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5 Must Know Shopify SEO Tips That Can Boost Your Sales

5 Must Know Shopify SEO Tips That Can Boost Your

5 Must Know Shopify SEO Tips That Can Boost Your Sales

Everyone wants more traffic to their Shopify store. After all, more traffic is one of the best ways to get more sales. If you’re looking to increase your traffic long term, look no further than SEO.

It’s hard to ignore SEO if you own an eCommerce store. Reports show that organic search traffic accounted for 39% of all visitors to online stores.

But SEO is a tricky subject. Google doesn’t give you an exact roadmap for what you need to do. This post will help you get started.

Below are five Shopify SEO tips that you need to know.

1. Work on Your Site Structure

If you want to be successful at SEO, then you need to structure your site well. A poor site structure confuses not only your visitors but also Google.

A clear structure makes it easy for your visitors to find what they need. This means that they will spend more time on site instead of running off to your competitor. Google will be able to see this and will rank you higher for giving people the information they were trying to find.

2. Optimize for Mobile

No Shopify marketing strategy would be complete without considering mobile users. Mobile internet use is commonplace these days. If your site doesn’t cater to these people, then Google will devalue your website and rank your competitors that do.

Your website should be responsive to mobile devices and show them a layout that works with their screen size. Doing this will allow you to provide them with the information they need to make their purchase.

3. Optimize Your Product Pages

When someone lands directly on your product pages, they are ready to buy. This makes it vital that you provide them with all the information they need to make their purchase.

If your products don’t have the information that they’re looking for, then you run the risk of visitors leaving and buying elsewhere. Clear descriptions also help your product rank in search engines when buyers are looking for specific product features.

4. Remove Duplicate Content

You don’t always plan on duplicate content appearing on your site. But it does happen if you aren’t careful. Stores have this problem even worse because of all the category and search pages that need to be managed.

Run an audit on your site to find and remove any duplicate content on there.

5. Start a Blog

You can only do so much work on the pages you already have. If you want to bring more SEO traffic to your site, then you need content. Adding a blog will allow you to show your expertise in an industry and rank for more keywords in the process.

You can learn what to blog about by looking at your competition to see what they talk about. Use your competitor’s blog topics to brainstorm ideas and develop your own take on the topics.

Keep These Shopify SEO Tips in Mind

SEO is a long process. If you don’t do things right the first time, then it can take some time before you realize something is wrong. Make sure to keep the Shopify SEO tips above in mind so that you can get started on your store’s SEO the right way.

Once you have SEO out of the way, you can start to focus on other digital marketing channels. Keep browsing our blog to learn what those are.