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Top 11 Tips for Holiday Resort Marketing

Top 11 Tips for Holiday Resort Marketing

Top 11 Tips for Holiday Resort Marketing

Almost everyone has a travel destination on their bucket list. Even as we age and settle down, we still continue to travel with our families. However, while the need to travel is constant, the trends surrounding travel destinations shift, influencing how people sort out accommodation needs.

Do you need to attract more tourism to your holiday resort? Here are 11 tips for resort marketing to try!

1. Know Your Clients

Are you a high-end hotel? Are your conference facilities your biggest selling point? It is important to identify your selling points and reflect that on your online communication. Speak in a tone that is appealing to the business, give an aura of professional, without being too stuffy.

Similarly, if you are targeting budget travelers, then ooze that personality. The tone you set in your marketing communications ought to be consistent across all your platforms. Once you have narrowed down your profile and that of your target audience, draw them to your online platforms by offering small discounts.

These will be a great source of reviews after the visit, both on your platforms and independent ones like Tripadvisor.

2. Instagram Marketing for Your Resort

Social media is a great marketing tool. You should use all your different platforms to build a community around your resort. However, each platform works uniquely with respect to the different features they offer.

Instagram, for instance, is a great avenue for publishing pictures and videos. People will often share amazing experiences with the people in their lives via Instagram and will often tag their service providers as well as their locations while at it.

Make sure you are part of the conversation by making their stay great even before your guests arrive. Make your guests excited about their stay before they arrive by publishing beautiful pictures of your resort taken from different angles. Accompany the pictures with amazing captions to further reel in your visitors.

3. Run Promotions and Special Offers

Promotions are a great way to garner publicity for your resort. Get your online community to act as your marketing tool by offering a free night for two or a meal at your resort’s restaurant. Have them share why they would like to stay at tour resort, for instance, tagging their friends and family.

Award the promised package to the user with the highest number of engagements by the end of the stipulated period of time for the promotion.

4. Partner With Online Personalities

In a world where social media influencers often command a bigger audience than mainstream celebrities, you need to work with them to effectively market your resort. The first step is to set aside a budget for this. Based on your budget, identify a YouTube personality or travel blogger that speaks to the audience you have marked as your target audience.

Approach them with an offer to visit your property and create content around it. If their asking price is higher than you are willing to spend, don’t fret. Instead, approach someone in the same industry but fewer followers. They are known as micro-influencers and are a lot cheaper.

The key to picking the right micro-influencer to market your resort is not in the number of followers they have but in their engagement rate. Make sure to check what percentage of people interact with their content compared to their number of followers.

5. People Love Stories

How do you attract tourism in a market that is already flooded with resorts? Visual storytelling is the best way to go about this, especially in the age of social media.

Share beautiful images of your resort a few times a week and try and incorporate a story within the captions. This could be in relation to your chain of resorts as this resort does, your location, or even the tourist destinations in the area.

The caption should be written in a conversational tone and should offer more information on your property or the particular service highlighted in the photo. Use niche hashtags to boost the photo’s performance.

6. Respond to Queries

When marketing your resort online, queries are one of the best ways to develop leads and convert them into bookings. Be warm in your responses, courteous and patient as this is an opportunity to build your brand.

Be sure to answer your queries within the hour they are posted, to improve your ranking.

7. Twitter as a Resort Marketing Tool

Twitter is a great platform to engage with your potential visitors but you can also use it to attract visitors to your resort. Share links to your promotions and offers on Twitter and do not forget to geotag the tweets. This way, you are sure to reach tourists looking to travel to your destination.

8. An Updated Website

A website is like your ‘office’ but on the internet. All your social media activity is bound to lead your audience to the resort’s website. Make sure it is updated with all the offers, correct pricing, and contact information.

9. Promote Events in Your Resort and City

If a huge festival or event is planned at your city, then it is bound to draw a huge number of tourists to your location. Capitalize on this by posting about the event on your social media platforms. Some of the attendees, who might be looking for accommodation, will surely get in touch with you.

10. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a great platform for visitors to leave impartial reviews but there is also room for you to advertise your resort. Write a brief but detailed description of your resort, the amenities and services offered and do not forget to add photos.

11. Paid Resort Advertisement

As part of your marketing plan, you might need to run paid advertisements for your resort. Contact a reputable marketing agency in your area to help you with this.

Content Is the Reason Search Began in the First Place

Before travelers make a booking at your resort, high chances are that they will have done a fair amount of research online. This might be via search engines such as Google or on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Bearing this in mind, create an online profile for your resort and the kind of business you hope to attract.

If you follow these steps in your resort marketing, you are bound to see a surge in your resort bookings. Read our blog for more information on branding your resort.



5 Best Cheap Holiday Destinations to Consider This Year

5 Best Cheap Holiday Destinations to Consider This Year

The 5 Best Cheap Holiday Destinations to Consider This Year

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” – Dalai Lama.

This ancient quote has been trending on social media recently. Why?

According to research, millennials are traveling a considerable amount more than previous generations. More than ever before, many are taking vacations to “off the beaten track” locations around the world.

All that exotic travel sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Keep reading for the best cheap holiday destinations for 2018.

1. Portugal

Old towns, lagoon islands, salt pans, ancient fortresses, cliff top views and sandy surf beaches are some of the many places you can visit when heading to Portugal.

Accommodation varies in price. But there are many B&Bs, vacation rentals, or cheaper hotels to choose from.

If you head to a luxury 5-star, all-inclusive hotel, you’ll not only spend megabucks but you might miss out on the local experience. Go for cheaper accommodation and spend your time hanging out with the locals for an authentic experience.

Many budget airlines travel to Portugal, some even with regular bargains and deals, which means your flight might be even cheaper! To travel around, you don’t need your own car as there are plenty of buses and trains that run regularly at fair prices.

Seafood is famous in Portugal, generally cooked in the simplest of ways, yet with the most exquisite tastes. Go to local bistros and restaurants for an original taste of Portugal. These establishments will be a lot cheaper than many touristy hotels and restaurants.

And don’t forget to try the local Port wine for an authentic Portuguese beverage.

2. Croatia

With popular tourist destinations like Greece going through financial instabilities, many are heading to Croatia instead. If you avoid peak season (July to August), Croatia can prove to be one of the best cheap holiday destinations to visit in Europe.

With historical architecture, waterfalls, pebbled beaches, mountainous coastlines and great nightlife, Croatia ticks many boxes for all kinds of travelers.

There are also many activities you can do–snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, zip lining and more. Croatia is also good for taking the kids, as there are plenty of fun things for them to do.

Cheap flights are abundant, and public transport is easy with many buses and ferries easily available.

The Mediterranean style food and local wines are both tasty and for reasonable prices. You’ll eat your way through your vacation if you decide on visiting Croatia.

3. Thailand

Thailand has been a popular destination for quite a number of years. But it is still one of the best cheap holiday destinations, mostly because of the exchange rate.

Thailand is fun, energetic and full of culture. With historical palaces, tropical islands, caves, mountains and jungle safaris, there is a lot to do in Thailand.

There are nearly a hundred temples in Chiang Mai which you can tour freely. There are also many street markets with lots of bargains to be found.

When traveling from the USA, even though the distance is far, the flights are cheap. Travel within Thailand is also great for budget travelers with buses, trains, and trishaw taxis cheap and in abundance. Another option is hiring a bicycle or even a motorbike for exploring the area at your own leisure.

Food is extremely cheap, with good value buffets and sizzling street food available for just a few dollars.

In many other countries, the prices for 5-star hotels are extortionate. But one of the best things about Thailand is that you might be able to afford the luxury, because of the exchange rate and lower prices.

For example, an awesome luxurious place to stay is Howie’s Homestay. Check it out!

4. Indonesia

Indonesia, although a long-haul destination, is extremely popular thanks to low travel costs and cheap activities.

Made up of thousands of islands, Indonesia is full of rich culture and beauty. Indonesia is very varied, with monkey jungles, religious temples, volcanoes, shipwrecks, and mountains. There are also many fun things to do, from snorkeling and scuba diving to white water rafting and quad biking.

Many backpackers choose Indonesia for its cheap accommodation, as there are many cheap hostels to stay in. If you want to upgrade to a hotel room, you generally won’t have to pay too much more either.

Return flights to Indonesia vary during the time of year but are generally under $500. Most of the main islands have buses to travel around, but a common method of travel is by ferry (from island to island).

Food in Indonesia is a similar price to many other Asian countries, such as Thailand. But the taste is obviously different wherever you go. The national dish is Nasi Goreng, which can be bought for just a couple of dollars.

5. Zanzibar

Zanzibar boasts a variety of gorgeous attractions. From pristine beaches with coral reefs to spice tours and old forts, Zanzibar is an island full of beautiful contrasts which makes it one of the best cheap holiday destinations.

Although the flights may be a bit more pricey, your dollars will stretch far while you are there.

The cheapest and most convenient way to travel is using the “dala dala” which is a shared minibus/taxi. There are several around, and you’ll get a real authentic experience if you use one. It’s not overly expensive to hire a personal driver either when compared to other countries.

Accommodation can also be done on a budget, with many vacation rentals and hotels being great value for money.

Zanzibar has a variety of foods to try, and most are for seriously cheap prices too. Make sure to try their famous Pilaf rice and their meat kebabs. Don’t forget to try some sugar cane juice too!

The Best Cheap Holiday Destinations: Where Will You Go?

As you can see, you can travel the world and experience new cultures and lifestyles without breaking the bank.

Make sure to do your research, and use price comparison websites to find great deals on accommodation. Don’t forget to keep checking your flights as they will go up and down depending on the time of year.

And plan for activities, but don’t be scared to try something new. The same goes for food–head to where the locals go and experience the real deal!

So, are you ready to jump on a plane? Check out our blog for travel tips and more!