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To The One Who Loves Me…

To The One Who Loves Me...

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.”  Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook 

To The One Who Loves Me:

We met not so long ago, but it feels as though I have known you forever. You know every crevice and crack in my soul, and you don’t judge me for the secrets I hide. You celebrate me. And you encourage me to celebrate myself. You help lift me up on my darkest days and rejoice with me on the brightest. We haven’t had it easy in this life, but we march on bravely despite what we’ve been up against, and I wouldn’t want to walk through the storms with anyone else by my side.

You and I have our differences, but I think who we are, at our very core, is the same person. That’s why we get along so well, because our hearts beat to the same rhythm, and dance the same dance. We appear strong on the surface but have turbulent seas within us that rock us from one extreme to another. We have a passion, a fire in our souls that no one could ever put out, and I hope you know how special that is.

I’m complicated, but so are you, and the fact that you want to understand me on such a deep level makes me feel safe, comforted, and like I belong somewhere. Like I can finally let my hair down and stop putting on a show for the world. You make me feel as though I am enough, but yet make me want to become better all the same.


You don’t ever put me down or make me feel as though I can’t accomplish something; no matter what I want in life, you stand by me and cheer me on. No one gets me like you do, and that’s why I chose you. Somehow I knew we would have a connection before I even talked to you; I guess you’d call that my intuition speaking to me. For a while I didn’t believe in such things anymore, but I can’t just turn my back to the obvious. I also knew the road ahead would be very difficult, and test you and I both in ways we couldn’t imagine. Yet, we’re still standing, stronger than ever before.

My heart has been broken and bruised in the past; it’s seen tragedy, betrayal, heartache, and grief. It’s felt the pain of loss, the emptiness of being alone, the hollowness that makes up one’s soul once they see the truth in this life, and the frustration of being “different” than others. My heart is still a mess, but you’ve helped clean it up a little bit. You’ve showed it what true love means – what unconditional love feels like.

I never knew someone could love me as much as you, and I will never take that for granted.

You’ve helped reassure me that it’s perfectly okay to be me, even though I beat myself up a lot of the time for it. I somehow never felt enough for anyone, even myself. I never felt funny enough, smart enough, outgoing enough, pretty enough, capable enough. Well, I think you get the idea. But then you came along. You showed me all the wonderful parts of myself that I mostly overlooked until we met. And I see all the great things in you, too, even though you yourself don’t always see them.

I think we met to show ourselves that we have a place on this Earth, and we deserve to be here. We met to help ourselves heal from living in a cruel world and to walk together in victory as we put our demons to rest.

lovesSensitive souls like us need to stick together

We have amazing gifts to offer the world and I think being together can help us uncover how to reveal those gifts to others.

Obviously, you know by now that I’m much better at writing how I feel than saying it to you.  I always jumble my words and lose their meaning in the process of trying to speak them. But, I just felt like writing you a love letter to explain my deepest thoughts about you, and hopefully put a big smile on your face. I just love it when you smile. ?

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