10 Cleaning Tips to Prevent a Dirty House

10 Cleaning Tips to Prevent a Dirty House

A clean home is a happy home, but some of your cleaning tricks may be spreading dirt around rather than making it a germ-free space. Did you know that the average household in this country has more than 7,000 different types of bacteria floating around? It’s no wonder people get sick so frequently these days.

You may be worried about picking up germs outside, but you can catch a virus or infection from your sweet abode. There are ways that you can cut the bacteria and other germs that lurk inside your home. Get ready; you’re going to be shocked how some of your traditional cleaning methods and supplies are doing more harm than good.

If you want to make a change in your family’s life and health, start by adapting new cleaning methods first. Here are the top ten cleaning fails that make your home dirty.

1. Feather Dusters

If any cleaning item should be thrown out the window, it’s the feather duster. This invention was famous in the 1970s to quickly remove dust. The only problem with this device is that it scatters the dust everywhere. Sure, a bit of the debris gets trapped among the feathers, but most of it just gets transferred into the atmosphere.

You’re doing little good for your family when you spread the dust around. However, if you want to trap the dirt and remove it from your space, you need a wet cloth. A damp rag will trap the dirt into the fabric and doesn’t redistribute it.

You’re not cleaning if you use this old-fashioned duster, and your home will still be dirty. Someone with asthma or allergies in your family needs you to get rid of as much dirt as possible.

2. Dirty Vacuum Filters

In the age where people can use a bagless vacuum, why are people still using bags? A bag collects all the crud it picks up from your floors and keeps it in reserve. Have you ever turned on your vacuum cleaner, and it blew dust everywhere? Bags are not full proof.

Another problem is those dirty filters. Many people don’t even check their vacuum filters, so it can’t effectively clean because it’s clogged. The dirty vacuum filter won’t stop it from operating, but it won’t work as efficiently to clean your home.

3. Toilet Brush

Is there anything nastier than a toilet brush that is reused? It sits on a stand and collects water, fecal matter, and urine for everyone to breathe. These brushes are a magnet for harmful bacteria and diseases.

Thankfully, there are new one-use brushes on the market that you don’t have to store anything other than a wand. You clean your commode, release a lever, and the pad falls into the trash. You will have better luck keeping your bathroom germ free when you get rid of those disgustedly dirty toilet brushes.

4. Kitchen Sink

You wouldn’t think that your kitchen sink would be a place where dirt and debris harbor, oh, but it’s one place that needs some bleach. Do you know how many people let dirty dishes sit for days? What about the people who bathe their kids and animals in the sink? All these things are causing a build-up of germs in a commonly used area.

The sink is one place where you need to keep the germs down because you will eat from dishes cleansed here. Make sure that after each time you use your sink, you wipe it down with bleach or scrub it down with detergent. Bleach and soap will kill any germs that harbor on the surface and keep your home cleaner.

5. Using the Same Cleaning Cloth

The cleaning cloth you use for dishes wipe down the table, clean your child’s dirty hands, and wipe down the stove, should only be used for one purpose. You can’t keep using the same cleaning cloth and not expect to spread germs around.

It would help if you had a dedicated rag that you can use for each surface, and it needs to be washed when you’re done. Never let a dishcloth sit out on the sink to dry and then use it again the next day. If you want to cut down germs in your dirty home, then stop using the same rag for multiple purposes.

6. Not Cleaning the Register Vents

Your register vents are one place that is out of sight and out of mind. However, you drop things down in these vents all the time. Some may be more of a “hot spot” than others. Your children also drop things into these holes.

The real problem is when your furnace or AC system kicks on. It spreads these germs all-around your home. Bits of food can mold and spread fungi all over the place, making your home’s air quality lackluster.

Take a vacuum hose and clean as far back into the duct as you can. If you find that the area is really dirty, then you should call in a professional for duct cleaning.

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7. Washing Machine

No one would dream that their washing machine would be dirty. It has soap, bleach, and fabric softener running through it all the time. Yet, if your clothes come out smelling not so fresh, then this appliance and its bacteria levels could be to blame.

When the new front-loader style washer came to the forefront, it changed everything. All these rubber seals to keep the water inside while turning on its side made things tricky. Unlike a top loader, which can easily have the lid opened to keep it fresh, it’s a bit more challenging with the new models.

The wet atmosphere and closed-door make it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Many people complain that their washer stinks as well as their clothes are coming out with a smell. It would help if you cleaned your washer with a bleach and baking soda combination. If you don’t do this routine clean, then your washer’s seals will become full of mold and bacteria that will get redeposited on your clothes.

8. Remote Controls

If there is one item in the household that most people forget to clean, it’s the remote control. Think of how many times the remote is touched daily. Now, consider how many people sneeze, wipe their nose, cough, and then toss the remote on the couch; it’s dirty.

It collects germs from almost every member of the household, and it also gathers surface germs. You must wipe down this handy device at least once a week with an antibacterial wipe. Just remember to remove the battery before doing this routine clean.

9. Shower Curtain

The shower is the place you go to get clean. All the dirt and grime your body picks up during the day is washed down the drain. Naturally, it would be best to clean your shower and bathtub regularly to keep germs at bay.

However, when is the last time that you’ve washed your shower curtain? The curtain encounters your body both before and after it’s passed. Additionally, your body isn’t the only one it’s touching.

Chances are there is a lot of dirt that fungi that harbor on this curtain, and it should be washed frequently.

10. Light Switches, Doorknobs, and Handles

You can sit back and kick your feet up after a routine clean. You’ve got the important stuff that seems to have germs and dirt cleaned, but have you got everything? Light switches, doorknobs, and handles are often overlooked as no one thinks to clean these unless the dirt is apparent.

However, dozens of times, people in your home touch these items and bring outside germs inside your home. Think of all the times your children go to the bathroom and forget to wash their hands, or there are numerous occasions that a cough or sneeze will encounter them.

When you do your routine household cleaning, you need to remember to include the Light switches, doorknobs, and handles on the list. Your family could easily pass around the flu or other viruses on such items, and you might not be any the wiser.

Final Thoughts on Whisking Away Those Dirty Cleaning Habits

Do you still use the old mop and bucket when you clean your floors? You pick up dirt and redistribute it to other areas of the home. So many old cleaning methods can’t get rid of the germs and infectious diseases that you fight today. You can never be too careful when it comes to the cleanliness of your home.

Sure, your schedule is busy, and the last thing you have time for is to be sick. Sadly, many people aren’t cleaning their houses well enough, or they forget germy hot spots that make them ill. Engage the whole family in making the home a cleaner space.

Cleaning your remotes, washing machines, kitchen sink, as well as your light switches, doorknobs, and handles, should be a routine part of your week. You want to encourage a haven for your family where they can rest easy and won’t get sick. Are you guilty of these epic cleaning failures? Now is the time to cast toxins from your living space.


7 Ways to Connect With Nature (Without Leaving Your House)

7 Ways to Connect With Nature (Without Leaving Your House)

You don’t always have to go on a big hiking trip or even leave the city to connect with nature. In fact, you can get a taste of the great outdoors without even having to leave your house! With the pandemic going on, many people don’t want to risk going out and getting sick, so they’ve had to get more creative with their time. The lockdown forced us to learn how to enjoy the simple things again, like connecting with nature and slowing down a little bit.

You might wonder how you can bring the outdoors inside so that you don’t have to risk exposing yourself to the virus or allergens in the air. Of course, you can’t enjoy things like hiking and adventure sports in the comfort of your living room, but you can bring the healing properties of nature into your home. Below, we’ll go over how you can still get the benefits of the outdoors without even having to step foot outside.

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

Here are seven ways to connect with nature (without leaving your house):

  1. Buy some house plants.

House plants not only look beautiful, but they have plenty of health benefits as well! Adding plants to your decor brings a slice of nature inside while helping to purify the air and boost negative ions in the environment. Negative ions, ironically, help us feel more positive and vibrant by increasing oxygen flow to the brain.

You have likely experienced this feeling while walking on the beach or through the mountains, soaking up the energy from tens of thousands of negative ions. House plants contain a smaller amount of negative ions, but still enough to boost your mood and make you feel more energetic. Here are some other benefits of house plants:

If you’ve been missing out on connecting with nature, buy a few plants, so you get the benefits of the outdoors without having to leave your home.

  1. Listen to nature sounds on your phone, or buy a sound machine.

If you can’t get out to a waterfall or beach, bring those healing sounds right into your home to get similar benefits. Whether you find a relaxing video on YouTube or buy a sound machine with nature sounds, you will feel calmer and connected to Earth. Nowadays, you have dozens of options to choose from to bring the power and tranquility of nature to your ears right from your bed or couch.

Of course, it doesn’t compare to experiencing nature scenes in person, but if you don’t feel comfortable traveling to these places right now, the sounds can provide some of the same rewards.

  1. Have some essential oils on hand.

Essential oils make an excellent way to connect with nature while helping you with various ailments, such as anxiety or depression. Here are some of the most popular essential oils as well as what conditions they treat:


This oil can aid in conditions of the stomach, such as IBS or Crohn’s disease. It also helps with headaches and nausea.


Perhaps one of the most popular oils, lavender can treat mental disorders such as anxiety and depression due to the calming effect it has on the nervous system. Some researchers say it can help with sleep disorders such as insomnia as well.

Tea tree:

This oil has plenty of antibacterial and antifungal properties. It can be used to treat wounds, control dandruff, and get rid of head lice. It can also be used to treat athlete’s foot.


This oil can help to relieve stress and ease chronic pain and inflammation.


Used in lots of teas designed to help people fall asleep faster, chamomile can ease anxiety and stress as well as aid in sleep disorders.

Researchers explain the many benefits of chamomile and how to use it.


This oil not only smells lovely but is used in many desserts due to its sweet taste. It can be used as an antidepressant, sedative, and antiseptic.


Eucalyptus oil can help get rid of odors from mildew as well as alleviate coughs and other symptoms of colds.

Ylang ylang:

This can help reduce tension and stress due to its light floral scent, which helps ease the mind of worries.

  1. Watch movies/TV shows or read books with nature themes.

Another great way to combat cabin fever, books, and TV shows can transport you to another world far away from your living room or bed. Of course, it won’t feel quite the same as getting out in nature yourself, but sometimes viewing it on our TV or phone can provide some of the same benefits. In fact, some studies have shown that even looking at nature can boost positive emotions and improve brain function.

Since we evolved around the bountiful plant and animal life, our modern environments don’t cater to our natural instincts. Many studies have shown that people in urban environments have poorer mental health than those who reside in more rural areas. Even if you live in a bustling city, however, you can always bring nature to you in movies and books. You will probably feel more relaxed, just viewing beautiful nature scenes.

  1. Spend time in your backyard.

You don’t have to travel very far to get the benefits of nature – just walk out your back door and enjoy the sound of the birds and the feel of the crisp grass beneath your feet. Sit in a lounge chair with an ice-cold glass of lemonade and just enjoy the art of being for a while. It might not compare to Mt. Everest or the Caribbean Sea, but you can still take in the wonders of nature right from your backyard.

You could even build a birdhouse if you want to attract more animal friends into your yard. Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly skilled in woodwork, a quick online search can show you how to build one yourself. Use your downtime to enjoy the little things in life, like connecting with nature at your own home.

  1. Start a garden.

Many people have used this time to harvest fresh fruits and veggies, as the food supply seemed a little uncertain at the beginning of the pandemic. Since a lot of people didn’t have to go to work, they used this free time to learn how to garden so that they could become more self-sufficient.

You don’t even need a huge space to grow your produce. Some people have also used 5-gallon containers found at hardware stores to grow their plants in. Others chose to grow herbs on their windowsills or even use a kiddie pool to plant some fresh food. Work with the space you have and make sure to grow with the seasons, so you have the best chance at producing a good harvest.

You don’t need to have a green thumb to get started in gardening; with a little practice and effort, you will have a harvest in no time.

  1. Decorate your home with nature scenes.

Cabin fever making you feel stir crazy? Don’t worry; you can still enjoy nature in your own home by decorating your space with beautiful wilderness scenes. Buy tapestries that have nature on them, such as trees, mountains, and rivers. You could also purchase paintings or pictures of nature, or even hang up your nature photography if that’s your thing.

Get creative with how you decorate – it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or resources to remind yourself of the wonders of nature. Even a small plant or a coffee cup with some trees on it can invoke feelings of peace and joy. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself how it feels when you walk through a forest or see mountains for the first time. Make it feel cozy and welcoming if you’ve been spending more time in your home, and that way, you’ll never want to leave!

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Final thoughts on how to connect with nature from your own home

As strange as it may seem, you don’t have to travel thousands or even hundreds of miles to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you plant a garden, sit in your backyard enjoying the nature sounds, or buy houseplants, you can still connect with nature at home. You could also purchase essential oils that will ease your mind and help you relax, or purchase paintings or photos of nature to hang up around the house.

Finally, utilize the invention of technology by listening to nature sounds on your phone or watching shows on TV about exploring the outdoors. Or you could go to your local library or download books about nature. As you can see, you have plenty of options for connecting with nature without even having to get in your car!


75 Things to Do When You Can’t Leave The House

75 Things to Do When You Can't Leave The House

When you can’t leave the house, it can be quite dull. Some people will even develop cabin fever or say they’re going stir crazy. You must think outside the box to find innovative things to do.

If you unleash your creative side, as well as the part of you that craves organization and cleanliness, then you will find that you don’t have nearly enough time to get it all done. Here are 75 things that can keep you busy when you can’t leave the house.

Inside the House Tasks

1. Catch up on Laundry

If you want to stay productive, then catching up on laundry is the way to go. There probably isn’t a household in America that doesn’t have an abundance of laundry that needs to be washed, folded, and put away. Since you can’t leave the house, now is your time to tackle this mound.

2. Clean Behind the Stove and Refrigerator

Most people tend to ignore the dust bunnies accumulating behind the stove and fridge. However, take this time to clean that hidden dirt.


3. Clean Out the Closets

Your closest might have clothes from decades ago just waiting to be pitched. One of the best odd jobs is to clean out your old clothes.

4. Pair Down and Donate to Charity

Since you’re already cleaning out closets and doing some deep cleaning, then why not gather things to take to your local charity. You could even have a yard sale if you wanted.

5. Wash all the Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds get dusty over the winter months. Take them down and wash them to help improve the air quality in your home.

6. Clean the Windows

While you’re taking down those curtains and blinds, it’s time to wash the windows too. Use coffee filters for a streak-free shine.

7. Shampoo the Carpets

Carpet cleaning is the last on most people’s list. However, it’s one of the odd jobs that will have the most significant impact. Rent a cleaner from the store or hire a company to come to do it for you.

8. Deep Clean Tile and Grout

Tile and grout cleaning is a thankless job. However, with some bleach and elbow grease, you can have it looking as good as new.

9. Scrub the Tub

Why is it that bathtubs are always so hard to clean? Did you know that the best way to clean a tub is with an oven cleaner? It sounds strange, but this cleaner does most of the work for you.

10. Flip the Mattresses

Who has the time or remembers to flip their mattresses? Now is the perfect time for this mundane task.

11. Rearrange Your Furniture

Are you tired of the flow of a particular room in your home? Why not rearrange the furniture and change everything?

12. Clean the Hidden Lint from the Dryer

Even if you clean out your lint trap after each load, there’s still a ton of lint that you cannot see. Use your sweeper with a special attachment to get rid of hard to reach lint.

13. Organize Under the Sinks

If you’re like most people, then you just throw trash bags and cleaners under your sinks. Take the time to organize these hot spots.

14. Sell Things on Online Auction Sites

If you don’t want to have a yard sale, then you can sell things on online auction sites. You can make some serious cash without leaving your home.

15. Paint a Room

Have you put off painting a room? Now you have the time since you can’t leave the house. Choose a vibrant hue to create a feel-good mood.

16. Give the Bathroom a Deep Cleaning

After you clean the tub, there are still many other parts of the bathroom that need a deep cleaning. Start with the loo and work yourself around the room.

17. Organize your Kitchen Cabinets

Do you have dishes that fall out on your when you open your kitchen cabinets? Why not stay productive and organize this chaos.

18. File Those Important Documents and Shred the Rest

Everyone has a pile of papers that needs to be filed in a safe place. File what you need to keep and invest in a shredder to take care of the rest.

19. Clean the Oven and Refrigerator

You’ve already tackled behind them; now it’s time to get at what lurks inside. Schedule an afternoon off for this necessary task.

20. Dust Ceiling Fans

Who has time to dust ceiling fans? Since AC season is upon us, it’s time to get that dust down before it spreads all over the house.

21. Change Furnace Filter and Clean Return Vents

Other places that dust likes to linger is the return vents on your finance and the filter. Get those taken care of too.

22. Tear up Old Carpet and Replace It With New

Do you have an old stained carpet that’s been bugging you? It’s time to change it out. Even the bare floor is worse than that allergen producing rug.

23. Clean out Basements and Attic Spaces

Though you may need to wear protective gear from years of clutter, it’s time to tackle the basement and attics.

24. Clean and Toss Things in the Garage

Wouldn’t you love to be able to pull into your garage without being afraid of hitting bodes of clutter? Gather some stuff for the trash pile and put others on online auctions sites.

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Outside the House Tasks

25. Weed and Mulch Flower Beds

Gather your gardening tools and get to work. You have a month’s worth of weed that needs to be gone. Once you’re done, you can mulch those beds for flowers.

26. Plant New Flowers for Spring

If you don’t have any perennial plants that are going to come back this year, then head to your local nursery and make your garden spectacular this year.

27. Dig up any Dead Bushes

Do you have any dead bushes lingering in your yard? Even if there is a little bit of life left, it’s probably best to let them go.

28. Prune Trees

Any tree overgrowth that is near electric lines should be pruned for the season.

29. Sharpen the Blades and Change the Oil in Lawnmower

Doing some routine maintenance on your lawnmower is essential. You want it to go strong all summer long.

30. Add New String to the Weed Eater

It’s time to restring your weed eater so that it can help you take care of your garden all year long.

31. Turn Your Outside into Additional Living Space

Why not bring the inside-outside? How can you extend your living space to the great outdoors?

32. Clean the Barbeque Grill

Get some oven cleaned and scraper as it’s time to tackle one of the dirtiest jobs around the home. However, you will need that grill for summer fun.

33. Inspect and Change Water Hose if Necessary

Make sure your water hose doesn’t have any cracks or holes in it. To have a gorgeous garden, you need to be able to water your flowers.

34. Add Some Decorative Elements to your Garden

Why not add a gazing ball or a gnome to your flower garden? It will surely spice things up a bit.

35. Weed Eat and Mow Grass Often

Since you can’t leave the house, you might as well make sure your grass and weed eating is done promptly. About once a week is a required frequency.

36. Put Out a Bird Feeder or Two

There’s something spectacular about watching the birds. Why not let nature entertain you during this downtime?

37. Power Wash House and Decks

Pull out the power washer and bring new life to your siding and decks. Wash the algae and mold of the wet season from your abode.

38. Bring out Summer Furniture and Dust it Off

While you’re cleaning out the garage, get out your patio furniture and dust it off. It’s time for some backyard fun.

39. Install a Water Feature Outdoors

Have you always wanted a koi pond or waterfall? Since you can’t leave the house, this tranquil addition will help with anxiety.

40. Paint the house or Add Siding

If you’ve always wanted to put siding on your home or paint it, now is your chance. Get some friends and ask them to help with this significant undertaking.

41. Refresh Paint on the Shutters

Would you like to change the paint on your shutters? Get rid of dark colors and opt for a vibrant blue, red, or even orange.

42. Give Your Front Door a New Hue

While you’re painting your shutters, give your door a new color too. Finish off the touch with a decorative wreath to make it pop.

43. Rake Leaves and Debris from Winter Winds

The winter wind blows fall’s leaves around. You should take some time since you can’t leave the home and clean up all those piles under porches and such.

44. Remove Straw and Clean Animal Pins

If you have any outside animals, then you’ve probably got plenty of straw in their beds. It’s time to change and remove some of that to prepare for the hot season. Plus, you want to give those pens a good cleaning too.

45. Clean and Repaint Your Mailbox

It’s the little touches that make a difference. Why not clean up your mailbox and give it a fresh coat of paint?

46. Sweep and Power Wash Porches

While you have that power washer out, you need to go ahead and get the porches too. They seem to be less of an issue since most are covered but still need to be cleaned.

47. Fill up Gas Cans for Machinery

Since gas prices are so low, you should fill up a couple of cans to keep on hand.

48. Sort and Organize Gardening Tools

Clean, organize and sort all your gardening tools. You’re going to need to replace some and pitch others.

49. Clean the Gutters and Install Gutter Caps

The rainy days of spring and summer bring leaves and debris to your gutters. Clean these out to prevent an issue in the fall months.

50. Wash Windows from Outside

Wash the outside of your windows. You can easily attach a cleaner to your garden hose to make this task easy.

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Tasks to Treat Yourself After All That Hard Work

51. Do Some Online Discount Shopping

Some serious sales are going on right now. Take advantage of these offers.

52. Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Summer

Do you need some new clothes? While you’re shopping, stock your closet for summer fun.

53. Read a Good Book

Get a blanket and curl up with a good book. Since you can’t leave the house, why not enjoy every inch of your couch?

54. Rest

It’s okay if you don’t get out of your pajamas. You can sleep the day away. It’s okay to sleep in till 10. You’ve earned it.

55. Catch Up on A Television Series

Is there a television show that you want to watch but never had the time? Well, now is your chance.

56. Give Yourself a Facial

Grab the tweezers and a mud mask as now is the perfect time to give yourself a quality facial at home.

57. Do a Home Version of a Manicure and Pedicure

Since you’re in the spa mode, you don’t want to forget about those overgrown nails on your hands and feet. Trim and shape your nails as sandal season is upon you.

58. Have Your Partner Give You a Massage

The only thing better than a massage is not having to pay for it. Why not take turns giving massages to you and your partner?

59. Take a Bubble Bath with Candles and Champagne

Run the hottest water you can stand, fill it with bubbles, light some candles, and put the bubbly on ice. You deserve it.

60. Netflix and Chill

For all those times you’ve heard people say they were going to Netflix and chill and you didn’t have time. It’s your chance to relax.

61. Connect with Loved Ones and Friends Far Away

Connect with friends and family both near and far through Zoom, Skype, or Facebook messenger.

62. Make a TikTok Video

If you think you have a unique talent or gift, then you can make a TikTok or YouTube video. Who knows;. You may go viral?

63. Enhance Your Culinary Skills

There are thousands of online tutorials that can help you to learn some new makeup tricks. Now is the time to experiment.

64. Cook Some Goodies for Elderly or Needy

Many people are struggling with being stuck at home, but you can help those less fortunate or the elderly by making them some goodies.

65. Join an Online Support Group

If you feel that the four walls are caving in on you, then you may want to join an online support group.

66. Catch up on Social Media

Whether you Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, take your downtime to catch up on friends and family.

67. Learn to Sew

Have you always wanted to learn to sew? Why not get a machine and learn. Sewing is becoming increasingly popular again.

68. Make Protection Masks for People

Since you’re learning to sew, why not make some protection masks for people? It’s a simple project that even a novice can do.

69. Build Blanket Forts with the Kids

There’s nothing better than forts made from blankets. Your children will love the time you spend with them to do it.

70. Play Lots of Board Games

Pull out Monopoly, Scrabble, and Candy Land. It’s time for an old fashioned board game night.

71. Paint Your Nails a Vibrant Hue

Why not walk on the wild side and give your nails a stunning splash of color? You can change it as often as you like.

72. Take a Nap as Often as Possible

Give yourself permission to take a daily nap. Since you can’t leave the house, staying in bed is the next best thing.

73. Make Sure To do Plenty of Porch Sitting

Grab your lemonade, a good book, and head to the porch swing. You’ve earned this downtime.

74. Dust Off Your Bike and Get Riding

Bike riding is excellent for every muscle group in your body. Air up those tires and head down the road. Your body will thank you.

75. Try Some Crazy Makeup Hacks

Have you always wanted to be adventurous in your makeup? Now is a great time to practice some new techniques. Who knows, you may develop a new style.


Final Thoughts: Tackle the Tasks Around the House You Never Take Time to Complete

When you can’t leave the house, you can find many things to do to occupy your time. Make a list of the items you want to tackle and get cracking. You will feel like this social distancing thing was a blessing to be able to accomplish so much.