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The Life of the Party: How to Become an Event Producer

The Life of the Party: How to Become an Event

The Life of the Party: How to Become an Event Producer

If you love throwing parties, getting people together, and generating buzz about an event, you’re already on your way to becoming an event producer.

Unlike some people, you probably get excited about all the little details that go into putting an event together. 

But how can you take your events to the next level? Read on to learn more.

It’s All About Experience

You can be the most organized person and feel ready to take on a big event. But event planning is something that is learned by doing and learning from one’s mistakes.

If you’re still deciding on a major in college, degrees in marketing, public relations, and hospitality can help nurture the skill sets you might need. 

Classes related to accounting, event planning, and design will help guide you in the right direction.

You can also try getting involved in extracurricular activities or groups on campus. It’s likely that you’ll be getting hands-on experience on what it takes to put an event together. 

You can also try applying for an internship while at school where you’ll likely be asked to help set up an event.

Take note of how everything is done in the lead up to the event, and try to get your hands on any relevant information. Things like chair and table rentals, live music bookings, and catering are all essentials to event planners.

You may also learn things by shadowing someone who’s been doing this for a long time. They might help you by introducing you to their connections, like what restaurants they’re friendly with for catering.

Event planning is all about connections, and relying on outsourced goods to make an event happen. The more people you can meet while starting out, the more resources you’ll have when you eventually plan an event.

Have the Right Skills Set

If you’re in charge of a small event, it doesn’t mean the responsibilities are any smaller. Chances are, you’ll be in charge of everything, from the promotion to the food to the playlist.

Having the right skills set can help you be an all in one package. 

Start by familiarizing yourself with programs like Photoshop and Excel. You’ll probably have to make a lot of visual banners and social media content to promote your event. 

Having a strong visual skillset will make your promotional media be taken more seriously. 

If you’re working on a budget, you’ll want to keep track of all your spending. Staying organized with useful spreadsheets allows you and your team to keep track of all costs.

If someone is hiring you to put together an event, you’ll want to keep your spreadsheets organized and legible. If you go over budget for unforeseen reasons, you’ll want to show your client where the money went.

Being an event producer means you’ll have to work with a lot of different personalities. Learning how to work under pressure is key to being successful.

There are a lot of work and personal relationships that will be tested during the planning of an event, so being patient is also helpful. 

It’s likely that things will go wrong, so having ideas for troubleshooting is important in helping your event stay afloat. You’ll have to get creative when something malfunctions or someone doesn’t show up on time!

You’ll also probably be writing a lot of the promotional text on your banners, brochures, and social media posts yourself.

Take a moment to proofread your work to avoid silly typos on important posts. It might make someone think twice about coming to your event.

Take Things to the Next Level

If you think you’ve already got what it takes to be an event producer, you might want to get certified.

There are a number of programs you can enroll in to get certified as a planner and producer. Such organizations like the Convention Industry Council offer professional programs that can take your work to the next level.

These types of programs usually require a few days of intense courses and a final exam to receive certification.

Depending on your desired focus, you may need to take certain certification courses to land a job. For government events, both on the federal and local levels, you need to become a Certified Government Meeting Professional.

Handling the Responsibilities

Once you’ve acquired all the right skills and necessary certifications, it’s important to know what will be expected of your job. To be an event producer, you’ll need to be in charge of the full picture.

Event planners meet with their clients for an initial meeting, where the scope of the event is discussed. This includes a projected budget and a detailed timeline mapping out the event’s schedule. 

Much like an architect that is building a home from scratch, an event planner must visualize and troubleshoot all aspects of an event. For an event producer, all the heavy lifting is done in the preparation leading up to the big day.

Event producers are responsible for being the person in between the client and the outsourced work. They handle speaking with the caterers, venue managers, and everything dealing with event production.

How to Become an Event Producer

Being an event producer requires practice and a strong skill set. But it also requires patience and perseverance. 

Event production is a profession that requires one to do it all sometimes. An aspiring planner must have sharpened writing skills and marketing skills.

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How to Throw an Unforgettable App Launch Party

How to Throw an Unforgettable App Launch Party

How to Throw an Unforgettable App Launch Party

Throwing a launch party for your new app is the perfect way to spread the news and get people excited about your product. Whether or not you should throw one depends on a few different factors.

Do you have the budget for it? Do you have high customer engagement?

If you answered yes to the questions above and are ready to throw the most epic launch party in the history of launch parties, keep reading to learn how

If you want to create an app for your business but aren’t sure where to start, Asap Developers is here to help you get the ball rolling!

Find The Perfect Location

Most clients are used to going to launch parties at traditional places like hotels, conferences, or bars.

Picking a location like a downtown club or a beachfront will set you apart and intrigue the people who receive an invitation. If it’s indoors, make sure it can hold around 200 people, because those who do show up are likely to bring a plus-one, at least.

Timing is very important as well. If most of the companies in your industry are throwing their launch parties at the beginning of summer, wait until the end to throw yours. That way, you won’t be competing for guests, and you’re more likely to be remembered as the last big party of the season.

Food & Drinks

No matter what kind of atmosphere you’re trying to create, it’s important to accept that a lot of people will only be there for the free food. And that’s okay! Whatever gets them through the doors and learning about your app.

You’ll want to have salty and savory snacks available, but nothing that can’t be eaten in one or two bites. Choose hors-d’oeuvres that you won’t have to keep warm like cookies, finger sandwiches, and cheese & crackers.

Drinks can get a bit more complicated. If you’re planning on serving alcohol, try to have one bar for water, soda, and beer, and another for cocktails. That way, people are spending less time in lines and more time enjoying the party!

Free Stuff

Food isn’t the only thing you should be offering for free. The entire point of the party is to raise awareness for both your brand and your new app. Be sure to have fun booths placed throughout the party that have free merchandise and sociable staff member to educate party-goers on the app.

Things like koozies, stickers, and phone screen cleaners are all fun free gifts that your guests will definitely want to take home.

Let’s Get This Launch Party Started

If you’re truly passionate about the success of your new app, throwing a launch party is the fastest way to get it in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Just make sure you have a content marketing strategy for once the party is over. The last thing you want after throwing an enormous party is for people to forget about you.

If you have more tips on how to throw an amazing launch party, or you used our tips to throw one of your own, comment below and tell us all about it!


8 Reasons You Should Have an Escape Room Party

8 Reasons You Should Have an Escape Room Party

8 Reasons You Should Have an Escape Room Party

Another birthday rolling around and still have no clue how to celebrate?

If you’re tired of the same old birthday party options — renting a bowling lane, going out to a restaurant — try something different this year. Escape rooms are all the rage, and they make for a perfect place to party.

Below, we’ve given you eight reasons to throw an escape room party.

1. Having an Escape Room Party Is Unique

When you send out your birthday party invites, chances are you’ll be one of the first people to invite your guests to an escape room party.

Many people have not even been to an escape room yet, much less attended a party themed around one. Throwing an escape room party is a unique way to celebrate your birthday. It will be a sure hit and your guests will remember it for years to come.

It may not be a trip to Italy, but you’ll have so much fun it won’t matter.

2. You’ll Bond With Your Friends in a New Way

Can you imagine being locked in a room with your friends and family, having to work together to find a way out?

Of course, there’s no real danger, so the frantic mystery-solving is half the fun. Everyone plays his or her part to find clues, decipher hints, and think creatively to figure a way out.

You may see your guests use their talents in new ways. Perhaps your best friend is a genius at solving puzzles, while your mom is a whiz at cracking codes!

You will learn things about your closest companions that you may not have found out any other way. Bonding like that doesn’t occur at most standard birthday parties.

3. It Requires Teamwork

One of the main reasons you’ll bond so much at an escape room party is because teamwork is necessary. There’s no way you’ll find your way out of the room if you all work individually!

Coming together as a team is part of the process. You will have to divvy up tasks and trust that your teammates are all doing their part. You have to rely on others’ skills and strengths to make up for your weaknesses, and vice versa.

No other kind of party requires quite the sense of camaraderie that an escape room does. You’ll be talking, laughing, and helping each other out in no time. There’s no need to plan all sorts of things to try to break the ice.

4. It’s a Thrilling Adventure

Another reason escape rooms are getting so popular is that they are both scary and exciting! No one is in any true danger, but the adrenaline will be running high all the same.

The feeling of your heart rushing as the clock ticks down from an hour can be truly invigorating. Your brain will be kicked into high-gear as you frantically try to find your way out and solve the mystery!

Moreover, it doesn’t require extreme physical activity or cause undue exertion. Unlike hosting a birthday party at a theme park with roller coasters, those who are older or have impaired mobility will still be able to join in the fun.

5. Everyone Will Have Fun

No more of those parties where the non-dancers sit in the corner and some people leave early and the non-bowlers keep their flip-flops on. Sleepovers are great, but someone always ends up feeling left out.

When you throw an escape room party, everyone gets involved! Because you’re locked in a room with a small group of people, everyone must come together and work as a team.

There’s no room for anyone to not participate. Moreover, they won’t want to! In an escape room, everyone can choose a different role or goal and play a part. This makes sure everyone is having a good time.

6. It’s Good for Your Brain

At their core, escape rooms are just larger-than-life puzzles.

The same creative thinking and problem-solving skills you need for puzzles and strategy games are what you need to solve an escape room.

Escaping from an escape room in less than an hour requires you to explore many different possibilities. You have to assemble pieces of information in a way that makes sense. You have to think outside the box and make sure all your bases are covered.

All of these alternative ways of thinking are great for your brain health. These kinds of activities can help to boost memory and creativity, and can even help to reduce stress and anxiety.

7. All Ages Are Welcome

Unlike most birthday parties, escape rooms are truly fun for everyone.

Groups of kids love it. Groups of adults love it. Festive events from children’s parties to bachelorette parties are frequently held at escape rooms.

At an escape room party, you can invite everyone you love, both young and old, and trust that they will truly enjoy themselves. Escape rooms are great family fun.

Some rooms are harder than others, and that’s okay. Consider dividing your guests by age and letting the younger crowd do an easier escape room, while the adults try the hardest level.

Who knows? A surprising group may earn the bragging rights!

8. You’ll Be Excited Either Way

By the time the clock is up, you will either be on your way out of the escape room — or you’ll be making desperate attempts to try one last thing in order to get out.

That feeling of figuring out the puzzle and pouring out the door together will put a huge smile on your face! Your night may end in a thrilling victory. Even if you don’t manage to escape the room, you’ll have had so much fun that it won’t matter.

Compete with other rooms to see who can get out the fastest, and use those bragging rights you’ve earned if your team finds their way out while another team doesn’t.

The Bottom Line

There’s no party as fun and thrilling as an escape room party, and your guests are sure to leave with warm memories of laughter shared and celebrations well spent.

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