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12 Signs of a Gifted Child to Never Overlook

12 Signs of a Gifted Child to Never Overlook

A gifted child, by definition, has a higher level of intelligence and is advanced academically. They are often creative, artistic, and possess leadership skills. If you think your child is gifted, it’s essential to know how to help your child best.

Gifted kids act differently than other kids. But researchers suggest that parents and educators must view a child’s giftedness as their potential for growth rather than something they’ve already achieved. This information will help a child be motivated to learn and grow in their talents.

Gifted kids versus bright kids

People often confuse the terms bright and gifted. They have two different meanings. Bright children and gifted children are both smart. However, here are some fundamental differences between these two descriptions.

Bright kidsGifted kids
Like to work hard and do well in school.Don’t need to work hard to do well in school.
Like to get the right answer to earn approvalAsk more questions, are curious, not looking or approval
Learn progressively, line upon lineLearn with some gaps, high in one area but low in another
Social development is correct for their ageUsually like to be adults or older kids more than their peers, may not respond correctly to social cues
Can handle scary movies or books for their ageTend to be fearful, ask lots of questions, get scared easily
Like being at schoolThey’d rather learn by themselves
Can finish their work then do something else like read or drawVery detailed, overly specific and interested in one minute point

Here are twelve signs of a gifted child you should never overlook:

gifted child

1 – Talk like a professor

Gifted kids’ language skills develop early. If you have a child who is gifted, he or she will have a large vocabulary for a child their age.

They’ll speak in more complex sentences and sound like a little professor when they talk to you. It’s easy to assume that a gifted child’s maturity level matches their language, but their minds get ahead of their physical and emotional growth.

They’re still a child with developing emotional needs. Don be intimidated or awed by your child’s intellect. Seek to provide them with a stable home environment where they can grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

2 – Read constantly

Gifted kids are voracious readers. They need to be told to stop reading at meals or bedtime. They read through their age level books so quickly. It can be quite challenging for parents and educators to find age-appropriate but exciting books for them.

A gifted child can quickly end up reading a fifth or sixth-grade book in kindergarten or first grade. The classic literature books are great reads for gifted kids.

3 – They’d rather hang out with adults

School can be challenging for these kids because they prefer adult conversations to talk with their peers. They find their peers’ non-intellectually stimulating. Adults tend to know more and have more experiences that gifted kids want to learn about.

It’s challenging for parents and educators to help them learn how to relate to their peers while allowing them time with adults for higher levels of conversation.

4 – Creative thinkers

Gifted kids are often creative and original thinkers.

Studies show there’s a connection between intelligence and creativity, but how they function together isn’t understood. They are inventive and often think outside the box when they play or do school work. Their creative energy can be hard to keep up with as a parent or teacher.

They may be obsessed with one particular type of creativity, like construction bricks, building elaborate structures that kids typically do not create. Wise parents will provide them books, materials, and the freedom to allow this outlet.

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5 – Seem mature

Gifted kids like all kids develop physically, emotionally, and physically over some time. It’s easy to assume because a gifted child talks like an adult, they are adults. But gifted kids aren’t little adults.

They are still growing and maturing, sometimes at different rates in each area. They may be tiny for their age or very immature but seem older in the way they speak. It’s easy to put higher standards on how they should act because they’re gifted. Parents and educators must give a gifted child room to grow up and be a kid, even if they need intellectual stimulation.

6 – They are natural-born leaders

Gifted kids show leadership. They like to take charge because they’re full of ideas. They’re often intensely focused on their ideas. Other kids who want to follow will attach themselves to these kids because they like the excitement of being with the gifted kids. They get easily frustrated with themselves and others if people aren’t doing what they were asked to do.

7 –  They might have a hard time socially

Researchers found that kids who have an IQ of 130 or more are more apt to have socio-emotional problems. These kids often have adjustment problems and behavior problems. Gifted kids prefer to hang out with adults. They may find it hard to play with their peers. They may be immature around kids. Gifted kids may want to take over the playtime with their creative ideas, making other kids feel like they’re being bossy.

8 – Precocious

Studies show that a child’s precociousness is a good indication they’re gifted.  This precocious growth may be in intellect, music, understanding how things are related to the space around them, the ability to understand information physically through their hand and body movements. Precocious kids are typically advanced intellectually.

9 – Get bored at school

Studies show that schools often misunderstand the needs of gifted kids, making them sit through regular class instruction when they already know the information. The school may feel that a gifted child needs to learn to sit in a class with other kids so they’ll grow socially.

Although gifted kids do need to develop social skills, sitting through a slow-paced lesson isn’t the way to achieve this goal. A gifted child will often say that school is too easy for them, and this is misunderstood by an educator. Sadly, gifted children are often treated with irritation and alienation for being bored and unmotivated when their lessons are too easy.

10 – Like to talk

Some gifted kids are early talkers, while others don’t talk until they’re three or four. Whatever age they begin to speak, once they start talking, they don’t stop. Gifted kids have an incredible curiosity about things-how they work, why they work that way, and where they came from. If you have a gifted child, they will question you about everything, and you may find that you don’t the answers to their questions. That’s okay because you can teach them how to find the information they want to know in books, dictionaries, or appropriate online sites.

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11 – Need little sleep

Gifted kids often have little sleep or time to reboot. This can be difficult for parents who try to get them to sleep longer. Typically gifted toddlers don’t nap as long as their peers and give up their naps earlier than other kids.

Parents will also note that their kids function well on less sleep. But some of their lack of sleep is that they can’t turn off their busy mind. They are thinking, questioning, and wondering all the time, so this interrupts their sleeping ability.

12 – A more advanced sense of humor

Gifted kids can crack jokes that even adults think are funny. They have a quick ability to see the funny side of things. This humor can sometimes be disarming to adults that a child is so quick to create a pun or an unusual side of something. They have a sense of humor above their peers who may be more literal and don’t understand abstract thinking as early.

Meet some famous gifted kids from history

  • Albert Einstein: His teachers found him dull. He got kicked out of primary school because he couldn’t read fast enough.
  •  Mozart: He started playing the harpsichord at three years old and composed his first musical piece at age 5.
  • Pablo Picasso: The first word he said was “pencil.” He painted his first famous oil painting at age nine years old.
  • Blaise Pascal: He taught himself mathematic terms since his father refused to teach him these skills. Then at 12, he discovered on his own all the geometric proof of Euclid without a textbook.
  • Clara Schumann: She didn’t talk until she was four years old. At the age of 7, she knew how to play the piano like a master. She started composing at ten years of age.
  • Stevie Wonder: He was born blind to an impoverished family. He began singing and playing the organ and piano as a child. At 12 years of age, he recorded his first songs and performed them on stage.
  • Marie Curie: As a gifted child, Marie Curie had a fantastic memory and incredible frankness even as a child. Once at the age of 4, she told one of her parents. “Remember that time when I was three months old, and you put my diaper on backwards, idiot?”

gifted childFinal Thoughts: Nurture the Emerging Abilities of Your Gifted Child

Parenting a gifted child can be both a blessing and a unique challenge. You might find that your child outpaces his or her siblings and that their homework is over your head! Do all you can to continue to foster an environment that will allow your child to flourish and for these innate abilities to emerge.


10 Signs You Are Spiritually Gifted

10 Signs You Are Spiritually Gifted

Having an intuitive nature or being spiritually gifted is often passed down through generations. If you feel that you have a sixth sense, or some call you an old soul, then it could be a gift that is passed to you from your ancestors.

Many people get feelings or sensations that they believe is bizarre or out of this world. Perhaps, something supernatural is trying to communicate. Divine intervention is something that many people experience frequently, but does it mean that you are spiritually gifted?

If you feel that you have unique gifts to communicate with the spiritual world, then you need to open yourself and allow the channeling to occur. The longer you prolong the acceptance that you are spiritually gifted, the harder it can make your life.

Signs of Being Spiritually Gifted

Perhaps, you are on the fence about whether you have an intuitive side or if you have a gift in dealing with the spiritual realm. Well, here are ten things that may happen to you when you have a spiritually gifted nature.

spiritually gifted

1. Visions

Some say it’s daydreaming, but visions are dreams that you have when you are wide awake. It can be something random that pops into your mind that makes you feel uncomfortable.

For instance, you may envision a car accident with your loved one. One way that the spirit world will communicate with you is through premonitions and visions. These little films play in your mind or visual field to warn you of danger.

It could be your spirit guide is trying to tell you to avoid traveling or to warn your loved one before they get into a car. The beauty of these visions is though while they may be uncomfortable to see, they are almost always meant to help you or someone you love to avoid danger.

2. Vivid Dreams

Do you dream a lot at night? Dreams are another way that the spirit world can easily connect with you. Spiritual experts say that you are the most vulnerable when you are asleep; thus, it’s easy for the spirit world to communicate.

A lady once dreamed that her father was dying. The dream was very descriptive, and it felt so real that she was shaken. She awoke at 2 am to a phone call telling her that her father had just passed. Was the spirit world trying to warn her?

Perhaps, she could sense his spirit leaving this world in her dream. Dreams are always open to interpretation. However, if you get messages while you are asleep, then you should write them down and investigate their meaning.

3. You Awaken During the Most Spiritual Hour

Did you know that between 3 am and 4 am each morning is when the veil between the spirit world and the natural world is the thinnest? It means that you can easily connect with spirit during this time.

If you thought that it was your small bladder waking you up at the same time, you might need to investigate. Waking up at this time is often to mean that the spirit world was trying to tell you something, and you are spiritually gifted enough to receive it.

You need to learn how to receive messages during this time. The next time it happens, sit up and hear what the spirit is trying to say to you. The message may be of vital importance.

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4. Synchronicity

You’ve probably heard that death, among other things, always comes in threes. These trends are possibly spiritually based. It’s called synchronicity, and it goes beyond death.

What if you’ve had dreams, visions, and constant thoughts about a person? It could be that the spirit world is wanting you to reach out to this person to help.

A girl once dreamed about her ex-boyfriend from high school dying in a horrific car crash. She accidentally ran into him in a bookstore not long after that occurrence, but she didn’t mention the dream. Then, he suddenly popped up on her suggested friend list on Facebook, which she accepted.

Two weeks after the encounters, she saw a post that his car ran off the road during a snowstorm, and he perished. Perhaps, the spirit world was trying to tell her to connect with him, warn him, or make peace with their past.

5. Hearing Guiding Voices

Do you hear things that no one else does? Do you ask someone a question and seem to know the answer before they speak? You should listen to spiritual voices when they are trying to communicate with you.

They may pop into your mind, speak to your heart, or you may hear them audibly. Regardless of how the messages come to you, you must be receptive to open communication. These voices can mean you’re spiritually gifted, and the spirits want to help support you.

6. Experience Random Emotions

You may have sensations and emotional outbursts that are not yours. It can be someone else’s sensations channeling through you. It may sound a bit farfetched, but it happens all the time.

A story stated that a woman was driving on I-10 in Florida and was about to pass a semi-truck. Every time she got close to the truck, she felt scared, even terrified. She was so anxious that she felt as if they would shoot her.

She knew that she was spiritually gifted. But she wasn’t sure if the spirit was trying to warn her about danger or she was channeling the energy of others. She quickly learned she was an empath. The experience was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t get it out of her mind.

She found out later that her brother’s wife had been kidnapped and was held at gunpoint in Los Angeles. She knew that the emotions she was feeling were that of her sister-in-law. Her sixth sense allowed her to feel these sensations to pray for her family.

7. Night Terrors

It’s often thought that children are the recipients of night terrors because they have irrational fears and are natural empaths. However, some experts say that the reason why children experience these dreams is that they are so sensitive to the spirit realm.

Have you ever heard of the “Delta and Theta” state? When an adult that is spiritually gifted enters this state, they can see things beyond the normal scope. If a spirit is trying to communicate with you but is not getting your attention, then nightmares are another way to communicate.

Remember, they will do anything they can to get your attention, even if it means waking you up at night in a panic.

night terrors

8. Prickly Sensations

Have you had a tingling sensation when someone tells you something amazing? Some call them tickling vibrations or tingles. However, sometimes you feel so excited inside that you want to dance with glee.

Tingling sensations can be magical; some even describe them as miraculous. These phenomena are just spirit confirming or communicating with you in another way.

9. Pressure Around the Third Eye

Most people know where the “third eye” is located. Have you ever felt a pressure in this area right between your eyebrows?

Spiritual experts say that clairvoyant people can often receive messages when they feel these pangs in this area. Additionally, other individuals say that they can see another person’s chakra colors when they open their third eye.

Doing some spiritual exercises can help you to open and close this extraordinary vision with ease.

10. Discernment and Being Spiritually Gifted

People who have discernment can tell you things present in the room that others can’t see. For instance, they can recognize when an evil entity enters the room. Spirit will give you different feelings to acknowledge the presence. You may get a chill up your spine, or they may be able to see the entity visually.

As you grow in your gifts and callings, you will soon be able to channel the spiritual world as it comes to you, but you also need to know when to close your third eye to get rest. All these things will come with time and practice.

spiritually giftedFinal Thoughts: Keep Connected to Your Old Soul to Stay Spiritually Gifted

Do you think you are intuitive? Have you experienced things that others don’t see or hear? Do people call you an old soul? You can consciously welcome these spirits, or you can push them away.

You must know that spirit is very assertive when it wants to get it’s point across. As you become more aware of things going on in the world most cannot see, you can grow your abilities.

Remember, to strengthen a muscle as you must use it often. You can enhance your abilities and learn how to channel the spirit world to help you and those around you. The most crucial step is to acknowledge that you have a gift and work ways to improve it so that it can intensify.