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8 Real Estate Blog Topics for Real Writing Inspiration

8 Real Estate Blog Topics for Real Writing Inspiration

8 Real Estate Blog Topics for Real Writing Inspiration

87% of buyers purchase their home through a real estate agent or broker.

This statistic proves real estate professionals hold a lot of influence on buyers. But with so many other real estate professionals out there, you’re under some serious competition. How do you rise above the masses?

It’s time to go digital! Revamping your website, optimizing technology such as drone imaging and virtual reality, and utilizing SEO can make the biggest impact. If you would rather start small, blogging about real estate can entice an audience and draw some serious leads.

What do you write about? Start with these 8 real estate blog topics!

1. Neighborhood Profile

Let’s say someone is moving to your town and have no knowledge of the area. They’re looking for a neighborhood profile to ensure they’re moving to a safe area with close proximity to jobs, schools, and other essentials.

In addition, writing a neighborhood profile will boost your credibility and will establish you as a trustworthy figure in the local real estate market.

For example, is there an up and coming area that’s driving younger people and many jobs? Write an article about that neighborhood and why it’s a great place to live.

You can also rate the best neighborhoods in your area. Break each list down by categories; for example, rate the best neighborhoods for families, the best neighborhoods for college students, and so on.

2. Current Market Insights

Are you in a buyer’s or a seller’s market? This is information your clients will like to know. Keep an updated blog about market insights.

You can also research other topics that relate to the market and home buying and selling process. For example, did you learn that mortgage interest rates are rising? Do some research and educate your clients so they know what to expect.

Market insights can also be more specific and nichey. For example, did you discover a high-priced area now sells more affordable housing? Be the first realtor to report this and get that commission!

3. The Best Places to Own a Business

Real estate blogging isn’t limited to residential real estate.

If you offer commercial real estate, reach out to your business owner clients. They will want an expert opinion on the best places to own a business and other information regarding buying commercial property.

If you cater to a wider market, you can report specific cities where business owners will thrive. If you stick to one specific area, focus on certain districts such as a downtown area.

You can also interview business owners and discover what they say. For example, a restaurant owner may state they receive a lot of customers or a store may state they’ve been getting better foot traffic after moving to a new location.

4. Best Jobs in the Area

While this topic doesn’t fall in line with real estate, your potential clients want to ensure there are jobs close by to where they’re moving. Do some research and speak to surrounding businesses about the hottest jobs in that neighborhood.

You can also report on specific markets. For example, if your clients prefer living in an area that’s close to a busy area, discover the local businesses that are in walking distance.

Or maybe you target clients who make good money but are still young. Discover businesses catering to tech, marketing, and other high-demand and well-paying jobs.

5. Home Seller Spotlight

Do you have a client who is selling an amazing home? Write a feature on their property!

Interview the seller and ask questions such as recent renovations or what they loved most about their home, and then emphasize those features in your article. Include information such as square footage, bedrooms/bathrooms, and other useful information such as whether or not the house has a pool.

You can also offer additional insight that will help the buyer. For example, you and the seller can explain how they determined the buying price and if you’re willing to negotiate.

6. Listing Spotlights

Listing spotlights shouldn’t be limited to one home seller. Blog about all of your listings! But spice them up — don’t settle for a general “new listings” section.

Instead, find interesting categories. If you noticed more buyers are interested in condos, write a blog about the best condos on the market.

Let’s say you discovered amazing patios are the new feature that home buyers want. Make a list of the home listings with the best patios to interest these buyers.

7. Write a Guest Post

While this won’t go on your blog, writing a guest post is a great way to improve your blog’s SEO and gain backlinks.

Partner up with a website that isn’t a competitor. For example, find a local news website or a website that accepts guest blogs from local businesses. Write a blog about real estate or your business and include a link to your website and blog.

Your backlinks will be crawled by Google, helping improve your SEO ranking. The content you write will also benefit the publisher website, helping their website rank too.

8. Real Estate Investing Philosophy and Advice

Do you target real estate investors? 

First, identify a target audience. Do you cater to beginner investors? Or do you attract experienced investors who are maybe going through a dry spell or want to improve their strategy?

From here, decide on the pieces of advice you want to share. For beginner investors, write blogs about finding the best properties to invest in or how to make connections with other real estate professionals.

For experienced investors, offer advice on increasing your sales and information about doing a 1031 exchange to avoid taxes, which you can read here.

These Real Estate Blog Topics Will Improve Your Blog

No matter what sector of realty you’re in, there’s always a way to find new clients and improve your digital presence. If you run a blog, these real estate blog topics will take you to the top!

Need more content and writing advice? We offer even more advice to amp up your blogging game!