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9 Signs That You Are Being Contacted By A Spirit >>>

9 Signs That You Are Being Contacted By A Spirit

Many people have reported being contacted by a spirit through various means. They might feel a rush of cold air upon entering a room or hear a song on the radio that their loved one used to play all the time. Some people may interpret these as coincidences, but others feel that an angel or spirit guide from beyond wants to send them a message. These guides help us along our path in life and make sure we choose only to allow things that support our highest good.

Here are nine signs a spirit is trying to contact you:

Sometimes you might see repeating numbers or notice signs on a billboard that seem to have a message you need to hear. Other times you might just read a page in a book that jumps out at you. No matter where or how you receive the message, know that if it resonates deeply in your soul, the universe wanted you to know about it. Below, we’ll go over some surefire signs than an angel or spirit wants to connect with you.

1 – You feel deeply moved by something you read in a book or elsewhere.

Sometimes, spirits try to get our attention through written words, either on a billboard, in a book, or maybe even in an advertisement. Spirits operate in higher realms, and since they can’t physically talk to us, they must use different mediums such as technology or books to communicate with us. Have you ever read a passage in a book that just moved you to tears or made you feel overwhelmed with joy? Maybe your guides know that you’ve been looking for a sign of hope lately and decided to bring you some reassurance through the novel you’ve been reading.

Perhaps the universe wants you to bookmark that page for future reference because it contains such an important message for your journey here on Earth. Or, maybe your angels or guides directed you to turn the TV on a particular channel and hear a message from an actress at just the right time. Another scenario might have you driving along the freeway and noticing a billboard with an inspirational or motivational message such as “Just keep going.” Some people pay to put those messages up because they know so many people need hope and encouragement in today’s world.

No matter how you get the messages, written words can serve as a powerful way for spirits to communicate with you. If you do get the feeling that they’re trying to send you a sign, make sure you pause for a moment in your day and reflect on what your guides want you to know.

2 – You find bird feathers in your driveway or yard.

Any bird feathers, especially from a hawk or eagle, signify that an angel or spirit wishes to grace you with their presence. Feathers serve as tokens or presents from your guides, letting you know that you are not alone and that they’re watching over you. You can take comfort and peace in knowing that you have an angel nearby who wants to reassure you as you make your way through this often cruel and confusing world.

In the Native American culture, feathers symbolize a gift from the Creator and high honor. It also embodies the qualities of trust, wisdom, power, strength, and freedom. Native Americans earned a feather when they won a battle or showed bravery in war, and if a feather falls from the sky, they believe it carries with it powerful energy from the Great Spirit. They think that eagles, in particular, have a lot of power and good energy because of their strength and bravery. Therefore, they hold eagle feathers in high regard if one happens to fall on their land.

3 – Small amounts of change like pennies, nickels, and dimes.

Sometimes, angels like to give us encouragement and comfort through monetary means. This gift shows they want to support you emotionally and financially because of the good karma you’ve incurred. So, if you see a penny or even quarters nearby, take that as a sign from your spirit guide that you have chosen the right path, and your kind thoughts and actions have been rewarded.

4 – You smell certain scents when you walk into a room.

Sometimes, our angels like to overwhelm our senses with a powerful aroma to help perhaps us recall fond memories or remember our loved ones. Maybe you walk into your house and immediately smell your mom’s favorite perfume. You think she is there, only to find the house empty just as you left it. How can you explain this? Well, most people can only point to the spirit world as a way of making sense of this phenomenon.

Spirits love to give us comfort through certain smells, such as those of aromatic roses or gardenias. If you smell something out of the blue without any other explanation, you probably have a spirit guide nearby.

5 – You have powerful, vivid dreams.

Spirits love to convey messages through our dreams, and this mode of communication comes most readily to them. As one of their favorite tools, our guides like to deliver powerful messages when our subconscious mind can better absorb them. During our sleeping state, the usual stimuli of life gets shut off, and our dreams get our full attention. Some common ideas that spirits like to give us include the following:

  • hopes of seeing a deceased loved one
  • fantasy dreams, perhaps where we’re a hero that gets to save the planet
  • thoughts about dying (usually interpreted as the end of a chapter in our life)
  • dreams about flying
  • end of the world dreams (maybe you feel uneasy about certain aspects of your life. These usually mean there’s a level of uncertainty you think)

Any time you have vivid dreams such as these, make sure to write them in a notebook when you wake up. Dreams can carry powerful messages from beyond that spirits deliver into our subconscious.

6 – You see orbs.

While some people believe that orbs are nothing more than pieces of dust reflected in the sunlight or flash of a camera, others believe that spheres are spirits. If you notice these in a recent picture you’ve taken or just while walking through your house, take note of any other sensations you feel. Maybe the room gets a little chilly, or you sense a presence with you.

7 – Certain songs keep replaying on the radio.

Spirits also love to communicate through music. If a spirit wants to contact you and knows that you deeply resonate with songs, it will direct your attention to a particular station or song that speaks to you. When you hear a song that moves you or stirs up positive emotions, know that an angel wants you to listen to the message in the music for a reason. The vibrations in the music can affect us in either a positive or negative way, so if you feel joy after hearing a song, your angels or guides want to send you comfort and good energy.

8 – You feel a spirit near you when you enter a room.

Do you sometimes feel light touch or caress on your shoulder but don’t feel freaked out by it? A benevolent spirit will make you feel at ease when it enters a room and will want to draw near you to send specific messages. Usually, spirits reserve these close encounters for times you feel deep sorrow or depression, perhaps over the recent loss of a loved one. If you feel the room getting hotter or colder with no explanation, or you feel a subtle touch on your shoulder, know that a spirit wants to contact you for a specific reason.

9 – More synchronicities happening in your life.

Maybe you see repeating numbers on a clock or notice the right people keep showing up in your life at just the right time. These synchronicities happen when we tap into the flow of the universe, and everything simply seems to fall into place. As we increase our frequency, things just seem to flow much easier, and we don’t have to put in as much effort for things to go our way.

If you often see ravens, this might be why.

Final thoughts about signs a spirit is contacting you

Spirits love to communicate with us in different ways to deliver specific essential messages that our souls need to hear. Standard methods of communication include books, songs, coins, dreams, certain scents, bird feathers, and visual light energy like orbs. Spirits may also choose to show themselves through manifesting synchronicities, lightly touching you on the arm or shoulder, or making a room hotter or colder with their energy.

No matter how a spirit or angel chooses to contact you, just remember that any of these signs have a positive connotation. You have selected the right path in life, and your guides have come to reassure you!


10 Ways Find Your Spirit Animal

10 Ways Find Your Spirit Animal

Our spirit animal is one of the most critical and influential spiritual forces in our lives. They act as a specific guide to help us cope with things going on in the world and find our unique spiritual path. Native Americans included these beings on animal totems, honoring their significance in life.

Everyone has a unique guide, and your guide can change throughout your life. It’s good to check in with the spiritual world regularly. Once you discover your animal guide, prepare for significant changes in your life, happiness, and health!

Mystical animals are deeply steeped in many ancient traditions, including Native American practices. Even the scientific community concedes that animals may have souls and be far more divine than we think. Divine animals can help us on our journey, but how can we identify them?

Fortunately, there are a few helpful tips and tricks that will allow you to discover your unique spirit animal and enrich your life in positive and exciting ways!

10 Ways to Help Your Spirit Animal Reveal Itself

spirit animal frogs
Here’s what it means if you often see frogs.

1 – Consider Your Favorite Animals–One is Your Spirit Animal

What type of animal do you find yourself drawn to? Are you surrounded by specific animal totems or types of jewelry? Identifying what animals you feel a kinship with will allow you to explore just what divinity has in store for you.

If you are attracted to a specific type of animal, your subconscious is giving you a compelling clue that connects deeply with your divine guide. Listen to it.

2 – See What Manifests In Your Dreams

Dreams provide us with an abundance of useful information, and we should never ignore their signs. Often, animals will appear in our thoughts.

Never ignore these nighttime manifestations. They might hold the key to your real spirit animal. If a specific creature keeps appearing in your dreams, particularly in a helpful way, it’s time to consider the fact that they might be intrinsically tied to you spiritually.

Common Animals That Appear In Dreams

  • Cats
  • Snakes
  • Dogs
  • Frogs
  • Wolves
  • Crows
  • Butterflies
  • Bears


3 – Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

Your animal guide might not only appear to you in dreams but in real life as well! Pay attention to your surroundings and make a special note of any animal that frequently crosses your path.

The animal can appear in your physical space, or represented in various forms of entertainment or art. For example, if you start seeing Blue Jays everywhere and then run into someone wearing a blue jay on a baseball hat, it could be a sign that the universe is trying to tell you something.

Don’t go searching for connections. They will make themselves evident to you. Simply be open to the possibility that the spirits are trying to communicate with you and listen to their message.

4 – Meditate On Your Spirit Animal

Meditation can unlock the doors of the spiritual realm and give us access to fresh ideas, thoughts, and paths that we never thought we had before. Whenever you want to embark on a new spiritual journey or have a question about the world beyond, meditation is a fantastic practice.

The biggest key to meditation is to be receptive to what the universe is trying to tell you. Don’t force it. Allow your body to leave this plane and invite your spirit animal to communicate with you.

You might not get the specific answers that you are looking for through meditation, and that’s okay. Sometimes the universe gives us puzzle pieces, and we need to put them together in due time. Be patient and receptive, and you will get the answers you seek.

5 – Listen To Your Intuition

Have you ever had that feeling where you just knew the answer to something? It could be a situation where, despite all of the evidence, you just knew inside of your bones what was real.

Our intuition is a powerful tool, and we don’t use it as often as we should in the modern world. If you feel an inevitable pull towards a type of animal, or have this familiar feeling that you just can’t shake, the universe is trying to tell you something important.

6 – Ask Your Spirit Animal To Reveal Itself

Sometimes the universe responds to direct questions, so there’s no harm in asking your spirit animal to reveal itself.

Your guide may or may not manifest in a mental image, physical appearance, or another telltale way, but you will have lost nothing by merely asking the question. It is not rude or invasive to be direct, but if you don’t get the answer you want, stop pushing. When you are ready to know, the universe will make the truth evident to you.

Once you ask the question, be on the lookout for the answer. Your divine animal can reveal itself in many different unconventional ways. If you see a creature from an animal totem and feel an instant pull towards it, you have your answer.

spirit animal

7 – Start Journaling Regularly

We know that journaling is a powerful way of manifesting your reality and can bring you amazing results rapidly and with high accuracy.

Journaling is a fantastic way to allow yourself to let go of the conventional trappings of this world and experience the divine on a whole new level. Don’t try to control the flow; simply write down anything that comes to your mind.

When you read through your journals, look for specific patterns. If an animal appears several times in your writing, this could be a huge clue that they play a significant role in your life and might even be a friendly spiritual guide!

8 – Think Of Animal Totems In Your Family Line

Totems are historically powerful symbols that are carried down through family lines. Many families and cultures have an animal totem weaved into their folklore, family stories, or art.

Your guide might not necessarily link up with this animal totem, but it could be related to it. Pay attention to the animals that are significant to you and your family, and you’ll get a clue as to who your mystical animal guide may be!

Additionally, astrology could hold the key to who your particular animal is. Understanding your animal sign is an excellent first step to uncovering who your real guide is.

9 – Be Aware Of Any Peculiar Animal Behavior

It’s possible that you may encounter your animal guide in real life. If this happens, count yourself exceptionally lucky to have had such a real-life brush with the spirit world.

Pay attention to animals behaving strangely around you. If an animal seems very familiar or is not afraid of you when it usually would be, you might be having a spiritual experience.

Of course, you should never approach a wild animal, but you can observe its behavior from a safe distance. Make sure that you document instances where animals behave strangely around you and look for patterns.

10 – Go Outside for Inspiration

The natural world is our most prominent link to the divine and has several restorative qualities that can help us stay centered and healthy.

Nature is also full of representatives from the animal kingdom, as well as a direct line to Mother Earth herself. If you want to experience spiritual fulfillment or get a jump on a new page in your development, it’s time to take a walk outside.

The best way to avoid distractions and make the most of your experience is to go alone. You will be able to plug into what the natural world is telling you. Keep your eyes peeled for curious creatures, and remember, they might not be large animals.

Butterflies are common spirit animals. These creatures represent transformation and grace, as well as rebirth. If you find yourself in a swarm of beautiful butterflies, get ready for an exciting new chapter in your life.

You can choose any type of nature activity that you would like. There are no wrong answers. Simply get outside and prepare to be impressed and amazed by the bounty that the divine world has to offer you.

spirit animal revealed

Final Thoughts on Identifying Your Spirit Animal

Finding your spirit animal can seem like a daunting task, but it’s just a matter of being motivated to take the plunge, and being receptive to what the spiritual world has to show you.

Your spirit animal can help you tremendously through your life. They can act as an ally during dark times, provide guidance, and allow you to experience spiritual growth fully. By taking the steps outlined in this guide, you will be able to shed some light on who your particular animal is.

Once you’ve identified your guide, you will be able to communicate with them and use them as a resource. You will find that you’ll start to see physical manifestations of this animal everywhere and that you seem to move through the world with more ease and grace.

Why not tap into your full spiritual power? It’s time to start your journey today and become more aware, intuitive, and in control of your destiny.