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Your holiday in Tinos island and where to stay!


Located on the northern side of the Cyclades group of islands, Tinos is one of the most enchanting Greek islands. Beautiful sandy beaches, traditional villages and minimal Cycladic architecture create a unique atmosphere that never fails to captivate the visitors.

But there’s a reason in particular why Tinos Greece stands out. It’s because it is where the spiritual heart of Greece beats! The reason? Panagia Megalochari church, which is visited by thousands of worshipers every year!

Apart from its religious significance, Tinos island Greece rewards the traveler with lots of surprises. Picturesque villages, Cycladic dovecotes, stone-made houses, little squares, and churches set the scene of this charming island… As for things to do in Tinos, there’s a whole heap of activities, from trekking to water sports!

Tinos Greece sits in the heart of the Aegean sea and belongs to the Cyclades island group. The overall effect of Tinos island is deeply calming, probably due to its spiritual aura.

Tinos island Greece is home to the popular among the worshipers, Panagia Megalochari church. People from all over Greece visit this imposing church every year, to worship the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, which is hosted there. Every summer, on August 15th, when the Virgin Mary is celebrated, there are lots of festivities taking place all over the island- from feasts to culinary festivals! So, if you want to experience the island’s spiritual side, try planning your trip around one of those religious feasts!

Tino’s villages are the gems of the island, which every visitor worth exploring! Scattered on mountains all around Tinos, the little whitewashed villages keep the tradition of the island alive. During your Tinos holidays make sure you visit Pyrgos, Ktikado, Kardiani, Loutra, and Tripotamos to wander around the beautiful squares, taste the local delicacies and escape the heat lazing under the sycamore trees!

Did you know that Tinos is just a short ferry ride away from Mykonos? If you’re spending your holidays to the popular Greek party island, hop on a ferry from Mykonos to Tinos and 20 minutes later you’ll arrive at the holy Tinos island. It’s a great chance to have a taste of both sides of Cyclades!

Where to stay

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