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A Prescription for Promotion: 5 Medical Marketing and SEO Strategies that Actually Work

A Prescription for Promotion: 5 Medical Marketing and SEO Strategies

A Prescription for Promotion: 5 Medical Marketing and SEO Strategies that Actually Work

Did you know that medical marketing and SEO strategies are important to implement into your website?

In 2019, you need to focus on narrowing down on to the best medical internet marketing tools to boost traffic to your site and ultimately bring new patients into your practice. 

These are 5 of the best medical marketing tips to follow if you are interested in learning how to boost your digital content creating strategy today. 

1. Patient-Focused Website Layout

One of the first steps to operating an online presence for your medical practice is to enable a patient-focused layout.

Keep in mind the age group of the demographics of your medical practice. Are your patients over the age of 50? If so, then it’s important to ensure that your website has the best layout possible for easy navigation. 

A user-friendly website will make all of your patients happy to navigate on their phones or from their computer screens. Did you know that approximately 84% of patients use their phones to do research? Tap into this market by ensuring that your website functions properly for your demographic. 

2. Educational Videos

Another aspect to connect your patients with your medical practice involves the art of video creation. 

Video content continues to dominate as one of the best marketing tools out there. If you want to see the traffic increase to your medical practice website, upload educational videos each week. 

It would be beneficial to have one of the doctors at your practice speak up about a topic he or she is knowledgable about in one of the videos. These insightful videos will also add credibility to the doctors who work at the practice, too. 

3. Increase Social Media Presence 

As doctors, you may not see the need for social media. However, social media platforms can help you draw attention from new sources. Facebook and Instagram are just two platforms you need to pay attention to. 

Running Facebook and Instagram pages for your medical practice opens up opportunities to find new patients. Instead of relying on paper advertisements, social media can offer cheaper alternatives to market your practice.

For example, running an ad on Facebook can be more beneficial than running an ad in the newspaper because there are 2.32 billion active users. 

4. Create a Blog

On your medical website, you need to create a separate area for your blog. Blogs are content marketing assets to boost your SEO, or search engine optimization, power. Some blog ideas to add to your site include covering topics such as Eating Disorder Loneliness and How to Get Help For Knee Pain. 

Building awareness of your medical practice takes plenty of marketing strategies. One of these strategies includes building a blog. Having frequent blog updates will also improve the quality of your site and Google will reward your site for reliability. 

5. Reach a Targeted Audience with Medical Marketing Tools

Are you worried about the types of people who currently view your website because they may not be your direct audience? With the power of digital marketing, you are able to take control over who can see your ads. 

Reaching a targeted audience is possible when you switch over to digital marketing for your medical practice in 2019.

A targeted audience will also give you more bang for your buck when you spend money to find new patients. Consider changing up the age range, location, yearly income, and sex of the patients you wish to interact with your ads. 

Digital Marketing Is King in 2019

Don’t leave out the importance of implementing these 5 medical marketing strategies to create more patients at your clinic. You have everything you need to see optimal results!

Find out even more about digital marketing by checking out our top tips for growing your content strategy, too. 


7 Promotion Strategies to Promote Your New Content

7 Promotion Strategies to Promote Your New Content

7 Promotion Strategies to Promote Your New Content

Looking for a few new promotion strategies?

Did you know that on WordPress alone, users create over 77.4 million new posts new posts each month? More than 4.9 million people view over 20.7 billion pages each month. That’s a serious competition.

So how do you rise above the millions of competitors?

The simple answer is you work for it. The accurate answer is you build fabulous content that your audience wants to read, and you let them know it’s available. That’s where we’re going to spend our time today.

In the piece below, you’ll find seven handy strategies for promoting that fantastic content you build. By the time you’re finished, you’ll know exactly what you need to build a new promotion strategy. One which takes your crawling promotion-strategy into a first-place sprint to the finish line.

Read on.

Promotion Strategies 101

Expert marketers use all of the strategies listed below plus a few of their own. If you’ve never promoted your content, start with one or two of the following strategies. Master them before you move on.

Look for ways to diversify your marketing tactics. Imitate the experts. Don’t get bogged down in the same old approach, especially if it isn’t working.

New Links – Old Posts

When search engines compare your website to others, they focus on a few critical pieces of information. They look at how much time visitors spend on each page. They check out your page format and keyword content.

They also keep close track of the number and quality of links to and from your website. These are called inbound and outbound links, respectively. For now, let’s focus on the links which connect one page of your website to another page of your same site.

The most common example is linking one article in your blog to another article in your blog. Guess what? If you’re wondering how to market your blog, this is the quickest easiest method.

First, use an analytics program of your choice to discover which of your articles have been your audience’s most favorite. We recommend to analyze the most read content, and Social Crawlytics to determine the most shared content.

Just pick the top articles and create a link in each of those archived articles to your new article. And just like that, your readership will increase.

Note: If you write your own articles, consider the possibility that they aren’t up to snuff. Learn from the pros, and read expertly crafted articles. They can be from any niche. Examples include The Art of Non-Conformity, UCANNTECH, and Zen Habits.

Flaunt Social Media

You’re probably not using social media adequately. Don’t worry; most people aren’t.

For some bizarre reason, novices approach promotion with a the-more-the-merrier mindset. If you’re one of these people, stop. Please, for the love of all things good and holy, stop.

Promote your content only on platforms which are frequented by your audience. Make sure you’ve established a reliable connection with others on that platform who have an interest in the type of content you create. Then and only then should you focus on your article or video promotion.

Also, include shareable snippets in your content. Tools like Click-to-Tweet make it simple to create bite-size pieces viewers can share with the click of a button. Each social media platform has similar tools.

Reformat Your Content

So your articles aren’t making a big hit? Why not turn the same piece into a podcast or YouTube video? Same piece, different format.

Your audience may love your material, but prefer to digest it differently. It opens up new avenues for search engines to find your stuff. You can also use the opportunity to link those new videos and audio files back to your website.

Email Exposure

If you’ve created scads of content, you’ve likely also created an email list for your viewers. Now’s the time to use it. Reach out and let them know you have something fabulous to share.

When it comes to emailing, less is more. Only a marginal percentage of your email list will show up if you send out a new email every single day. You lose their trust when you proclaim every day that your latest piece is your best yet.

Contact them only during occasions you have something valuable to share. Examples include time-sensitive offerings and best content creations. Remember, if you abuse that link, you’ll end up in the spam folder.

Reach Out to Your Sources

This is probably the most effective strategy. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of legwork.

The first step is to link from your content to your sources. Give credit where credit is due. Unless you’ve worked in a field for twenty years, or already have a million followers, chances are some of the ideas come from other people.

And that’s ok.

It’s even preferable. When you link out to your sources, you create a perfect opportunity for those sources to link back to you.

But how do they know your stuff exists?

You tell them, of course. You contact them through email or send them a direct message through LinkedIn. Use whatever means you can to let them know you created a stellar piece of content which mentions them.

Domain Authorities which link back to your site shoot up your page rankings overnight.

Content Community Submissions

This is a long term strategy. Content Submission communities, like Triberr, put your content in front of established audiences. It’s an easy way to get seen.

It’s also competitive. Your stuff needs to be top notch. You also need to establish yourself as part of the community before you submit. It’s one of the best ways to get noticed, but you must be patient.

Contact Your Influencers

Don’t confuse influencers with sources. A source is a person who creates words or ideas which you later regurgitate. An influencer is someone in your field which is a leader or a thought provoker.

Influencers typically have websites with a high domain authority (DA). Search Engines use DAs as a way to rank a website’s authority and popularity. You can find out a website’s DA with tools like the MozBar.

If you’re writing an article, reach out to an authority and ask them for a quote. If you’re making a podcast, ask an influencer for an interview. If you’re filming your next YouTube piece, ask a thought provoker for a guest appearance.

If you use people who already have a following, you’re guaranteed a healthy readership.

What’s Next?

Well, did you restructure your promotion strategies? Which one do you think will work best for you?

We know you’re raring to promote that new piece of content you finished. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have landed on this page. Remember to be patient. Mastering any new strategy takes time.

If you enjoyed this piece, head over to our site and browsed our other great marketing articles. Do it now, while the thought is still fresh in your mind.

So long and good luck!


10 Website Promotion Tips For Your Online Dispensary

10 Website Promotion Tips For Your Online Dispensary

10 Website Promotion Tips For Your Online Dispensary

If you’re selling cannabis online, you need the right website promotion tips to be competitive.

Even if you sell out of a brick-and-mortar store, website promotion is the key to getting new customers to come through the door. And if you sell only online, you’ll need a way to get those customers to buy from you and not your competitors.

These 10 website promotion tips will get you sell on your way to running a thriving online dispensary. Read on to learn what you need to know.

1. Do Your Research

Before you can implement a winning website promotion strategy, you’ll need to spend some time on research.

You already know what your market is – cannabis. However, within that market, you need to know what your niche is. Who exactly are you selling to, and what exactly are you selling them?

The more you can set your business apart and target a specific audience, the more successful your online promotion will be. For example, you might be selling cannabis for medical purposes or recreational purposes. You might be selling to an educated, older audience, or a younger audience who is less interested in research.

The more research you do, the more you can target your promotion efforts for success.

2. Have a Great Logo

The more your logo will stand out, the more recognizable your company becomes online.

Even if you already have a logo, sometimes a redesign is best to stay competitive. Many dispensary logos can start to look the same – how many different versions of the weed leaf have you seen in logos?

Check out this website – their logo uses a weed leaf in a creative, abstract way that stands out.

Find ways to make your logo stand out from the crowd. You might try an unexpected color, or a clever double-entendre symbol. Think about your target audience, and decide on the best way to catch their eye.

3. Post Videos

Videos are a great way to promote your online dispensary. This is one of the best ways to reach modern audiences and tell the stories that they care about.

You can post videos directly on your website, and you should also share them on your social media pages to draw people to your site. From short videos that tell your story to longer, live updates, high-quality video is a great way to capture the attention you want.

4. Get Social

In addition to posting videos on social media, you should maintain an active, well-rounded social media campaign.

Many people find out about new businesses on social media. Being active on the social sites your customers use is a great way to get them onto your site. You can also use social media to interact with your customers, giving a sense of your brand’s “personality.”

5. Simplify Your Site

It’s important for websites to be attractive and easy to navigate. After all, if a customer has been enjoying your products and wants to come back for more, you don’t want using your site to become an obstacle for them.

Is your website cluttered and confusing, or is it clean and easy to navigate? How quickly will they be able to find what they’re looking for?

No matter who your target audience is, a clean website that’s pleasant to look at will go a long way. Use limited colors and plenty of blank space to draw the eye to the places you want.

6. Optimize for Mobile

It’s not enough to have a site that looks good on laptops and desktops. Your site also needs to be optimized for mobile phones, tablets, and anything else that customers might use to search.

Mobile-optimized sites will change to fit the screen no matter what device someone uses. They’ll be easy to navigate by changing to fit any form, so users on a phone or another device won’t run into obstacles when they visit your site.

7. Offer Promotions

A great way to get visitors to your site is to offer a promotion.

Use marketing materials to alert them to special deals, such as a discount for first-time customers. You might even offer free swag with a purchase – many marijuana customers love a well-design t-shirt or lighter.

After a few successful promotions, you may actually want to branch out and build an online store to sell merch. This can bring in a new stream of revenue and provides a new way to attract site visitors.

8. Ask for Customer Feedback

One of the best ways to find out if your website promotion is working is to hear from the customers yourself.

Add an easy-to-use contact form to your site. Ask them to review their experience after making a purchase. Interact with customers on social media to get a feel for what they think of the site.

Interacting with your customers and making changes based on what they say also shows them that you care about providing them with the best experience, which is likely to turn them into loyal customers.

9. Use SEO

Search engine optimization is crucial for all businesses, including online dispensaries. If you don’t optimize for search, potential customers won’t even be able to find your site in the first place.

SEO uses formatting, keywords, and other strategies to help customers find your site based on what they type into a search engine. With SEO, your site will be more likely to show up at the top of the search.

10. Use Animated Ads

Online ads are a great way to share the word about your online business. Animated, moving ads are an even better choice.

People spend so much time online that they get desensitized to online images. A moving image, however, is much more likely to get attention.

How Will You Use Website Promotion for Your Business?

With these 10 strategies, you’ll be well on your way to successful website promotion for your online dispensary.

How do you plan to use website promotion to grow your cannabis business? Leave a comment and let us know which strategies you’re going to try!


How to Create a Promotion Strategy for a Massage Service

How to Create a Promotion Strategy for a Massage Service

How to Create a Promotion Strategy for a Massage Service

Are you looking for ways to create a unique promotional strategy for your massage business?

In today’s digital age, how you market your company can be the difference between a thriving business and one that does not last.

According to eMarketer, there was an estimated $83 billion in digital marketing. That’s a figure expected to grow to $129.23 billion by 2021.

But promoting your business isn’t just about what you are doing on the internet. You need a well-rounded strategy that can be used offline to help build a stronger brand for your business.

Read on to learn how to create a promotion strategy for your massage service.

Create Great Written Content

An effective promotion strategy in digital marketing is to create good content for your website.

That’s because it can help you generate traffic online and increase your revenues.

According to Tech Client, websites with blog content have 434 percent more indexed pages than those that do not have it. Indexed pages are an important part of search engine optimization (SEO).

That’s because these are web pages that are scanned by a search engine’s spider programs. Spiders skim pages for content to use in search engine results.

You can market your massage service by creating well-written content for blog posts. These blog posts can cover a wide range of topics, whether that is specific to your business or industry-wide.

Your content should be relevant to your target market and be backed up by citations to authorities in your field. That’s because your reader will be more confident in the information when you use reputable sources.

Be Actively Involved in Your Community

Active involvement in your community can be a great way for you to advertise your business while helping others. It also helps your massage service align with a positive cause in your community.

Some of the ways you can do this are by donating gift certificates to silent auctions or as a giveaway at a special event. You could also consider sponsoring a charitable cause. Becoming synonymous with these things helps people view you as more than just a business. It’s also a great way for you to build your professional network and learn more about what people want.

This can go a long way towards helping you build a strong brand. It can also be one of the ways that you set your business apart from the competition.

Share Information on Social Media

Sharing information about your business on social media can be a beneficial promotion strategy. That’s because social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn reach billions of users each month.

Just consider the reach of Facebook alone. According to Statista, in the third quarter of 2017, there were 2.07 billion active monthly users.

You can share blog posts and other info about your services through social media. This helps you reach prospective clients in a unique way. But social media accounts are not only a good way to share information. They give you a way to provide good customer service to your clients.

Ambassador has reported that 71 percent of customers who have a positive customer service experience on social media are likely to recommend that company.

These recommendations can create interest in your services and help you generate more revenue.

Offer Exclusive Deals

You should also offer special deals to members of your email list and followers on social media.

The benefits of this marketing tactic are two-fold.

First, it helps promote awareness about your company’s presence on social media. By spreading the word on social media, you can get more followers and a bigger interest online.

Second, your followers and email subscribers can develop a sense of loyalty to you. This is because of the goodwill created by your gestures in and out of the office. Especially in the massage service industry where there are nearly 330,000 massage therapists in the U.S.

For example, a business like WINKS sensual massage can create a special offer for their services. They can advertise it through their Facebook account and have a bigger reach than if they promoted it by just posting a sign in their office.

Incorporate Video Content into Your Website

Video content is a great way for you to bring your business to life for a prospective client. It’s also an increasingly popular form of digital marketing that you cannot afford to ignore.

According to a report from Cisco, by the year 2019, 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic will be video content.

Part of having a successful massage service is creating a nice and relaxing atmosphere for your clients. But if someone is just learning about your business online, video content can be a great way for you to show the environment you create.

Besides being a good way to show off your business, it’s also an effective way for you to break up the text on your website.

Mobile Optimization

You can promote your business in a more effective way by having a website that operates well across all web browsing devices.

In October 2016, mobile web browsing surpassed desktop use for the first time in history. Mobile web browsing on tablets and smartphones has been on an upward trend and is expected to continue.

Because of this, you risk losing out on business if you have a sharp drop off in user experience when browsing on a mobile device versus a desktop.

During the design phase, it is important to test your website to ensure it runs smoothly. If there are any glitches, it is best to fix them in the testing phase before your website is rolled out to the public.

Wrapping Up: Promotion Strategy for a Massage Service

You have worked hard to create a unique massage service and this should resonate in your promotion strategy.

This way prospective clients can learn more about your services. But they can also find out more about your company’s culture and what makes you stand out from the competition.

Are you looking for other ways to grow your company? Check out our post about how small businesses can get money fast.


How to Create a Strong Promotion Strategy for Your Clothing Business

How to Create a Strong Promotion Strategy for Your Clothing

How to Create a Strong Promotion Strategy for Your Clothing Business

You’ve spent years coming up with the perfect clothing brand. After studying everything there is to know about fashion culture, you’re ready to release your clothing brand to the world!

How exactly are you going to get people excited about it? It’s estimated that 8 out of 10 businesses will eventually fold, you don’t want to be another statistic.

That’s why it’s important to come up with a great fashion marketing promotion. By using the right tools, you’ll get the word out about your clothes and have fans clamoring for your goods in no time!

Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick how-to that’ll help launch your promotion strategy with a few easy steps.

Understanding The Ideal Customer

Before you can conquer the catwalk at Fashion Week, you’ll need to understand who you’re selling to. Ultimately, your target audience is going to determine how and where you set up your marketing campaign.

For instance, are you looking to sell exclusively to businesses? Or perhaps to consumers? Maybe both? Make sure you have a clear sense of your customer base.

Once you’ve settled the basics, it’s time to move on to the more complicated aspects of promotion strategy: demographics.

Every business has a demographic. Those who tend to ignore that demo are the ones who are likely to shut their doors within a year. Don’t make the same mistake.

Understand the following about your ideal customer:

  • Where do they live?
  • How much money do they make?
  • What is their age?
  • Where do they tend to shop?
  • What sites do they spend their time on?

With this information, you’ll be able to pinpoint ways to reach your audience.

Set Up a Great Looking Website

These days, a business without a website may as well not exist. Think about how you can leverage your website to really cater to your audience.

For a prime example, let’s take a look at the website for Nicki’s. Take a moment to look over the homepage. A few things will immediately stand out.

For instance, a rotating carousel of brands lets you know the types of clothing they sell. Furthermore, the 3 large images (‘Girls’ ‘Boys’ ‘Babies’) lets you know who they’re selling their clothes for.

Why is this such an important feature? Because it takes the guesswork out of browsing. You don’t have to wonder whether Nicki’s has your favorite brand for your child — the info is all right there.

Also, make sure you have a blog set up. You can use it to post content, but also advertise to your market. It’s a win-win for your business and SEO!

Use Social Media in Your Promotion Strategy

If you want to find your customer base, go where they already are: social media. Millions of people use social media on a daily basis, so finding your customers is all about a few things. First, join public fashion groups.

Be upfront about who you are and what you’re hoping to achieve with your business. The contacts in these groups are absolutely invaluable.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re engaging with your customers on a regular basis. Ask questions and be sure to respond when customers have questions of their own. The more you respond, the more they’ll relate to you as a brand.

Final Thoughts on Running a Promotion Strategy

Running your promotional campaign isn’t going to be easy or quick. It’ll require patience and a ton of learning. Be sure to follow these tips and pay attention to your analytics.

It’s okay if you need to make changes along the way! What’s important is that you’re getting yourself and your brand out there.

For more great content, be sure to keep checking Article City. Whether you need help learning about websites or want some more marketing tips, we’re here to help your business grow.


4 Online Promotion Tips for Las Vegas Wedding Venues

4 Online Promotion Tips for Las Vegas Wedding Venues

4 Online Promotion Tips for Las Vegas Wedding Venues

There is nothing more frustrating than working hard to create great content only to have it disappear into the vast expanse of the Internet. Your hard work should be seen by an audience ready to engage with your clients and their brand.

Las Vegas wedding venues have an opportunity to reach a target customer base that actively wants to use their services. In order to do so, though, they have to be able to successfully promote themselves.

Marketing your business online doesn’t have to be complicated. Below, we’re reviewing four online promotion tips that Las Vegas wedding venues can benefit from to reach more people.

1. Evaluate Your Logo

Your logo is one of the first things that an audience will associate with your brand, and it could make them want to learn more or cause them to write you off. If you feel like your business isn’t getting the attention you want online, your logo could be to blame.

Because of the nature of what they do, Las Vegas wedding venues have an opportunity to be creative with their logos. A logo should be a representation of the brand, so for a wedding venue it should be fun and festive and create a feeling of joy.

2. Las Vegas Wedding Venues Should Provide Value for Its Audiences

If you want people to engage with your content, you need to start with the highest quality content possible. What you write should answer questions for your audience, or provide them with information that will make their lives easier.

Las Vegas venue Little Church of the West does this well. Click here to see how their blog focuses on solutions that engaged couples, wedding planners or others looking into the venue would find helpful.

3. Implement a Strong SEO Strategy

Like any business with a web presence, Las Vegas wedding venues rely on search engines for a lot of their online traffic. Higher SEO rankings typical translate to more people engaging with a site and reading its content.

Make sure you’re up-to-date with SEO trends and best practices so you can stay competitive and get your content seen by the right audience.

4. Be Consistent on Social Media

Almost all of today’s consumers have at least one social media profile, so if you aren’t promoting yourself on those channels you could be missing a huge opportunity.

Do some research to figure out which social media sites your target demographic uses the most, and begin posting there on a consistent basis. It’s a great place to promote blog content and upcoming promotions, or even just to share photos. The more your audience sees you, the more they’ll engage with what you’re publishing.

Ready to Improve Your Engagement?

Online promotion and engagement can make or break your business. If your content hasn’t been getting the kind of traffic you and your clients would like, consider ways to update and improve your marketing strategy.

By signing up for our services, you’ll be connected to a network of marketers and successful marketing ideas. Those connections can significantly improve your promotion and result in better client relationships. Sign up today!