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10 Natural Treatments for Split Ends and Shiny Hair

10 Natural Treatments for Split Ends and Shiny Hair

Do you have any grey hairs that are peeking through your hairline? Your mane will inevitably start to change as you age. The once vibrant locks will lose their color. Another thing you will see happen is those gray hairs will turn wiry, dry, and brittle. Your entire head of hair will change over time. You will begin to see your mane switch from oily to dry and unmanageable. Another problem you will encounter is split ends.

What is a Split End?

When you have long locks, it’s easy for the hair to develop split ends, which means the hair is growing an extension or splitting off. These splits are caused by damaged hair that is dry and trying to compensate for the injury.

Did you know you can have more than one split on a hair shaft? The damaged hair can split in several directions, which is commonly seen when your tresses are longer. Regular trims can help with split ends, but it’s only cutting away the problem. Your hair needs nourishment to keep it in top shape.

Collagen is natural oil produced by your body that helps keep your hair and skin looking great. These oils nourish your system to ensure that you don’t have dryness. You run into problems when you dye your hair, use curling and flattening irons, and wash your locks too frequently.

All these things will cause the oils to be stripped from the hair and result in dry tresses. Now, you could do none of those things and still have split ends, so you should take preventative measures if you want longer hair and don’t want to deal with the unsightly dry issues.

Ten Preventative Ways to Stop Split Ends Naturally

Are you ready to do something about all those splitting hairs that are dry and unmanageable? Well, here are ten natural things that you can do that will help and not hurt your locks.

Avoid purchasing these ten items at the drugstore.

1. Wash Your Hair 1-2 Times Per Week

Are you washing your hair too much? When you’re younger, you may wash your hair every day to get the style you need and keep the oil issues at bay. However, as you age, you need those natural oils to nourish your long locks.

It’s appropriate to wash your hair once or twice each week. If you find that your hair gets too oily in between washes, you can consider using a dry shampoo. Stripping the oils in the hair is the most common reason why it will become dry and split.

2. Use Natural Hair Dye

While it’s easy to go to the drug store and pick up a box of hair dye or go to your local salon, you may want to try something new with your hair. Why not use a natural hair dye like henna?

It’s not nearly as damaging to your locks, and you can get vivid colors and almost the same results. Since henna is natural, it won’t cause issues like ammonia and peroxide, which are two common ingredients in hair dye.

3. Turn Down or Off the Heated Hair Styling Products

One of the most significant ways that your hair gets damaged is from excessive heat. Some curling irons can go up to 180 degrees or higher. All that heat and pressure put on the hair shaft is drying and damaging.

Even blow-drying your hair can cause problems. You can put unique products on your mane to protect it when you are using these devices. Additionally, you can find more natural ways to style your long locks.

For instance, your hair will dry nicely in the breeze outside or when you sit in front of a fan. Also, most hair dryers have a cold setting on them, which will help to minimize the damage.

4. Deep Condition Your Hair

Depending on the state of your hair, you should be deep conditioning at least once per week. Some people won’t need to do it as often, but these treatments are great for dry, brittle hair that needs to be restored.

Get a conditioner at your local drug store or try some all-natural coconut oil. Apply a generous amount to the hair trying to avoid the scalp area if there are oil issues. Now, please pay close attention to the ends of the hair where it’s prone to breakage.

Allow the condition to sit for about an hour, then gently wash it away. Your hair will be soft and manageable.

5. Get Regular Trims

It’s your prerogative if you want long or short hair. However, long hair comes with significant responsibilities, which include having it trimmed frequently. About every six weeks, you need to get approximately an inch of hair trimmed off.

If you see split ends further up than the one inch, you should cut above that area. The goal is to remove any splitting during these trims. It seems that once they start, they will continue to multiply all over your hair. Trimming removes the brittle ends and allows the health and vitality of your hair to remain.

6. Use a Silk Pillowcase

It sounds like such a simple request, but using a silk pillowcase can dramatically impact the oils in your hair. Did you know that cotton or wool pillowcases can cause damage to your hair?

It sounds crazy, but your head is rubbing up against that pillow for eight hours a night. If it’s silk, it won’t cause near the damage as the other varieties.

7. Don’t Towel Dry Your Hair

Speaking of materials rubbing against your hair, did you know that towels can be very damaging to your tresses? It sounds bizarre, but your cotton towel can cause damage and cause hair loss. Do you have an old t-shirt hanging around the house that you could use as a method to dry your hair?

The t-shirt is softer and won’t cause damage when vigorously rubbing your hair to remove water. It’s a simple trick that will work wonders.

8. Take Collagen Supplements

If you’ve tried many methods and nothing seems to be working, you should consider adding all-natural collagen supplements to your diet. Keratin is the protein that makes up your hair, and collagen has a great deal of keratin.

When what you’re doing on the outside doesn’t seem to be working, you need to nourish it from the inside out. Another thing you can do is to make sure you get plenty of water each day.

You should be drinking half your weight in ounces, so if you weigh 120 lbs., you need to be drinking at least 60 ounces of water each day.

While that may sound like a lot of water, remember that’s only about eight glasses spread over 24 hours. You will see a dramatic change in your hair, skin, and nails when you’re getting the proper hydration in your body.

9. Use a Detangling Spray

If you notice that your hair is often tangled after you wash it, don’t rip a comb through it, trying to blast through the knots. It would help if you used a detangling spray. It will nourish the hair shaft so that each knot comes apart with ease. The more you yank and tug on your hair, the more damage you will cause.

10. Switch to a Natural Shampoo

Another thing that can cause significant issues to your hair is the shampoo you use. Many shampoos have added ingredients that are made to dry the oils and offer little moisturization. You want to remove the dirt and excess oils, but you need to leave some behind for nourishment.

Thankfully, many natural shampoos and products can help you with your dry locks. Some of the most common are:

  • Soap Nuts
  • Aloe Vera Shampoo
  • Castile Soap Shampoo
  • Rhassoul Clay
  • Eggs
  • Shikakai
  • Hibiscus Cleanser
  • Fullers Earth Cleanser
  • Rice Water
  • Besan or Chickpea Flour

There are all sorts of holistic products online and in local stores; make sure you read your labels to ensure that you’re getting no additives that can be damaging. You will find that you can keep your hair clean and healthy using nature’s products, and they will do just as good if not better than overly manufactured ones.

Final Thought on Managing Your Split Ends

Have you ever seen a person with gorgeous hair that shined and had the perfect hue? Did you ever feel jealous and wish that hair was yours? You can have the hair of your dreams with a little work and the right products backing you.

Split ends are unsightly and can cause your hair to look lackluster and frizzy, especially if you keep it long. Thankfully, you can have the long hair you want, and the healthy shine you desire by switching your routine. Don’t you want to be the envy of everyone when they see your gorgeous locks?


10 Natural Remedies Better Than Medicine for UTI

10 Natural Remedies Better Than Medicine for UTI

Are you trying to find a natural therapy that works better than medicine for UTI?

Urinary tract infections or UTIs are one of the most common types of bacterial infections among women. During a woman’s life, it’s estimated that fifty percent will experience these infections. The most common course of treatment is antibiotics.

The problem with the frequent use of antibiotics is that many of the bacteria present today have become antibiotic-resistant. If a woman has frequent bouts with these infections, it’s best to turn to nature rather than something that destroys both good and bad bacteria in the body.

10 Remedies That Might Work Better Than Medicine for UTI

One of the best things you can do when treating a UTI is to drink plenty of fluids. The more you urinate, the easier it is to flush the bacteria from your system. It’s also essential to keep the area both clean and dry. However, there are many things that you can do to cure or help with these troublesome infections.

1. Lemon

Lemon is a very acidic fruit that has a similar effect in the urinary tract system as Vitamin C. Not only is this a natural antibiotic and antifungal destroyer, but it can help to flush any bacteria out. Slice one lemon and put it in an eight-ounce glass of water.

Drink as many of these as you can handle. Since it’s acidic, you may have some heartburn or notice an upset stomach. You can ease these symptoms by reducing the lemon in your water. Lemon has numerous benefits to the body, but it’s one of the best natural medicines for UTIs.

2. Cranberries

Cranberry has long been touted as one of the best treatments aside medicine for a UTI. There have been a few studies on the effects cranberry has on these infections, and the results are mixed.

While the evidence on whether it can cure these infections seems slim, there is proof that these little wonder fruits can slow the growth of bacteria and change the PH in the urinary tract to inhibit development.

The most observed bacteria in this area is E. Coli. Cranberry appears to work well against this strain of bacteria and, with regular use, can prevent future occurrences. Though you can get supplements and juices, it’s better to use juice.

You want to make sure that it’s 100 percent organic and has no added sugars. Any sugar in the juice will be counterproductive as sugar helps to feed fungus and bacteria.

3. Garlic

When it comes to natural medicine for UTIs, garlic is among the best. When you crush raw garlic, it releases allicin. There have been many studies on allicin and its effect on the urinary tract and the vaginal area.

When taken in the purest form, allicin has antibacterial properties that can fight a wide range of bacteria. It’s also been shown to have a profound effect on the drug-resistant strains of E. Coli, which is commonly found in this area.

It’s best to crush the glove and allow it to sit for ten minutes before consuming it. You want to make sure the allicin has time to release. Some praise garlic for its natural antibiotic effects and the ability to fight the most severe infections.

4. D-Mannose

D-mannose has recently come to the forefront as a natural medicine for UTIs. It’s confusing because it’s a type of sugar closely related to glucose, but it doesn’t have the same effect on bacteria as sugar. When you ingest D-mannose, it makes the walls of the urinary track very slippery.

The slippery slope makes it nearly impossible for bacteria to adhere to the system walls. This sugar works well for those who have recurrent bouts of infection. A study was done using women who often battled these chronic toxicities.

There were 300 women with a chronic history of UTIs. The women were divided into three categories. The first group received a daily dose of d-mannose powder every day in the water. The second group of women got an antibiotic daily. The last group didn’t receive any treatment.

The women who took D-mannose fared well. Only 17 in that group continued to have problems with UTIs. Of the women that took antibiotics, 21 continued to have issues. Lastly, the final group who received no treatment had 62 people that continued to have issues.

It’s also important to note that the group who took the D-mannose had little to no side effects. Still, the women who took the antibiotics had diarrhea, nausea, headaches, and other difficulties.

5. Vitamin C

The great thing about Vitamin C is that you cannot overdose on it. It makes the urine more acidic, which makes it impossible for bacteria to grow. This vitamin enhances your immunity, but it can improve women’s health in the gestational age. The recommended dose is 100 milligrams each day.

doctors office
You will be shocked when you read the five dirtiest items at a doctor’s office.

6. Oregano Oil

Oregano is a robust antibacterial oil. A study was conducted in 2012 that showed that this essential oil is a strong defense against E. Coli and other strains of bacteria. Additionally, it’s also shown to promote healing for those suffering from an active infection.

The study showed that by using this on an antibiotic-resistant strain, women fared better than antibiotic experiments. There are no harmful side effects when taking this, nor is there any ability to build up resistance.

The best way to take this essential oil is internal. It should be diluted with water to make it more palatable. You shouldn’t take it for longer than a two-week period when you are utilizing it as a substitute for medicine for UTI.

7. Clove Oil

Research has established that clove oil has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, which is excellent for UTIs. Another benefit is that it holds anti-inflammatory assets, and it works to alleviate pain and stimulate healing. You can take clove oil internally for up to two weeks.

8. Probiotics

When it comes to medicine for UTIs, many can clear up the bacteria in a few days. However, the problem is that many infections have become resistant to the medications. Thankfully, probiotics have been proven to help with these painful occurrences.

The benign bacterial flora found in probiotics can help with the overgrowth of harmful microorganisms in the urinary tract. When you use antibiotics, it destroys this protective lining, making the area susceptible to bacteria growth. Probiotics work by supporting the flora and making it more durable to defend against foreign invaders.

Another way that you can help to keep this flora intact is by consuming fermented foods. These foods have helpful bacteria in them that will do much the same as probiotics. These foods include:


9. Myrrh Oil

Myrrh is not an essential oil that is talked about much. However, it has fantastic antiphrastic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties make it one of the best natural remedies. Throughout history, it’s been widely used to prevent and treat infections.

This essential oil should be rubbed into the skin or applies by using a warm compress. You shouldn’t take this product internally unless it’s under your physician’s direction, and it’s of the highest quality. It’s a great alternative medicine for UTI sufferers.

10. Drink Tons of Water

You need to double or even triple your current water intake. Low fluid intake can be one of the reasons why you have an infection in the first place.

You should strive to drink between three-fourth to one gallon of water. It’s essential to stay hydrated because having a chronic low fluid intake will mess up the PH balance in the urinary tract. Curing your infection may be as simple as chugging water and staying close to a restroom.

Final Thoughts on Using Natural Remedies Instead of Medicine for UTIs

If the infection is uncomplicated, then it should clear up within 2-3 days after treatment is initiated. If the disease is severe, often in those with compromised immune systems or older adults, you need to see a doctor. UTIs can spread very quickly and go from the urinary tract to the kidneys and even the brain.

The best way to prevent a UTI is to reduce your risks. There are many things that you can do that increase your chances of developing an infection. Avoid using the following items:


Additionally, if you are in a high-risk group, you should take extra precautions. Using a natural medicine for UTIs will lower your risk of contracting an infection. People in high-risk groups are:

•Frequent Unprotected Sexual Intercourse
•Suppressed Immune Systems
•Those with Type I or II Diabetes
•The Use of Catheters
•Pregnant Women
•Postmenopausal or Premenopausal Women

One of the significant problems with getting one UTI infection is that once you get it cleared, it’s likely to return. If the disease does return, it’s almost always reinfection by a pathogen of the same type.

With natural therapies, you will not feel the side effects that might arise from traditional medicine for UTI. Each infection that you get increases your chances of recurring infections. Studies show that once you get one, your chance of getting another UTI within six months happens to one in five women.


5 Natural Nutrients to Boost Your Health With Micronutrients Diets

5 Natural Nutrients to Boost Your Health With Micronutrients Diets

5 Natural Nutrients to Boost Your Health With Micronutrients Diets

When people embark on a personal journey to achieve a healthy lifestyle, they typically start doing a few different things.

They regulate the number of calories that they intake.

They exercise more.

They start practicing better sleep habits.

But what’s something that few people do? Track their micronutrient intake.

However, the truth of the matter is that micronutrients play a massive role in how your body performs. If you want your body to reach peak performance, then you need to start considering the benefit of micronutrients diets.

Knowing which micronutrients you need and how to get them, however, is hardly the most straightforward thing to learn. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll list five essential micronutrients that you need to be consuming and how you can make that happen.

1. Vitamin B1

The first micronutrient that we’ll discuss is perhaps one of the most core ones to your body’s functionality. Vitamin B1’s role is to assist in the breakdown of other nutrients into usable energy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking supplements for all the other nutrients on this list, if you aren’t getting enough vitamin B1, your body won’t know what to do with them! To get more vitamin B1 in your diet, start eating dried milk, oranges, and pork.

2. Omega3 Fatty Acids

A healthy mind is part of a healthy body. Omega3 fatty acids will help you get your mind on track with your physically fit body.

These fatty acids help the brain to perform at peak output for longer periods of time. That translates into you getting more work done. They occur naturally in fish oil, so start including more seafood into your diet if you aren’t already.

3. Calcium

When you were a kid, your parents probably told you that you had to drink your milk so that your bones could grow strong. Well, the nutrient that makes this happen is calcium!

Calcium intake is particularly important for the elderly. Bones naturally deteriorate with age. One of the ways to combat that is with ample calcium intake, which can be accomplished with more dairy consumption.

4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C does several things for your body. One of its principal functions is developing collagen, one of the elements that contribute to healthy skin. If you’ve been fighting skin problems for years, then try adding more citrus to your diet: oranges, lemons, and limes will all work.

5. Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is a soil-based organism that works to boost your immunity. In an age of worldwide pandemics, your immunity needs all the help it can get. To boost fulvic acid intake, eat more vegetables and add a fulvic acid supplement to your daily regimen.

Incorporate Micronutrients Diets for a Healthier You

There you have it. Now you know more about micronutrients diets and how they can help you live a healthier, more all-rounded lifestyle.

For more health articles, be sure to take some time to check out the rest of the website!


The BERT Update and Google Natural Language Processing

The BERT Update and Google Natural Language Processing

The BERT Update and Google Natural Language Processing

Say hello to BERT! We’re talking about Google BERT, that is — the Google update that just rolled out in October 2019.

Google themselves told us that 1 in 10 searches will be affected by the update! It might not seem like much, but 10% certainly isn’t a statistic to sneeze at. Website owners and SEO strategists can’t afford to ignore BERT. It’s the latest Google natural language processing update.

Maybe you’re wondering: what is natural language processing? How will BERT affect my site’s SEO?

We’ve got the details you need to know right here. Keep reading to get to know a bit more about BERT!

What Is the Google BERT Update?

BERT stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.” That’s fancy talk for describing how this algorithm hones in on NLP (natural language processing). This Google update is all about getting a deeper understanding of how language works in context.

It means that the Google search engine is learning how to pay attention to things like the order in which words are typed into the search bar or the prepositions and smaller connecting words that are used in search queries.

For example, take a search query like “us visa for asian travelers.” Without an understanding of word order, you might end up with results informing U.S. citizens about visa requirements in Asian countries. With the BERT update, the search engine is getting better at understanding the language that is being used here — and in turn delivering results that are more directly targeted to the searcher’s intent.

How Will the Google Natural Language Processing Update Affect My SEO and Content Strategy?

With any SEO strategy, it’s always best to ask yourself “how can I write to a human audience?” — NOT “how can I write to a search engine algorithm?” The BERT update is proof that the search engine algorithms are centered on serving humans, and your content should be too!  

An understanding of natural language processing basics can help you to understand how the machine learning algorithms work. However, your content strategy should continue to focus on providing valuable informations to the real people who are searching for the information that you have to offer them. 

One change that you might need to make to your SEO strategy is to begin focusing on more specific content. The importance of long-form content has been long been touted by SEO specialists. However, long, wordy blog posts won’t do much for your SEO strategy if they aren’t delivering high-quality, highly specific content to your readers. 

BERT is now able to hone in on the more specific inquiries of searchers. Your site should also be honing in on the specific questions that your potential readers will be seeking answers on. 

The Bottom Line on BERT

Whether it’s the Google natural language processing update or the next update coming down the line from Google, there will always be changes and upgrades to search engine algorithms. If you allow yourself to get tangled up in always chasing the latest algorithm, you’ll find yourself fighting a losing battle. 

Instead, focus on creating content for the people who are searching the web for the information that you have to offer them. By putting your readers first, you’ll continue providing high-quality content, no matter what happens with the latest algorithm. 

Explore our site for more informative articles like this one! 


Ready for Your Morning Perk? Check Out These Natural Aphrodisiacs to Perk Up Your Sex Life

Ready for Your Morning Perk? Check Out These Natural Aphrodisiacs

Ready for Your Morning Perk? Check Out These Natural Aphrodisiacs to Perk Up Your Sex Life

The average person will spend approximately 117 of their 25,915 days of life having sex. Considering how much people talk about sex, that’s a surprisingly low number. Compare that to the 10,625 days spent on tech devices and it gets even more shocking.

Would you like to outrank the average human and spend a bit more time enjoying yourself between the sheets? With how stressful and busy modern day life is, getting ready for sex can be a challenge.

With a little planning and some help from some natural aphrodisiacs, however, you can make it happen. 

Keep reading to find out what those aphrodisiacs are!

Peppermint Soap

Essential oils can regrow lost limbs!

We jest, obviously, but it seems as though essential oil proponents think that essential oils are the cure to everything. But while essential oils may not be able to regrow limbs, they can help rev things up in the bedroom, particularly for women.

If you have a hard time reaching orgasm, try taking a relaxing bath with peppermint soap. Or you can get a cream or gel to use in the moment for more heightened stimulation. You could even put a few drops in your essential oil diffuser to fill the air with its fresh scent.

Just be sure whatever you buy has real peppermint extract in it. A fake perfume won’t do what you need it to do.

Food and Vitamins

There are many foods that are thought to have an aphrodisiac effect. These include bananas, avocados, oysters, and hot peppers. 

Hard scientific evidence on the effectiveness of eating these foods as an aphrodisiac is still lacking. However, there is evidence that points to certain vitamins and nutrients helping to increase blood flow to the pertinent parts of the body as well as improve the body’s overall functioning. 

Regardless, getting your vitamins certainly won’t hurt. Rather than splurging on oysters every day you can take a supplement like tribulus terrestris for convenient stimulation.


As if you needed another reason to indulge in the sweet delight that is chocolate. Of course, we’re talking about real chocolate, not chocolate flavored candy that is full of sugar. 

Chocolate contains phenethylamine. This hard-to-pronounce ingredient is important because it stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine in the brain.

These compounds are known as the “happy chemicals” because of their ability to lift your mood. An added plus is their aphrodisiac effect. 


Did you know there is actually a physical reason why people love giving and receiving hugs? Physical contact, more specifically skin to skin contact, triggers the release of oxytocin in the body. This compound causes people to feel more bonded with one another.

Even a simple 20-second hug can have an effect on your levels of oxytocin. Imagine what watching a whole movie snuggled up together can do!

Spice it Up with These Natural Aphrodisiacs

Ready to spice things up? Give one (or all) of these natural aphrodisiacs a try and see how it goes for you. You might just find yourself spending less time on your computer and more time getting it on!

Want to learn how to prolong the experience and get the most out of it? Check out the sex tips in this article.


CBD Oil a a Natural Cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

CBD Oil a a Natural Cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Writer’s Relief: CBD Oil as a Natural Cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Think about the world’s most dangerous jobs. You’ll probably find occupations like a firefighter, policeman, or shark diver near the top of the list.

What about writers? Not so much.

Okay, being a writer isn’t the most high-risk occupation. But there is something besides writer’s block that people need to worry about: carpal tunnel.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome refers to nerve irritation due to inflammation. This irritation can run from the elbows through the wrist and into the fingers. Carpal tunnel writer’s syndrome is fairly common, thanks to excessive keyboard use and typing.

Many writers are far too familiar with repetitive wrist pain. Don’t suffer in silence. Here’s what you need to know about using CBD oil as a natural cure for carpal tunnel syndrome.

When to Seek Treatment

You may have experience with carpal tunnel. But it can be difficult to sort out when you should seek treatment.

One telltale sign is if you are experiencing pain or numbness. Carpal tunnel tends to flare up in the fingers, but you might also feel these symptoms in your wrist and elbow. You should seek treatment if your pain persists and worsens during the night.

Carpal tunnel can also leave your hand feeling weak and tingling. As a writer, you should consult treatment if your carpal tunnel is interfering with your day-to-day work.

You might be wondering how to treat carpal tunnel naturally. Remedies need to reduce inflammation, relieve your pain, and aid in blood flow. That’s where CBD oil comes into play.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a popular way to treat carpal tunnel at home. But what exactly is CBD oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant. It contains several anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

CBD oil is extracted from both marijuana and hemp. There is a common misconception that CBD is similar to medical marijuana in that it gets users high.

In reality, CBD is non-psychoactive. It contains little to no THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana that leaves users high. As a result, users can still function without feeling any of the effects of marijuana.

CBD oil isn’t regulated by the FDA. As a result, its properties and effectiveness depend largely on where you get it.

The plants species, extraction method, and grow method all make a difference. You should research the different types of CBD oil to find the right one for you.

Why it Works

CBD is an effective treatment for a variety of diseases. That’s thanks to its analgesic properties and impact on the brain.

The human body naturally creates its own cannabinoids. When CBD is introduced into the body, it influences cannabinoid receptors. There are two main cannabinoid receptors in the human body: CB1 and CB2.

CB1 receptors are prevalent throughout the brain. They help regulate pain, mood, emotions, and even motor skills. CB2 helps aid the immune system. It can impact inflammation, pain, and soreness.

CBD influences the body to produce more cannabinoids to bind to the receptors. As a result, patients often experience anti-inflammatory results after taking CBD.

CBD is a natural remedy that can heal the inflammation of soft tissues. It can also help with nerve damage and pain. These are all symptoms that closely associate with carpal tunnel.CBD’s effectiveness on carpal tunnel is largely anecdotal. For the most part, CBD has yet to be scientifically proven to treat diseases. Much like cannabis for carpal tunnel, the full science of CBD isn’t known.

In the future, more research will surface about CBD as a treatment method. For the time being, you can try it yourself to experience the results firsthand.

Finding CBD Oil

Taking CBD oil is only half the battle. Thanks to legal barriers, finding CBD oil isn’t always a walk in the park.

CBD oil from marijuana is still federally illegal. Since CBD comes from cannabis, you can expect to face the same legal barriers as marijuana.

Marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug in most states. But medical and recreational marijuana are on the rise. In fact, marijuana is legal in nine states and medical marijuana is legal in 30 states.

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you can find CBD oil at a local dispensary. You can also find a purchase CBD oil online. View here to learn more.

Are you in a state where marijuana is still illegal? Don’t worry.

CBD oil from hemp is legal throughout the United States. Though it differs from marijuana-based CBD, hemp CBD is still an effective natural remedy.

The future looks bright CBD as a treatment for carpal tunnel. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved the use of CBD to treat two rare forms of epilepsy. This shows that the FDA may consider CBD as a viable treatment for carpal tunnel in the future.

Taking CBD Oil

Taking CBD oil might sound intimidating. But it’s as easy as taking your morning vitamins.

CBD oil is traditionally taken orally. It comes in a small bottle with a dropper that lets you determine your dosage.

Shake your bottle before use. This will get rid of any residue stuck to the bottom of the bottle.

Squeeze the dropper until it collects the proper dosage. Apply the dropper underneath your tongue and release.

If you’re nervous about taking CBD oil, ask an employee for instructions at your dispensary. They can demonstrate the correct method and also let you know the proper dosage.

You may also want to ask them about the right strain. You should aim for a high-CBD, low-THC oil to help with your symptoms. Keep in mind that strains and concentrations vary greatly from crop to crop.

A Natural Cure for Carpal Tunnel

CBD oil provides a great natural cure for carpal tunnel. You don’t have to suffer through another day of painful typing and sore wrists. Try CBD oil to reduce your symptoms and get back to your normal life.

Are you looking for more information on CBD? We can help. Check out our health blog for more CBD advice.


How to Create Content for an Online Natural Health Store

How to Create Content for an Online Natural Health Store

How to Create Content for an Online Natural Health Store

With the average business now spending up to 35% of their marketing budget on digital marketing, everyone is looking to find ways to cut back on spending.

If you’re a natural health store, you’re already competing with all the big box supermarkets in your region. The best way to capture new customers is to build the kind of authority that only consistent and high-quality content can build.

As an increasing number of users find new businesses through search engines, it’s important to appear at the top of the results of every search. Along with keywords, name recognition, and metatext, search engines will rank highly any site that offers original content on a regular basis.

Between your computer and your phone, you’ve got all the tools you need to start improving the SEO strategy for your natural health store. Focus on these four areas for the best results.

1. Create Bold Headlines

When you see an article posted on social media or written in the media, the first thing you see is the headline.

A headline needs to pack a punch, grab the viewer by the collar, or touch them emotionally.

Below your headline, you can add all the great details that will put your headline in context. After you’ve grabbed their attention, reel them in with your subheading. They’ll be dying to check out your great content.

2. Let Images and Video Do the Work

Not everyone is great at retaining information. Great photos of healthy products or nutritious snacks can draw people in.

Think about hiring a professional photographer for any product photos you plan on using in your marketing campaign. Introduce customers to your natural health store by posting a short walk-around on Instagram. Use your front-facing camera so people can get to know you.

If you do in-store demos or are giving out samples, post videos to social media first thing in the morning to draw customers into your store. Their FOMO will kick in and they’ll be at your door before you know it.

Images and video are at the top of the list for content-driven marketing right now.

3. Keep Content Short and Sweet

Keep your text between 300 to 500 words. Use keywords 3-6 times in your text and focus on one subject at a time.

If you want to post a how-to, create a video to accompany a short numbered list outlining every step. See how other sites get users to quickly consume content before they buy here!

4. Be Honest and Use Good Sources

For everything you write about health and natural products, make sure you’re making honest claims.

If you say that something helps with weight loss, link to an FDA or reputable scientific study. If you quote any statistics, link to your source so that no one can claim you’re making anything up.

Showing you’re an honest resource for health and wellness will build trust. It will also help you receive those all-too-important backlinks from other sites and users.

Great Content Will Improve Traffic to Your Natural Health Store Site

Once you’ve built a great reputation, that trust will snowball into customer loyalty.

Search engines and visitors will both love your high-quality and original content and give you the hits to prove it.

If you’re ready to improve SEO for your health site, check out our guide for more SEO tips to drive local traffic to your site.