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How to Market Your Art Online and Get Noticed Today

How to Market Your Art Online and Get Noticed Today

How to Market Your Art Online and Get Noticed Today

25% of the global population shop online.

You have put in a lot of effort, energy, and time in creating your art. You need the whole world to see it.

If you are an established artist, it is relatively easy for you to be noticed. However, if you are just starting to get your work out there, you will need to implement more strategies. This article will provide you with tips on how to market your art.

How to Market Your Art: Have a Fantastic Portfolio

When you create art, you can easily include it in your online portfolio. The internet and globalization have made the world a small village.

Previously, you could only rely on selling your work within your country. Today, you can sell it all over the world. This means you need to network, submit your work to art competitions, and post it on your website and social media profiles.

This guarantees that you will have a place to direct anyone who wants samples of your work. Remember that this portfolio will act as your first impression. It, therefore, needs to be a good one. Here are some ways you can do it:

  • Display on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • You may also start writing a blog on your website to drive traffic and get your work noticed
  • Post new jobs regularly
  • Engage your followers by responding to comments and answering questions
  • Ensure the website is optimized for all devices
  • Allow customers to pay via online payment methods

Join Global Online Art Platforms

Joining global online art platforms is an excellent way to get noticed. Most of these platforms allow you to sign up and use their services for free.

Here, you can easily get discovered by thousands of art collectors who visit the website. When you upload your art, you are creating a legacy and your art will live long in the virtual world.

Make It Easier For Your Fans to Market You

The best way to get your work out there is to get your fans on social media to share your work on their timelines.

A single person can have thousands of followers on social media. What if all these followers see your art? It will increase your chances of getting your work sold.

Therefore, your website should have a “share to social media” button to make it easier for your visitors to share the work.

Ensure Your Website Is SEO Friendly

The easiest way for you to get noticed online is to make sure that your website is SEO friendly.

There are various tactics that you can use, including the use of keywords and LSI keywords. This will put your work among the first ten websites for each search in your category. For more tips on how to track your SEO keywords, check out this guide.

Marketing Your Art

Getting your work noticed as an artist is not as difficult as most people presume. You could also have a call to action at the bottom of each post where you ask visitors to share the work.

If you need tips on how to market your art or need a platform to showcase your work, please explore our blog.


7 Promotional Tactics to Market Your Content Like a Pro

7 Promotional Tactics to Market Your Content Like a Pro

7 Promotional Tactics to Market Your Content Like a Pro

Did you know that 77 percent of American adults go online every day? And, of that 77 percent, 26 percent spend almost all of their day online.

Americans are plugged in more often than not — that means you have a lot of opportunities to share content with them and market your business’s products and services. 

To generate more leads and see conversions from your content marketing efforts, you need to make sure you’re using the right promotional approach.

Read on to learn about some effective promotional tactics that will help you market your content and spread the word about your business.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing approach that involves creating a variety of online content (blog posts, social media posts, videos, etc.) with the intent of building and retaining an audience.

The goal is to provide your audience with useful, valuable content to build trust and increase the likelihood that they will purchase products or services from you in the future.

Importance of Content Marketing

There are a number of benefits that come with having a strong content marketing strategy, including the following:

  • Improve trust and build brand reputation
  • Improve website conversions
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Bring in new leads in a cost-effective way

Content marketing also helps you to establish yourself as an expert or authority figure in your industry. This, in turn, increases your conversions and helps you to build a solid reputation for your business and brand.

Promotional Tactics Every Content Marketer Should Use

As you can see, good content marketing is essential if you want your business to succeed long-term. Here are seven promotional tactics that you ought to use when marketing your content.

1. Reach out to Influencers

Some people scoff at the idea of working with social media influencers. In reality, influencer marketing can lead to some incredibly high conversions.

Influencers who have spent time building a loyal following can be a great asset to your company and can really help to spread the word about your brand and the content you’re working hard to put out. 

Reach out to an influencer and ask for a quote to find out how much they’ll charge to share your content on their social media profiles.

2. Mention Your Sources

If you’re quoting professional sources in your online content — and, if you’re not already, you definitely should be — mention and tag those sources when you share your posts or videos on social media.

Often, your sources will see the mention and check out what you’ve created. They may even share your content on their own social media profiles.

This helps to expose you to a much wider audience and can increase the amount of engagement and the number of followers you get from a single post.

3. Email Your Sources

If you really want to ensure that a busy individual sees your content, try sending them an email.

Let them know that you’ve written a blog post or created a video in which you mention them or their research.

Many professionals have busy social media profiles, and there’s a possibility that they might miss your mention or tag.

If you email them directly, they’ll be more likely to be on the lookout for your post and may be more inclined to share it with their followers.

4. Submit to Content Communities

There are lots of websites on the internet dedicated to helping content creators grow their following and expose their content to a wider audience.

There’s a lot of competition on these websites, but they can be very helpful, especially if you’re putting out high-quality content. 

If you join one of these communities, it’s a good idea to do more than just self-promote. Share other people’s work and engage with others who are posting on the site — remember, this is a community.

It’s a good idea to share only your best content, too. You don’t necessarily want to use these sites for every piece of content you create.

5. Send Content to Your Email List

Don’t have an email list? Create one as soon as you can. An email list will provide you with direct access to people who are already interested in what your company has to offer. 

Once you have your email list, start sharing your content in regular email updates. Don’t spam the people on your list — limit yourself to a maximum of one email per day. 

6. Use Paid Ads Strategically

You can always go the paid route when you’re trying to promote your online content.

Be smart about the way you do this, though. Otherwise, you could end up spending a lot of money, and that’s money you might not necessarily get back.

Pay to promote specific pieces of content, the ones you really want to get out to a wider audience.

Make sure you label your content clearly as being sponsored, too. This helps to establish credibility and prevents you from being penalized by the platforms on which you’re advertising.

7. Hire a Professional

Finally, you might want to consider hiring a content marketing expert, like the ones available at this website, to help you get your content out to a wider audience.

There are lots of content marketing professionals out there who know the latest tricks and tools necessary to share your content with as many people as possible.

Just be sure to do your research before hiring one of these professionals to make sure they’re trustworthy and have a good online reputation.

Need More Content Marketing Help?

As you can see, there are a lot of different promotional tactics you can utilize as part of your business’s content marketing strategy. 

These seven tactics are great ones to start with when you’re first getting into the content marketing game.

Do you need additional help in establishing a content strategy, though? If so, we’ve got lots of articles for you.

Head to the Content Strategy section of our site today for a variety of resources that will teach you how to create great content, stick to a schedule, and increase your productivity.


3 Insanely Clever Ways to Use Promo Products to Market Your Business

3 Insanely Clever Ways to Use Promo Products to Market

3 Insanely Clever Ways to Use Promo Products to Market Your Business

We know that you’re always looking for the best — and the most cost-effective — ways to market your brand.

While marketing gimmicks and viral videos might get you attention for a brief amount of time, promo products ensure that your leads will think about your company for long after an event or transaction has ended.

But how can you get creative when it comes to the top promotional products?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

1. Choose the Right Products

The first step in mastering promotional products?

You need to make sure that you’re not only selecting quality promo products, but also ones that are directly relevant to your brand.

For example, while promo pens would work well for an office supply store, they might not be as effective for a wine company. For the latter, a branded wine opener is a much better choice.

Also, although we know the temptation is real, resist the urge to buy trendy products in bulk. The must-have fad of the moment is going to fade. Then, you’ll be left with a bunch of products you can’t really use.

If you want to go trendy, only buy small amounts.

2. Have a Fashion Show with Promo Products

We also love the idea of hosting a small fashion show that features your models wearing your top promotional products.

This works especially well if you’re an e-commerce store that sells clothing and accessories. This way, your promo products aren’t just items you use to generate buzz around your brand.

They actually become coveted pieces of clothing and accessories that your target market wants to wear.

For example, look into promotional hats, branded scarves, and even promo shirts and tees with your logo splashed across them. Then, work them into outfits with other pieces of clothing that you sell.

3. Involve Social Media

You also want your products to generate a buzz about your brand online.

Plus, you can use your promotional products to help you create a community of your leads and customers. (Not to mention, this will allow you to check out their buying and social media habits.)

We urge you to print a hashtag on your promotional products. When you hand them out to people, encourage them to post their pictures on social media holding the promotional products.

Then, like, comment, and share the pictures you find online to your company social media accounts.

Need More Ways to Market Your Business?

While this post has introduced you to some of the top promo products and how to use them, this is far from the only way that you can market your business.

You still need to develop a digital marketing strategy and master SEO, claim your third-party web listings, and perhaps even create a winning logo design for your brand.

We know: it certainly sounds like a lot!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand the next step to take after investing in the right promo products. When you’re ready to learn inbound marketing techniques and more, bookmark our blog.


How to Market a Game Online

How to Market a Game Online

5 Tips For Marketing Your Online Game

Around 49 percent of men and women play games online or on a console. That’s almost half of the population actively playing.

So, how do you get players to buy your games? In this post, you’ll find out how to market a game and get people interested in your product.

How to Market a Game

When you develop a product, you want people to use it. That’s why having a good marketing strategy is critical to spreading the word about your game.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

It doesn’t matter how you feel about social media; there’s no denying it’s a powerful tool.

If you haven’t set up an account for your company, do so. Having an active Facebook and Twitter account is critical. A Youtube channel with original content will engage more viewers and consumers.

Interact with customers and answer messages. Post new content often so people don’t forget about you.

Having a unique online presence doesn’t hurt, either. Don’t be afraid to be witty; social media has become a place where boring is easy to forget.

Brand Design

A solid brand is the key to standing out from the crowd. You have to know exactly what your brand is about and what it stands for.

Along with knowing your brand, you’ll need a recognizable logo and design. Keep all your designs and color schemes cohesive. It will make your game accounts more professional.

Create Your Website

A solid social media presence is only part of the formula. Once you’ve established that, it’s time to work on your website to make it as good.

One thing to remember is to link your website to your social media accounts. Having information on your account without a way to link to the source is frustrating.

Make information on your brand and game easy to find. Contact information needs to be available, as well. Screenshots and summaries of the game are critical, so people don’t have to go searching.

Discover more examples in the link.

Press Release

A press release is another way to promote your game.

Reach out to reviewers on blogs or youtube. Give them a beta version in exchange for their publicity and reviews. The more people talking about the game, the better exposure for you.

Don’t Get Discouraged

It can be easy to be self-conscious when you create something and put it out there for the whole world to see. But don’t get discouraged.

Persistence is what makes a difference. Don’t give up if you don’t get enough publicity at first. Keep talking, keep posting, and keep interacting with consumers. Word of mouth brings in more viewers and players.

More Marketing Tips

Your product is special to you, and you want others to enjoy it. Indie game marketing takes time and perseverance. Now that you know how to market a game get out there and win over the public.

For more information about marketing, read “The Difference Between Remarketing and Retargeting Advertising.”


How to Market Your Cannabis Dispensary

How to Market Your Cannabis Dispensary

How to Market Your Cannabis Dispensary

It’s an exciting time in the United States for those involved in the marijuana industry. It’s an equally exciting time for those interested in getting involved in the marijuana industry.

With the legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use taking place in states like California, Colorado, Vermont, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, opportunities for new businesses such as dispensaries abound.

If you currently own or are looking to start a cannabis dispensary, you might be surprised to know that marketing your business isn’t exactly going to be all that simple. In fact, because marijuana is not legal in all 50 states, businesses in the industry have strict regulations they must follow when marketing them – if they want to continue to operate.

In this post, we’ll offer several helpful tips for marketing your dispensary. Want to know more? Just keep reading.

Familiarize Yourself With the Laws in Your State

With the majority of the products in the U.S., there’s a certain amount of freedom afforded to marketers – and not very many rules or regulations regarding how things can be marketed. For the marijuana industry, however, there are rules.

As you probably already know, marijuana is not yet legal nationwide. Since it’s only legal in a few states (and each state has different laws surrounding it), the laws for marketing your dispensary are going to vary depending on where it’s located. Before you can market your pot-based business, though, you’ll need to know what your state allows.

For more information on what how your state specifically allows marijuana and cannabis products to be marketed, check out this post from Leafly. It provides an idea of some of the rules and regulations throughout each state. From Alaska to Illinois to New Mexico, there’s a ton of information that’s sure to help cannabis dispensary owners no matter where they’re located.

For each state, Leafly even goes as far as to detail what the rules and regulations are regarding things like billboards, signage, print media, internet marketing, and more. However, one thing is banned no matter where the cannabis dispensary (or other marijuana or cannabis-based business) is located: marketing products to minors.

Once you’re familiar with your local marijuana marketing laws, you can begin to create a marketing plan that is in line with both federal and state regulations and laws. How you go about doing that is at your discretion, but do be mindful that failure to comply can mean the end of your cannabis dispensary.

Step It up with SEO

Or Search Engine Optimization. To make it simple, following good SEO practices means that your business will rank more highly on Google when specific keywords or phrases are searched. And the higher you rank, the more people will visit your website, and hopefully, do things like purchase your products…or (at the very least) sign up for your mailing list.

Want to find out where you rank? All you need to do is type in your dispensary’s name into the search bar on Google…and see where it crops up in the results. For example, if you had a prescription for medical marijuana and lived in Lansing, Michigan, you might type Greenwave Cannabis Dispensary in.

Most people on the internet are typically looking for something that’s convenient.

If your result is beyond the first page, it’s time to take your SEO game to the next level. But how? Mastering SEO is becoming increasingly complex as Google’s algorithms continue to change.

There are a few simple changes you can make to your website (and the content that lives on it), though:

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Keywords are the key to SEO success. Without including them, people who search “cannabis dispensary” on Google won’t find your website.

If you run a cannabis dispensary, focus on what people who are looking for your products would search, and include those keywords and terms on your website. Study up and place them strategically, though, because stuffing your website’s pages with keywords will get you found out by Google in no time.

Meta Tags and Descriptions

“What’s a meta tag?” It might feel like it, but you’re actually not the first person on planet Earth to ever ask that question.

We’ll make it simple for you. Meta tags tell search engines like Google what’s on the page. This description, though, lives in the coding of the page rather than on the page itself.

And just like other online practices (like using hashtags for greater visibility on social media), some meta tags are more effective for SEO success than others.


When it comes to your content on the web, including imagery is a must. Why? It draws people to your website and, when you combine it with great content, provides them with an experience that’s engaging in more ways than one. What does this mean for you?

It means that people will spend a longer amount of time on your website, which makes them more likely to convert.

Social Media

If you want your cannabis dispensary to be relevant in 2018 and beyond, it’s essential to maintain a presence on social media. If you’re not ready to go all out at once, you can start by creating a Facebook page and Twitter. Since Instagram’s user base only continues to increase, it’s a good idea to set up an account there eventually, too.

For many businesses, social media is very trial and error. (And sometimes, it’s more error than anything.) You’ll find what works for you in time.

Market Your Cannabis Dispensary Effectively with These Tips

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what you want to focus on when marketing your cannabis dispensary, it’s time for you to take what you’ve learned and put it into practice. With adequate research and a bit of trial and error, you’ll eventually find what practices are most effective for your canna-business.

For more business articles, check out the rest of our blog.


How to Market Your Home to Luxury Buyers

How to Market Your Home to Luxury Buyers

How to Market Your Home to Luxury Buyers

Looking to sell your luxury home? Your marketing needs to be on point. Here’s everything you need to know about how to sell it quickly at a competitive price.

Luxury Homes for Sale – What’s Your Price?

It’s important to sell your luxury home at a competitive price.

A competitive price is found by your real estate agent through comparative market analysis.

This takes into account the value of your home while being cognizant of the other luxury homes for sale in your area. Your real estate agent will sift through data, tour comparable homes, and call on brokers for insight.

Buyers in your area have more to spend than most. This doesn’t mean they won’t deliberate and negotiate.

This is why listing your home at a competitive price is essential.

Marketing Materials

The price of your home is just one part of your marketing plan.

Luxury homes for sale are not commonplace. Your marketing plan should have a refined, compelling strategy to match.

Create a unique website for your home.

Ensure that your website is mobile friendly. Sites with intuitive navigation, which are gorgeous and clean will charm potential buyers.

Seek out the best, innovative marketing materials to post on your website and other venues your agent deems appropriate.

This means professional picture, video, and drone photography. Hire skilled writers for your ads and brochures.

Showcase your home’s amenities. This includes:

  • Design (intricate details and open floor plan)
  • New technology: control locks, heat, and AC from your phone
  • Pool
  • Home theater
  • Spa bathroom
  • In-home gym


Luxury homes for sale should emphasize their exclusivity and the gorgeous landscape in the marketing materials.

When buyers see your marketing materials, the exclusivity and privacy of your luxury home should be apparent at first glance.

Showcase the land around your home with picture and drone photography. Whether the greenery around your home is beautiful but simple or lush and colorful, ensure that its design matches your home.

Time of Year

Selling at a certain time of year is important for anyone selling a home, however, luxury homes for sale raise the stakes.

Things to consider are school, terrain, and weather.

Being cognizant of schools in your area is important for anyone selling a home. If your luxury home is in a school area, it’s important to consider the children of potential buyers. Be prepared to give some information about the schools.

Many families with children will be looking for a new home in late Spring and Summer. Selling outside this window means that fewer families are shopping.

Fortunately, it doesn’t exclude all buyers.

Potential buyers look for luxury homes outside this window, but they still want an unforgettable viewing.

If you live near water or your luxury home is lake or oceanfront, extreme weather could mean unfriendly cold, wind or even hurricanes if your luxury home is on the Gulf.

Aim to show your home in the right season, when the weather is pleasant.