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Get Sponsored to Travel: How to Land Awesome Sponsors for Your Travel Blog

Get Sponsored to Travel: How to Land Awesome Sponsors for

Get Sponsored to Travel: How to Land Awesome Sponsors for Your Travel Blog

You’ve always dreamed of being a successful travel writer.

You love combing through Instagram and checking out the most luxurious hotels, beautiful destinations, and seriously breathtaking scenery and landmarks.

The only thing standing in your way? 

Your lack of knowledge about how to get sponsored to travel as a blogger and influencer. 

Don’t worry — this post is here to help you to learn how to make it happen. Read on to start living your dream life.

Start with Brands You Know

If you want to learn how to get brands to sponsor your Instagram or blog, the best thing is to start with ones you know. 

After all, a cold pitch email to a company whose products or services you use as a part of your routine will sound much more genuine than reaching out to a company you know nothing about. 

Maybe you’ve traveled across the world with some seriously durable luggage, and want to feature your favorite suitcase and its ability to stand up to the elements in a post. 

Contact the marketing department, specifically the public relations manager, to find out how to make it happen. 

Network on Social Media

In your quest to become a travel influencer or travel photographer like David Highbloom, you’ll spend a lot of your time on social media. 

In-person networking is still important, but the truth is that most of your networking will take place on social media. 

Of course, make sure you follow other travel bloggers, brands you love, and popular hotels/resorts (and even airlines!) But also get active on popular travel hashtags. When you upload a photo of yourself, tag the companies whose products you’re wearing or showing off. 

You might be surprised by how many free travel opportunities within your niche come pouring in once you establish yourself on social media.

Publish on Travel Sites

When you’re trying to get sponsored to travel, you have to make sure that the biggest players and companies in the game know who you are. 

Yes, coming up with content for your own blog and your social media platforms is incredibly important. 

However, you also need to do what you can to get published on well-read travel blogs and sites. Become a contributor, and include links back to your own blog and social media handles in your content. 

This makes it much easier to connect with hotels that work with bloggers and other sponsorship opportunities. 

Are You Ready to Get Sponsored to Travel?

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand how to get sponsored to travel. 

Whether you’re connecting with powerful brands and other influencers on social media, or if you’re trying to make a name for yourself on travel sites, remember that things might take time. 

Our blog is here to help you to learn how to write interesting, informative travel content — that lands you tons of travel sponsors in the process. 

Keep checking back with us for more writing, SEO, and social media tips and tricks.