Your Own CBD Oil and Products?

Maybe you want to try creating CBD for yourself. Making your own CBD products is tricky, but if you’re diligent, it’s not impossible! Hopefully you have a green thumb because you’re going to be doing some gardening. 

You’re going to be starting by growing hemp. This requires a bit of space and a lot of patience and trial and error. Make sure to do your research beforehand.

Extracting the CBD after your plants are grown is complicated, and there are several ways to do it. There’s alcohol extraction, CO2 extraction, oil extraction, rosin extraction, and butane extraction. All of them have their pros and cons.

For beginners, the simplest will likely be oil extraction, but do some research to figure out which method will suit you best.

“Does CBD Hemp Oil Get You High” and Other Questions: Answered

CBD is a hot topic in the medical world and the cannabis world. There’s still a lot of confusion around it and there’s a lot of research that still has to be done. As more discoveries are made, more information will be made available to the public. 

CBD isn’t a miracle drug, but it is a natural compound that has remarkable medicinal properties. If CBD is to remain legal, it’s essential that there’s no misinformation about its actual uses. 

So, just to be clear, does CBD hemp oil get you high? No, not at all. But it might ease your arthritis pain. 

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How to Tell the Difference Between High and Low Quality Clothes

How to Tell the Difference Between High and Low Quality

How to Tell the Difference Between High and Low Quality Clothes

The fashion world is ever-changing. That’s what makes it so exciting — there are new trends and new patterns being introduced to the fashion arena every day, propelling the industry forward at a fantastic rate.

However, one thing remains constant in the industry. There are low quality clothes and there are high quality clothes. The gap between the two is often significant. The problem, however, is that it isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to know at first glance whether a piece of clothing is of good quality or not.

In this article, we’ll teach you the telltale signs that distinguish between good and bad clothing.

Natural Materials

Synthetic materials are far more susceptible to wear and degradation over time than natural materials. This includes piling, ripping, stitches going out, and more.

What’s more, natural fibers will also feel cooler and provide better ventilation as you wear them. This will ensure that your body temperature is regulated at a safe level for your optimal performance.

Metal Zippers

Nothing is quite as annoying as zipping up a jacket all the way only to have the zipper break halfway up the line. With plastic zippers, this is an everyday occurrence. The low strength of plastic makes it extremely easy for you to accidentally exert too much force and ruin the zipping mechanism.

The solution, therefore, is using metal zippers. The strength of metal allows it to remain far more durable in the long-term, no matter how poorly you treat your zippers.

Strong Stitching

Another way to tell the quality of a piece of clothing is to take a look at its stitching. If the stitching is strong and binds the folds in the fabric together well and holds them, then you’re likely handling a high quality piece of clothing.

If, on the other hand, the stitching in question looks weak and subpar for the folds and creases that it has to keep in line, then chances are that those stitches will rip before you know.

Better Fits

Good clothing designs know that fit is the most important thing when it comes to clothing. They’ll offer a range of sizes for every body type, rather than just giving clothing in a single size that needs to be further tailored to fit your body well.

Trendy Patterns

Quality clothes have trendy patterns that are at the top of the fashion industry. If it looks like something out of your grandmother’s closet, why would you wear it?

If you ever decide to make clothes on your own, then an essential step to learning the fundamentals is taking a pattern making course. You’ll learn about how to create whatever pattern you like, allowing you to implement the many changing trends that you see in the industry.

Quality Clothes Are the Way to Go

High quality clothes are definitely the way to go. Armed with this info, you now know what sets that standard of clothing apart from that which you want to avoid.

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5 High Paying Creative Careers That Pay the Bills

5 High Paying Creative Careers That Pay the Bills

5 High Paying Creative Careers That Pay the Bills

In the United States, there are about 14 million creative jobs for people who are looking for something fulfilling. 

This is a lot more jobs than people may have anticipated in this career, and an even better plus is that some of them pay well. 

Not all artists starve. Plenty of creative careers pay well while allowing you to scratch your artistic itch. Discover 5 creative jobs that pay the bills.

1. Writer

One of the most popular creative careers is actually that of a writer. 

If you are great with stringing words together, being a writer may be a dream of yours. You could be an author, but that isn’t the only profession that you can be a writer for. There are all kinds of opportunities for writers, even down to writing in marketing. 

If you majored in English, you can actually do more than a teacher. Even the most mathematical businesses require some type of writing. With an English major, you can show that you know how to write well, which can be a very valuable asset in a business. 


If you do want to be an author, you don’t necessarily need a degree in English. However, you do need the will to be able to withstand rejections from magazines, journals, and publishing companies. 

Even J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter was rejected multiple times by publishing companies before one accepted it. You could find your niche in children’s books, novels, or even poetry.

There is no set salary for an author; it depends on how successful your books are. 


If you enjoy writing but feel like you don’t have the creativity to build an entire fictional word, you may want to consider copywriting.

Copywriting is used mostly in advertising, and you can write content for different companies’ blogs and websites. Someone has to write all of this content after all, and that is where copywriters come in. 

To do this job, you will need to understand the concept of tailoring your writing to a specific target audience. 

You will also need to be able to write things that catch people attention. You should make sure that it also has a call to action and prompts people to buy or invest in a certain product. 

Copywriters, on average, can make about $50,000. 

If you wanted to learn more about making a career in advertising, you could explore options here. 

Technical Writer

Technical writers are the ones who translate things that normal, everyday people wouldn’t understand into something that’s easy to read, like an instruction manual.

Sometimes, engineers will end up writing the manuals to use something like putting together your new vacuum cleaner, but they write in a way that most people can’t understand. The technical writer is like your translator. 

2. Photographer

Photographers are also in high demand, with social media becoming more and more popular. People want to showcase their highest quality photo, and who doesn’t love a good photoshoot?

In addition to good equipment, you will also need to have some training and have an eye for being able to take a good photo. You will need to know how to make certain colors pop and how to compose your photo. 

If you didn’t want to start your own photography business, you could also look into being a photojournalist or a photographer for different marketing agencies. 

On average, and depending on what path they choose, photographers can make about $40,000 a year.  

3. Editor 

Editors are normally in charge of polishing and revising a piece. They are often the last set of eyes before something gets published or sent to a customer to ensure that there are no mistakes in the final copy.

An editor will normally check for spelling errors and typos, style of writing, grammar, logic, and the tone of the piece. To be able to do this job, you will need to have an eye for detail in order to catch certain mistakes.

You will also need to be able to write well and have some creativity in order to solve problems and revise the work. 

Editors are needed in all kinds of places. You could work as an editor for a journal, magazine, or newspaper in journalism. You could also work at a publishing house. Remember that tech writer job? They also need editors to edit the manuals and technical writing as well. 

If you didn’t want a conventional job, you could also dabble in freelance editing as well. 

To get a job in publishing, you will most likely need a bachelor’s degree in a subject like journalism, mass communication, or journalism. If you have previous editing experience, some jobs will accept that as a substitution. 

On average, editors can make around $60,000 a year, but it largely depends on the company you are working for. 

4. Marketing

Marketing is another career that offers all kinds of different creative opportunities. How creative you can be will depend on what company you work with. 

Marketing Manager

If you like the business side as well, you may want to consider being a marketing manager. This combines business and creativity. 

In this job, you can work with ad agencies, other customers, and different departments to make sure you can create the advertisements for your product. You may even have some financial responsibility. 

Graphic Artist

If you enjoy drawing more than writing, you could also become a graphic artist in a marketing company. 

This way you can make sketches or blueprints for different ad pitches the company may use. 

5. Fashion Designers

If you enjoy drawing and designing, you may also want to consider being a fashion designer. You will also be able to use all of your creativity as you come up with new, trendy clothes for people to wear.

These jobs are projected to grow, but you will probably need a bachelor’s degree in fashion. On average, fashion designers can make about $60,000 a year. 

If you are into art and designing, this is definitely one of the jobs in that area that will pay you the most.  

Explore These Creative Careers Even More

These creative careers are only a few of the ones out there.

If you have a creative passion, don’t give it up just because you think there are no jobs out there.

Check out our blogs posts today to learn more about how to make a career in a creative field! 


High Tech Home Fitness Gear You Need to Consider

High Tech Home Fitness Gear You Need to Consider

High Tech Home Fitness Gear You Need to Consider

It’s 2018, and for a lot of people, getting fit is at the top of their to-do list for the new year.

If this is the case for you, you’re probably trying to make a lot of changes in your life right about now. Aside from changing your eating habits, it’s time to invest in high tech home fitness solutions.

Why? Because they’ll make your life so much easier, that’s why!

So if you’re not able to hire a personal trainer and are looking to go solo on your fitness journey, consider reading this list to find out what kind of high tech home fitness gear you should be buying.

Fitness Apps, Trackers, and Watches

If you’re big on using your smartphone, it’s definitely worth your time to look into fitness apps to send you push notifications and daily motivation to keep you going.

Equally, you may want to invest in a dedicated tracker for your fitness so it doesn’t get lost amongst all your others apps and notifications. Read on to find out our top recommendations.

TOMTOM Touch Cardio and Body Composition Fitness Tracker

This great little fitness tracker is among the best you’ll find. It comes with small as well as larger straps to suit different sizes and sits comfortably on your wrist as a noninvasive monitor of your daily body composition and heart rate activity.

What do we mean by body composition? We mean body fat and muscle mass percentages. Every movement you make will also be tracked to log calories burned, distance walked, as well as time spent sleeping.

The heart rate monitor tracks your resting heart rate as well since this is a great indicator of your overall fitness level.

Retailing at ?99.99, you get a comprehensive 5 days of tracking out of this nifty gadget before any charging is needed. It’s also waterproof and can be worn in the shower whilst at the gym.

Don’t forget to download the TOMTOM Sports app to really get the most out of this device.


BellaBeat specialize in fitness jewelry you can incorporate into your daily look. The Bellabeat leaf can be worn as a clip-on attachment to your clothes, as a pendant on a necklace, or as a bracelet.

The many options mean this tracker can be adapted to suit a variety of different lifestyles and fashion styles.

Different accessories like chains and straps mean one leaf can be re-purposed from one style of wear to another depending on the occasion

The health tracking technology of the Bellabeat leaf monitors your body and mind, with a focus on mindfulness and balance.

Daily activity, sleep cycles, mental health, and menstrual cycles are all aspects that will be tracked by this innovative and modern new device.

BellaBeat Spring

Everyone knows staying well-hydrated is a key to a healthy lifestyle. Especially when you’re introducing more and more physical activity into your lifestyle, this becomes crucial.

Many people are bad at remembering to drink at regular intervals and find this makes them more prone to headaches or dry skin.

Introducing the BellaBeat Spring. Just like the Bellabeat, the BellaBeat Spring has a slick, modern design. A glass water bottle, its goal is hydration tracking, so if drinking regularly is something you struggle with this is the product for you.

With tailored goals and drinking reminders, you can track all of your hydration habits through its combined app, just like the BellaBeat leaf.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Watch

Designed to look more like a traditional watch for easy wear, the Fitbit Blaze effortlessly records workout intensity, heart rate, run stats and more. Connected to GPS, it’s also able to map your regular routes and track your steps.

Calls, emails, a calendar and connection to Gmail and Facebook accounts means that while you’re wearing this fitness watch, you’ll always be in the loop.

A true lifestyle product, this is one to look out for if you want to enmesh your fitness with your daily schedule, routine and social life.

High Tech Home Fitness Gadgets and Accessories

Here are some of our top picks for fitness gadgets that you must have in your life.


Many of us can’t get on with the often repetitive movements required of daily home exercise without some good tunes jamming in our ears as a distraction.

If you relate to this sentiment, consider checking out the headphonesaddict list of best headphones for running to help you make your choice.

UA SpeedForm(R) Gemini 2 Trainers

These trainers offer the ultimate in innovative UA SpeedForm(R) technology which means you’ll have zero distractions while running. ArchForm offers additional support and soft cushioning for your foot for a better fit and feel when jogging.

The shoes molded toe cap also adds support and durability. The embedded interior sock liner combines moisture wicking technology with seamless comfort.

You’ll find that these trainers are incredibly light-weight whilst also being extremely durable. A smart investment for an impassioned runner.

Naboso Proprioceptive Yoga Mat

This incredible piece of high tech home fitness gear is bound to impress any yogis out there. This barefoot training mat is made from a material specifically designed to stimulate the nerve proprioceptors in your feet and hands.

Most training mats actually block these nerve endings due to their thickness, which in turn can throw off your posture, alignment, and stability during exercise.

This unique, patent-pending material used in the Naboso training mat is scientifically tested to match the way the body’s nervous system works, allowing for improved postural control, stability, and strength.

Stay grounded and connected through your feet and hands through all the movements and exercises you make when practicing your daily yoga.

Peloton Bike

This indoor fitness training bike should be the latest addition to your home gym.

Created to bring you the most immersive indoor cycling experience, its screen streams 24-hour access to studio cycling classes so you can get fit without even leaving the house.

If running is more your thing, you’ll be pleased to know you can now reserve their new and upcoming state of the art treadmill.

Ready to Invest in The Best of High Tech Home Fitness?

Start your fitness journey today and smash your health and wellbeing goals with the help of some of this top of the range high tech home fitness gear.

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