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True Mental Strength Is When You Can Find Fuel In An Empty Tank »

True Mental Strength Is When You Can Find Fuel In

Do you have mental strength? The world is chaotic, and you are either at a position where you’re struggling or going through life as a superhero. Your daily concerns are all over the place, from dirty dishes to global warming.

It seems that it’s almost impossible for you not to let the problems of the day get to you. It will help if you improve your mental strength by keeping your stress levels in check. If you want to have a productive and healthy life, then you must do this monumental task for you and others.

Ten Ways to Enhance Your Mental Strength

Have you ever been to the doctor and was told that you need to reduce stress? It seems like such a simple thing, but most people find it completely overwhelming. You can reduce your stress and protect your mental health by engaging in these ten simple things.

1. Set Boundaries

Do you have a hard time saying “no” to people? Why is it that you always try to take on more than you can handle because you’re afraid that you might upset someone? It would help if you learned how to use the word “no” to protect your mental strength.

If you’re having a hard time with the concept, then practice in front of a mirror. Say things like, “No, I will not work overtime or take on any more tasks.” When you practice this independence in private, you’ll be more apt to use it in public. Learn to set boundaries so that you don’t become overwhelmed with extra tasks.

2. Recite Positive Affirmations

A wise old proverb says that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he, so you must be careful that you’re not full of negativity. Did you know that negativity can affect your mental health? Recite positive affirmations daily.

When you first get out of bed in the morning, try saying the following things:

  • I will accomplish all of my goals.
  • I am a fantastic person.
  • I’m loved by my family and friends.
  • I am a productive individual.
  • I feel great.
  • I’m going to have a great day.

When you start feeding your inner man with positivity, you will be amazed at the outcome. Start your day on a positive note even if you got up on the “wrong side of the bed.”

3. Stop Overthinking

Why do people tend to overthink? Rather than waiting for the verdict, you’re borrowing trouble from tomorrow. It’s like getting test results on a suspicious lump you have on your body.

Before the results come in, you’ve already got yourself on chemotherapy and writing your goodbye letters. The fact is that it might be something simple that isn’t malignant, but if you don’t stop overthinking every detail, you will drive yourself crazy.

4. Use Self-Care

Remember one thing in life you cannot pour out of an empty cup. If you want to take care of others and do an excellent job at work, you must learn to practice self-care. Make time for you each day, even if it’s only 30 minutes.

5. Practice Deep Breathing

Do you ever feel like you have a significant weight on your chest? Stress, panic, and anxiety can make you feel overloaded. Thankfully, when you practice deep breathing, you’re releasing that tension you feel.

You can use many methods when you do deep breathing, but the most common way is to inhale to the count of seven, hold the breaths for a count of seven, and then release them slowly for the count of seven. It’s a simple yet amazingly effective exercise.

6. Be Grateful

Do you ever sit back and count your blessings and be grateful for all the things you’ve been given? Did you wake up and take a warm shower, eat breakfast, and get into a nice car to drive to work?

Do you have family and friends who love and support you for whatever life throws your way? Do you have food in your cabinets and money in your checking account? Many people are homeless, and they could only dream about having a small portion of the things you have. Be grateful for what the universe has given you.

7. Exercise

One of the best ways to protect your mental strength is by engaging in exercise each day. You only need about 20 minutes to work out, but the effects it has on your brain is astounding.

Research shows that when you are working out, you’re releasing feel-good endorphins in your brain. You’re also increasing the production of vital neurotransmitters that regulate your moods like dopamine and serotonin. You should add a healthy diet to your day that has little carbohydrates and sugars.

The more protein and healthy fats you consume, along with your workout plan, can keep you in an adequate space and protect your mental strength.

8. Get Fresh Air

There’s something tranquil about a breath of fresh air? Air is life, and you need it to survive. Research shows that when many people have a panic attack and feel those fight or flight sensations kicking in, they often run to the outdoors.

There’s something magical about Mother Nature and her ability to calm you almost instantly. When life seems to overwhelm you, then you should go outside and look up into the heavens. Feel the golden rays of sun shining on your face and breathe in the flowers’ aroma and other fresh scents.

9. Engage in Yoga

You probably hear a lot of hype about yoga as a workout. However, most people have no clue the power it has on your mental health. Yoga first helps you to form a sense of self. It will then move you into a better place by altering you from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system.

Many studies have been conducted on this art form, and the results are overwhelmingly positive. Researchers show that it gives you mental clarity and helps with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. Additionally, they have found that it has a profound effect on post-traumatic stress sufferers too.

Learning breathing techniques and body movements can do a world of good for your mental state. The great thing about this art form is that it can be modified for all body types and endurance levels.

10. Practice Positive Thinking

Are you a “Negative Nelly” or do you see yourself as a “Positive Pearl?” It’s hard to be positive in life with destruction on every corner. Do you ever feel like you want to throw in the towel?

Many people want to give up, but that isn’t an option. You can change how you feel by only using positive thinking skills. Sure, the electric bill was $200 more than you budgeted for the month. However, you should be thankful that you even have electricity.

In some third world countries, the electricity comes and goes. You have heat to keep you warm and air conditioning to keep you cool. Those in such nations would love to have the pleasure of a comfortable home with an HVAC system.

When you change your mindset from negative to positive, you will see a world of difference in your overall wellbeing. Feelings of gratitude and mindfulness enhance your mental strength. Look at each situation you face daily, and though bad it may seem, you should try to find something positive.

Remember that some of the worst storms end with a rainbow. When the skies begin to clear, and the sun’s rays hit the water droplets, it displays one of the most beautiful sights in nature. Stay positive and focused no matter what life throws your way.

Final Thoughts on Gathering Up Your Mental Strength to Face Tough Times

It seems like the world is in chaos, and people struggle to find harmony in their lives. How do you combat the pressures of the world without losing your cool? The ten tips above can help you to protect your mental strength in times of adversity, and you should utilize as many as possible.

One of the most potent inspirational stories comes from the man who wrote the song “It Is Well with My Soul.” Horatio Spafford was someone who struggled and came through insurmountable troubles in life. He lost his business and his 4-year old son in the fires of Chicago in 1871.

Spafford struggled along until 1873 when even greater financial struggles hit his company. He decided to take a trip with his family on the SS Ville du Havre ship. A last-minute change of plans caused him to send his family ahead, and he would follow later.

Sadly, the ship collided with the Loch Earn in the Atlantic Ocean, and all four of his daughters perished. Anna, his wife, survived the incident, and she sent him a telegram to let him know she was alive. He immediately went to be with her. As the ship entered the area where his daughters had perished, he wrote the famous song.

Like Spafford, you can learn to sing even when things look their worst. This man lost everything he had and suffered more problems in his life than anyone could imagine. Yet, in the middle of the darkest of nights, he found a song in his heart. Is your mental strength like Spafford’s?


Therapists Explain Why You Must Show Vulnerability to Find True Love

Therapists Explain Why You Must Show Vulnerability to Find True

It seems like vulnerability is a big topic these days in people looking for their soul mate.

What does being vulnerable mean anyway? It merely involves putting yourself in a position that you could either be hurt physically or emotionally.

It sounds easy to let down your defenses when it comes to the one you love, but it’s not as easy as it may appear. You have a natural defense mechanism that is there to protect you from being hurt, and when you let down your guard, it means exposing the most intimate parts of yourself.

Many people push away love because they don’t like to share some of the most intimate parts of their hearts, and it’s quite scary to expose yourself. When something goes wrong, the first thing you want to do is withdraw from the situation to avoid getting hurt. However, what if you stay and work through it?

Is it possible to control your natural-born instinct to defend yourself? So many people are missing out on love because they prefer to isolate and withhold the secret, innermost parts of their hearts. To accept and express affection requires vulnerability, and if you don’t master this art, then you may never find your true love.

Engage in The Act of Generosity

Generosity and vulnerability go hand-in-hand, according to the London Journal of Primary Care. Moreover, it improves your general feeling of wellness.

When you’re generous, you are showing an outward expression of the compassion and sensitivity you have deep inside. Being generous to a partner will show that you are willing to give your time and energy to help them.

Let’s assume your partner is sick and needs assistance. When they’re ill and can’t get out of bed, that’s when they need you the most. So, you clean their apartment and bring them chicken soup and tea. You’re allowing yourself to see them at their worst, and they are accepting your gift and showing their vulnerability too.

Remember, being vulnerable is a two-way street. You’re not on your “A” game when you are down and out and sick. When you do a generous act like taking care of an ill person, it gives you both a sense of gratification. Another benefit is it helps to counteract the human desire to withhold from others.

Authentic generosity

You open yourself up for emotional exchanges that you might not have the opportunity for when you isolate. Make a strong effort to give in a situation where you normally would stand back. Don’t expect any reciprocal treatment for the act, but you should do something kind to help another person.

If you make a nice gesture in the hopes of getting something in return, then you miss out on the true spirit of generosity. Plus, you won’t learn how to be vulnerable. There are many ways that you can be generous. The easiest way to do so is by buying gifts or giving money.

However, these acts are a little less emotional and don’t have the same psychological impact as something that comes from the heart. To be labeled a generous person, you must be willing to drop everything in your schedule to lend a helping hand. You will notice that you will look for opportunities to respond to people in need, even if it’s just offering a shoulder to cry on.

Commitment to your relationship

When you’re in a committed relationship, there should always be acts of generosity that go back and forth. You must learn to receive as much as you give, which can also be difficult for some. It’s the same reason why some women don’t like to have the doors opened and closed for them.

Allowing someone to do something for you takes away your power to do it for yourself. Sure, any woman can open her car door, but it’s something special when her partner does it for her. It shows that he or she will take care of her and go the extra mile to protect her.

Generosity is physical and emotional

Keep in mind that generosity isn’t just a physical display, either. Your words and actions can also be giving. Compliment your love on how they look and help them to destroy any negative self-image they may have. While this gift doesn’t cost a dime, its value is priceless.

Lastly, when you give to someone else, you feel liberated, energized, and less defensive. It will teach you how to be fulfilled in relationships. Many say that it’s essential to your emotional wellbeing, but it’s also a moral way to live your life.

Be Clear About Your Wants and Needs

Another way that you can show your vulnerability is by communicating your wants and needs. Your self-protective defense wants you to keep your desires hidden, and in many instances, people turn to others to find gratification for those desires. When you hide your agenda, you risk falling into narcissism, according to researchers.

Additionally, during your isolated times, you develop an attitude that you don’t need anyone else, and you can take care of yourself. It’s weird to ask someone for a need as it puts you in an inferior state where you may feel shame, and when you feel guilt, it’s often a painful emotion that you relate to childhood events.

Many children go through life longing to be understood, seen by others, loved, and touched by affection. Sadly, many didn’t get their needs met, so they develop a shame when they ask for friendship and humiliation because they will never seem like anything more than an unlovable child.

Even in their adult life, they feel the pangs of humiliation asking their partner for the things they need. It may be as simple as needing to hear at least once each day the words “I love you.” Yet, many can’t even bring themselves to ask for such a simple request.

If you want to meet and build a relationship with your soul mate, then you must be vulnerable. It will require overcoming your resistance to communicate with that person about your wants and needs. This also puts you in an uncomfortable position because you are putting yourself out there for a rejection or even frustration.

Thankfully, when you make these simple requests based on your needs, you will become stronger and more aware that you are no longer a child who feels pushed into the corner. There’s no shame or humiliation in asking for your needs to be met.

Offer and Receive Affection

You encourage vulnerability when you both offer and accept affection from others. Over time, you will learn that your soul mate isn’t going to use your vulnerable times to control you. When you share warmth and love with others, then you are making a statement that you’re ready to receive it in return.

Affection is both verbal and physical. It can be playful, tender, caring, or seductive. However, it’s given, it’s an outward expression of your generous nature and fulfilling the needs of others as well as asking for your needs to be filled.

But, how do you achieve this?

At first, you may feel a bit anxious or uncomfortable as these behaviors are new and challenging to display. You need to protect yourself will undoubtedly come into play too. There’s always the risk that you will be hurt, or someone will take advantage of your generous nature.

However, if you hold steadfast and put your doubts aside, then you will learn why vulnerability in love is so essential. Research proves that individuals who had issues from their childhood that stem from abandonment, controlling, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, and neglect often have problems with vulnerability. These people withdrawal into themselves and walk on eggshells around others.

It makes it hard to have a meaningful relationship with someone who isn’t emotionally available. However, you can teach someone to be more vulnerable by giving them the tools they need to build confidence. Working with a therapist is a great place to start. If you want long and meaningful relationships, you must open yourself to the innermost parts you hide from others.

Final Thoughts on the Connection Between Vulnerability and Falling in Love

The beauty of finding your “person” or partner in life is that this is the one that understands you better than anyone else. Some people note that they find it easier to let down their walls when it’s with the right one.

Your partner will make you feel like an equal and not less than in life. Research indicates that with therapy, your childhood battles, and feelings of abandonment and neglect, can melt away when you’re in a safe place. What is it that you hold back in love, and how has it affected your ability to have meaningful relationships?

If you’ve been unlucky in love, perhaps it’s time to explore if your lack of a vulnerable nature had anything to do with it. You can learn to open and expose those secretive places to someone who isn’t there to hurt you, but they only wish to help.


Find out Which Zodiac Matches Make the Best Couples?

Find out Which Zodiac Matches Make the Best Couples?

Zodiac signs and astrology may reflect a great amount of degree especially individual’s personal qualities and weaknesses of a person. Indeed, it is true that even the most critical people would have to agree at some point in their life that there might be times when they would be unwilling to believe. People search for zodiac signs compatibility, what is my zodiac sign, what is my zodiac signs meaning, march zodiac sign, compatible astrology, love compatibility by birthdate, love compatibility test, zodiac signs personality, relationship compatibility, zodiac compatibility calculator, horoscope compatibility for marriage, horoscope compatibility love match, zodiac signs compatibility chart, romantic compatibility by birthdate, marriage compatibility by name, astrology compatibility by date of birth, Indian marriage compatibility by date of birth, what zodiac signs go well together, zodiac compatibility calculator for marriage, marriage compatibility astrology, zodiac signs compatibility sexually, chinese zodiac compatibility calculator, and zodiac perfect couple. Read out the following information to know which Zodiac matches make the best couple.

Image source: Free Spiritual

Also, astrology can clarify for us how the sun signs connect with each other. The 12 zodiac signs that share the best chemistry together in a romantic relationship are mentioned below.

1. Libra and Leo (Zodiac Match)

Image source: Free Spiritual

Leos are mostly known for their feisty attitude and they are extremely attracted to bold and confident individuals who possess the same qualities like them, Libras, on the other hand, are known for their soft, relaxed and timid personality. If a person who is not afraid to speak their mind out and whose confidence is not hindered by any social barriers tries to approach a Leo, then they are in great luck. It is true that opposites are attracted towards each other, similarly, the strong personality of a Leo and the shyness of a Libra will highly compliment each other. They both frame a profound chemistry of each differently as both show a balance of emotions of unbound energy brought by Leo and simply the correct level of love conveyed by Libra to keep things on a level.

2. Gemini and Libra (Zodiac match)

Image source: Free Spiritual

As we also know that Libra’s have a very unique and quiet personality and also connect with people of similar nature but would be willing to share a relationship with a strong and confident person.  To be honest, Gemini also shares an almost same feeling of quietness from Libra and this sharing of personality and ideas joined with Gemini’s skill for imparting their thoughts make for a considerable measure of knowledge exchange. Both the signs will emotionally and mentally strengthen each other and will think that it’s easier when both of them similar goals and dreams to reach the utmost level of happiness and love in their relationship. Both offer the same basic Air sign and complement each other very well.

3. Aquarius and Aries (Zodiac match)

Image source: Free Spiritual

Aries and Aquarius are known to either destroy the relationship or energize the relationship since both the signs share the same level of energy to wither push each other or come more closer to each other Both the signs together make each other strong because of the supporting personalities they possess. The reason why their relationship makes the other couples jealous is that both Aries and Aquarius have a strong urge to accomplish their goals together effortlessly. both f them love experimenting and exploring new things that other couples are mostly hesitant to do. Basically, when both these signs come together they exhibit electric sparks and a strong charm.

4. Aries and Cancer (Zodiac match)

Image source: Free Spiritual

if you want to see how opposites are attracted to each other then this relationship is a great example. The relationship of these signs set up an example for us that how opposites are attracted to each other as Aries is the more dominating and overcome their weaknesses easily while Cancer is the person who likes to be pushed and is exceptionally very emotional and sensitive too. Aries may be a little distant, with a cold and hard shell yet Cancers may enable them to learn some things about sympathy. Thus Aries will help Cancer to discover their strength internally and turn out to be more powerful in the whole process. Both these signs will help each other to overcome the weakness and help each other rediscover themselves and their best traits in a way that will ensure their growth individually and also together.

5. Aries and Pisces(Zodiac Match)

Image source: Free Spiritual

To be very honest understanding the chemistry between an Aries and Pisces is very difficult, however, when we are discussing emotions it is a perfect match. Pisces are extremely to the point and don’t like beating around the bush and always need to live in the moment without any worries for the consequences. Aries however, is somebody who stays firm in their point of view and once they set their eyes on a target they won’t rest until they accomplish it. Both have only one specific thing in common and that is making the most of their relationship to an extent where they can live without any stresses at all over the consequences of their actions. The issue with this Fire and Water sign is that they are impatient and too spontaneous which does not make the relationship much stable.

6. Cancer and Pisces (Zodiac Match)

Image source: Free Spiritual

Both are naturally very sensitive individuals which imply they will be constantly very mindful and cherishing towards each other. Both are Water signs and offer comparable instinct in terms of emotional bonding. Both the signs know about each other’s feelings towards the relationship and are constantly working to keep the adoration for each other alive. The unconstrained idea of Pisces and the consistently positive attitude of Cancer adds, even more, love and affection to the relationship.

7. Leo and Sagittarius (Zodiac Match)

Image source: Free Spiritual

Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs and when they unite together in a relationship there will not be a dull minute between these two lovers. Both the sun signs are super aggressive and extremely powerful when it comes to making the most out of life and every moment. They exhibit a strong bonding energy to the relationship which is difficult to avoid and will attract others to them. Leos are attracted to mysterious and brave people whereas, Sagittarius perfectly fit the requirements of a Leo and they both together burn up others hearts.

8. Taurus and Capricorn (Zodiac match)

Image source: Free Spiritual

Capricorn and Taurus make an adorable couple as both share the same perspective with regards to living life. They are both highly stable and sensible when making life decisions and this is both a quality and a weak point of their personality. As both are so genuine in their everyday exercises one person has to step back and appreciate the easily overlooked details throughout the everyday life.

9. Gemini and Aquarius (Zodiac match)

Image source: Free Spiritual

Gemini and Aquarius share an awesome personality in a relationship together. As Geminis are always eager to explore new ideas and adventures and Aquarius being very open minded is never out of them. They perfectly complement each other an in a relationship and fit each other like a puzzle and keeping up a strong emotional balance in the relationship falls into place without any effort for them. Both the sun signs are always fulfilling each other’s needs and know how to grow together by respecting ideas like personal space and privacy.

10. Scorpio and Leo (Zodiac Match)

Image source: Free Spiritual

Scorpio and Leo together give rise to a perfect unmistakable bond between two human beings. They humbly satisfy each other’s needs as Scorpio is somebody who knows how to persuade and deliver what needs to communicate to the other person. Leo wants someone who can constantly compliment them and praise their amazing personality. Scorpios are energetic to communicate in an unmistakable way and Leo knows how to keep the spark from fading away. The two signs are extremely possessive and loving of each other.

Article by Born Realist


5 Reasons You Feel Lost (And How to Find Yourself Again) |6 Min Read

5 Reasons You Feel Lost (And How to Find Yourself

In our money-centered world, we can quickly get caught up with bills, responsibilities, chores, and careers. So it’s no wonder that we can start to feel lost in life. Also, comparing ourselves with others or taking life too seriously can add to the confusion and depression we might feel.

We all came here to learn valuable lessons for our soul’s evolution, and this planet certainly does not make it easy. The trials and tribulations we face may seem overwhelming and leave us weathered at times. However, we can find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Have you been feeling lost or defeated about life? Then, we hope you can find some clarity and hope and start to feel like yourself again. Below, we’ll go over how the dark times can lead to the brightest revelations and discoveries about yourself. We all feel this way at some point along our journeys. But it doesn’t have to be viewed as a negative thing.

“To be lost is as legitimate a part of your process as being found.” – Alex Ebert

Here are five reasons you feel lost in life:

feel lost 1 – You put too much stake in other people’s opinions.

If you let other people dictate your life too much, you will undoubtedly start feeling lost and uncertain about your own life. Other people will only give you advice from their perspective and understanding, but you have to listen to your voice. People will never hesitate to offer their two cents about what you should do with your life, but only you can determine the direction you want to go.

2 – You might feel lost in life if you neglect your intuition.

Our intuition can help us navigate life when we start to feel lost; in fact, it could play a more critical role than intellect in solving tough problems. Studies show that intuition can provide just as effective results as an analytical approach to making decisions. We have lived in a world mainly governed by right-brained thinking for far too long, but the intuitive side of us seems to be making a comeback. We all have an inner voice that helps guide us through life, but we must learn to trust it and allow the rational brain to take a backseat.

3 – You engage in negative self-talk too often.

Many people feel lost in life because they just don’t give themselves enough credit. They look outside themselves for answers but forget their real power and potential. We all get caught up in the comparison trap from time to time, but this will only hinder your growth. We can implement positive self-talk in various ways, through mantras, affirmations, or even meditation.

Studies indicate that regular meditation helps increase positive thinking, which will help quiet those negative thoughts about yourself and the world. If you feel lost in life, try to shift your thinking to all the positive things happening in your life. You will feel much better and start to see more beneficial outcomes as well.

4 – You don’t know your real purpose.

Not everyone believes in having one huge purpose for being here, and it does seem a little daunting to think about. However, we can all improve the state of this planet in some way, and leave it better than we found it. If you feel lost in life, perhaps your job doesn’t bring you fulfillment, and your soul feels tired of begrudgingly clocking in and out every day. Does this sound like you? If so, make a list of things that interest you, and find out ways you can make money from them. Even if it only starts as a side business or just a hobby, it will improve your mental health and happiness just by giving it your attention.

Here are 7 miracles to remember if you’ve lost your faith.

Just remember that at your core, you’re not just a human being; you’re the whole universe expressing itself consciously, having a temporary experience here on Earth. It does get a little taxing and confusing down here in this heavy realm at times, but you came here for a reason. Remember to take time and dig deep within to find out what makes your spirit soar; that might just be your true calling.

5 – You live in the mind more than the heart.

The energy on Earth feels very imbalanced at times. But perhaps if we lived through our hearts more instead of our minds, we would see that reflected outwardly.

In other words, making more decisions based on the well-being of others and the planet as a whole instead of just our egos. Such conscientious thinking would do wonders for the state of the Earth. A world dominated by pure logic can only take us so far. But at some point, we need to add some heart and soul into the mix, so we don’t just act like machines.

If you feel lost in life, start thinking more about how you can help others improve their own lives. By taking the focus off yourself and shifting it to other people, you can truly make a difference in people’s lives, and your worries won’t seem so big after all.

If you feel lost in life, here’s how to find yourself again:

1 – Don’t bury your feelings.

First off, you can’t expect to find your way out of the darkness if you don’t explore what got you there in the first place. To truly discover yourself again, you have to get lost for a little while. In life, we all go through this, so don’t let it discourage you or make you think you’ll never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Life happens differently for everyone, so just focus on what makes you feel whole again and forget about the rest of the world.

If you feel lost in life, learn to listen to your feelings and intuition calling you back home again. You’ll learn so much about yourself if you dive deep into yourself rather than always listening to the world’s voice. Society doesn’t know your soul. Only you indeed do, so all that matters at the end of the day is staying true to yourself.

2 – Trust yourself.

You can’t find yourself if you drown out your voice and desires by always doing what the world expects of you. You have the key to unlocking the doors to your deepest self, so you must trust the process. Even if it takes you years to get where you need to go, you can’t make it there if you continually sabotage your heart’s true desires. At the end of the day, we only have ourselves, so it makes sense to know ourselves to the core and trust what our soul tells us.

You can’t ever run away from yourself, so if you feel lost in life, take that as a sign that you’ve been neglecting yourself, and learn to tap into your highest self.


3 – If you feel lost in life, learn about what makes you happy.

We often get so caught up in this world trying to please other people and take care of their needs that we forget what we even want or need. Even taking time off work for a short vacation or self-care can do wonders for your mental health and help you find yourself again.

As humans, we often compare ourselves to others and wonder if we live the right way. But just remember that all paths lead to the same place eventually. In other words, as long as you do no harm to yourself or anyone else, your way is just as valid and “correct” as others’.

No one has all the answers, and we don’t get a manual for how to live life. It only makes sense to fill your time with things that bring you joy. Whatever makes your heart happy, follow it, because it will truly lead you back home.

4 – Try new things.

If you stay inside your comfort zone too much, you won’t give your soul what it needs to grow. Getting comfortable in a routine makes us complacent after a while. So make sure to shake things up every so often. Try a new hobby or invest in learning a skill that interests you. Perhaps somewhere down the road, you could even make money from it!

You can always reinvent the wheel. So don’t let doubts or fears stop you from getting outside your bubble.

5  – Get rid of negative thinking.

Our thoughts can either propel us toward the life we want or hinder us from it. Make sure you keep your thoughts as positive as possible so you can manifest the reality you wish to see.

feel lostFinal thoughts about feeling lost in life

Don’t beat yourself up in you’ve been feeling a little down or confused about your journey. Everyone goes through this, but you can’t allow those feelings to paralyze you. Learn about why you feel this way and what you can do to change it. You have all the power within to create the life you love; you just have to believe in your potential and imagine yourself as the best version of you possible!


10 Ways Find Your Spirit Animal

10 Ways Find Your Spirit Animal

Our spirit animal is one of the most critical and influential spiritual forces in our lives. They act as a specific guide to help us cope with things going on in the world and find our unique spiritual path. Native Americans included these beings on animal totems, honoring their significance in life.

Everyone has a unique guide, and your guide can change throughout your life. It’s good to check in with the spiritual world regularly. Once you discover your animal guide, prepare for significant changes in your life, happiness, and health!

Mystical animals are deeply steeped in many ancient traditions, including Native American practices. Even the scientific community concedes that animals may have souls and be far more divine than we think. Divine animals can help us on our journey, but how can we identify them?

Fortunately, there are a few helpful tips and tricks that will allow you to discover your unique spirit animal and enrich your life in positive and exciting ways!

10 Ways to Help Your Spirit Animal Reveal Itself

spirit animal frogs
Here’s what it means if you often see frogs.

1 – Consider Your Favorite Animals–One is Your Spirit Animal

What type of animal do you find yourself drawn to? Are you surrounded by specific animal totems or types of jewelry? Identifying what animals you feel a kinship with will allow you to explore just what divinity has in store for you.

If you are attracted to a specific type of animal, your subconscious is giving you a compelling clue that connects deeply with your divine guide. Listen to it.

2 – See What Manifests In Your Dreams

Dreams provide us with an abundance of useful information, and we should never ignore their signs. Often, animals will appear in our thoughts.

Never ignore these nighttime manifestations. They might hold the key to your real spirit animal. If a specific creature keeps appearing in your dreams, particularly in a helpful way, it’s time to consider the fact that they might be intrinsically tied to you spiritually.

Common Animals That Appear In Dreams

  • Cats
  • Snakes
  • Dogs
  • Frogs
  • Wolves
  • Crows
  • Butterflies
  • Bears


3 – Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

Your animal guide might not only appear to you in dreams but in real life as well! Pay attention to your surroundings and make a special note of any animal that frequently crosses your path.

The animal can appear in your physical space, or represented in various forms of entertainment or art. For example, if you start seeing Blue Jays everywhere and then run into someone wearing a blue jay on a baseball hat, it could be a sign that the universe is trying to tell you something.

Don’t go searching for connections. They will make themselves evident to you. Simply be open to the possibility that the spirits are trying to communicate with you and listen to their message.

4 – Meditate On Your Spirit Animal

Meditation can unlock the doors of the spiritual realm and give us access to fresh ideas, thoughts, and paths that we never thought we had before. Whenever you want to embark on a new spiritual journey or have a question about the world beyond, meditation is a fantastic practice.

The biggest key to meditation is to be receptive to what the universe is trying to tell you. Don’t force it. Allow your body to leave this plane and invite your spirit animal to communicate with you.

You might not get the specific answers that you are looking for through meditation, and that’s okay. Sometimes the universe gives us puzzle pieces, and we need to put them together in due time. Be patient and receptive, and you will get the answers you seek.

5 – Listen To Your Intuition

Have you ever had that feeling where you just knew the answer to something? It could be a situation where, despite all of the evidence, you just knew inside of your bones what was real.

Our intuition is a powerful tool, and we don’t use it as often as we should in the modern world. If you feel an inevitable pull towards a type of animal, or have this familiar feeling that you just can’t shake, the universe is trying to tell you something important.

6 – Ask Your Spirit Animal To Reveal Itself

Sometimes the universe responds to direct questions, so there’s no harm in asking your spirit animal to reveal itself.

Your guide may or may not manifest in a mental image, physical appearance, or another telltale way, but you will have lost nothing by merely asking the question. It is not rude or invasive to be direct, but if you don’t get the answer you want, stop pushing. When you are ready to know, the universe will make the truth evident to you.

Once you ask the question, be on the lookout for the answer. Your divine animal can reveal itself in many different unconventional ways. If you see a creature from an animal totem and feel an instant pull towards it, you have your answer.

spirit animal

7 – Start Journaling Regularly

We know that journaling is a powerful way of manifesting your reality and can bring you amazing results rapidly and with high accuracy.

Journaling is a fantastic way to allow yourself to let go of the conventional trappings of this world and experience the divine on a whole new level. Don’t try to control the flow; simply write down anything that comes to your mind.

When you read through your journals, look for specific patterns. If an animal appears several times in your writing, this could be a huge clue that they play a significant role in your life and might even be a friendly spiritual guide!

8 – Think Of Animal Totems In Your Family Line

Totems are historically powerful symbols that are carried down through family lines. Many families and cultures have an animal totem weaved into their folklore, family stories, or art.

Your guide might not necessarily link up with this animal totem, but it could be related to it. Pay attention to the animals that are significant to you and your family, and you’ll get a clue as to who your mystical animal guide may be!

Additionally, astrology could hold the key to who your particular animal is. Understanding your animal sign is an excellent first step to uncovering who your real guide is.

9 – Be Aware Of Any Peculiar Animal Behavior

It’s possible that you may encounter your animal guide in real life. If this happens, count yourself exceptionally lucky to have had such a real-life brush with the spirit world.

Pay attention to animals behaving strangely around you. If an animal seems very familiar or is not afraid of you when it usually would be, you might be having a spiritual experience.

Of course, you should never approach a wild animal, but you can observe its behavior from a safe distance. Make sure that you document instances where animals behave strangely around you and look for patterns.

10 – Go Outside for Inspiration

The natural world is our most prominent link to the divine and has several restorative qualities that can help us stay centered and healthy.

Nature is also full of representatives from the animal kingdom, as well as a direct line to Mother Earth herself. If you want to experience spiritual fulfillment or get a jump on a new page in your development, it’s time to take a walk outside.

The best way to avoid distractions and make the most of your experience is to go alone. You will be able to plug into what the natural world is telling you. Keep your eyes peeled for curious creatures, and remember, they might not be large animals.

Butterflies are common spirit animals. These creatures represent transformation and grace, as well as rebirth. If you find yourself in a swarm of beautiful butterflies, get ready for an exciting new chapter in your life.

You can choose any type of nature activity that you would like. There are no wrong answers. Simply get outside and prepare to be impressed and amazed by the bounty that the divine world has to offer you.

spirit animal revealed

Final Thoughts on Identifying Your Spirit Animal

Finding your spirit animal can seem like a daunting task, but it’s just a matter of being motivated to take the plunge, and being receptive to what the spiritual world has to show you.

Your spirit animal can help you tremendously through your life. They can act as an ally during dark times, provide guidance, and allow you to experience spiritual growth fully. By taking the steps outlined in this guide, you will be able to shed some light on who your particular animal is.

Once you’ve identified your guide, you will be able to communicate with them and use them as a resource. You will find that you’ll start to see physical manifestations of this animal everywhere and that you seem to move through the world with more ease and grace.

Why not tap into your full spiritual power? It’s time to start your journey today and become more aware, intuitive, and in control of your destiny.


4 Tips to Help You Find a Vegan Catering Company

4 Tips to Help You Find a Vegan Catering Company

4 Tips to Help You Find a Vegan Catering Company

More and more people are realizing that veganism is the best choice for their health, the planet, and the welfare of innocent animals. Even the most recent Oscars after-party had a wealth of delicious vegan options.

If you’re throwing an event for vegans or people who are curious about improving their lifestyle, then you’re probably wondering where you can get the best vegan food catering.

Keep reading to learn about 5 tips to help you find a vegan catering company.

1. Find Out If They’re Fully Vegan

There is a range of catering companies out there that offer non-vegan food as well as vegan food. If a catering company is not fully vegan, then there might be a much higher chance of cross-contamination.

What you should do is pick up the phone and ask the catering company what measures they take to ensure that their food doesn’t become infected with unhealthy animal products. You might be glad to know that they use separate utensils and pots, for instance.

If you’re still worried about cross-contamination, then your best bet is to go with a fully vegan caterer. You should also double-check their policies and procedures related to specific food allergies, such as gluten. That way, everyone on your roster is taken care of.

2. Compare and Contrast Reviews

When you’re searching for vegan caterers, you can expect those with solid experience to have reviews online. A great way to narrow down your list is by comparing and contrasting those reviews.

That way, you can get a better idea of the quality of their vegan food and more. Just be sure that the reviews are recent because any business can change for the worse or for the better with enough time.

For the most accurate assessment, it helps to read at least a few reviews of each catering company before keeping them on your list or crossing them out.

3. Look at Their Menu

Some vegan catering companies might specialize in sushi, barbeque-style food, Indian dishes, or all of the above.

Depending on the event you’re throwing, you’ll want to make sure that the company you decide on can deliver the perfect vegan catering menu.

It can also be worthwhile to call up the catering company and ask how much flexibility they offer when it comes to creating a menu.

4. Ask Your Family and Friends

If you have any friends or family members who are vegan, chances are they’ll know a lot about where you can get the best catered vegan food.

Reviews online could come from untrustworthy people, but when you can talk with people you know and love, the information will be much more reliable.

Are You Ready to Get Vegan Catering?

Now that you know all about 5 tips to help you find a vegan catering company, you make sure any event you throw is a delicious success.

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How to Find a High-Quality Senior Assisted Living Facility

How to Find a High-Quality Senior Assisted Living Facility

How to Find a High-Quality Senior Assisted Living Facility

The negative connotations about senior care are long-lived. The bad actions of a few have cast a negative light on nursing homes and assisted living facilities (ALF).

The truth is that there are award-winning facilities out there to help your aging loved ones. There are over 30,000 ALFs in the United States to choose from. They provide excellent care to more than 800,000 senior citizens.

Read on to learn how to find a high-quality senior assisted living facility. Explore tips and instructions for locating the best home for your loved one.

Perform Internet Research

The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding an ALF. You can perform a Google search and create a list of nearby facilities.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of online research is finding ALFs that are conveniently located. You can find a facility that is within driving distance and close enough for routine visits.

You can also read online reviews and customer testimonials. Of course, check the news to see if the facility has a negative press coverage. You can narrow your search by removing ALFs that have poor online reviews.

Request a Tour

There is only so much you can learn from online research. A good photographer can put lipstick on a pig and mask the facility’s true condition. 

The next step is to physically tour the facilities that had positive reviews. Ask representatives at the facility to host a walking tour of the facility’s interior and exterior.

Here, you can ask detailed questions about daily operations. For example, what kind of activities does the facility do with their tenants?

Ask About the Meal Plan

Healthy dining is one of the most important elements of senior care. When you take a tour, ask the staff detailed questions about the dining plan.

You want to learn how many meals are served per day. Also, ensure that there is a wide selection of healthy foods to choose from that promote long-term health. Ask to visit the dining facility and kitchen to make sure that it is kept clean and food is stored properly.

Pricing Information

The more services and amenities provided by the ALF, the higher the cost will be. For starters, you will need to find out if the ALF falls in the family’s budget. 

Also, you certainly want to find out if the assisted living facility accepts your health insurance. This is important because it can offset some of the high costs associated with senior care. 

Lastly, find out when and how payments are taken. Are there any upfront fees for registration? Is payment required in a lump sum or due at the end of each month?

Finding a Quality Senior Assisted Living Facility – A Recap

Your loved one likely took care of you as a child and young adult. Now, it is your turn to help take care of them.

You can do this by finding the best possible ALF. By putting in the time and research, you can ensure that they are treated with love and care.

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How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon: The Ultimate Guide

How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon: The Ultimate

How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon: The Ultimate Guide

When was the last time you were scrolling through Amazon looking for something to buy? There are loads of different options and an almost unlimited amount of products selling on this giant global marketplace.

But deciding what are the best items to sell on Amazon can be a nightmare with all this choice.

If you have a business or are looking to earn some extra cash as an Amazon seller, here’s all you need to know about how to find products to sell on Amazon.

1. Know Your Market

The most important aspect of selling online is knowing your market. You need to understand who you are selling to and what products they purchase.

When you understand this you can start to understand your competition and how you can conquer them.

One way in which the market can be divided up and the traditional way it has always been done is by country. An American customer might not necessarily purchase the same products as a British person or an Indian customer. A product that sells well in one of these markets might also not sell at all in another.

However, the rise of the internet and hyper-communication through social media has broken down these barriers to a certain extent. 

If you are selling for the female market – for instance, beauty products – then there are ethical concerns you need to consider about the ingredients that are used in the products and whether they were tested on animals and are vegan-friendly. Some countries also have different regulations on what chemicals are allowed into the products.

2. Sell Great Products Not Cheap Junk

It is easy to think that selling cheap products at low prices is the easiest way to make a quick buck on Amazon. But this couldn’t be further from the case. Customers are savvy and will soon stop purchasing a product if they feel it is inadequate.

Furthermore, most customers use Amazon’s review system to leave reviews of products for future customers.

Instead, you should focus on sourcing or even creating your own great products to sell on Amazon. You should do this even if you have to charge a higher price than your competitors.

Customers are willing to pay a higher price for a product if there is a clear justification or it offers something special and unique. You can easily generate excitement around these products with a clever marketing strategy. 

3. Choose a Product That You Can Market Well

Customers don’t always buy the product based on purely practical considerations. Often people buy a product because they are buying into the vision or the lifestyle that the product represents.

This is often down to clever marketing. The best products are ones that can be marketed well. Often they are simple and it is obvious what they do. 

Apple is a clever example. Ostensibly, their products are laptops, smartwatches and cell phones. But they cleverly marketed these products, suggesting that owning all of these products together is a lifestyle choice.

Those who own them can use them in tandem to have an easier and more fulfilled life, able to be more productive at work as well as in the gym and during exercise routines. Simplicity is the key to Apple’s message even though what they are selling are extremely complex products.

4. Do Some SEO Keyword Research

Another way in which people access products is not always through Amazon itself but through affiliate links and blogs and websites that have been Search Engine Optimized.

If you’re struggling to get your head around this then be sure to hire a company that specializes in amazon seo services might be of use to you.

Using an SEO keyword research tool you can help you see which products and keywords are currently ranking highly on Google. Once you have established what products are popular you can start to see where products that you want to sell might fit in.

Remember though SEO does take time.

Once you know where the products fit in terms of Google and which keywords you want to target you can then start to think about ways of increasing its profile on Google which will then lead to increased traffic to its Amazon page.

You can pay blog owners to include an affiliate link to your product along with the keywords that are likely to boost its ranking on Google and you can also extend this to social media as well, hiring influencers to help you.

How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon? Marketing is Key

The key to selling great products on Amazon is not just product choice but also great marketing. By creating a buzz around your product and ensuring that you are selling a lifestyle or a brand as well as the product you can start to build a loyal client base.

On top of this, you can then start to grow this audience through SEO. By ensuring your product ranks highly on Google you can increase the traffic to your product.

Part of SEO is also reaching out to other brands and websites to see if they can include an affiliate link to one of your products in their own blogs or content. Of they will want a small fee for doing this but it can be rewarding.

Finally, social media influencers can also ensure your product as a strong following on Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest.

If you are interested in learning more about how to find products to sell on Amazon or the best items to sell on Amazon be sure to check out the rest of our site.



Web Presence: Elementary Strategy to Follow for Improving It & Find New Customer

Web Presence: Elementary Strategy to Follow for Improving It &

It really doesn’t matter which type of business you have what matters the most is which strategy you follow to improve your web presence. Web presence plays a crucial role when it comes to enhancing the customer base and earning more ROI in less time. During the past days, businesses used to follow two important methods for improving their customer base that is: 

1. Direct advertising. 

2. Word of mouth

However, in today’s digital era a wide range of options are available for businesses due to access to the internet, it has opened up new ways for businesses that aim to improve their business’s presence on the web and grab the attention of a large audience base that also in a very short span.  

Know what is the Exact Meaning of Improving Web Presence for Your Business

Web presence simple means summing up identities that businesses have created and interaction which have been established online using this identity. These identities can include your business website, pages, social media account, and much more which pop up in the search engine list whenever any of the customers search for your business. 

Web presence is an effective digital salesforce and when businesses try to optimize their web presence they can easily create brand awareness. This digital interaction can help to turn your web visitors into your ideal clients. Once you develop a strong web presence for your business, you will definitely have a huge potential which helps you to retain and attract one through various channels available online. 

Different Way to Consider for Enhancing Web Presence for Your Business 

All types of businesses these days are using various marketing strategies but unable to get the desired and steady stream of customers for their business. No matter whether you have established business or have just started your business what matters for attracting more customers and gaining huge referrals is optimizing your web presence. 

By optimizing the web presence of your business you can easily reach thousands of customers all over the world. As a business entrepreneur if you want to expand your business outside the boundary of your local area then you have to pay attention to improving your web presence. You can develop an effective marketing strategy and can use various proven ways to enhance your web presence in lesser time. 

Optimizing the web presence of your business doesn’t happen overnight, but having a strong web presence is very essential for businesses as it helps them to achieve long term goals. It allows the customer to find your business, communicate with you, trust your brand, and much more. Having a strong web presence can sound quite challenging but if you want to achieve it then you have to plan and implement the right strategy which provides the proven results for your business. There are proven ways which you can adopt to increase conversion rates, customer engagement, traffic, and much more for your business. 

Develop a Website for Your Business

Only 51% of businesses have their business website while almost 97% of consumers are searching online for preaching products or services from the brands. Businesses who have yet now owned their business website are losing end number of opportunities what is waiting with open arms on their way. 

And for enhancing your web presence developing the website and an app for your business can prove to be the first and essential activity. With the help of the expert or mobile app development company, you can portrait an excellent piece that loads quickly on the user’s devices and provide them with updated information about your business product or service which you sell. The website or app crafted by them will be mobile-friendly, eye-catchy and will optimize your business URLs.

Sponsored Advertising

Businesses should leverage other sources to improve their web presence, they can use other sites which allow them to advertise their business online using sponsored advertising. Making advertisement using other websites ensure you to reach more customers from the desired targeted market, websites which allow sponsored advertising can be proven beneficial for your business product or service. Each click on your advertisement can bring more customers and traffic to your business website. And each view done by the customers can ensure customers have exposed your business. 

Stay Active on Social Media Platforms 

Staying active on social media platforms can help businesses to grab the attention of millions of users because the majority of customers might have their account on one or other social media platform. One of the most popular activities on the internet is Social media usage. 

As per the report, around 2.65 billion users use social media platforms worldwide, this number is estimated to jump and reach 3.1 billion by 2021. Hence businesses who want to improve their presence online must utilize the power of social media and must create their business page or account on famous sites like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and many more. 

Facebook has around 2.45 billion active monthly users, hence it will provide you the best way to communicate with your target audience. The use of social media can also help you to get more word of mouth from the customers. You can share posts on Facebook and tweet on twitter to attract your targeted audience and make them know more about your brand. You must include all the information about your business on social sites and also pay equal attention to regular updates about your newly launched product, offers, discounts, and much more. 

Multiple Forms of Content to Attract the Audience

There is no doubt that blogging is one of the effective ways to enhance your web presence online. But you can also use multiple forms of content for attracting your customers, this useful content can help you to define your brand’s voice and also build trust among the customers. Businesses should focus on developing multiple forms of content to provide customers with informative and entertaining on like: 

  • Vimeo or Youtube video that represents your brand. 
  • Developing infographics. 
  • Podcast hosting.
  • Creating a case study.
  • White paper and ebook publishing. 

When you provide qualitative and unique content to your audience it will surely create a positive image in your customer’s mind and will force them to trust you. You can also convey them to make a purchase by delivering good content which will ultimately increase your business sales. 

Find the Best Match for Your Business!

All online activities togetherly are responsible for creating your brand’s images in your customer’s mind. Hence businesses who want to develop a positive image in their targeted audience’s mind must take extra care while performing various online activities. 

Put your customer’s need on top is the success mantra for all the businesses who want to enjoy a huge audience base and high profit for their business. But businesses who are lacking to have a strong business presence will not receive the desired outcome for their business in this digital world. They can use helpful tips to enhance their web presence and can reach the targeted objectives in lesser time


How to Find the Perfect Prom Dress for Your Body Type

How to Find the Perfect Prom Dress for Your Body

How to Find the Perfect Prom Dress for Your Body Type

Teens are spending more and more money on prom each year. In fact, the average family spends over $900 on prom, and most of that goes towards the dress.

Finding the perfect dress for prom is a big deal. For many young girls, it’s one of the biggest nights they’ve had so far in their lives. They’re not only commemorating the end of high school, but also the end of an era, so to speak.

So, yeah, there’s a lot of investment in finding the right dress, both in terms of money and time spent looking for it.

If you find yourself having difficulties finding the right one, then it’s probably because you’re not searching to fit your body type.

Here’s how to find the perfect prom dress for your body type to ensure you look fabulous on your big night out.

Get to Know Your Body Type

Shopping for your specific body type is one of the biggest advents in fashion that’s occurred over the past few years. Before, it was all about finding the hottest new dress and making yourself fit into it.

Now, people are wiser and they know that you’re going to look best in something that fits your specific body type.

Generally, young women fall into six different categories when it comes to body type:

  • Petite
  • Tall
  • Rectangular
  • Curvy
  • Triangle
  • Inverted Triangle

Petite women are under 5’3” and tall women are typically above 5’6”. This is a pretty small range, so you might not be able to classify your body type solely based on height.

However, if you’re particularly petite or particularly tall, then it’s going to affect the types of prom dresses you’re going to look for. We’ll get into that in a bit.

Women with a rectangular shaped body have similar measurements for their bust, waist, and hips. You’re not particularly curvy in any area of your body.

On the contrary, curvy women have very small waists and tend to have larger breasts that accentuate the curves of their bodies.

If you a fuller lower body, wide hips, and a smaller bust, then you likely have a triangle body shape. An inverted triangle body shape is the exact opposite. These women have larger busts and very thing legs.

It’s important to note that you probably don’t fall into one body type category perfectly.

However, if you can get to know the basic shape of your body it will help you find the best prom dresses for your body type and then make slight alterations to one of them to fit you perfectly.

How to Find the Perfect Prom Dress by Body Type

Do you think you’ve figured out which body type you have? Great! Shopping for the right prom dress is going to be so much easier now that you know what kind of body you’re trying to dress.

When it comes to prom dresses and body types, what you’re really looking for is a dress that’s going to accentuate your natural features or enhance weaker features that you want to make look better.

This means that if you’re curvy, the dress will accentuate your curves. Or, if you’re naturally small-waisted, then you’re going to look for a dress that helps enhance the look of your waist to draw it in.

Here’s how to find the perfect prom dresses for your specific body type.

Prom Dresses for Petite Bodies

As a petite girl, chances are that you’re small all around, not just short. This means that your entire frame is small and that you’re going to need to make yourself look taller.

Showing a little bit of side leg can help elongate your frame, and it compliments petite women as it doesn’t make them look incredibly tall or overpowering.

High-low dresses work great for petite girls as it allows them to show off their legs in the front while still enjoying a flowing, elegant dress in the back.

Or, you can opt for a cocktail dress with a v-neckline or some kind of vertical print. These will help lengthen your frame and they tend to look flattering on petite women.

Prom Dresses for Tall Bodies

Young women who are tall tend to shy away from making themselves look even taller. They usually opt for dresses and postures that make them look smaller, which is totally the opposite of what they should be doing!

When searching for your prom dress, you need to embrace your frame! Try on dresses that show off your body’s length and compliment your figure.

Long ball gowns work great on tall bodies, as do form-fitting maxi dresses, which fashion experts expect are going to be hot for prom dresses 2020.

Graphic patterns will look great on your frame, and two-piece dresses that allow the bottom skirt to have a really high waistline will help you look extra elegant.

Prom Dresses for Rectangular Bodies

If you have a rectangular body type, then your biggest goal is going to be to add dimension to your frame.

Because you have similar measurements all around your body, it’s really about figuring out how to add curves and flair to your shoulders, chest, and waist.

Look for prom dresses that feature a one-shoulder neckline or a high slit. These are great ways to add dimension to your look and show off a bit of skin.

If you have a particularly rectangular waistline then you might need help defining your shape. If this is the case, then you can look for a dress with an empire waist or opt for a trumpet skirt.

Flowing, layered dresses are also going to help add dimension to your body and create the illusion of more curves.

Prom Dresses for Curvy Bodies

If you have a curvy body, then you’re going to want to look for a prom dress that really works to accentuate all of your natural features.

Fitted dresses with well-defined waits are going to help show off your curvy waistline and natural body shape.

Cinched waistlines or waistlines with decorations are great if you’re looking for something really well-defined.

You’ll also want to ensure that the top fits you properly. Open necklines work great here as they ensure that all the attention is down at your waist and not up near your neck.

If you need to, it’s really worth sending your dress to get altered to ensure that it fits properly around your waist and your bust.

Prom Dresses for Triangle Bodies

With a triangle body shape, your goal is going to be to even out your body’s frame and silhouette. Because you have a stronger or fuller lower body, the goal with a prom dress is to find one that draws the attention up towards your neck.

Flowy off-the-shoulder prom dresses work great for this body type as they draw the eye upwards and off of your legs and hips.

Or, opt for a style that cascades down over your waistline to accentuate your natural frame.

A-line silhouettes, strapless dresses, and embellished necklines are all styles to look for if you have a triangle body shape.

If you can’t find the right dress with an embellished neckline, then spice up a normal dress with some flashy, chunky necklaces.

Prom Dresses for Inverted Triangle Bodies

As a woman with an inverted triangle body, it’s likely that you have larger breasts and very thin legs. If this is the case, then when you’re looking for a prom dress, try to try on ones that have very flowy bottoms.

Because your bust is larger, you’re going to want to accentuate that with a fitted top while evening out your frame’s look with a fuller skirt at the bottom.

Adding definition to your waist is important as it’s going to help you pull in your waistline to help accentuate both your bust and your lower body.

Look for a mermaid or trumpet gown to accentuate your natural frame as these two styles look especially great on your body type.

Making Alterations to Your Prom Dress

Learning how to find the perfect prom dress depends a lot on learning more about your body type.

Take time out to head to a professional seamstress. They’ll be able to measure your body in all of the necessary areas to give you a good idea of your actual body type, not the one you think you have.

With this in mind, it will be easier to shop for a prom dress in a way that helps you save time and money. However, try not to focus on finding the perfect dress.

If a dress fits you in the right places and you feel beautiful in it, then it’s okay to have to make alterations to it! It’s rare that you’re going to find a dress that fits your body type perfectly, as we’re all very different.

Enjoyed this article? Take a look at at our clothing and accessories section for more fashion tips and ideas to help you design your prom 2020 look.