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15 Traits That Kind People Exhibit Without Realizing It

15 Traits That Kind People Exhibit Without Realizing It

There are certain traits that kind people have, and they may not even realize it. Since they are naturally kind-hearted, behaving in the way that they do comes easily to them. They don’t have to work at it. They simply have to be themselves.

Kind people don’t usually find themselves lonely or unsuccessful. This positive character trait contributes to positive social relationships and a more successful career. When people enjoy being around you, the interactions will be more positive and fulfilling.

The things that friendly people exhibit without realizing it are things that everyone else can work on. By consciously striving to develop these characteristics, anyone can become a nice person. After a while of conscious effort, it’ll become second-nature to behave in this way.

Fifteen Traits That Kind People Exhibit

Kind people treat everyone the same, and they always think about the well-being of others. Before they act, they also consider how their actions will affect others. Because of this, they tend to exhibit many positive characteristics without even realizing it.

1. They Give Praise Often

Everyone wants to hear praise sometimes, and this is something you can count on from a nice person. They’ll find something you do well, and they won’t be shy about telling you how great you are.

Remember, when you praise someone for their efforts, they’ll likely do even better next time. Think about how you feel when you receive kudos, and work harder to notice the good in others. Once you notice it, let them know and see how that praise encourages them.

2. Forgiveness

Nice people forgive easily, and rarely stay mad for long. They may not even get angry at all in situations that would make others crazy. Plus, they tend to walk away rather than argue, which could contribute to their ability to forgive quickly.

3. Patience

Kind people often show their kindness by being patient. Everyone makes mistakes or takes time to learn something new. This trait kicks in when patience is vital because being patient will want that person to try harder to succeed.

Being patient is also a way that friendly people show how much they care. They want you to know they believe in you and know you can do it.

4. Positivity

One of the reasons friendly people exhibit positivity is because they don’t complain. Complaining spreads negativity, and kind people know this and keep it in mind.

They also choose to use a positive vocabulary. You won’t hear them saying mean things when talking to others. Plus, they are extra careful not to say something offensive or hurtful.

You can count on nice people to look for the positive aspects of all situations. This includes a harmful situation when things didn’t go as planned, too.

5. Helpfulness

Kind people are always looking for ways to help others. If they see that you are in need, they’ll go out of their way to help you. This action could be giving you a ride when your car breaks down or helping you pick up things that you have dropped.

6. Compassion

Friendly people are a comfort to others through empathy and sympathy, stemming from their unhindered compassion. They can understand the problems of others and be sympathetic to what they are going through. Plus, they can be empathetic and help you through hard times.

They do this by listening to you and allowing you to express your feelings without interrupting. This is how they become so good at understanding how other people are feeling. By being compassionate and connecting on this level, they show their kindness and care of others.

7. They are Polite

You won’t see a nice person being rude, and they’ll always use their manners. They are kind and polite to employees at businesses they visit, even when things aren’t perfect.

They show respect to others and respect boundaries set in relationships. Nice people just want to show the respect that they expect to get back.

8. Honesty

When something isn’t working for them, they’ll speak up and say so. You won’t get passive-aggressive behavior from these folks. Plus, you won’t have to worry about how they truly feel because they will tell you.

Even though they will speak up when necessary, they’ll still do it kindly. They won’t say it in a way that will hurt your feelings or make you upset.

They also tell the truth when they’ve made a mistake. They honestly acknowledge their shortcomings and take responsibility.

9. Thoughtfulness

If you have a kind person in your life, you know that they are always thoughtful. They constantly think about what others would want and consider the opinions of others. Most importantly, they think about how their actions will affect those around them.

In their most personal relationships, they do unexpected and thoughtful things for those they love. This could be leaving a little gift or a note, or it can be by preparing their favorite meal.

10. Consistency

You know what to expect from this type of person. If they say that they will do something, they’ll do it. They also treat all people the same and show kindness to everyone. This trait isn’t just beneficial to those receiving compassion, either, as it will benefit the person being kind, too.

11. Humility

This doesn’t mean they put themselves down, but they are humble about their strengths. They know what they are good at, and they don’t go out of their way to brag to others.

Friendly people also recognize areas that they are lacking in and work to improve on them. They can take constructive criticism, and it doesn’t make them upset.

This acceptance is because they are satisfied with who they are, and they understand they have to continue working hard anyway. They don’t need to be a star in their field. Instead, they just acknowledge that they are doing their best. This behavior allows them to remain humble despite their strengths, and to continue working on their faults.

12. Authenticity

Friendly people won’t pretend to be different than they indeed are. They act the same wherever they are, no matter who they are with. You won’t see them going along with things that they wouldn’t normally do, just because their friends are.

They are true to themselves when they state an opinion. You can always count on what they are saying about themselves because they won’t pretend to be different.

When others see that a person is authentic, they begin to view them as a trustworthy person. A genuine person won’t have to try to impress anyway, because they are already sure of themselves. When a person is this confident in who they are, it draws others to them.

13. They are Interested in Others

Kind people are interested in what other people have to say. They are also involved in what is essential to other people. This helps them form and continue positive relationships.

They know that other people can help them learn, and they are interested in learning from them. There will be no hidden agenda, only a sincere desire to get to know those they interact with. Since each person offers something different, a nice person will strive to see what your strengths are.

They stay focused on the person who is talking to them, making them a joy to connect with. It allows those they are communicating with to feel relaxed and drawn in. Additionally, it’ll make a nice person the perfect person to network with.

14. Acceptance

Friendly people accept everyone they meet, even if they don’t agree with their views. They embrace the fact that everyone is different, and they use it as a learning opportunity. You won’t hear them criticizing people for their differences.

This attitude allows others to be themselves around a nice person. They won’t feel negativity or tension, and they’ll be happier because of it. It helps form positive relationships, open-mindedness, and a happy and positive environment.

15. Promptness

This trait isn’t to say that those who are often late aren’t kind, but the most considerate of people exhibit promptness. They understand the value of your time, and they won’t leave you waiting on them. Because of this, they tend to be more organized and disciplined in life.

Final Thoughts on Things That Kind People Exhibit Without Realizing It

Kind people exhibit many positive character traits without even realizing they are doing it. These qualities tend to come naturally to them. Having these traits come usually happens after an extended period of behaving this way consciously.

Often, these traits develop during childhood and early adulthood, but that’s not always the case. Anyone can develop these traits through conscious effort and creating habits. Then, over time, the characteristics become second-nature to those people, too.

If you or someone you know is a kind person, you’ll recognize many of these traits already. From showing compassion for others to going out of their way to help people, you can count on them for this.  Kind people are always thinking of the well-being of others, and they strive to make people feel good and succeed.


15 Habits A Conscientious Person Has Without Realizing It

15 Habits A Conscientious Person Has Without Realizing It

We all want to live our best, most conscientious lives, don’t we? It isn’t easy to rise above the daily stresses and challenges of life. We must each learn to overcome obstacles and realize our goals, one by one. Many of us have aspects of our personality or habits that we would like to change to improve aspects of our lives. Still, we may lack the self-discipline and resolve to make authentic, lasting changes.

What does it mean to be conscientious?

Conscientiousness is the personality trait of being deliberate and diligent. It implies a desire to do things well and to honor commitments to the self and others sincerely. Conscientiousness is a desirable character trait, for it means that you are thoughtful in your words, thoughts, and actions when living your life. While most people have some areas of their lives where they display traits of conscientiousness, it is admirable to show this kind of integrity in all aspects of life.

How do conscientious people think and act?

In general, a conscientious person applies deliberate, careful thought to all situations, from a minor position to the most significant aspects of life, and seeks to act in integrity and honesty regarding all situations. While this is a character trait that can be developed, most people who display this type of deliberate thinking have done so for some time; they were born and raised with examples of people around them living and acting in integrity. People who display conscientiousness may even have ingrained habits and patterns that they engage in that they are not even aware of; it’s simply woven into the fabric of their being.

15 Dominant Traits of a Conscientious Person

Are you conscientious? Do you apply deliberate and diligent thought and action to life’s situations? Do others find you admirable and want to be in your company in hopes of learning how to manage their lives better? Take a look at these traits of conscientiousness and see how many of them you embody, or what you must do to become one of those people that you admire.

Trait #1: Organization

A place for everything, and everything in its place. You have designed a system of organization for most things in your life, and you get slightly stressed if someone isn’t privy to your mode of stacking, storing, and measuring. If taken to the extreme, this organization can morph into obsessive-compulsive disorder or perfectionism. Along with this talent for the organization comes a need to balance it out; those socks can stay on the floor for five more minutes. Try not to have a meltdown.

Trait #2: To-do lists

If something goes on a “to do” list, you WILL achieve this goal. You cross it off with a great deal of satisfaction, knowing that you put your heart and soul into the task. And now you get to move on to the next conquest. You are a person of your word; you honor your commitments to yourself and others, and others seek you out for your dependability and responsiveness.

Trait #3: Self-discipline

You are the epitome of self-discipline. Whether your goal is to read a new self-development book, to improve an aspect of your professional life, or to lose ten pounds, you have it covered. You will find systems of success to reach each goal, and if these systems don’t yet exist, you will create them. Discipline and steadfast attention to each task allow you to enjoy the journey of accomplishment, and you stride forward with the confidence that you will find a way to meet all of your goals.

Trait #4: Best effort

When others are signing up for the half marathon, you put your name down for 26 miles. Home economics class may have meant scrambled eggs for your classmates, but you were interested in crafting a delicate and flaky quiche for your presentation. Whatever you choose to do, you give it your best effort, and if you are not adept at the skills required to accomplish a task, you’ll set about to acquire this skill set to reach your ultimate potential. Watching you achieve is a source of inspiration to others as they seek the same kind of resolve they see from you.

Trait #5: Deliberate thinking

You may be a person of few words, but they are well-chosen. You are a very deliberate thinker; when a problem is presented to you, you survey all angles before arriving at your conclusion and course of action. Being a careful thinker allows you to take action with confidence, knowing you have exhausted all possibilities and arrived at all findings before coming to a resolution. Be proud of your intellectual abilities, for a person like you is becoming increasingly harder to find.

Trait #6: Success

Being the type of person that others wish to allow you to exude a sense of confidence, which is extremely attractive. You seem to attract success like a magnet, and your humility and honesty make your station in life that much more admirable, as you don’t take your position for granted. You have earned the respect of others, and you return this in kind as you forage successful relationships. Indeed, you may even have made it your mission in life to help others achieve their goals as well; nobility and kindness look good on you. Keep up the excellent work.

Trait #7: Financially responsible

Being a person of your word is essential to you. You understand the value of obligations and expectations, and your financial affairs reflect these qualities and beliefs. You pay your bills on time, you honor your commitments to others, and you find your economic issues growing positively. As you continue to use your resources wisely, you’ll keep growing and expanding to your full potential.

Trait #8: Clean

Cleanliness and order are essential to you. Indeed, you like your surroundings and your home to reflect this value. You take pride in your home, and even if it is modest, you care for it and lovingly maintain it, knowing that as you do so, you are paving the way for more good to come to you.

Cleanliness may be a habit that is so ingrained that you don’t realize it is a part of your daily routine; dishes are always washed, the floor is always swept, and beds are always made. You’ve made the mundane fun and enjoyable; please teach the rest of us to cherish our home and create inviting spaces, no matter what we currently live in.

Trait #9: Practice self-care

A conscientious person cares about his/her body as a temple and practices self care and presentation with care as well. Clean and combed hair, clean clothing, and a polished appearance are just as important as grooming your home; you present an image of loving kindness to yourself that is inspiring to others, so keep shining in the self-care department to show others how to love and care for themselves.

Trait #10: Healthful eating

Just as you give thought to how you design your day, you give careful thought to how you design and care for your body. The practice of healthy eating is very important to you. So you shop for, prepare, and cook meals as if you were serving a king or queen. Gobbling chicken wings over the sink is not an option for you. It is time to set out the linens, light a candle, and practice mindful eating in an environment that is good for the body and the soul.

Trait #11: Organized workspaces

Regardless of the number of deadlines you have, you always seem to be able to maintain a clean workspace. Papers are filed, the desk is dusted, and your personal effects are tasteful and pleasing to look at. You have designed the ultimate space for creativity and productivity. Plus, it is a place that you look forward to going to each day as you anticipate the wonderful things you will do at work.

Trait #12: Punctuality

A conscientious person is almost always on time. If it is within their power to arrive on the dot, they will do so. Meetings, dinners, social engagements, work, play….it doesn’t matter. Being on time is part of the whole package. Of course, you can count on them to be watchful and respectful of others’ time as well.

Trait #13: Dependability

If you are conscientious, you can be trusted to do what you say you will. You will not take on more than you can handle, and that which you do take on you do to the best of your ability. Sure, you have challenges that may arise. However, you are diligent about working around them and coming up with solutions that work for all.

Trait #14: Fearless about challenges

True grit is evident here in that you don’t run from challenges—you meet them head-on. Many people who live in this kind of integrity tackle the most challenging and unpleasant aspects of life first, knowing that leisure will come later. The best part about getting your work done satisfactorily is that you can attack your entertainment with the same passion as the early day.

Trait #15: Body conscious

Your body is your temple, and it is essential to keep looking young and fit as long as possible. You have adopted a regular exercise routine, and it is a regular part of your day. As sure as the sun rises in the East, you commit to a workout each day in hopes of attaining the perfect human form….or at least your version of perfect.

Final Thoughts: Thank You if You Are One Such Conscientious Person

Deliberate life-liver, you get our respect for sucking the marrow out of life. You inspire the rest of us to live better, cleaner, more regulated lives, and for that, we thank you. We are grateful for the opportunity to see your example, that we may raise the bar and improve our quality of life.


15 Things Charming People Do Without Realizing It

15 Things Charming People Do Without Realizing It

Why is it that some people have a magnetic appeal when they’re in a crowd? What is it about these brilliant conversationalists that everyone finds so charming?

Do you often feel uncomfortable at a social gathering where you don’t know anybody, and do you have a hard time learning names? This familiar scenario is toward the top of many people’s lists of phobias. However, you may be envious of those who make socializing and conversation look effortless.

You’ve heard the adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What makes someone with average looks be swarmed about with admiring listeners? How do some people waltz into a room of strangers and start chatting as if they were among old friends?

Does your career depend on you being an excellent communicator and influencer? These are vital skills when you are working in sales or helping professions. Effective communication and brilliant people skills can mean the difference between clients choosing your company or a competitor.

In the world of romance, charming people win more hearts than those who insist on being wallflowers. Let’s face it; we are first attracted to appearance. Beauty may get the initial attention, but character, charm, wit, and kindness will keep it.

Is it possible to increase your charm factor? For years, Dale Carnegie’s blockbuster book about gaining friendship and influencing people was the standard for learning effective communication. What are the secrets to knowing that will help you stand out in a crowd?

You don’t need stunning features, to have the right last name, or to be loaded with cash to be a magnetic personality. Learning a few simple communication skills and being sensitive to social cues are your keys to success.

Here are 15 things that charming people do for you to consider.

1. They Look Others in the Eye

One of the things you probably studied in high school speech class was the significance of good eye contact. Our brains are hard-wired to scan another person’s eyes for sincerity and truthfulness.

When you make regular eye contact with others while talking, it exudes confidence, charm, and genuineness.

2. Charming People Often Smile

Have you heard that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile? When we see someone with a big frown or scowl, our first response is usually to walk the other way. A sincere smile does more to accentuate your appearance than diamonds or pearls ever can.

When you are a bundle of nerves facing an unfamiliar crowd in a speaking engagement or a party, try smiling. It can instantly put you at ease and draw positive attention from others. The more you practice smiling, the more natural it will become.

3. They Use Good Manners

Regardless of how fashion and social mores revolve, good manners will never go out of style. Even the most attractive person in the crowd is considered a swine if he is rude and obnoxious. The essence of charm is proper manners, grace, and dignity in all situations.

4. They Know How to Show Respect

Proper manners hinge on mutual respect. When you show respect to people regardless of who they are or their life’s situations, they’ll perceive you in a beautiful, positive light. Observing basic rules like treating others the way you want to be treated will serve you well when relating to people.

5. Charming People Talk About Interesting Things

You must have a broad range of topics to discuss if you want to be a successful conversationalist and influencer. First, steer clear of subjects dealing with religion, politics, or sex. Unless you are with close, like-minded friends, cursing and bawdy jokes have no place in most social settings.

A thoughtful person would never find amusement in comments that are hate-charged and prejudiced. Neutral topics as conversational starters needn’t be boring. Skilled conversationalists know how to tailor their conversations to the present company.

You’ll never go wrong by using open-ended questions to get people to talk about themselves because they will almost always view you as a fascinating person.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Laugh

Most people indeed enjoy laughing with others. While nobody expects you to be a standup comedian, a little levity goes a long way when breaking the ice in an unfamiliar crowd. Remember to smile often and lighten up with a little laughter, if it’s not at the expense of others.

7. They Are Excellent Listeners

There’s a vast difference between hearing people and listening to what they are saying. You must be actively engaged in what the other person is saying to listen to them genuinely. Fascinating people allow a few seconds to reflect on other’s comments instead of thinking of what to say next.

Be a good listener, look the speaker in the eyes and concentrate on what she’s saying. Let her know that you understand her point by restating it in your own words. Keep your body language neutral and receptive, leaning slightly toward the other person.

Excellent conversationalists also value the importance of mirroring the person talking to them. Take a cue from the topic and the emotion the speaker is displaying and follow suit. Show genuine enthusiasm when he is sharing exciting news and display empathy when he’s perplexed or hurting.

Though it may be difficult, you should avoid interrupting. While you mirror appropriate emotion, nod your head, and think about what he’s saying. These nonverbal actions tell the other person that you care about what he’s saying, and you value him.

8. People with True Charm are Genuine

If you must be pretentious to make a statement, you won’t be a positive one. People like meeting those who are authentic and don’t need to put on airs. In a group or even one-on-one conversation, relax, and be yourself.

Nobody enjoys the company of a braggart, either. Those who can only blab about their accomplishments, possessions, or money always are usually avoided. Your best asset is a genuine personality with a positive attitude and kindness.

Therapists explain how to learn the art of accepting compliments gracefully.

9. Charming People are Positive

Skillful conversationalists are keenly aware of how to set the mood of the discussion. Your attitude can be contagious, be it positive or negative. Who wants to be smothered by a wet blanket spouting gloom and doom all the time? It’s a mood buster for everyone.

Of course, sometimes warrant serious discussions about negative situations, which are unusual in social occasions. Remember to smile and keep the conversation positive and lively. People will leave the conversation feeling good and will seek out your company often.

10. Know-How to Tell a Great Story

Isn’t it fun to be around people who are gifted storytellers? They are animated and instinctively know how to accent each part. While sharing stories is a beautiful way to bond with others, it should be used judiciously to avoid being boring.

11. Fascinating People are Team Players

What would happen in a basketball game if only one player controlled the ball? Nobody else could play, and their team would undoubtedly lose, regardless of whether the single player is a pro. Likewise, a one-sided conversation is a loss to everyone involved.

To be a great conversationalist, learn to share the limelight. When you draw others into the conversation and allow it to go back and forth naturally, everyone is happy and enriched. When a conversation dominator enters the room, people usually scatter.

12. They Use Appropriate Body Language

Even when people don’t know each other, our brains can instantly notice and analyze body language. If your body language isn’t congruent with what you’re saying, you’ll be ingenuine. When you are talking, keep your arms open and your body calm and relaxed.

13. They Do Things to Enrich Their Lives

Fascinating people don’t just happen; they invest in themselves. No wonder they are a treasure trove of interesting subjects to discuss. If you want people to be attracted to you, consider expanding your expertise and learning new hobbies.

14. Charismatic People Keep Their Word

Nobody enjoys the company of a liar, not even other liars. Those who attract attention at a party or social event know to save the obvious whoppers for a funny fishing story. Also, you build trust and camaraderie when you are honest, punctual, and fulfill your promises and obligations.

15. People with Charm Make Others Feel Good About Themselves

Most people can see straight through flattery with disdain. However, appropriate and sincere compliments are usually welcomed by others. When you have confidence in yourself and your abilities, it’s easy to step back from the spotlight and allow others to shine.

Final Thoughts on Being a  More Charming Individual

If you want to be perceived as a charming person with a magnetic personality, practice these suggestions. Soon, they will become second nature, and you will be more comfortable in a crowd or a one-on-one conversation. You’ll never regret learning how to make new friends and cultivate friendships you already have.