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10 Kind Acts Everyone Needs On Their To-Do List >>>

10 Kind Acts Everyone Needs On Their To-Do List >>>

Your to-do list probably includes things like going grocery shopping, doing the laundry, sending out a few work emails, and other relatively routine tasks. However, as we all must coexist on this planet, perhaps we should make time in our schedule to contribute to the happiness of others as well. Maybe if everyone performed acts of kindness each day, the world would look just a little brighter.

Especially now as so many people struggle financially and emotionally from the pandemic, adding kind acts to our everyday routine could make a huge difference in someone’s life. It doesn’t have to cost you anything or take much effort to show kindness to someone else. Plus, you’ll leave a lasting imprint on their life, and they might just get inspired to pass along the kindness too.

If you’ve ever personally experienced an act of kindness, you know that it made your entire day, and maybe even your year. We have become so engrossed in responsibilities and daily life that kindness seems rare, but it shouldn’t be this way. We can all do our part to reach out in this world and help make someone’s journey a little easier. Below, we have some ideas for kind acts that you may want to add to your bucket list.

Here are 10 acts of kindness you should add to your to-do list:

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart

1 – Surprise your parents with a visit and help them with chores around the house.

As our parents get older and we get busy in our own lives, we may not see them as often as we should. If you’ve been caught up with life and haven’t seen your parents in a while, why not plan a trip and surprise them? Elderly parents may suffer from loneliness and depression, even if they don’t live alone. You can add a lot of happiness and comfort to their life by visiting often and taking time to bond with them.

Plus, while you visit, you can offer to help out with any chores around the house. Maybe they need assistance paying bills, picking up dry cleaning, raking leaves, or something else they haven’t gotten around to yet. You could also go the extra mile and cook them a nice, homemade meal to show how much you love them. No matter how small it seems to you, your parents will thoroughly appreciate and enjoy anything you do for them, especially as they get older.

However, with the current health crisis, make sure to exercise caution when visiting aging or elderly parents. Use these tips in order to minimize risk when visiting older relatives.

2 – Donate unused or lightly used items to a charity.

During a time when many people have lost their jobs and feel very unsettled about life in general, we can help ease their mind by donating items they may need. Any clothes or shoes you no longer wear, games that have started collecting dust in your closet, or books you haven’t opened in ages could benefit someone else.

Go through your house and decide what you can part with, or donate to local nonprofits who may need additional help during the pandemic. For example, you could donate blood to the American Red Cross, as they have been facing shortages due to the virus. Also, check and see if your local food bank needs any items, in particular, to help feed the community during this time.

We all have things lying around the house that we probably don’t use anymore that someone else could benefit from. Donating to homeless shelters is also a good idea as more people have unfortunately lost their homes or apartments due to the pandemic.

3 – Leave inspirational messages on people’s windshields.

Many people need hope in these difficult times, and you could help inspire them with positive messages. To do this one, you could simply print out motivational quotes that you find online, or write your own messages on index cards. Then, go to a crowded parking lot such as a grocery store or mall and stick the cards underneath people’s wipers. Of course, some of them may just crumple it up and not read it, assuming it’s an ad, but it could have the potential to light up someone’s heart.

If you haven’t added this to your bucket list, it’s such an easy way to show kindness, and it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to make a difference.

4 – Become a pen pal or virtual companion to someone in a nursing home.

As most nursing homes have banned visitors, for the time being, the residents have no one to talk to during the day, and this can get incredibly lonely. Some nursing homes have posted on Facebook or reached out to news outlets to ask the public about offering their friendship to these beautiful souls. Nursing homes all over the country have started asking for penpals or virtual companions, so reach out to any assisted living centers in your area if you wish to participate.

This is such a beautiful way to show kindness to some of the people who need it the most, so if you haven’t, you should definitely add this to your bucket list.

5 – Offer to go grocery shopping or do errands for vulnerable people in your community.

If you want to add this to your to-do list, you could either sign up for a delivery service such as Instacart or post on Facebook that you’re offering to deliver groceries. Right now, many elderly and immunocompromised people don’t want to go in crowded places like grocery stores. You could help them out by going shopping for them or any other errands that they don’t feel comfortable doing right now.

6 – Give extra tips (if you can) to service workers.

Right now, service workers have been affected more than any other sector of the economy, so any help you can give right now would be much appreciated. Whether you go out to eat or order in, consider giving a little extra as a tip if you can to support a hardworking delivery driver or waiter/waitress. Or, if you go somewhere that has a tip jar on the counter, you can use this as an opportunity to show some extra kindness.

7 – Pay for someone’s groceries.

If you can, offer to pay for the person in front of you. Many foods have gone up in price since the economy has shrunk, and you never know who really needs some help. Of course, if it’s a big bill, you could always offer to pay for a portion of it, as it’s the thought that counts. While you check grocery shopping off your to-do list, you can help someone else with their weekly shopping, too.

8 – Pick up trash in your community.

You could either do this alone or organize a trash pickup (with social distancing rules, of course) in your city. Unfortunately, many masks and gloves have been tossed in waterways or on land, which only adds to the trash we already have. So, you can do your part by taking a few hours on the weekend to clean up in your area. Perhaps it can become a weekly or monthly thing if you get an organized group together to join you.

9 – Smile at strangers.

This may seem like it wouldn’t make a big impact, but you never know whose day you could make with a simple smile. Most people have a lot on their minds and may not have a lot to look forward to, but a warm smile from a stranger could remind them of the good that still exists in this world. Especially now with so much turmoil going on, we could all use some more smiles. Make it a point to smile at anyone you pass; perhaps this could help strike up a conversation with someone who needs a listening ear.

Little things like this often make the biggest difference, so make sure to add it to your bucket list.

10 – Send “thank you” cards to anyone in your community who makes a difference.

Think of firefighters, EMTs, nurses, doctors, teachers, soldiers, or anyone else who does so much for humanity as a whole. Everyone makes a difference in some way, but many first responders and educators don’t get the appreciation and respect they deserve. Writing a small “thank you” note to them lets them know that their actions don’t go unnoticed.

Final thoughts on acts of kindness to add to your to-do list

If you need something to put on your bucket list, try out the ones we listed above if you want to make a difference in someone’s life. We often think of skydiving or traveling to Paris as common bucket list items, but helping others feels a million times better than just fulfilling our own desires. Kindness, when shared, can make a ripple effect that changes the lives of thousands. Never stop being kind, because it does make a difference.


A Top 7 List of the Best Cities to Visit in Europe

A Top 7 List of the Best Cities to Visit

A Top 7 List of the Best Cities to Visit in Europe

In 2018, over 713 million people visited Europe.

Each year, millions of travelers grab their backpacks ready to start the European trip of a lifetime. With 44 countries in Europe, there is a lot of ground to cover.

How do you know which cities to visit first?

If you want to learn what the best cities to visit in Europe are, then you need to keep reading.

1. Florence Italy

If you want to visit the birthplace of the Renaissance, you need to visit Florence the next time you’re in Italy.

The atmosphere, architecture, and culture in Florence remain untouched, which makes it a perfect place to take you back in time as you explore the heart of Tuscany.

2. Paris, France

Without a doubt, Paris doesn’t need an introduction. For many years, Paris has been the dream destination of many people.

When you visit Paris, you will encounter a whole other world of art, architecture, and culinary wonders. 

Don’t miss out on the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, Sacre-Coeur, and many more. 

3. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has recently been gaining popularity due to its Art Nouveau architecture and incredible views from everywhere in the city.

If you visit Budapest, don’t miss out the thermal baths built in the 16th and 17th century. 

4. London, England

London is one of those cities that never goes out of style. In fact, many Americans make London their first destination because it’s a great city to where to start your European Adventure.

While in London, don’t miss out Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and more. 

5. Barcelona, Spain

When we think of Barcelona tapas, drinking Sangria at Las Ramblas, nightlife, Gothic Quarter, and Gaudi comes to mind. The city of Barcelona is a walking museum, so make sure you have enough time to take it all in. 

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona, you can take a short flight and explore the Balearic Islands. Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca have a lot to offer. 

In fact, you can check out this Villa in Menorca for the perfect getaway. 

6. Venice, Italy

Venice is another European city that is on many people’s bucket list. Don’t even bother bringing a map to Venice. Getting lost in the cobblestone streets and navigating the canals is part of the fun.

If you want Venice all to yourself, make sure you visit in January or during the offseason. 

7. Athens, Greece

If you want to walk along with the Greek Gods, then Athens is the place to be. 

The capital of Greece has so much history dating back thousands of years, it will be impossible to walk down the street without running into some ruins.

Don’t miss the Acropolis, Ancient Agora, and the National Library of Greece.

These are the Best Cities to Visit in Europe

Now that you know what the best cities to visit in Europe are, you can plan your next vacation.

If you love art, food, culture, or architecture, there is a city in Europe waiting for you. 

Did you enjoy these tips? We have more where these came from. Check out the rest of our travel and leisure section.


Planning a Borneo Adventure? Don’t Pack a Thing Until You Check Out This List of Travel Essentials

Planning a Borneo Adventure? Don't Pack a Thing Until You

Planning a Borneo Adventure? Don’t Pack a Thing Until You Check Out This List of Travel Essentials

Are you thinking about planning a Borneo adventure?

Taking a trip to the adventurous jungle of Borneo requires an extensive packing list. If you’re new to jungle packing, we want to help you put together a list.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to bring to the jungle.

Information on Borneo

The island of Borneo is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Aside from Greenland and New Guinea, Borneo is the world’s third largest island. The Island is divided into three countries, Brunei, East Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Borneo’s has an equatorial climate, which means there’s sunshine year round. The rainy season is from November to January. The northeast experiences monsoon weather during this time of year also.

The dry season typically lasts from May to September. Due to the large size of the island, climate varies throughout the territory.

Whenever you decide to visit Borneo, you could benefit from looking at TripADeal cheap travel deals.


As with many islands located near the Ecuador, the climate is humid. For all visitors, it’s recommended they wear clothing that is lightweight and breathable made of cotton preferably.

In the humidity of the jungle, you’ll want to wear clothes that are easy to dry because you’ll be sweating. And you’ll also never know when the rain will come down.

Shorts and t-shirts are appropriate during the day, however, trousers can offer more protection against branches, insect bites, and leeches.

Don’t forget to pack swim trunks and a bathing suit.


You’ll need a few different types of footwear. Bring hiking and walking appropriate shoes that are resistant to all types of jungle terrains. You also want to bring slip-on rubber shoes to slip on in the mornings and evenings.

As already established, the jungle is extremely humid, so you need to bring moisture absorbent socks. You might also need to bring leech proof socks.


It’s not easy to predict if you’ll get sick while on your Borneo adventure, but you should bring some basic medical essentials to treat mild conditions.

Pack over the counter painkillers to treat headaches. It’s also a good idea to bring altitude sickness medication and anti-diarrhea tablets.

You’ll also want to protect your skin from the elements. It’s necessary to pack sunblock for those long hiking trails. Also, pack SPF lip balm, and sunscreen to protect your face.

Additional items you’ll be glad you have are wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and insect repellant.

Female travelers should be aware of their tampons and pads. They won’t be able to dispose of them while in the jungle.

If you bring them you’ll have to carry them in Ziploc bags until you leave. An alternative for female travelers could be a menstrual cup.


Your Borneo adventure will take you to the jungle, and there are no electrical plugs in the jungle. Since you’ll be taking awesome pictures, you’ll want to bring extra charged batteries for your camera. Bring a multipurpose watch you can use as an alarm and has a light.

Photography Equipment

  • DSLR camera (Depends on personal preference)
  • Camera Lenses
  • Waterproof camera bag
  • Additional memory cards
  • Backup charger or batteries
  • Waterproof camera for snorkeling (if applicable)
  • Power adapter

Trekking Equipment

  • Whistle (in case if emergency)
  • Multi-purpose knife
  • Camping cutlery
  • Torch

Remember that while trekking you’ll want to travel as light as possible. You can always assess the situation and decide what you can leave behind in the lodging.


With any trip, you can’t forget to bring your personal documents. Pack your credit card and don’t forget to inform the company you’ll be traveling to avoid your accounts frozen.

Don’t depend solely on plastic, remember that cash is king wherever you go. Try to bring enough currency for the entire trip and only use the credit card in case of emergencies.

Not only should you bring your original passport, but also bring copies of your passport and leave in your luggage. Having copies will speed up the process should your passport get lost or stolen.

Also, bring copies of your itinerary, flight confirmations, hotel reservations, and any others you think are useful.

You need to always be mindful of the environment, so anything you bring into the jungle should leave the jungle with you. Bring plastic bags to store your trash in your backpack and dispose of it after the trek.

Mount Kinabalu

Climbing Mount Kinabalu is a must for any Borneo adventure. It’s Borneo’s tallest mountain, and it’s located in the Malaysian state of Sabah. Visitors often climb to the top of Low’s Peak which stands 13,435 ft.

As you climb any mountain, you should know the weather is not the same when you begin the journey than it’s at the summit. You will need lightweight breathable clothing to start and transition to warm clothing as you trek the mountain.

If you want to climb Mount Kinabalu bring the following:

  • Waterproof windbreaker
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Cap, beanie, head scar, or balaclava mask
  • Waterproof Gloves
  • Hiking shoes with good grip (it gets slippery)
  • Trekking pole
  • Disposable Raincoat
  • Head Torch
  • Water
  • Chocolates, nuts, energy bars, any other high energy food

Dress Code Awareness

Whenever you visit a new place, you should always be aware of the dress code the locals go by. In Borneo, the dress code is fairly conservative, especially for females.

It’s important that female visitors keep their shoulders and knees covered. They should also make sure their tops are long enough to cover their midriff. Showing off cleavage should also be avoided.

For male and females who wish to visit a temple, they should wear long sleeves. And it’s also recommended to cover their hair.

The beaches and forest treks are more relaxed on dress code than the villages, but visitors should be respectful when they’re bathing in rivers. For female travelers, they should bring a sarong with them and avoid bathing in just their underwear.

Are You Borneo Adventure Ready?

Don’t forget to pack light breathable clothing on your trip to Borneo. We hope this list helped you with your packing essentials, and you enjoy your trip.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more, please visit us.