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How OTT Advertising Is Forcing Brands to Rethink Their Marketing

How OTT Advertising Is Forcing Brands to Rethink Their Marketing

How OTT Advertising Is Forcing Brands to Rethink Their Marketing

We love staying connected to our favorite media. So much so that there are 70 million homes in the United States with at least one smart TV!

In a world where fewer people consume media through cable, having access to a library of on-demand content is the new norm.

But where does that leave advertisers? Keep reading as we explore the world of OTT advertising and examine how it’s forcing companies to rethink their marketing strategies.

What Is OTT Advertising?

You may not recognize the term ‘OTT’ by name, but there’s a high likelihood that you engage with it almost each and every day.

OTT (over the top) content is streamable and comes directly from the web.

This is a direct contrast to traditional delivery methods like cable boxes and satellite dishes.

Content providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, for example, are all OTT services.

The Ever-Present Screen

When was the last time you left your house without your cellphone?

Or how about the last time you watched TV without scrolling through your social feed?

Studies suggest that we now dedicate up to 10 hours per day to our favorite devices.

Understandably, this presents a number of exciting opportunities for advertisers.

Since most devices we use have a direct connection to the Internet, that means that OTT advertising platforms have 10 hours per day to serve us ads, whether it’s on our smart TV or tablet.

The Way Consumers Interact with Ads Has Changed

Likewise, advertising consumption has changed with the times, too.

Now, users can install programs like Adblock to avoid seeing web-based ads entirely. Four in 10 consumers even scroll past ads altogether!

On many OTT services, however, installing such a program is more or less impossible.

That doesn’t guarantee a captive audience, though. Consumers are still hesitant when it comes to listening to marketing spiel.

OTT Advertising Requires Smarter, More Targeted Advertising

So how are advertisers supposed to reach their target audience when that audience turns the other way?

By rethinking the way they advertise, of course.

OTT marketing has a few unique advantages over traditional ads. Namely, advertising agencies can benefit from data collection and personal preferences.

Not every ad is for every consumer. And that’s okay!

Using a targeted approach to tailor your ads to user preferences can help save your company money and foster better results.

The same ideology applies to hyperlocal advertising, too.

Presenting users with ads based on their prior browsing history and location, you can increase your chances of a sale.

Final Thoughts on the Changing Face of Marketing

Without a doubt, the very face of marketing is changing. Yet that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

By adjusting to users’ preferences, OTT advertising can be an effective and even fun way to deliver your company’s messages.

Have you used OTT advertising in the past? How did it work? Be sure to let us know!

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The Vape Connoisseur’s Guide To The Best Vape Pen Brands

The Vape Connoisseur's Guide To The Best Vape Pen Brands

The Vape Connoisseur’s Guide To The Best Vape Pen Brands

Vaping is a phenomenon taking the world by storm. More than 10 million Americans vape and that number grows every day.

It’s not so surprising. Vaping has countless ways to customize your experience. These options come from gear, e-liquid consistencies, flavors, and even the vape brands themselves.

Finding trusted brands is important to ensure that you’ll always get a relaxing and stress-free vape. After all, no one wants to fight the equipment every step of the way.

But how to know which vape pen brands are in a tier above the rest? That’s where this guide comes into play. Down below, we’ve collected all of the best brands that’ll never disappoint!


If you’ve spent even a small amount of time in the vaping world, chances are good that you’ve heard of this brand. SMOK always makes a splash with every new item they produce.

This is the brand responsible for the ingenious idea of adding variable voltages to mods. You never know what innovation they’re cooking up next, but it’s always made with the highest quality possible.

If you’re looking for a lot of customization options from a well-established brand, SMOK is the way to go.


Looking for something that looks good and doesn’t break the bank? Vaporesso is the brand for you.

Despite their lower prices, they don’t skimp out on quality. Their products last for a long time if given the proper care. They come in funky designs, delivering a unique vape with every pen or mod.

That’s not all. You’ll also find LED displays, chipsets, and other customization options through this brand.

And with the extra appeal of a lower price point, Vaporesso is a brand that will continue to be a favorite for years to come.


Another brand that is good for your budget is Eleaf. They focus on giving their customers vaping gear that is of good quality at a good price.

The best part about their products is the fact that everything is always easy to use and easy to maintain. Instead of weighing down their vaping gear with all the bells and whistles, they offer products that opt for simplicity.

With this simpler approach, they’re able to put more energy towards the longevity of their products. These products last for years due to the quality of their materials.

While Eleaf offers many different products through their shop, they’re most well known for their iStick series. This series has many great functions that work well for both the newest beginners or the most advanced users.

Mig Vapor

Once known as Mig Cigs, Mig Vapor is a well-balanced vape pen brand. Instead of specializing in a particular aspect of vaping, Mig is a jack of all trades. And they’ve mastered all of it.

When you visit their online shop, Mig Vapor has anything you’d ever want from a vape store. Whether it’s pens, mods, e-liquids, or even gear capable of vaping CBD oil. Their Morpheus Mod Kit, in particular, is versatile enough to work with all kinds of oils and juices.

Don’t forget to check out how to choose the best CBD oils beforehand! Otherwise, you might end up damaging your favorite vaping gear.


When a company comes up with a product that still sells well years after its release, you know it’s a high-quality item. Although the vaping world is always changing and evolving, Innokin stays in the limelight without fail.

The products they offer have a lot of staying power, still remaining desirable despite being older in design and function. This speaks volumes for Innokin, seeing as many people in the vaping community want the newest mods and greatest tech.

But on top of that, Innokin keeps up with the new innovations as well. Their newer products are always top notch. They implement a lot of customization settings in a way that isn’t confusing or difficult to learn.


A long-standing giant amongst vaping brands, VaporFi has everything anyone could ever need. From beginners to advanced users and everyone in between, VaporFi has what you need.

The best part about VaporFi is their openness with the functionality and requirements for their products. You’ll have all the information you need available in an easy-to-read format.

This makes VaporFi a great choice if you’re starting out in the vaping world, or if your an experienced vaper wanting to try something new. In addition to this, their high-quality products never fail to deliver.

VooPoo Tech

With such a memorable name and memorable products to match, VooPoo Tech is impossible to forget.

Their products are always high end, focusing on sleek and stylish appearances that always deliver the best vape possible. They focus on giving their vaping gear a lot of power to give their users a whole lot of flavor with every puff.

Right when you set eyes on the vibrant colors and smooth designs, you know this vape pen brand means business. Added to the superb functionality of their gear, you get something that delivers on all the important vaping aspects.

As an added bonus, you’ll get some chuckles whenever you tell someone the name of the brand you’re using.


Although Wismec is one of the newer brands on the market, they’re already making a strong statement in the vaping world.

Wismec puts its focus on vaping gear that is high in technological advances and perfect for anyone who wants a powerful vape. Their products often come with a high wattage, allowing for a lot of extra power for advanced users. 

One of their most popular products is the Reuleaux mod. This mod comes with built-in batteries and has a performance of up to 300 watts of power.

You’ll get all the bang for your buck with any Wismec product. 

Enhance Your Vaping Experience With These Excellent Vape Pen Brands

By choosing one of these vape pen brands, you’re bound to have the best experience possible. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, each brand has something unique to offer.

If you’ve never tried any of these brands before, don’t hesitate. Try out their products and see what all the hype is about for yourself!

Do you have a favorite vaping brand? Tell us about it in the comments below!


Why Brands Are Switching to Narrative Marketing

Why Brands Are Switching to Narrative Marketing

Why Brands Are Switching to Narrative Marketing

Generic Burger Joint sells about 20% of the burgers in Anytown, USA.

Andrew Nemo started a tiny burger shack at 18 with a loan from his dad, George. Andrew claimed that a great burger is an art that you can’t automate. His burger chain now sells 50,000 burgers a day.

Okay, now count to ten in your head.

Done? Good.

What do you remember about Generic Burger Joint? Probably nothing.

How about Andrew Nemo? Odds are good you can tell a fairly accurate version of his story.

That difference is a part of why brands are switching to narrative marketing. So let’s dig a little deeper.

Millenials Reject Traditional Marketing

Millenials are on their way to becoming a major power buying group. They also reject traditional marketing like ads.

If traditional approaches don’t work, brands need a new approach to capture millennial attention. Enter the value-added content, which is one angle on narrative marketing.

The idea behind value added content is that it’s inherently valuable. So let’s say a dish soap brand makes some value-added content in the form of a YouTube series.

Instead of making ads, the brand develops scripts and builds a legitimate story. People watch for the story and the brand can place its products in scenes. Alternately, they can front load the branding by saying, “Presented by AmazoClean Dish Soap,” at the beginning of each episode.

Narratives Create Emotional Responses

People invest emotionally in stories and stories can even shape emotional responses.

Say you own pest control websites. A traditional ad would show your product killing the pests. There’s one minor problem.

Pests revolt people and dead things revolt people. So showing people dead pests is probably going to overwhelm them with disgust.

What if you give people a story about how these pests showed up out of the blue and how much it disturbs Jenny, the devoted mom? Suddenly, people care about Jenny and her plight. If your product helps her resolve the infestation, we’re happy for her.

Those good feelings carry over to the brand.

It Humanizes Endorsement

Let’s say you talk someone famous into endorsing your brand. It can help sales.

Now let’s say your famous person endorses it by talking about how they use the product to improve their life. You get an instant two-for-one.

You get the power of the endorsement itself, but you also get the benefits of the story too. That combo becomes a permanent feature of your brand.

Parting Thoughts on Narrative Marketing

Brands have several good reasons for adopting narrative marketing.

Millenials dismiss traditional forms of marketing, so brands need new inroads with that buying group.

Stories evoke emotional responses from listeners or viewers. We invest in characters and stories. Brands can turn the investment into good feelings about the brand with the right story.

Stories can add a humanizing layer to celebrity endorsements. The brand gets the celeb boost and the emotional bonuses of a story.

If you’re struggling with how you might employ narrative marketing, there are other approaches. Take a look at this post on making data-driven content for some ideas.