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How to Find a High-Quality Senior Assisted Living Facility

How to Find a High-Quality Senior Assisted Living Facility

How to Find a High-Quality Senior Assisted Living Facility

The negative connotations about senior care are long-lived. The bad actions of a few have cast a negative light on nursing homes and assisted living facilities (ALF).

The truth is that there are award-winning facilities out there to help your aging loved ones. There are over 30,000 ALFs in the United States to choose from. They provide excellent care to more than 800,000 senior citizens.

Read on to learn how to find a high-quality senior assisted living facility. Explore tips and instructions for locating the best home for your loved one.

Perform Internet Research

The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding an ALF. You can perform a Google search and create a list of nearby facilities.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of online research is finding ALFs that are conveniently located. You can find a facility that is within driving distance and close enough for routine visits.

You can also read online reviews and customer testimonials. Of course, check the news to see if the facility has a negative press coverage. You can narrow your search by removing ALFs that have poor online reviews.

Request a Tour

There is only so much you can learn from online research. A good photographer can put lipstick on a pig and mask the facility’s true condition. 

The next step is to physically tour the facilities that had positive reviews. Ask representatives at the facility to host a walking tour of the facility’s interior and exterior.

Here, you can ask detailed questions about daily operations. For example, what kind of activities does the facility do with their tenants?

Ask About the Meal Plan

Healthy dining is one of the most important elements of senior care. When you take a tour, ask the staff detailed questions about the dining plan.

You want to learn how many meals are served per day. Also, ensure that there is a wide selection of healthy foods to choose from that promote long-term health. Ask to visit the dining facility and kitchen to make sure that it is kept clean and food is stored properly.

Pricing Information

The more services and amenities provided by the ALF, the higher the cost will be. For starters, you will need to find out if the ALF falls in the family’s budget. 

Also, you certainly want to find out if the assisted living facility accepts your health insurance. This is important because it can offset some of the high costs associated with senior care. 

Lastly, find out when and how payments are taken. Are there any upfront fees for registration? Is payment required in a lump sum or due at the end of each month?

Finding a Quality Senior Assisted Living Facility – A Recap

Your loved one likely took care of you as a child and young adult. Now, it is your turn to help take care of them.

You can do this by finding the best possible ALF. By putting in the time and research, you can ensure that they are treated with love and care.

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