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20 Easy Ways to Impress Your New Crush

20 Easy Ways to Impress Your New Crush

Do you think you are falling for someone? Does he feel the same way? There’s no way to know for sure when it comes to matters of the heart. When you are interested in a new crush, you might feel afraid to make the first move. And you definitely want to impress that potentially special someone.

So what’s a person to do to attract the right kind of attention? Here are 20 ways to impress your new crush and ensure they take notice.

Twenty Ways to Make a Lasting Impression on Your New Crush

1. Be Open and Genuine

There’s nobody in the world quite like you, and there never will be. Why would you want to be anybody else? Your new crush wants a person who is genuine and confident.

Although you want to make a great first impression, try to relax and just be yourself. Let your new crush see you for who you are. When you keep your body language neutral and receptive, you will show an interest in her that she will notice. Let her fall in love with the real you, not a façade.

2. Smile and Have a Sense of Humor

Physical attraction is a much-misunderstood aspect of human relationships. Real, inward beauty is most important, and it’s what will make your relationship last. However, outer beauty is what will attract him in the first place. It’s the only way he can get to truly know you.

Long after your new crush forgets what you were wearing when he first met you, he will remember your smile. A lovely, genuine smile costs you nothing, but it’s more valuable than any gold or diamonds you could wear. Not only does your grin show an interest in him, but it also conveys your sense of joy and humor.

3. Be a Good Listener

Everyone wants someone to show an interest in their life. Nothing is more unappealing than a bore who can’t talk about anything else but himself. If you want your new crush to blossom into a fulfilling relationship, you need to be a good listener.

Practice active listening skills like open body language, mirroring, no interruption, and clarification. Ask her about her day and other questions about things that are important to her.

4. Be Positive

Who likes hanging around a “Negative Nelly?” Guys enjoy talking with women who are upbeat and make them laugh. Being positive doesn’t mean you have an unrealistic view of the world. There are injustices and negative influences in everyone’s lives that must be addressed.

However, there are too many happy things to discuss rather than dwelling on the negative aspects. Be a great conversationalist and talk about things that make her satisfied and dwell on the beautiful things in life. When you radiate joy and positive energy, it makes you even more attractive to a prospective suitor.

5. Take Pride in Your Appearance

You already realize that your new crush was first attracted to you by your appearance. Now that you have his attention, how you look will be even more critical. How else is he going to discover how beautiful you are on the inside as well as the outside?

Getting used to each other is not an excuse to let yourself go. When you are meticulous with your grooming and individual style, it shows your new person that you have self-confidence. He should never be embarrassed to be seen with you in public.

What guy would be impressed to see his lady with no makeup, hair scrunched up like a rat’s nest, browsing through the department store in her slippers and pajamas? Guys, no woman is attracted to a scrubby dude. Look your best and carry yourself with self-respect and dignity.

6. Know How to Have Fun

One of the many blessings of having a steady love interest is that you don’t always have to do things alone. To keep your new crush interested, you must show them that you know how to have a good time. Boredom is the kryptonite of a lasting relationship.

You needn’t spend a fortune to have fun together. Think of exciting places to go or things to do. Don’t start your relationship by getting into a date night rut. Be creative, and keep your sweetheart’s interests in mind.

7. Don’t Be Clingy

Do you want to destroy a budding relationship quickly? Just start texting and phoning him non-stop and whine when he can’t be with you every second. Such behavior spells clingy and desperate, which is most unattractive. You needn’t be aloof, but don’t appear to be needy and controlling.

8. Be Spontaneous

Have you ever heard that variety is the spice of life? Nothing could be more accurate when it comes to relationships. Stay one step ahead of her and keep her guessing what you’ll do next. Meet after work all dressed up and have tickets to a musical she’s dying to see.

Go beyond the norm and do something thrilling together, like hand gliding or exploring a local cave. Instead of your usual Saturday date night, why not plan a surprise getaway to a quiet cabin in the woods? Do the unexpected, and your relationship will always be fresh and fulfilling.

9. Be Open About Your Feelings

Of course, you don’t want dates with your new crush to seem like a therapy session. While it’s good to have each other lean on, you don’t want to go overboard. Neither do you want to keep your emotions penned up in a stoic hush?

Be honest with your feelings and allow your beau to be frank with his. Remember that women tend to be more in touch with their emotions than men are. Be empathetic with one another, and don’t be afraid to say how you feel. It will draw you closer together.

10. Keep the Past in the Past

Many people make the mistake of unloading their romantic history on their new love interest in the beginning. Does he need a running list of your broken relationships and why you despise your former lovers? Remember that being honest doesn’t mean to tell everything you know.

Again, stay positive and don’t spend precious time bad-mouthing people. It will only make you look petty and perhaps a liability in the relationship. Keep any lessons you’ve learned from past experiences in your heart and get rid of the rest.

11. Be on the Same Page

Perhaps nothing could be more painful and embarrassing than assuming a love interest where there isn’t one. If you are crushing on her, are you sure that she feels the same way? Is it something that may lead to a closer relationship, or is it a passing infatuation?

12. Be Polite

Since when was being a rude attractive? Please note how your new crush treats you because it can reflect how he will treat you in the future. Guys, women still love to be treated like a lady, so be polite with your manners. Does your love interest show courtesy to others?

13. Be Curious, But Not Invasive

When you start dating a new love interest, of course, you have many questions to ask. The whole concept of dating is to get more acquainted with each other. You’ll have a plethora of things to discuss and discover about your love interest.

However, this is a budding relationship that must grow in rapport and trust. Please don’t rush in like a roving reporter and make her feel like she is being interviewed. Talk about your interests and your family life, but make sure you keep your questions general and non-threatening.

14. Random Acts of Love

Isn’t it funny how small, random acts of love mean so much in a relationship? It’s a chance to use your passion and creativity together. Write a little love note and leave it in a place where she’s sure to see it.

Can you imagine his surprise when he sees a single red rose on his desk with a card from you? It’s these little gestures that let him or her know that you are thinking about them.

15. Start a New Tradition

While spontaneity is vital for a healthy relationship, so are traditions. They keep you grounded as a couple and make you remember who you are. Think about starting a tradition that will mean something to you both.

It could be visiting a favorite restaurant once a week or playing your favorite love song to each other and dancing the night away. Do something special that is just meant for you two.

16. Join the Gang

If you’ve decided to take a step from friendship to a love relationship, you’ll want a chance to blend into each other’s group of friends. It’s a great way to officially announce your love so that people will know you as a couple. If you have other platonic relationships, they should be friends with you both.

17. Set Boundaries

Is he interested in dating you seriously? Or is he expecting to date other women? It may take a few dates to see where your relationship is heading. Set boundaries early in the relationship, so each of you knows what to expect from the other.

18. Be Attentive

Do you know when your sweetheart has done her hair differently or is wearing a new fragrance? Has your beau trimmed his beard, especially for you? Pay attention to these things and be complimentary, and your lover will be glad you noticed.

19. Take Time

If you have a plant and don’t water or give it care, it will die. The same thing can happen in a relationship. While you both need personal space, you must take time for one another and blossom in love.

Outside of your work commitments and other obligations, your love interest should take a top spot in your life.

20. Be Faithful

Has your crush turned into a committed relationship? Be a faithful lover and avoid the temptation of straying. Even if you are texting or emailing intimately with somebody else, it’s still cheating.

Final Thoughts on Impressing Your New Crush

Having a new crush can be an exciting point in your life. Maybe this will be your forever person. Being honest and having open communication can make the difference in a lasting relationship. Most of all, take care of yourself regardless of the outcome of this budding romance. Good luck with your new relationship.


Therapist Reveals 10 Signs Your Crush Wants to Be Just Friends »

Therapist Reveals 10 Signs Your Crush Wants to Be Just

Unrequited love is one of the worst things to experience. Most relationships start as a friendship, but overtime there develops something special that grows and blossoms. However, how do you know if your crush is really into you, or are they forever going to look at you as a friend?

Attraction can be physical, emotional, or spiritual. While you may fall in love with someone, it doesn’t mean that they feel the same way about you in return. You give the relationship time, and you wait, and nothing happens. How do you know if you should hang on hoping for more or if you should give up?

Signs You’re Stuck in the “Friend Zone”

One of the hardest things for people to do is to remove their ego from the situation. It’s hard to accept that there’s nothing more than friendship between you and the one you’re crushing on.

Sometimes, people flirt around and tease you, but it’s not meant to be a sign that they want more. Some people are flirtatious by nature. If you’re not sure how he or she feels about you, then here are some signs that show they don’t want to be anything more than friends.

1. They Only Hang Out with You in Groups

When two people are crushing on each other, then they want to spend time alone. However, if one person is stuck in the friend zone, then they will want to hang with the group. If you suggest that the two of you hang out, do they automatically say they will call your other friends?

If they know that you have feelings for them, they may use the group as a shelter to keep from leading you on. It’s also possible that they don’t want to be alone because they are afraid you will misread the situation, and they want to be just friends.

2. There’s No Flirting

When there is sexual tension between two people, flirting comes naturally. When a couple is developing feelings, they flirt. If there are no comments or gestures that let you know that they are into you, then it’s a sign that they want to be just friends.

Keep in mind that some people flirt because they are looking for a one-night stand rather than a meaningful relationship. You want to make sure you don’t fall into these traps because you will not get what you want from the situation.

3. They Don’t Text or Call You

Are you continually sitting by the phone and waiting for a text or call to come through? Are you stalking them on social media to see if they’re on? If someone is into you, then they will find every reason possible to call or text you. It’s all about making that contact.

It’s much easier for most people to text than it is to make a call. There’s no awkward dead space, and you can say how you truly feel. If the only conversations you have with this person are face-to-face, then it’s a sign that they are not interested in more.

Here is how to spot a serial cheater before you fall in love.

4. There’s Always Physical Distance Between You

When you’re hanging out with your friends, do they stand close to you or far away? If you like someone, then you want to be by their side. There’s something magical about brushing up against them or making eye contact in a crowded room. These first glances and moves are the things that ignite passion.

Notice their body language when you’re in a group. Do they seem to be into your conversation or treat you like the others? It’s all foretelling about how they feel about you and if they want to be just friends or something more.

5. They Don’t Make Any Moves Towards You

Does he stare just a little too long? Does she stand a little too close to you? Are people starting to talk about you as a couple? Maybe these people see something that you don’t understand, or you are stuck in a rut of wishful thinking.

You need to make sure that their advances are pure, and they’re not just trying to hook up and move on. The last thing you need is for someone to play with your affections and want nothing more than to be friends.

6. They Introduce You as Their Friend to Others

When they introduce you to others, how to they classify you? Are you just friends, or do they add other adjectives like my “special” pal? How they categorize you means everything.

His or her friends may automatically think that you’re a couple if you stand too close. So they may feel the need to clarify the situation to others. If they introduce you as a friend to their parents or other relatives, then it’s a sign that there’s nothing more than friendship between you.

7. They Don’t React to Your Hints

If they aren’t moving fast enough for you, then try dropping a few hints. How do they react to your advances? Do they put up a wall and ignore what you’ve said or done, or do they flirt back?

When you put yourself and your feelings out there for this person to see, and they don’t do anything with them, then you know you’re stuck in the friend zone. Don’t waste your time or energy on someone who doesn’t want to be with you or isn’t emotionally available.

Here are twenty signs that it’s time to call it quits on your relationship.

8. They Talk About Other Love Interests

It’s very hurtful when you have strong feelings for someone, and they talk to you about people they’re interested in dating. Now, keep in mind, they may be trying to see what your reaction is when they mention someone so that they can see if you have feelings for them.

The whole thing can be a test to see how you feel about them dating other people. On the other hand, most of the time, when someone is freely talking about other love interests with you, it’s because they don’t want to date you. They want to be just friends, and they are not trying to hurt you. They just want your opinion on their love life.

While it hurts as bad as getting your heart ripped out, you should give them an honest answer. It may not be in the cards for you two to be anything more than friends right now.

9. Your Gut Tells You It’s Not Going to Work Out

People were born with intuition, and women seem to have a distinct intuitive nature. You will often feel in your gut that it isn’t going to work out, yet you still pursue things. They say that the heart wants what the heart wants, and sometimes you must get your heart and mind in alignment.

If this situation has been dragging on for a while and there’s still no advancements, then it’s probably best if you move on. In some rare instances, a person may be shy or have issues from trauma or abuse, but most of the time, it means that they have no romantic feelings.

10. They Tell You They Only Want to Be Friends

Some people can’t take a hint even if that person comes out and tells them that they want to be just friends. You may try to rationalize the conversation in your mind thinking they were just fishing to see how you felt. Don’t spill your heart to someone who isn’t interested in picking up the pieces once you’re done.

There are too many people out there that will love and appreciate all the great gifts that you have to offer them. You should know up front that they’re not interested in you so that you can move on promptly. Don’t waste too much of your precious time on someone who doesn’t want to be with you in the way that you want to be with them.

Final Thoughts on Knowing That You Will Always be Just Friends

Too many times, people get in a big hurry to find someone right now. What you should be focused on is finding the right one. When things come into perfect alignment, you won’t have to worry about whether they like you or not, as they will be open and honest.

You’re wasting your time on someone who may have given their heart to someone else and doesn’t have it to give to you. Sadly, they may be emotionally skewed from watching their parents and other relatives go through a divorce or other horrific breakups. They may be afraid to get into a committed relationship for fear of what could happen.

Then, there are those people who don’t want commitments. They like to have fun and hook up, but they don’t want any ties. Always trust your gut instincts. When it’s right, you won’t have all these questions about being just friends because you will know.


15 Responses When Your Crush Rejects You by Text »

15 Responses When Your Crush Rejects You by Text »

When texting came around in 1992, the way society communicated changed. Forget telephones that make conversations long and often dull, texting allows you to say what you need to say and move on. When you need to tell someone how you feel about them, then what better way than through a text message? Conversely, the same thing now happens when someone rejects you.

Texting allows you to say things to a person that you could never say face-to-face. When it comes to love and matters of the heart, things are always complicated. Texting is a great way to put all your feelings out there and hope for the best, but you can save face should things not go the way you want.

Handling Rejection with Dignity

However, what if your crush rejects you? What if the very things that you long to hear never come? What if they shoot you down and crush your ego in the process?

First, it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of guys and gals out there who want to be with someone as beautiful as you. Second, you don’t have to let them have the final word.

Here are 15 comebacks when your crush rejects you and says that they want to stay in the “friend zone.”

1. You don’t know what you’re missing.

The best way to be unaffected by rejection is to turn it back on them. Remind them of all the things they will be missing out on with you. You have many unique gifts and talents, and no one will treat them the way you will.

2. If you think you can get rid of me that easy, then dream on.

If you intend to pursue this person for more than a friendship, then be open and honest about it. Persistence sometimes pays off royally. Just because they reject you today, doesn’t mean that they will feel the same in a month or two.

3. Are you trying to be funny, cause that sounded like you were joking?

If your ego is hurting badly, then play it off as a joke. You can ask if they were joking or were too scared to say how they feel. You want to make sure that you don’t think they got one over on you or the upper hand. Using humor will allow you to keep some sense of pride.

4. I was just kidding, anyway!

If the situation goes south, then you can blame it on you playing around. You can say you were tired, had too much to drink, or aren’t thinking clearly. Humor is an excellent way to break the awkwardness that is now between you.

5. Do you have a twin that has lower standards?

When someone rejects you, it’s hard to find the right words to say. Another attempt at humor will be to ask them if they have a twin who has lower standards. If they act like you are beneath them, then this phrase will bring them back down to reality.

6. I want you to be mine, and I won’t take no for an answer!

Okay, so desperate times call for extreme measures. If you want to be with this person, then you need to tell them. Tell them that their response doesn’t matter as you have your agenda.

You have every intention of trying to win their heart, no matter how long that takes. Now, they may think it’s sweet that you want to be with them, or they might feel that you’re crazy. However, you’ve got to play all your cards.

7. It’s a good thing I’m not sensitive.

If you’re hurt and want to play it off, then you can throw off a flippant comment like, “At least I’m not sensitive.” This will let them know that they’ve hurt you deeply, but you don’t have to come right out and say it. Hold your head high and don’t let them know how much it hurts as you need to save face.

8. Is there someone else in your heart?

One of the first things that you might be thinking is that they are in love with someone else. When a person rejects you, it may be because they are involved with another individual.

It’s a fair question to ask if they’ve already given their heart away. This question will let you know if they don’t like you or they’re already involved. If they don’t say no, then you can altogether rule out a relationship. There still may be hope for the future.

9. What’s wrong with me?

Asking what’s wrong with you is a loaded question. Are you sure you want to know the exact reasons why they rejected you? Most people will try to be kind and brush over a few basic things, but you must be cautious of those who will just tell you exactly how they feel. It could be a real bust to your self-esteem.

10. I would rather have you as my friend than nothing at all.

When all else fails, you don’t want to lose them from your life. When someone rejects having anything more than friendship with you, then being friends is all you have left.

You must ask yourself if you can face them time and again and know that your heart wants theirs and can’t have it. Still, it’s scary to think of losing the person you love even as your friend.

11. I don’t know about a future friendship, as I need to process this rejection.

If you don’t see how you can ever go back to being just friends, then you need to say so. Tell him or her that it’s going to take you some time to process this mess, and you need some time apart.

When you both run in similar circles, then it makes it even more challenging to spend time apart to think. You may decide that your life is better off without them, especially if they don’t feel the same way. Each time you see them would be a reminder of what could have been.

Here are tips for moving out of the “friend zone” and into a relationship.

12. I can’t be just friends when my heart wants so much more.

Tell them that no matter what they say, it isn’t going to change how your heart feels. You can’t turn off love or a serious crush like the flip of a switch. You didn’t develop feelings for them overnight, and you aren’t going to get over them overnight either.

13. When I become rich and famous, you will remember this conversation.

It’s your chance to get a little dig in as you remind them what they will be missing when they reject you. If you are in college or have a successful career, it doesn’t hurt to remind them of the life they could be giving up.

While you don’t expect this to change their minds, it can give you the upper hand and make you look less desperate. If you have your head on straight and want to make something of your life, then they could have been by your side reaping the rewards of your labor.

14. What will it take for you to change your mind?

Perhaps this person has specific reasons why they can’t be with you. It might not have a thing to do with your looks, attitude, or status in life. Maybe they are worried about finances, social circles, or spiritual affiliations.

If they at least engage with you on this question, then you can work through the things that your crush doubts. There may still be some glimmer of hope.

15. Why can’t you see us as anything more than friends, I do?

If all else fails, then you can grovel a little bit. Tell them again how much they mean to you. Ask them for specific reasons and things that maybe you can change. Take another opportunity to tell them why they are so beautiful.

Many people won’t admit that they like someone, even if they do. They may want to give you more time and see if things develop any further. There is absolutely no reason to give up on someone who starts telling you somethings that bother them but is up for discussion. It means they’ve already been thinking about a relationship with you.

Final Thoughts: When Your Love Rejects You, Perhaps It Wasn’t Meant to Be

If he or she rejects the idea of being with you, then it may be time to move on. It’s hard to realize that some things aren’t meant to be, and you must find the courage and strength to get over this situation.

When someone rejects you, it hurts badly. You may need to steer clear of this person for a short period, or just until your heart heals. They always say that the best way to get over one person is to find another one.

So, get back out there in the dating world and find someone else to capture your heart. Who knows, maybe next time, it won’t be a case of unrequited love.