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8 Top Technology Jobs That Can Make You Astonishingly Rich in 2020

8 Top Technology Jobs That Can Make You Astonishingly Rich

8 Top Technology Jobs That Can Make You Astonishingly Rich in 2020

As of this year, the technology industry has swelled to be worth over $3 trillion. That number has gone up every year since 2016.

Per that reality, technology has become the industry of choice for job seekers that are looking for a sure-fire payday.

Just because you have a job in tech doesn’t mean that you’ve got the right job though. There are plenty of jobs out there that were hot for a while but are now dropping from a salary perspective (we’re looking at you, web developers).

To keep you in the know as to which jobs are most worth your time, not only right now but well into the future, out team has compiled a list of the top technology jobs that all career shifters in the year 2020 need to keep a close eye on.

1. Software Engineer

At the core of technology is the software engineer. This person is able to write the code that powers just about every technological tool/program on the planet.

There’s no single skill that a software engineer needs to possess. This job requires a multitude of skills in order to find success.

A qualified engineer is well-organized, willing to commit long hours to their craft and is capable of coding in a variety of languishes including C, C+, Java and other niche dialects required by specific employers.

Mastering the role of a software engineer takes time. Once you’ve learned the ropes though, you’re going to be paid handsomely for your effort.

2. Data Scientists

Today’s businesses run on data. Right now, every keystroke that you type in online or post that you like on social media is being logged.

After those actions get logged, they eventually end up in data aggregating applications like Google Analytics where businesses have to make sense out of everything in order to steer themselves in the right direction.

That’s where data scientists come in.

Data scientists are masters at translating data sets, both quantitative and qualitative, into actionable advice that business owners can use.

If you love research and are a master at distilling complicated information, this top technology jobs suggestion is for you.

3. Security Engineer

Cyber attacks cost the average business $3.9 million in damages. Millions of cyber attacks are carried out every day.

If you add those two things together, you understand the importance of businesses being proactive in protecting their systems against breaches.

Security engineers take point on these efforts by making sure that a company’s digital setups are protected on a day-to-day basis.

4. Network Administrator

Companies that operate out of large buildings communicate internally on intranets. These nets connect every computer and server to one another through a complex connection of Ethernet cables and WIFI.

That sophisticated setup doesn’t just pop into existence. It’s manually pieced together and maintained by a group of people called network administrators.

A good network administrator knows how to securely connect hundreds of devices and has great troubleshooting skills to manage problems as they arise.

5. Solutions Architect

The world of technology is constantly changing. As it changes, businesses need to understand what advances have been made and how those advances might serve to further their company.

Solutions architects are the people that lead these discussions and help to carry out proper courses of action.

We love this top technology jobs choice because it’s a job that is not only compensated extremely well but one that enables creative tech-savvy people to exercise both the left and right sides of their brain.

Finding a job in RPA (robotic process automation) or in other cutting-edge tech niches is a great choice for imaginative solutions experts.

6. UI Designer

Some of the most brilliant tech experts in the world don’t know the first thing about presenting their innovations to consumers. Thankfully, great UI designers are there to step in and make things more accessible.

UI designers take complex applications and figure out how to best present them to people in ways that are intuitive and valuable.

UI design is a great pick for people that want to get into the tech industry but are more artistically inclined than technology talented.

A UI designer for a large firm could be responsible for creating everything from mobile application interfaces to installation interfaces in enterprise-level software.

7. Cloud Solutions Specialists

Cloud solutions specialist are similar to solutions architects in that they both advise on and help carry out technology-focused solutions to common business problems.

Where a cloud solutions expert differs is that cloud specialists are called on when businesses want their solutions to exists offline or “in the cloud”.

Cloud computing is becoming more popular as many companies are ditching their office spaces and their desire to house all of their data on problem-prone physical servers in their building.

The outlook for cloud specialists is enormous going forward and features growth opportunities that are more staggering than what other jobs that we’ve mentioned might offer.

8. Mobile Application Developer

Over 80% of the American population have a smartphone sitting in their pocket. That makes phones one of the best ways to facilitate the distribution of software to the consumer market.

While there is some speculation that the app developer salary bubble might pop, as of right now, people that are outstanding coders in this profession are making outstanding money.

Wrapping Up Our Top Technology Jobs That Can Make You Rich

2020 is right around the corner and with a new decade comes a new wave of people that want to switch careers.

If you’re one of those people, our recommendation is to flip your career into any one of the top technology jobs that we’ve just shared with you.

If the jobs that we’ve mentioned don’t resonate with your sensibilities, that’s OK too. There are more jobs where these came from, many of which we discuss extensively on our blog.

To learn more, check out additional content on our site today!


Lifestyle of the Rich and the Instafamous: How to Launch the Blogger Career of Your Dreams

Lifestyle of the Rich and the Instafamous: How to Launch

Lifestyle of the Rich and the Instafamous: How to Launch the Blogger Career of Your Dreams

As recently as just 15 or 20 years ago, the idea of launching a successful blogging career would have sounded laughable. People didn’t think there was any way to make serious money sitting at a computer and blogging all day long.

But by now, you’ve probably heard plenty of stories about people who have launched a blogger career and managed to rake in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars every year by running a blog.

You’re not going to get rich right away when you start a blog. But if you play your cards right and build up your blog over time, you could turn it into a lucrative operation before long.

Here is how to launch the blogger career of your dreams in seven simple steps.

1. Pick the Right Blog Topic

First things first: before you can launch a blog, you need to sit down and think long and hard about what the topic of your blog is going to be.

Are you going to use your blog to talk about:

  • Saving money?
  • Finding love?
  • Working your way through school?
  • Buying cars?
  • Playing sports?
  • Something else entirely?

If you want your blog to blow up in a big way, it’s usually best to pick a topic that will appeal to a large number of people. If you choose to write exclusively about, say, exotic animals found off the coast of Northern Africa, you’re going to attract a lot less attention than you would if you started a blog called “Cats Are the Coolest!”

You should, of course, be passionate about whatever your blog is going to cover. But try not to have it be too niche if you can help it.

2. Set up Your Blog

Once you know what your blog is going to be about, set it up through one of the many blog publishing platforms that are available out there.

This part of the process is intimidating for some people, especially those who aren’t great with technology. But setting up a blog is a lot simpler than you might think. You can get your blog up and running within a matter of just minutes in most cases.

3. Start Filling Your Blog with Content

After you set up your blog, it’s going to be time for you to get to work. And there is going to be a lot of work that will need to be done within the first few weeks.

You’re going to need to fill your blog with content that people will want to read. That means you’ll need to brainstorm and develop some great blog ideas.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas for blogs, view more lifestyle blogs like yours to see what they’re covering. You should not steal their ideas and try to pass them off as your own. But you can usually drum up some good ideas based on blog topics other blogs have done in the past.

4. Use the Right Headlines for Blogs

You can come up with the most amazing ideas in the world for your blog. But if you don’t start them off with the best possible headlines, you’re going to be in a world of trouble. You’ll find people won’t take the time to read your blogs when that’s the case.

There are a few things you should try to accomplish with your blog headlines. First and foremost, they should be as “clickable” as they can be. You want your headlines to entice people to click on your blog headlines to visit your blog.

You should also consider keeping SEO in mind when creating blog headlines. You want your headlines to include certain keywords and phrases that people might be searching for on Google.

Additionally, your headlines should help set the tone for your blog as a whole. Whether you’re going to be running a super serious blog about science or a snarky blog about socialites, your headlines should reflect the feel of your blog.

5. Post Links to Blogs on Social Media

Bloggers used to struggle to promote the posts they put together once they went live. In many instances, they had to put together email newsletters to blast them out to those who were interested in their work.

Today, social media has made it a cinch to promote blogs and get people interested in reading them. By posting a link to your blogs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites, you can increase the traffic to your blog dramatically.

You do want to be careful about going too crazy with posting links to blogs on social media. You don’t want to run the risk of annoying your social media followers. But one or two links per day should do the trick.

6. Build Your Brand

Your goal throughout this entire process shouldn’t be just to establish a blog and get a few people interested in reading it. It should be to build up your personal brand and convince people to buy into you.

You want people to feel like they’re missing out on something special if they don’t read your blog. Building up your brand is easier said than done, but by blogging consistently and creating your own voice on social media, you can get the job done.

7. Find Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Bringing lots of readers to your blog is only half the battle. Once you’ve done it, you need to move on to figuring out good ways to monetize your blog so you can officially launch your blogger career.

Some bloggers choose to do this by selling ads on their blogs. Others do it by using affiliate marketing. There are even some who put together special promotional blog posts for companies willing to pay them to do it.

It’s up to you to decide the best way to go about monetizing your blog. Try to pick the one that’ll bring in money without compromising the integrity of your blog.

Get Your Blogger Career Going Now

Launching a blogger career is far from easy at the beginning. You’ll need to work your butt off to get your blog off the ground.

But once you get things going and build up some momentum, you’ll start to see results in the form of traffic and loyal readers. It’ll be a great feeling and will show you there is a strong market for your blog.

Check out our blog for tips on becoming a better writer so that your blogs stand out.