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15 Ways a Man Shows Affection >>> 5 Minute Read

15 Ways a Man Shows Affection >>> 5 Minute Read

You may have heard that men and women express love differently. Affection is a common way of expressing love. You may wonder what this looks like for your guy. So, let’s take a look at the ways that a man shows affection.

How vital is affection?

Recent studies suggest that physical contact, like affectionate hugs or cuddles, increases good health and well-being in adults. Some say that affection holds a relationship together. It the best gauge of your partner’s interest level. So, what are the ways your man shows you his affection?


  1. Doing activities with you.

One study found that men express their love by sharing leisure activities with their partners. If your man likes to go on ride bikes with you or walk your dog or go to the movies with you, he’s expressing his love and commitment to you. Don’t miss this expression of his affection because he’s saying that you’re the one he wants to hang out with all the time.

  1. Doing household work

Does your man do housework? The same study found that men show their affection for their partners by pitching in on the chores. It’s their way of showing they care about you and the home you share. Maybe your guy cooks dinner every night since you work late, or he washes the laundry every week. Whatever he’s doing, it’s his way of saying he loves you.

  1. Initiating affection touch and intimacy

Men express affection by initiating physical intimacy. When your man wants to touch your hair, your back, or your face, he’s saying he’s attracted to you and wants to express his attraction physically. If a guy is reluctant to have sex or acts disinterested in physical intimacy, it’s a bad sign. Some say that sex is a good gauge of how a couple is doing because of a lack of affection and intimacy means you have a platonic relationship rather than a romantic relationship. Of course, there are periods when you’re both exhausted taking care of the kids, but for the most part, intimacy should be a part of your relationship and your man should be initiating it sometimes.

  1. Little gifts

Guys buy gifts to show they care. It’s their way of displaying love. When your man is interested in you, he’ll pay attention to your favorite colors, your favorite foods, or scents. He knows the stores where you like to shop. He’ll buy you small gifts. He might bring home flowers if you’ve had a tough day at work or home with the kids. Perhaps your love might even arrange a babysitter and take you out for dinner or a movie. He’ll get you jewelry or perfume. He’ll love surprising you with little gifts and watching your reaction. He’s still falling in love with you, and he shows it with small affection gifts.

  1. Meet my family

A guy who doesn’t want to meet your family or friends is a guy who isn’t sticking around long. Genuine affection means meeting the people you love. Your man will make an effort to make a good impression on your folks and reach out to your little brother. He’ll invite your friends over for drinks and ask you to invite people along on your beach trip. He cares about who you care about because you’re important to him.  Never overlook this gesture, it’s a sure sign of affection for you.

  1. Simple words

Some guys aren’t that great at expressing their emotions and feelings. Just saying, “I love you” may not sound that articulate, but to a man, it’s a massive step towards commitment and affection. If your guy initiates saying I love you, then he’s expressing his love for you. He wants you to know he is in love with you. He’s willing to be vulnerable because you’re that important to him.

7. Talks about the future and includes you

When your man talks about plans, including you, that’s a sure sign he’s committed. His future planning of events is an affectionate way of saying, “Let’s do life together.” Your relationship isn’t just a short-term thing to him. He may be planning to go to a movie next week, or flying to California to visit his family for the holidays or driving to the mountains to ski, but if he’s making plans using the word “we,” he’s demonstrating his affection and care for you. Take notice if he’s including you, he’s showing you he cares and wants you with him wherever he goes.

  1. He listens to you

Your guy loves to listen to you. He looks in your eyes. He smiles at your excitement and the way you wrinkle your nose when you laugh. He’s all ears when it comes to what you have to say. He’ll listen to you more than to his friends or his mother. He’s attentive to you, and your words affect him because you’re his priority. He’ll take what you say to heart, even if he doesn’t act like it. You may not realize the power of your words, or that what you said made a difference until he does something that shows you he heard every word you said.  He cherishes your approval, and he listens because he cares so much about your opinions and thoughts.

Therapists explain the four habits of conscious couples.
  1. He’s proud of your accomplishments.

Your man shows his affection by supporting you in your accomplishments and goals. If you want to do something, he encourages you and helps you work toward those goals. He’s willing to give up his time to watch you perform in the ballet or read your manuscript. He’s not competitive or jealous of you. He wants you to succeed, and he’s willing to do what it takes to help you meet your goals. He’ll be so excited about your accomplishments he’ll brag about you to others. You may need to quiet him down a bit because he’ll be your biggest cheerleader.

  1. He is protective of you, and he defends you.

It’s a guy thing, but men show affection by being protective. It can be exasperating sometimes, but ti’s a sweet way to show he cares. He’ll worry about you if you’re out late and text you to see when you’ll be home. When you’re sick, he’ll be ridiculous the way he worries over you. He’s ready to jump into your ring to defend you to the end.

  1. Tries to resolve conflicts

Men show their affection by working to resolve conflicts. They don’t like to have anything between the two of you. Your guy will work hard to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it. He’ll be adamant about talking things out and be quick to own his stuff. Don’t miss this sign of affection, because it’s a sure sign he cares enough about the relationship to work hard to bring peace back.

  1. He can apologize and mean it.

When your guy loves you, he is sorry when he hurts you. He is quick to admit he was in the wrong. He won’t deflect or blame you. He’ll take responsibility for what he did. He won’t whine or get moody. He’s mature and reasonable. He’s ready to be humble and admit he’s wrong.

  1. He’s attentive to the details about what you.

Affectionate men notice everything about their women. Your guy pays attention to everything about you-your hair, your eyes, your ups, and downs. He’s in tune with you because you’re his priority. He wants to please you by wearing clothes you like or smelling sweet. He showers and keeps his hair neatly groomed. He’s conscientious about his weight, staying trim and in good health. You are important enough for him to work hard to remain attractive to you.

  1. He loves the way you look…all the time.

Your guy is still falling in love with you every day, whether you’re having a good hair day or a bad hair day. He’s not critical of how you look without makeup or when your hair isn’t styled. He’s in love with you for who you are, and he loves the way you look all the time. He’ll compliment you on your clothing choices or your new perfume. He’s attracted to your looks, but you are more to him than just looks. He’s interested in your thoughts, your personality, and your emotions. You are a total person to him that he finds attractive.

  1. He’s not afraid to be vulnerable with you.

When your guy opens up about his feelings with you, it’s a sure sign of his affection. He trusts you enough to be willing to become vulnerable with you. He isn’t ashamed to cry or say he’s sad. He’s honest when he’s disappointed or scared. He wants to open his heart to you and share intimate details of his life-his struggles, his dreams, and his disappointments. You are his primary support and guide. He looks to you for advice when he’s having a hard time.

Final Thoughts on Understanding the Ways that a Man Shows Affection to a Woman

Many guys find it hard to open their hearts, so when your guy does this, he’s here to stay, and he wants you to know it. If you see these signs, then he is a keeper!


15 Signs That Reveal A Good Man

15 Signs That Reveal A Good Man

A good man may be hard to find, according to many women. The definition of what makes a man “good” may vary,  but certain qualities are non-negotiable. Many people wonder what traits are essential in a good man. So, what qualities make a man suitable?

A good man, one study found, has certain qualities. Women ranked qualities like honesty, humor, kindness, and dependability as the most important.  But there are other qualities that could be added to this list.

Here is a list of 15 signs that reveal a good man.

1 – Supportive of you

A good man is supportive of you, whether it’s in your career, your schooling, or your creative outlets. He sees what you’re doing as essential, not just secondary to him. He encourages you to pursue your dreams because he cares about you and your interests as much as his own interests. He’s for you, not against you.

good man

2 – Works hard to get to know your family and friends

If you’re in a relationship or married, you know how important it is to you that your family and friends get to know your partner. When he wants to get to know your family and friends, it’s especially encouraging to you. He cares for enough about you to want to know these people, because they’re people you love. When he reaches out to your family and friends, it’s a sign of his love and commitment to you. Keep an eye out for this kind of good man.

3 – Respectful

Respect is an essential quality in human relationships. If your man isn’t respectful of you, it should be a huge warning sign. Disrespect means he’s not really for you, he’s more concerned about himself. Don’t believe the lie that once you’re married, he’ll be more respectful. Disrespect of women can be a sign of entitlement or sexual dominance, one study found. If you see this in your man, you may need to step back in the relationship.

4 – Emotionally open

Men who are emotionally open and in touch with their feelings are better able to listen and encourage your emotional growth. Emotional vulnerability makes your relationship deeper. When you share your opinions and struggles with your man, you should feel his understanding. A man who is emotionally uptight or unwilling to talk about his feelings is immature. This isn’t the kind of relationship you want.

5 – Willing to work on your relationship

A good man values your relationship enough to work towards its growth. He doesn’t blame you but seeks to own his own negative contributions. One study found that forgiveness is an essential element in a relationship. A good man is willing to forgive. He doesn’t hold a grudge or try to get revenge when you do something wrong. Part of being human means you do and say things you may regret later on. A man who’s willing to work to make himself better and work on your relationship is indeed a good man.

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6 – You share similar values

This might not seem like a game-changer in a relationship, but it’s a huge contributing factor to a successful relationship. Having similar values means you and your man have the same values related to marriage, family, religion, and character qualities like trust and honesty.

If you disagree on too many of these values, you’ll be clashing all the time. You may not agree on all of these, but a good man is open to discuss his values and is ready to compromise for the sake of the relationship. If he’s refusing to budge on too many of these, he may not be the one for you.

7 – Good manners

Good manners show respect. A good man knows how to relate to people like a gentleman. Here’s a list of some basic manners a good man should practice.

  • Ready to vacate his seat for an elderly person or disabled person
  • Says excuse me
  • Says thank you and please
  • Doesn’t use foul language in public
  • Is ready to help
  • Listens
  • Doesn’t talk about bodily functions in a group of people
  • Chews with his mouth closed
  • Doesn’t talk with food in his mouth
  • Keep his elbows off the table.
  • Washes his hands
  • His cellphone use in public should be private. NO one wants to hear him shouting into his phone at a restaurant.

A good man is mannerly or at least desirous of good manners. Not everyone learned good manners at home, but if your man is as least anxious to learn good manners, this is positive. If he thinks these courtesies are stupid or unnecessary, be alarmed. It’s not a sign he’s a good man.

8 – Reliable

Reliability is critical in a relationship. A good man is trustworthy. If he says he’ll do something, he does it. He doesn’t make excuses for himself. He’s reliable at work and at home. He shows up for engagements or parties on time. If your man is unpredictable, you can’t trust that he’ll be there for you. This quality is essential, so don’t overlook it when you’re considering a good man.

9 – Mature

No one wants to see a man acting like a teenager. It’s unattractive and quite honestly annoying to see a man speaking and acting half his age. It’s a sign he’s insecure. Men like this are usually looking for attention. This type of man may be fun at a party, but he’s not ready for a long term relationship. No woman wants a relationship that requires her to continually rescue her man from his immature activities. If your man acts like this, he may not be right for you.

10 – He’s a leader and a follower

We often consider a good man as someone who can lead, but a good man is one who can also follow.  He is respectful at work of his boss, or team lead. He’s doesn’t need to be in control all the time. Also, he is willing to allow you to lead in areas where you have more experience or know-how. He is neither insecure nor afraid he’ll look “weak” if you lead in the relationship. Good men also know how to lead when needed in various situations which include

  • Knowing how to delegate
  • Respecting that others may be better at a job than they are
  • Motivating the right way, without guilting or threatening
  • Empathizing with others
  • Wanting others to succeed
  • Being humble, but don’t tell everyone they are
  • Wishing the best for everyone around them

11 – Owns his mistakes

A good man owns up to his mistakes. He listens to criticism without getting angry or blame-shifting. He admits he was wrong without drama or playing the victim. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who wallows in self-pity. It’s selfish and proves they can’t handle criticism. A humble man that owns his mistakes is a good man. He’s humble enough to admit his weaknesses and desirous of change.

12 – He communicates

Studies show that couples who have effective communication have a more satisfying relationship. A good man not only communicates well, but he initiates contact with you. He doesn’t see it as your job to start a conversation. Also, he values your input.

And while may not agree with you on a topic, but he’s open to talking about it. He doesn’t insist that he’s right, or make you feel like your ideas are stupid. A good man will communicate with you because he cares for you.

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13 – He takes the initiative in the relationship

A good man is an initiator. He initiates in

  • Home projects-he doesn’t wait for things in the house to fall apart before he gets them fixed
  • Finances-he’s saves and budgets
  • Communicating with you.
  • Planning activities as a family or couple
  • With the kids, he’s attentive to what they’re doing and how they’re doing.

14 – Faithful

A faithful man is a good man. He’s faithful by not gossiping about you behind your back or flirting with other women. He’s loyal enough to protect your reputation, your confidences, and your sexual relationship. His love isn’t divided, he’s attentive to you alone because you’re most important to him. A faithful man is a faithful man who you can trust with your life.

15 – Financially responsible

A good man knows how to keep his finances in order. He should understand or be learning about the essential elements of economics such as:

  • Credit score
  • Savings
  • Reasonable financial risk versus bad financial risk
  • Insurance
  • 401K
  • Cash savings
  • Investing
  • Taxes

A good man won’t prey upon you for money, or ask to borrow money from you all the time. On the other hand, he doesn’t place too much emphasis on money. A good man is generous, not stingy. He won’t get angry if you spend money on something for yourself.

Finally, he’s balanced when it comes to money, seeing it as a means, not an end in itself. Lastly, a good man is willing to learn from you if you have more financial knowledge and experience than he does. This is a sign that he’s humble, and that’s good.

good manFinal Thoughts on Finding a Good Man

If you have found love with these traits, hang on to him. He’s a definite keeper. Congratulations–you found a good man!


What Do Women Look for In a Man?

What Do Women Look for In a Man?

What Do Women Look for In a Man?

Currently, around 124.6 million adult Americans (50.2%) are single. This number was approximately 22% in 1950. Despite the increase in the number of people swiping right and using online dating sites, being single is more common than ever before.

If you’re currently hoping to settle down, you may be wondering exactly what women look for in a man. Luckily, we’ve done the research and can help you solve the mystery so you can finally understand what women are looking for.

Ready? Let’s get started.

What Women Really Want

When it comes to finding a partner, men tend to be much simpler than women. Women, however, tend to be a little more complicated. Some guys need some help understanding what women look for in a man. Here are a few things most women are hoping for in their partner:


Most women are looking for a man that’s honest. Without honesty, there’s no way to build trust. Men hoping to settle down with that perfect woman will need to be honest and direct.

No woman wants to play games, and they’re not interested in trying to figure out if you’re telling the truth. Honesty is crucial from day one.


This doesn’t mean that women expect to have your attention every minute of every day. But they do want to feel cherished and special. Women love the little things that men do to make them feel good. This could mean complimenting her smile, noticing when she’s cut her hair, or leaving a note in the morning for when she wakes up.


Sure, it can’t always be chocolates and roses, and you probably won’t be making out continually throughout the day. Most women are juggling family, friends, and work responsibilities after all. Often, the romance seems to disappear once men are in a committed relationship.

Keep the romance alive with a weekly date night. Light a few candles, put on some nice music, or run a bath for the lady in your life.


While intelligence should never be flaunted (there are few things as unattractive as a guy who thinks he “knows it all”), it’s an attractive trait. When you come across as interesting and humble, you’ll find it much easier to charm the right woman.

If you’re an expert in a particular area, use it as an “I know about this and would love to show you” way, and not as an “I’m so much smarter than you” way.

Intelligence is sexy, and women like to learn from someone special.


Ask women who have just ended a relationship one of the main reasons the relationship fell apart and you’re likely to hear the word “passion” mentioned. Today, many women are looking for men who can take initiative both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Sex is important, and if you’re having issues in the bedroom or suffering from a low sex drive, you may want to check out this treatment. Even if you have a good sex life, women want that passion to continue outside the bedroom. Every woman wants to feel wanted, so asserting yourself sexually is a must.

Small physical touches like a stroke on the back or a kiss on the neck are important as well and will help keep the passion alive in your relationship.

Sense of Humor

One of the top traits women look for in a man? A sense of humor. Being funny simply makes you more attractive, and women are always looking for a man who can make them laugh.

This doesn’t mean you need to be continually cracking jokes. But being able to laugh at yourself is key. No one wants to be with someone who takes themselves too seriously.


Women want to be with someone who can take care of themselves. You’ll need to demonstrate that you’re independent and capable. That means making your own decisions, cooking yourself dinner, and paying your rent on time.

Women don’t want to be your mother, and it’s crucial that you can prove that you can carry your own weight (and your partner’s when necessary). It’s a definite turnoff when guys are in constant need of motivation, help, advice, companionship, and reassurance.


Women like to talk. A lot. Women speak approximately 20,000 words a day, which is 13,000 more than most men.

Your partner may know you love her but would appreciate hearing you say it too. So let her know you think she’s hot. Tell her she looks beautiful. It helps her feel confident and lets her know you can see the effort she has put in.

It’s also important to communicate when you’re not happy. There’s nothing more frustrating than hearing someone say they’re “fine” when they’re not fine. Women appreciate men who are great communicators and avoid being passive aggressive in the relationship.


Just like men are attracted to good-looking women, the same goes for women. Keeping yourself groomed, staying in shape, wearing clothes that fit, and regularly bathing goes a long way.

This doesn’t mean you need to look like Brad Pitt. But staying on top of your personal hygiene and taking pride in your appearance will go a long way.

Are You What Women Look for in a Man?

What do you think of the above traits? Do you believe you can tick most of them off? Do you have what women look for in a man? Or are there some areas that you could improve?

Most women are happy to be with a man who is somewhat of a “fixer-upper” as long as he’s willing to focus on self-improvement. There’s nothing more unattractive than an unmotivated guy who’s happy with mediocracy.

Want to learn more about women? Check out some more of our relationship articles today.


Gym Wear: 5 Things Every Man Needs to Have

Gym Wear: 5 Things Every Man Needs to Have

Gym Wear: 5 Things Every Man Needs to Have

You might not give much thought to what you wear to the gym. It’s probably the one of those ratty old college or band t-shirts that fill your drawers, and a pair of sweats or elastic-waist shorts.

Even if you carefully choose the clothing you’ll wear to work or on a date, this is the gym we’re talking about. Who cares what you put on?

It turns out that you should care. Here’s why — and how to choose clothes that will work to your advantage when you work out.

5 Ways To Work Out in Style

1. Get A Good Fit While Getting Fit

Don’t choose baggy clothes to work out in. They won’t make your body look bigger. Boxy shirts and saggy sweatpants will actually impede you at the gym.

In addition to possibly getting snagged or caught in the machinery, clothes that are too big won’t let you see how your body is moving. This means it’ll be harder to monitor your form.

Shirts for working out should have no more than two to three inches of excess fabric at the waist; choose shorts that hit about two inches above the knee. Check out some of the great options from Generation Iron.

2. Choose the Right Fabric

A lot of men relegate their old t-shirts, the ones that have holes under the arms or are just too ratty for everyday wear, to the workout drawer. Experts say that’s a mistake, however. Cotton t-shirts will soak up your sweat, making it heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

Dedicated performance wear is a better choice. Wicking fabric won’t leave you feeling wet, sweaty, and clammy. Nor will you leave puddles behind on the bench after you’re done pressing — which your fellow gym-goers will appreciate.

3. Opt for More Clothes Than Holes

We get it; you’ve worked hard for those pecs and lats, and you naturally want to show them off. Any type of fishnet shirt or barely-there tank top, however, is going to mark you as “that guy.” Which guy? The one that women roll their eyes at.

These days, the gym is more social than ever before. You could run into your boss, a potential client, or that woman you’ve been eyeing on Tinder. So opt for low-key, not flashy, clothing.

4. The Right Footwear

It ought to go without saying that you should wear proper athletic footwear, but next time you hit up the gym, look down. You might be surprised at the number of folks you see in Vibrams, sandals, even boots and flip-flops!

If you’re not especially into running or cycling, choose a pair of cross-trainers that are comfortable and supportive.

5. Choose Complementary Outerwear

Unless you always shower at the gym, it’s best to invest in a dedicated jacket or coat to throw on when you leave. Why?

Putting on your good wool pea coat on top of your sweaty workout clothes will eventually lead to the pea coat smelling like you did wind sprints in it. In Georgia. In August.

Buy yourself a performance jacket that’s warm enough to ward off the chill when you leave the gym. Bonus — you’ll have something for hiking and outdoor workouts, too.

Ready To Get Your Sweat On?

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to put away those old Led Zeppelin Ts, invest in some stylish, high-performance workout wear, and go get your sets in!