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10 Ways to Inspire Yourself When You Feel Like Quitting

10 Ways to Inspire Yourself When You Feel Like Quitting

10 Ways to Inspire Yourself When You Feel Like Quitting

One of the cruelest facts you’ll ever come across in life is the fact that 98% of people don’t achieve their dreams. There is nothing great about this club. The most important thing you need to realize is that quitting is not the answer, but finding ways to inspire yourself is.

So many people have failed so many times before becoming the most successful people in the world. Success wouldn’t have happened to them if they quit along the way, and they would be a part of the club. We totally get why you would want to quit because sometimes the going gets quite tough, and we feel like we just want to give up. 

We have gathered some of the best ways to inspire yourself when you want to quit. The following tips will help you spark and fire your motivation, inspiration, and drive back on, so you can achieve the dreams you have been longing to achieve. Here are some of the best motivation tips. 

1. Embrace the Struggle

We understand how cliche this may sound but hear us out. Most of the things in life that are worth having rarely come easy. Most people have to go through struggle, pain, sacrifices, and sleepless nights to achieve great things in life, but in the end, it’s usually well worth it. 

Stop looking at this like the negative that you perceive it to be, and separate yourself from the rest by enduring. Failures are a part of life, and so is the feeling to quit, but if you want something as badly as you want to achieve your goal, you’ll take a breather, get your firecracker back on and continue to grind. 

2. Keep Reminding Yourself Why

If you’re struggling with your motivation right now, there is no better way to get it going again than reminding yourself why you’re doing it in the first place. The desire to quit may be overwhelming right now, and you may be wondering whether it’s all worth it. Maybe your journey is taking longer than you anticipated, and things don’t seem to be going according to plan, that you’ve lost faith in yourself and lost sight of what you were after. 

Be as it may, think about your why. Why do you want this, and what made you start in the first place? Do you need to re-evaluate your goals and change things up for you to find your motivation again?

3. Consider the People You Can’t Let Down

Regardless of what you’re trying to achieve, you have people that support you, believe in you, and depend on you. One of the best ways to be inspired is to think about the people you don’t want to disappoint. 

How many people look up to you and want you to love your best life? Think about them and how it’ll affect them if you quit and just give up before meeting your goals. 

4. Recognize How Far You’ve Come

When you feel stuck and need to inspire yourself, look back at all the progress you have made so far. On the way here, you have learned, grown, and changed a few things or discovered strengths you didn’t know you had. Acknowledge these things, recognize the growth you have achieved so far and let it be the motivation you desperately need. 

If, for instance, you’re halfway through a startup that doesn’t seem to grow, think about everything you had to do to get here. Will all that effort, struggle, and time go down the drain? If you’re already halfway there, the hardest part is over, and you only need to ensure a little longer before you finally get where you need to be. 

5. Forget Being Perfection

It’s admirable that you’re striving for perfection, but you need to understand that this is unattainable. If you’re always after perfection, the disappointments may follow you more often than you’d like. Don’t set your plans in stone and feel that they have to go according to plan.

When you hit a rock, change direction and find alternative ways to make things work. Sometimes things happen completely unexpectedly and end up going even better than the initial plans we had. If you need to, take a few steps back, change your perspective, and see how you can achieve your goals differently. 

6. What Happens After You Quit

One of the most significant reasons why you need to find ways to inspire yourself, it’s the thought of what will happen after you quit. It’s easy to talk yourself out of doing something most of the time, but have you thought about the consequences of quitting? How will it affect your professional and personal life?

What will it do to your self-esteem and the feeling of being a failure? What will happen if you stop working out, or abandon that small business, or your college education? Where will you start from there?

7. Find Someone to Hold You Accountable

Accountability is the one thing that can keep you motivated, especially if it’s someone that you don’t want to disappoint. Being accountable for all your actions will keep you aligned with your goals, and it’s one of the best ways to be inspired. Checking in with someone or knowing that someone expects results from you is a great way to keep pushing yourself. 

8. Use External Rewards

If you want to know how to motivate yourself, try giving yourself external rewards to the small steps you take. Every time you find that your motivation is dwindling, take small steps towards a reward you really want, which will make you look forward to finishing. Give yourself special treats or watch a few episodes of your favorite series when you’re done.

If you have a large project, then you can make it a habit to buy yourself something nice every time you achieve a task. Inspire yourself by getting yourself things you love or going online and reading great motivations books, picture quotes, and success stories. Seeing that things haven’t been easy for others will give you the drive to continue until you finally succeed as well. 

9. Take Break and Find Ways to Relax

Life can feel like a never-ending rat race, and sometimes all you need to do is take a break and refocus your entire perspective. The motivation you need may come from looking at your project with fresh eyes and a different perspective. Take a break, find a few ways to relax, from getting a massage, going for a long drive, activity or hobby you love, or meditate. 

10. Be Proud of Yourself

Even if you’re taking baby steps and the task ahead seems like a mountain you’ll never conquer, look back and be proud of how far you’ve come. This will inspire you to take more steps, regardless of how small. Pat yourself on the back for the small victories and understand that you can only achieve your goals if you keep going, not if you quit. 

How to Inspire Yourself When You Want to Quit

Most people struggle with motivation every once in a while when things don’t go according to plan. Still, these are some of the best ways to inspire yourself to keep going when you feel like quitting is the only option. Quitting should not be an option whatsoever until you have done the best you possibly can. 

Now that you have your motivation back, whether you’re going through school. A business, fitness goals, relationship, or real estate, we have posts that will guide you through your project. Please check out our blog section, where we have lined up informative articles that will help you through your journey!




4 Books About Addiction Recovery to Help Inspire Positive Change in Your Life

4 Books About Addiction Recovery to Help Inspire Positive Change

4 Books About Addiction Recovery to Help Inspire Positive Change in Your Life

When recovering from any sort of addiction, it often feels like you’re all alone. The truth is that addiction is common. More people suffer from it than most of us realize.

Something good to come from this is the fact that those experiences help us in our own fight against addiction. Instead of letting that segregated feeling consume our every thought, we read about others who’ve gone through the exact same thing.

If you’re in a dark place right now, try reading some of these books about addiction recovery. They’ll help far more than you think.

1. Black Out by Sarah Hepola

This book tells the story of a woman who goes on a feminist and freedom-inspired drinking binge that doesn’t ever seem to stop. In the end, everything catches up with her and she must find a way to begin that long road to recovery.

Humor, sorrow, and self-realization are only some of the starring emotions portrayed in this book. A witty writing style makes this book a quick read even though the heavy topics don’t make it easy to digest.

But despite the darker tones, there’s a hint of quirk and amusement that shine in this all too familiar story.

2. How to Grow Up by Michelle Tea

Coming to the realization that something needs to change is one of the most difficult parts of recovery.

This entire journey is what makes this book one of the more interesting recovery books around. It reads more like a how-to book than a memoir at times, guiding the reader through each step.

Follow along with the story as the character finds out that their addiction isn’t what they treasure most in life.

3. Party Girl by Anna David

This story focuses on the ultimate question all addiction recovery books need to ask: what do I do now?

After the protagonist breaks free of her addiction and is steady on the road to sobriety, she’s faced with obstacle after obstacle. Each one dents her new sober armor a little bit, making the next one even hard to face.

This book does a great job of showing the struggle of someone who is doing everything the right way but needs to stay strong against all odds. Nothing worth having is ever easy. 

4. Permanent Midnight by Jerry Stahl

Even those who are both successful and creative struggle with addiction. This gripping memoir show this with sharp clarity.

Heroin addiction causes this writer to make many mistakes throughout his life, even against his own better judgment. It shares with the world all of the terrible side effects of some of the harshest of drugs.

The way it’s presented in this book makes the entire journey both captivating and educational.

The eventual and heart-wrenching downfall is hard to swallow. But it leads to a better life for him and his family.

Let These Books About Addiction Inspire You

With these books and their experiences at your side, addiction recovery becomes a little easier. It’s always good to learn from both the mistakes and victories written upon those pages.

But we all have our own stories to tell. The books about addiction recovery listed above are only a few points of view.

Your own story might help someone else in their recovery someday. So why not try your hand at writing your own memoir? Don’t forget to check out these tips on becoming a better writer to give your memoir the best start possible.