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How to Become a D&D Dungeon Master (and Get Paid!)

How to Become a D&D Dungeon Master (and Get Paid!)

How to Become a D&D Dungeon Master (and Get Paid!)

Tell me a story.

How about a tale of dragons and wizards? Add a miniature giant space hamster and sprinkle on some halflings.

Nevermind, scratch the last part. Let’s go with velociraptor-riding halflings!

If you can combine all these elements into a story then kudos to you. You might have what it takes to become a professional Dungeon Master (DM).

But why would people pay you to DM a game? The answer is because you have a unique skill and there’s a demand for it.

Think about how the first comedian got a paying gig. They probably had the same doubts as you do now.

“People would pay me to tell jokes? Isn’t that crazy?”

You may have started DMing Dungeons and Dragons as a hobby. Now you can make a living off of it.

But it’s not enough to just have a passion for it. Here are some tips on how to be a dungeon master who also gets paid.

How to Be a Dungeon Master Step One: Master Your Craft

No, we don’t mean having an encyclopedic knowledge of DnD. You don’t need to know the stats of the most obscure creature in the Monster Manual. Although it helps to know your stuff when faced with a rules-lawyering player.

But more important than knowledge of the Player’s Handbook or different source books is how you craft the story. You’re the master blacksmith who hammers the story into shape.

As you know, a DnD session is unlike any other traditional game. While the rules are there to provide structure, you and your players are not bound by them.

DnD is the ultimate open-world RPG. And it’s up to you to let the players enjoy every inch of it.

This is the part where it gets tricky. Your players have certain expectations about the game that may clash with how you want to tell the story.

You want them to feel powerful in the game. But you can’t just hand out legendary artifacts or epic spells left and right.

Finding that balance is the key to being a good DM. You have to know how to settle an argument. You have your DM duties for sure, but you also want everyone to have a good time.

It’s what they paid you to do. And it’s what will make them come back for more.

Step Two: Cast Greater Shout

Greater shout is, of course, an eight-level wizard spell that deals sonic damage to your enemies. But instead of dealing damage, use the spell to get the word out…

…that you’re a damn good DM and you’re available (for the right price).

Start with your friendly local store first. Store owners know that a well-run DnD session attracts customers like bees to honey. Ask if you can get compensation for bringing business to the store, either monetary or gaming resources.

Then you can hand out your business card to people spectating on the game. You can later expand your operation to gaming and comic book conventions.

Of course, in this era, it’s insane not to include social media platforms if you want to advertise yourself. You can stream a game on Twitch or Youtube to showcase your skills.

Roll the Dice

Now that you know how to be a dungeon master at a professional level, you just need to roll the dice. Like any adventure, the start will be full of excitement and doubt. But just stay with it and you’ll slay the dragon at the end and get the treasure.

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Meet the Weedtubers Who Get Paid to Toke Up

Meet the Weedtubers Who Get Paid to Toke Up

Meet the Weedtubers Who Get Paid to Toke Up

It’s fascinating how many people make a living by posting videos on YouTube.

Tutorials, family vacations, product reviews and other ridiculous antics make people rich overnight.

But have you heard of weedtubers?

These are people getting paid to smoke marijuana and post it on the internet.

That’s right — getting paid to get baked.

Read on to learn about some of the most famous weedtubers around.

Joel Hradecky: King of Weedtubers

Considered the king of the weedtubers, Joel Hradecky has over 1.2 million followers, which he’s amassed in only 4 short years.

His YouTube channel CustomGrow420 showcases a variety of videos including him trying to smoke a gram of THC oil. This video racked up over 1.3 million views.

Which is almost as much as the 1.5 million who viewed Hradecky’s seven-minute coughing fit following his attempt. Seems like Hradecky’s success thrives, in part, on the psychological idea that humans enjoy watching other humans suffer.

But this cannabis king doesn’t just toke up and make viewers laugh (or scoff) for the love of entertainment. Thousands of fans actually turn to Hradecky for recommendations on bongs, strands of cannabis and other accessories.

Josh Young

If you’re mainly looking for advice and information on smoking weed, the different ways it can be smoked, or weed prices, Young is your man.

On his YouTube channel StrainCentral, Young smokes marijuana anywhere from 3 -10 times a day, right alongside his viewers.

Young thinks that sometimes his fans are just, “looking for a smoking buddy.”

In similar fashion to other weedtubers like Hradecky, Young also posts videos showcasing attempts at smoking large quantities of THC in a short period of time and the horrifying effects.

With over 373,000 subscribers, Young clearly makes a really good smoking buddy!

Coral Reefer

Being a weedtuber isn’t just for the boys. Don’t worry ladies, you can be famous for smoking weed on YouTube too!

Just look at Coral Reefer. If you’re looking for an interactive weedtube experience, then Coral Reefer is your girl.

Coral Reefer hosts a live show every Sunday called “Stoney Sunday Live” where she answers weed-related questions from viewers and fans. Coral is very passionate about cannabis and its many benefits.

Visit her channel and you’ll see her attending marijuana events and sharing info about what’s happening in cannabis news.

Jane Dro

Another weedtuber representing the female marijuana lovers out there is Jane Dro.

If you desire a more educational experience when it comes to cannabis, Dro is a powerhouse of information. Dro tells viewers the ins and outs of growing marijuana and offers tips, as well as an inside look at her very own grow room.

Check out Dro’s channel for in depth videos and product reviews for avid and serious cannabis users. You may even spot the next marijuana smoking star on our list when watching Dro’s channel — these two often show up in each other’s videos.


You can’t have a good smoking session without some good munchies. Soundrone is all about unboxing and reviewing products — and not just cannabis related items.

Visiting this quirky characters channel will win you the chance to see candy, drink, and snack reviews. A perfect compliment to your high.

His reviews are interrupted every so often by him taking a hit from a bong or blunt. Soundrone must be doing something right because not only is he a successful weedtuber, he’s also an entrepreneur.

Soundrone has his own hemp wick line known as Bee Lasso.

Are you YouTube’s Next Big Star?

It’s hard not to be motivated by these weedtuber stars. They’re getting paid to do what they love — that is the great American dream, isn’t it?

Maybe your current hobby is something the world wants to see. Perhaps you’ll be a famous blogger turned YouTube star.

Part of these star’s fame comes from the public’s fascination with cannabis. Want to learn more about this drug and its growing popularity?

Check out our blog.