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Top Notch Practices For Catching Bugs in Software Applications?

Top Notch Practices For Catching Bugs in Software Applications?

How important is it for you to detect flaws in your early product development life-cycle? Wanna save your organization from bearing heavy financial losses? Then you must have qualified testers in your QA team or may hire services of independent software testing companies to make your application bug-free in early software development life-cycle. Catching an important bug in your application can help you relieve from facing costs and increases your chances of standing out.

No doubt, all systems, and applications may have some glitches. The desire to create a bug-free application is in contradiction with the reality i.e the lack of special tools to uncover the glitches until it’s too late in the application development life-cycle. On the other hand, catching bugs can be a great challenge for testers. Many testers are formally trained before it is expected of them to catch bugs while many use their own specific innate abilities to detect. In the Information Technology domain, effective bug hunting is a competitive niche among the testers. 

Here we are spilling out some of the best practices for hunting bugs, which testers can adopt to ensure best quality software product;

Try to explore as much as you can – It is widely being observed that a loophole in tester’s failure to hunt for bugs is their strict adherence to the pre-defined test cases. Test cases are good at detecting flaws and errors but they can’t make sure that an application is 100% free of bugs. It is therefore recommended for testers to explore the functionality of an application under test. It is found as an effective method of suspecting glitches and bugs, by different high profile testers.

Look out for patterns – Software errors are inherently social in nature. They like to stay in groups. Most of the errors have their own unique nature, that makes them singular. Try to look for the patterns that software bugs follow. Jot down the test ideas which helped you in the past for the detection of bugs as past experiences prove to be very helpful.  

Work hard in the most hurtful place – When you encounter errors, don’t panic and take it easy. This may just be a starting point, not the end! Don’t race to log it into the bug/issue/defect tracker. 

Suspecting an error directs that there is a loose link in the software. Before coming across this error, the system may have entered an unstable state. Assume that the system is in a shaky state, it is recommended to abuse it more; provide more crazy input than ever; encourage gallon data entry; reduce available system resources; try to place it to the point where it may cause the application under test to crash. Who knows that you may soon experience the horrible face of early bugs! Once you suspect it, don’t skip to jot down all the details and check the repeatability before logging it into the tracker.

Hear the steps of an approaching bug! – A good tester must hear the hiss of an approaching bug! It’s not an exaggeration at all. One of the common practices of successful testers is that they wear a headset while hunting for bugs. This way testers are enabled to hear the various background sounds including the ding of a warning message or a buzz of several other messages. Moreover, it also aids in listening to the specific background sound of errors which usually don’t show up on the screen. 

Better a couple than single! – A most common statement is remarked about testers that they never run out of ideas. Well, this quality is a desirable one. Testers are humans too and are also prone to failures. Sometimes it’s possible that your test cases may not be able to uncover the bugs in the application or software. That’s the point where you need another tester to intervene. Request your fellow tester to come and test along with you. This helps in the generation of more and more test ideas and thus results in brilliant testing i.e 90% error detection. 


The practices we have described may work in your case but not in another because it might vary from context to context. Therefore it is recommended that the tester must know what sort of problems he is likely to encounter and then research or jot down different globally appreciated practices to hunt bugs. 


Best Practices and Ecommerce Shipping Solutions

Best Practices and Ecommerce Shipping Solutions

Best Practices and Ecommerce Shipping Solutions

The number of people who shop online will rise to over 2.14 billion in 2021. That’s a vast pool of consumers. If you haven’t taken your business online, this statistic should persuade you to do that. 

But as more people opt to buy online, the number of online businesses is rapidly increasing. This creates a fiercely competitive market environment. It’s the reason you need to find fresh creative ways to market your product.

A smart move is to provide attractive eCommerce shipping solutions to your potential clients. The vast majority of online shoppers cite shipping options as the most critical factor when it comes to their shopping experience.

Indeed, shipping is one of the top elements of your online store. Businesses that can effectively implement best practices for shipping stand a better chance to draw more clients, enhance customer satisfaction, and experience higher conversion rates. 

Online stores that fail to offer shipping solutions that meet their customer’s high expectations, on the other hand, will inevitably experience high rates of cart abandonment. 

In this article, we explain several best practices and shipping solutions for your eCommerce store. Read on to learn more.

Highlight Your Ecommerce Shipping Solutions  

When it comes to online shopping, good consumer experience is critical. Customers will hardly revisit a site after they’ve had a bad experience or two. 

Take the time to create customer awareness regarding your shipping policies. Highlight some of the strong points of your shipping strategy, including the shipping options, return policy, and fulfillment. Doing so reduces cart abandonments.

Try to provide flexible shipping plans that are based on the amount the customer spends, how frequently they shop, the season they buy, the area they live in, and so on. Customize your shipping solutions to suit your customers’ needs. Always visit relevant sites to find out more creative shipping solutions to adopt.

Provide Free Shipping

Free shipping is undoubtedly the most attractive factor for online shoppers. About two-thirds of customers recommend a retailer based on this factor alone. High shipping costs, on the other hand, are the biggest contributor to cart abandonment.

Of course, free shipping is never really free. Someone pays for it – either you or the client. This means you either accept lower profit margins or your consumers pay higher prices.

Today’s online shoppers expect free shipping, so don’t think twice about providing it. If you don’t, you’ll be missing out on potential sales. The main concern, of course, is how to ship products for free and still make a profit.

The smart move is to have a shipping system where customers can enjoy free shipping only after their order has met a certain amount. For instance, you can provide free shipping on orders over $30. Once you start to provide free shipping options, you’ll begin to see an increase in the average order volume.

Ensure Any Shipping Costs Are Clear At Checkout

In case you don’t provide free shipping or only do so on orders above a specific dollar value, it’s important to make the shipping costs clear at checkout. The customer should be able to see the shipping costs once they view the order summary screen. It’s one of shipping best practices that’ll keep cart abandonment low.


Well, many customers are willing to pay for shipping, but no one likes surprises. If potential buyers suddenly get blindsided by high shipping expenses, they’ll most likely abandon their cart.

Let Customers Know the Expected Delivery Date

Most customers consider shipping time a vital factor when making a purchasing decision. That’s why you need to give customers a delivery estimate for the item they’re purchasing during checkout. This estimate, of course, depends on the date and shipping method they select.

Where customers have no idea when their item will reach them, they’ll find it hard to make a purchasing decision. Find a suitable tool that provides a delivery estimate for potential clients. This will give potential customers the information they need and reduce the chances of cart abandonment.

Keep Customers Informed During Shipping

Now that a customer has placed an order on your store and you’ve sent the item, you may think that all is done. Nothing could be further from the truth. Customers expect to receive confirmation about their orders before the orders reach them.

Come up with a system of communication that keeps your customers informed while their items are in transit. This builds trust and contributes to a positive customer experience.

Deal With Problems Right Away

Your customer may have chosen the best way to ship their products, but sometimes the unexpected happens. Packages could get damaged lost. When that happens, the customer sees it as your responsibility, though that may not necessarily be the case.

Remember, you’re the one who chose the carrier who either damaged or lost the shipment. Therefore, you’ll need to do what’s necessary to make things right. As soon as you discover a problem with a client’s package, do the following:

  • Find out the tracking details of the shipment online
  • Verify whether the customer’s address and contact details were correctly recorded
  • Call the carrier to find out the status of the package
  • Follow up with the carrier till the issue is finally resolved
  • Ship a replacement package to the client right away

Ultimately, the goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Making your client wait until the carrier can locate a lost shipment is unacceptable. It’s best to replace the parcel and eventually recoup the loss after the carrier traces the item or compensates you for the item.

Adopt E-Commerce Best Practices Today

Adopting efficient shipping best practices is one of the guaranteed ways to enhance the online shopping experience. Keep in mind that the consumer’s journey does not end the moment they make a purchase. Instead, it ends after they receive their package in good condition and on time.

It’s the reason you need to implement reliable eCommerce shipping solutions to ensure that you’re meeting your customers’ expectations.

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3 Little-Known Law Firm Marketing Tips to Promote Your Practice’s Website

3 Little-Known Law Firm Marketing Tips to Promote Your Practice's

3 Little-Known Law Firm Marketing Tips to Promote Your Practice’s Website

A recent report found that 99% of businesses plan to increase their online marketing spend in 2019.

If you own a law firm, this statistic might apply to you, and you may be on the lookout for methods that’ll bring some attention to your firm.  

But with so many options on offer, which one should you go for? Should you spend money on AdWords? Maybe you should work with a web development company? 

This post will highlight three marketing tips that’ll help raise the profile of your law firm. If you want your law firm to be a market leader, these suggestions should help you reach that goal. 

Let’s begin!

1. AdWords

AdWords is a common marketing method used by many law firms, and this is because the approach works well, and it works quickly.

Essentially, AdWords allows you to promote your law firm, whenever someone types a particular keyword into Google.

When selecting a keyword, it’s a good idea to be as precise as possible.

So, you want to avoid generic keywords such as ‘law firm.’ Rather, you want to target specific keywords such as ‘personal injury lawyer in Colorado.’ 

By targeting specific keywords, you ensure that your ads are shown to the right people. This then improves the ROI of your campaigns and helps limit wasted ad spend. 

2. Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is different from AdWords, in that you’re not targeting people based on Google searches.

Instead, you’re just defining an audience and then displaying ads to this audience when they’re visiting Facebook.

For instance, you might create an ad campaign that allows you to target business owners that are 35 years old, and live in New York. This campaign might then promote some kind of legal service designed for business owners.

3. Give Your Website an Upgrade

Your website will play a significant role when it comes to your overall marketing strategy. After all, if someone comes across one of your ads, they’ll probably check out your website, before they give you a call.

If your website looks outdated, you should think about giving it a new look, and you can do this by hiring a web development agency.

Before working with an agency, it can be a good idea to find websites that appeal to you. The agency can then use these websites to inspire the design of your site. 

Ideally, you want to find websites that are related to your niche.

So, if you’re personal injury lawyer, search for websites that belong to other personal injury lawyers. Taking this step will make it easier for the agency to create something suitable for your law firm.

Will You Use These Marketing Tips?

The marketing tips covered in this post have the power to transform your law firm.

That said, if you don’t know much about marketing, acting on them can be a challenge. Because of this, you might want to hire a marketing agency to help you implement the tactics we’ve covered.  

If you can, find an agency that caters specifically to law firms. In doing so, you should be able to achieve faster results, as the agency will already know how to deal with your industry. 

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Does Your Law Firm Website Follow These 4 Best Practices?

Does Your Law Firm Website Follow These 4 Best Practices?

Does Your Law Firm Website Follow These 4 Best Practices?

Your website is often the very first interaction that a potential customer has with your business. 

As a law firm, you want to ensure that your website design shows a sense of authority and professionalism. Of course, you also want to ensure you rank high in the search engine results and that people stay on your website for as long as possible. 

The best website design practices can make that happen. 

Read on to learn the basics of what makes for superior law firm web design. 

1. Speed Matters

More than 40% of consumers say they’ll click away from a website that takes more than three seconds to load. 

That’s why a fast-loading website is at the top of our law web design tips. 

We suggest decreasing image sizes, enabling browser caching and file compression, and using a content distribution network to speed up loading time. You may also consider switching to a dedicated hosting server is your site has seen a major increase in traffic recently. 

2. Mobile-Friendliness is Essential

Roughly 2/3 of Americans say they use mobile devices to get online, and that they usually use mobile devices in lieu of desktop computers. 

One of the most important aspects of web design for law firms is to make certain your website is mobile-friendly. 

This means making buttons and font large, getting rid of pop-ups and autoplay features, and even considering creating a completely mobile version of your website. 

3. Make Scheduling/Billing Simple

Your clients don’t want to have to waste their time combing through your website trying to find out how to pay their bills online or how to book a consultation with your firm. 

Your law firm web design should include chatbots that act as digital customer service representatives. These bots can help customers know which services to book, guide them through the online bill payment process, and even make appointments for them. 

Include online forms so customers can come completely prepared for your appointments, and allow them to see your availability on your website. 

4. Hire Professional Design Services

SEO experts at GLM Designs explain that lawyers need a professional, well thought out website that sets them apart from their competition and attracts new clients.

In most cases, website design for law firms isn’t something you have the time or expertise to handle on your own. 

Hire a professional team that specializes in law firm websites. This way, you’ll get the best of both worlds when it comes to your site’s overall design and SEO optimization.

What Else Should Strong Law Firm Web Design Include?

Of course, these tips are just the foundation of excellent law firm web design. 

You’ll also need to consider how you organize your internal pages and blog posts, where to place your social media icons, and how to guide visitors through your natural sales funnel. 

Looking for more tips and tricks on how to outrank your competitors and increase conversions? 

Keep checking back in with our blog to make sure you’re up-to-date on all the latest web design trends. 


Best Practices for Promoting Your Online Slots Business

Best Practices for Promoting Your Online Slots Business

Best Practices for Promoting Your Online Slots Business

Just like any other revenue-generating business, finding and targeting the ideal customers is essential to every casino. But how can businesses promote their online slots?

One of the approaches longtime gamblers have been pushing for is reducing the slot hold to attract customers. But, that won’t suffice your online needs. As such, you need a solid marketing strategy that embodies the best practices of promotion.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the ideal practices for promoting your slots.

Let’s dig right in!

It Starts with Research

It’s important to acknowledge that every business is unique. How your customers or clients perceive you isn’t the same as how they see your competitors.

To understand your customer base, you want to create segments by age group to know their likes, earnings, location, and jobs. Creating a customer persona is also another way of envisioning your ideal customer. This helps you to create targeted campaigns that are reasonable and actionable.

Research also lets you identify where most of your customers are. For most businesses, it’s easier to connect and interact with their audience on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Be Proactive and Creative

This is an ideal technique for targeting your favorite customers. So, if you want to boost your retention, then creativity can be the best tool to netting the right customers. For example, AllSlots Casino has MegaSpin Slots that allow you to spin up to nine slot machines at once.

Try creating unique selecting propositions that your competitors aren’t using. The idea here is to make your online slots as attractive as possible to your potential clients. You will need to implement your unique propositions in all critical areas.

Content consumption is fairly high online. So, ensure to create visual and text content on your new propositions. Identify the right channels to reach out to your customers and share with them your new propositions.

You can also get reputable gambling publications to cover your ideas. That way, you’re able to gain the interest of the ideal customers.

Reach Out to Bloggers

Consider having a network of bloggers and influencers to reach out to when launching new campaigns. It will even be more beneficial if some of them are experienced or experts gamblers with online following or community.

Blogger outreach helps your news or posts get traction quickly. Plus, it allows you tap into an audience that is interested in your products/services. The right movers and shakers in your niche will give your content the coverage and exposure it needs.

Like any other marketing strategy, finding the right bloggers to promote your online slots requires planning. Start with a hit list of bloggers and influencers who have already built a name for themselves in your industry.

Online Slots – The Takeaway

Targeting the ideal audience is important to make the most of your marketing campaigns. You can also use online surveys to analyze your USP to identify the strong and weak areas.

Make sure to define your marketing goals before launching your campaign. They can be short-term or long-term depending on what you want to attain. Keep in mind that a successful online marketing strategy for online slots is a continuous process.

Do you want to know more about promoting your online business? You can easily join other marketers to improve your knowledge.