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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing : 5 Ways of Generating Excellent Results

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing : 5 Ways of Generating

Artificial intelligence has paved its way to every industry, and there is a multitude of applications in each field it gets implemented on. Not only manufacturing and production, but it also introduces newer concepts and easier ways of generating results in medical and various technical fields. By automating the mundane tasks, it becomes possible to generate accurate results at a great pace.

And hence, the concepts of artificial intelligence can also be implemented with digital marketing as it helps produce better results. By studying the data and analyzing the possible patterns that can be used to generate great results, digital marketers can guarantee excellent results to their clients. And as the implementation of artificial intelligence is increasing by leaps and bounds, the revenue and global share of this market are also skyrocketing.

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing: 5 Ways You Can Generate Great Results

By delivering support for automating the tasks, it becomes easier for marketers to perform the best digital marketing activities with enhanced prediction control. It helps them know the effects of their efforts in advance and helps in planning them. Moreover, the benefits offered by AI for digital marketing tasks empower businesses to deliver excellent results.

1. PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising is one of the best ways to promote your products to potential customers. And by analyzing what these customers are regularly searching, you can rely on capturing their attention in a small span of time. Artificial intelligence can make this possible for you in every way possible. By implementing the AI-powered analysis system, you can quickly identify the potential customers from a vast set and place the advertisements on websites where these users usually go to.

Machine learning algorithms have their own ways of separating the entries, and they are excellent at optimizing the outputs in the best way possible. Without having to concern much about the ways how they do it, the final outputs can be achieved if you believe in the power of AI to introduce business benefits.

2. Visitor Experience

According to reports, 70% of businesses that fail lacked the sense of user experience. Their websites were unable to deliver an excellent experience, and hence, they lost out the majority of their target audiences from the start. Therefore, the visitor experience holds importance when it comes to leading a business to success.


And artificial intelligence can help you out with that. By garnering an excellent user experience, you can produce results that are highly business-centric and attract profits. Wondering how? Let’s understand. By understanding what your target user wants and likes, the AI-enabled system can point out the possibility of change where you can make a difference.

3. Chatbots

Customer support has always remained one of the best ways to create a loyal customer base. How you answer the queries of your existing customers indeed makes a difference when it comes to attracting new ones. Your loyal customer base can become the most significant proof of the best services you provide, and if you fail at it, it might hit you back in the hardest way you can think of.

Artificial intelligence has introduced chatbots who are great at providing excellent customer support without asking for human intervention. Websites of today have become one of the most accessible entities of the entire business, and chatbots placed over your website plays a major role in analyzing how your digital marketing should proceed.

For example, consider a development company that is interested in using a chatbot on their website to initiate a conversation with their visitors. Now, if the angularjs development company uses it, they can store and use the data of user queries for the betterment of their services. This can help them produce results that their clients are looking for, and therefore, it helps increase the user base and profits as well.

4. Customer Engagement

Engaging your customers through smart insights is what AI aims to provide. By following what your customers are viewing, these insights can give you the information about the possible ways you can ensure they love what you place on your website. Starting from the design of your website to the content that you place, customer engagement can be excellently enhanced using these approaches.

5. Tailored Web Experience

Artificial intelligence aims to generate an experience that all customers love. By helping you achieve a personalized website experience for every visitor you ever have, artificial intelligence can help the digital marketer to understand what particular section needs to go where. Moreover, it helps analyze the competitor websites and their results and helps find out the possible reasons why they are winning over the customers that you lost.

Summing Up

Businesses can achieve more with the implementation of artificial intelligence. By empowering the insights used for digital marketing, AI helps produce better results that can mean a lot for most of the businesses and digital marketers around the world. Hence, by making use of these concepts, you can ensure you produce the profit-driven insights that help a business make great progress over time.


4 Actionable Content Marketing Tips That Get Results

4 Actionable Content Marketing Tips That Get Results

4 Actionable Content Marketing Tips That Get Results

Are you spinning your wheels in a content marketing rut? It happens to the best of us. But a few expert content marketing tips might be all you need to move in the right direction.

Before we get into details, it’s worth noting that everyone seems to have an opinion of what makes great content. Some companies go all in for video storytelling. Others swear by long-form blog posts loaded with how to’s and images.

The most important thing to remember is that the best content is what works for you.

Great content isn’t always what you think. It usually takes a little finessing to find the right formula. 

If you’re struggling to find yours, put these four content marketing tips to work in your strategy:

1. Familiarize Yourself with Your Sales Funnel

You don’t create content just for the sake of it. Every blog article, video, and social media post has the power to move your audience through your sales funnel — if you know how your sales funnel works.

Each stage of the funnel targets a different buying stage. You should develop your content to appeal to buyers at each stage of the funnel to help them progress toward a conversion.

Take time to understand this process and where buyers are entering the funnel. Engage them at every step in the journey so you never miss an opportunity. 

2. Maintain a Content Calendar

Content calendars keep you organized. You can plan out your content schedule and know what you should be creating throughout the year. 

Pre-planned content calendars can also help to guide your entire content strategy. They provide detailed insights into what you’re posting and where you’re posting it. 

Take some time to map out what you want to accomplish with your content and then develop content that aligns with those goals. If you find it difficult to keep up, reach out to a marketing company for help. 

3. Develop Your Content around a Specific Purpose

Every piece of content you create should serve a specific purpose. Otherwise, how will you know it worked?

Start with your goals: what should your audience do after reading your posts?

Do you want to drive people deeper into your sales funnel? Should they reach out for more information or sign up for a newsletter Is your content designed to promote a positive brand image with no strings attached?

Start with a purpose in mind, then develop the content around that purpose. 

4. Repurpose Your Content

Repurposing your content helps you get the most value for your efforts. You’ve already done the research and writing, so why not maximize your findings?

For example, you might turn a white paper into an infographic, video, and blog post. It’s essentially the same information, but in different formats that appeal to different audiences.

Turn These Content Marketing Tips into Action!

Don’t let these five content marketing tips collect dust! Put them to work in your strategy to drive traffic, increase conversions, and gain the recognition your business deserves.

Want more content marketing advice? Head back to our Content Strategy section for industry insights, tips, and tricks the pros use.


10 Ways Fitbit Helps You Achieve Your Workout Results

10 Ways Fitbit Helps You Achieve Your Workout Results

10 Ways Fitbit Helps You Achieve Your Workout Results

There’s no denying the growing trend of Fitbit users over the past few years.

What used to be dismissed as a high-tech toy is now valued for its game-changing qualities. However, fitbits won’t magically make someone healthy if they don’t change bad dieting habits or break enough sweat.

What a Fitbit can do is completely change the way we think about fitness and give a clearer picture of it. Fitbit helps you achieve your workout results by acting as a consistent and reliable coach. It increases your tolerance for exercise, removing that barrier for taking on more strenuous challenges.

With Fitbit looking to become even more than an exercise tool, we want to take a look at ten key benefits wearing one can provide for your workouts.

1. Positive Feedback Loop

After you hit your first step goal and get that buzz of victory, it’s hard not to be proud of yourself. Each time you hit your goals, it fuels more motivation. No one can take these wins away from you when it comes to personal fitness.

This positive, habit-forming behavior is a big part of how Fitbit helps you achieve your workout results.

2. Sleep Monitoring

If you’re not getting a quality night’s rest, then you’re going to feel it. Your energy will be sapped, your personal achievements will be stagnant, and any fitness goals will come up short. The great thing about the Fitbit is that you can use it to track your sleep patterns.

By knowing just how many hours of full R.E.M. rest, you can make the necessary adjustments needed to improve your workout results.

3. Behavioral Changes

Everything that a Fitbit tracks translates into information that can be used to change the way you look at fitness. This includes both sleep patterns and eating habits. Being healthy is a lifestyle, not a status.

You have to think fit to become fit, which is what these simple gadgets effectively do by changing your behavioral patterns.

4. Competition with Yourself and Others

Another benefit that is often overlooked as to how Fitbit helps you achieve your workout results lies in the competitive scene. For those who used to play sports or likes a little friendly contest every now and then, the Fitbit is perfect. It’s basically a scorekeeper on your wrist.

Go toe-to-toe with your steps or completion times, it’s fun to compete at any level of fitness.

5. Rewarding Good Diets

Having quick access to calorie, fat, carbohydrate, sodium, and sugar totals makes for a much better dietary plan. Keeping track of all of these things with your Fitbit helps you achieve your workout results better by not letting you forget.

This might sound easy, to just stick to set limits on the things you eat, but how quick are we to eat things we forget are bad? A simple bagel with cream cheese can drastically alter a diet plan, but with a Fitbit, you can reward yourself with one without impacting our daily/weekly totals.

6. Being in Control of Yourself

What we mean by this is never wasting time or effort in life — whether you’re working out for a set time, a set goal, or sleeping at a specific time.

Can’t work out because you have low energy? Make some coffee, but don’t skip out.

Can’t sleep because you’re wide awake? Do a boring task or listen to melodic sleep aids.

Whatever the case may be, with a Fitbit, you are given clear goals and it is up to you to meet them however you can. No excuses.

7. The Most Accurate Journal Log

Tracking progress is a very important aspect in fitness. Things can start to get fuzzy or discouraging if you’re just guesstimating your numbers or schedule. It is much easier to compromise on things if you convince yourself that you’re doing better than you are in reality.

The Fitbit automatically knows your workout needs, charts your progress, and shows you what you need to do to continue making gains. Smart.

8. A Sense of Community and Support

The Fitbit community is huge and growing every year. You’ll not only find plenty of wearers at your local gym to befriend and compare notes, you’ll find even more help online. Fitbit forums and blogs share valuable information, like how to fix a Fitbit charge not charging or select recipes or techniques to try out.

Your thorough Fitbit data comes in handy when in the hands of experts and nutritionists who can give you professional advice for free. You can’t get that from any of the million cheap pedometers out there.

9. Fine-tune Workouts

What many non-adopters miss about the Fitbit is the fact that everything can be custom-tailored on the fly. If one program isn’t working for you, it can be adjusted to better match your skills or fitness level.

You can squeeze more out of your workout sessions by monitoring your heart rate, calorie burn, and more. Post-workout you can do even more fine-tuning to increase gains by reading your charts.

10. Comprehensive App Support

There are a number of fitness apps out there for your smartphone, each offering their own set of pros and cons. The Fitbit app that comes with your device is pretty much an all-in-one powerhouse. You can read all your vitals in detail, water intake, diet, sleep patterns, and workout routine with ease.

You can control your entire diet and lifestyle outlook from just one place and on any smartphone or mobile device.

Fitbit Helps You Achieve Your Workout Results

We’re truly living in a digital health renaissance right now, with tons of gadgets and information at our disposal. If you are ever in the need of more health guides or tips in the future, be sure to regularly check our health section.