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Top 10 Vape Models to Follow on Instagram

Top 10 Vape Models to Follow on Instagram

Top 10 Vape Models to Follow on Instagram

Want to know the top 10 vape models on Instagram?

Vape models make the vape culture sizzle. They’re the entrepreneurs and talent on Instagram and other social media networks that everyone who loves vaping wants to become and follow.

These sassy girls promote vape brands. Whether it’s their own brand or they work for your favorite vape stores and vape suppliers.

If you love vaping, here are the top ten vape models you want to follow. But before you do, check out this ultimate vape shop.

The Top Ten: Vaping Models to Follow on Instagram

Here are the best vape models to follow on Instagram. They each have their own style and thousands and some, millions of followers.

Let’s smoke!

1. @pandorablue

From Orlando, Floria, Pandorablue is the queen of vaping with 1.6 million followers. She promotes a variety of vape juices you’ll love and creates a cool community environment in her Instagram posts.

This smoking hot model gets attention. She is the current top model vaper on Instagram and the hottest promoter.

2. @misaliaa

Misaliaa is a beautiful and talented vape model from Malaysia. She’s pretty young and has a lot of tricks she performs for her Instagram followers.

What’s important to her is quality. Her content about the performance. With 232k followers, she knows how to get things done.

Her followers recognize her efforts to put on an outstanding show. They know she works hard to make it all happen.

Her videos show you that you don’t need top-notch video editing abilities to create an eye-catching video. What’s most important is talent, which she evidently has. Her followers can tell she works hard for her community.

3. @dose.of.farrah

Farrah resembles the girl next door. She has a wholesome look that she shows on her Instagram page. Although she looks modest and humble, this vape promoter is one of the most popular models in vaping culture.

On the dose of Farrah Instagram page, you’ll read daily posts and she has a lot of sponsored content and ads.  She also has great giveaways from time to time.

She knows how to sell vaping products. This stunning model uses quality photographs shot both indoors and out. They seem to get the attention of the vaping community.

With her beauty, creative pics and free stuff, it’s not surprising she’s built an Instagram community of 230k followers.

4. @justpeachyy

Just peachyy is definitely not the girl next door. Her piercings, tattoos and vaping action are her signature. Also called Hannah, justpeachyy has published thousands of Instagram posts.

Her bad-girl vibe gets the attention of 120k followers. She’s bad, smart and a good promoter. Different brands that feature juices and mods sponsor her posts. Her photographs rock.

And even though she has a bad girl attitude, that doesn’t stop her from thanking her followers with all the praise they give her. She’s also good about answering any questions about content.

5. @wannatashaa

Natasha is the ultimate vape trickster. And a vape model who has the talent many followers want. Just look at her Instagram posts. They’re packed with limitless vape tricks.

The way Natasha performs makes her viewers wonder. Can this girl be real or is she using computer-generated imagery tech effects?

Natasha works hard at focusing her posts on her performance talent that she shows her 107k Instagram followers. And doesn’t waste time trying to be overly provocative because she doesn’t need to.

This is one of the reasons she has earned recognition and respect from vaper influencers who matter.

6. @priscillacrystalg

When it comes to sexiness to promote vaping, this model has it. Priscillacrystalg compels 89.7k followers to get into vaping culture in a myriad of ways. Her pics are smokin’ in every way.

One thing is for sure: she knows how to be an effective promoter. Although she’s sexy, she’s also elegant combining good taste with seduction while she sells her juices and mods in the hottest outfits.

Her pics display a variety of juice flavors while she vapes compelling 89.7k followers to notice.

Just look at her Instagram page and you’ll see thousands of likes and a comment section that always gets abundant compliments and intriguing questions.

7. @vaping.rose

A Filipino vape model, Elyssa Rose (vaping.rose) gets her 71.1K follower’s satisfaction promoting vape products that she enjoys. Her photos are versatile and composed. They’re not that provocative, but she surely satisfies her audience.

She informs her followers about current discounts, introduces new vape juices and lets them know about the latest events. Whether it’s with her cool photos or content, she is sure to engage.

Her followers do not only get the chance to enjoy photos, but they also get learn about discounts, new vape juices, and upcoming events. This beautiful vape model knows how to promote and entertain.

8. @valerie.w33

Another well-known trickster, Valerie impresses 32.9K followers with every post. This vape performer and promoter brings the world of vaping abilities to the next level.

She makes her devoted followers want more and wonder what her next trick is going to be. Other than tricks, Valerie treats her fans with giveaways sometimes and writes product reviews.

She is a well-respected and admired vape model for aspiring vapers. Her comments section is often jam-packed with nice compliments about her skills.

9. @ohmmywattsup

Ohmmywgattsup aka Chrystianna is the object of affection of 31.23k dedicated followers. She leads a new generation of vapers with tricks and talent. With her around, you know the future of vaping has great potential.

She always moves with a mod by her side. This model posts content consistently. On her Instagram page, you’ll discover new products and some killer vape trick skills.

10. @alliembers_

Alli Embers has a special talent integrating food, vape and the natural environment in her photos. She captures the interest of 19.1k Instagram followers when she writes a new post.

This vape model spends her time promoting different products for more than one vape company. She’s creative in her photo presentations and boasts a sense of style that occasionally includes great tricks.

The Takeaway on the Top 10 Vape Models

Now you know the top ten vape models to follow on Instagram. These beautiful girls are the ultimate trickster, influencers, and promoters when it comes to selling everything vape.

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How to Write Good Instagram Captions: The 5 Best Captions for Every Type of Instagram Post

How to Write Good Instagram Captions: The 5 Best Captions

How to Write Good Instagram Captions: The 5 Best Captions for Every Type of Instagram Post

Did you know that Instagram as a social media platform is on the rise? After all, it reached about 1 billion active users back in June 2018. It’s only expected to grow from here, with 2019 bringing the American user base to 111 million.

This makes Instagram one of the best platforms for brand building and improving relationships with customers. That said, you won’t get anywhere without the ideal posts and captions.

If you want to get the best Instagram post out there, you need good Instagram captions. You can also use these social media tips to get more followers.

Are you ready to learn the best Instagram captions? Read on to find out what they are.

1. Funny Captions

Are you having difficulty writing something witty? When you’re writing an Insta caption, you can always use humor as a means of promoting your posts. Some people might groan at the thought of puns, but it’s often effective.

Always remember to try making something relatable. For example, you can use this caption: “I need a six-month holiday twice a year.” It helps you appeal to people who know the hardships of working life.

2. Clever Captions

Wittiness isn’t limited to jokes. You can make relatable captions using wit alone. For example, if your follower base is mainly office workers, a witty line like this can make them laugh: “There may be no excuse for laziness, but I’m still looking.”

3. Savage Captions

These types of captions can be motivational. It can cater to any type of audience, even when you’re buying Instagram likes. A lot of people like reading savage one-liners that make them feel more empowered.

That means a caption like “Be a little more you and a lot less like them” can become inspiring to people. It fosters individuality that a lot of people lack. That way, your audience engages your posts more.

4. Song Lyrics Captions

A lot of people love song lyrics. Depending on your target demographic, you can put any song line as the caption of your Instagram posts. If your audience leans more on the mature side, maybe a line from The Beatles can do the trick.

5. Hashtag Captions

When you’re writing your captions, keep it short and sweet. But it’s always important to place hashtags whenever you can. You can use hashtags as your caption no matter what kind of post you have.

Make sure that you place the hashtags in a way that doesn’t make your post look cluttered. A good way to do this is to use line breaks to bury them beneath your main caption. It’s clean but it still lets you get found.

Get Good Instagram Captions Today!

There are a lot of ways for you to make captions for Instagram. Depending on the type of profile you manage, you can pick any caption from these five categories. You’re not limited to one, so feel free to mix and match to make good Instagram captions.

Do you want to make money with your fashion blog on Instagram? Read this post and learn some tips that can help you find the right niche to profit from, as well as the right attitude to make it grow.


Instagram Influencer Training: How to Make Money with Your Fashion Blog on Instagram

Instagram Influencer Training: How to Make Money with Your Fashion

Instagram Influencer Training: How to Make Money with Your Fashion Blog on Instagram

Do you dream of a career that gives you the freedom that you desire and the income you need to support your lifestyle?

The earning power of someone with 100,000 followers can be upwards of $5,000 per post.

That considered, it can be difficult to build your way up to that many followers, especially in the competitive fashion blogger space.

However, it is still possible to create a successful fashion platform on Instagram for budding influencers with the right mindset and strategy.

It is important to note that becoming a popular Instagram influencer will take time and commitment, but over time you should be able to get generate enough income to consider doing it full-time.

Moreover, creating content and posts for Instagram doesn’t have to be draining or overly time-consuming with modern internet tools available.

Read on to learn how to begin building your Instagram platform and fashion blog, and make money while living your best life.

How to Become an Instagram Influencer in Fashion

It is a common misconception that influencers don’t have to work hard at their job.

But, in reality, they do work hard, only in a different way than most other careers.

A key difference in the type of work that influencers do is that the majority of people will not understand what goes into it. They also have more freedom in what, when, and how they work if it is their full-time gig.

Here are a few tips to consider as you start a fashion blog and Instagram page for your lifestyle.

Find the Right Niche

Even within the fashion niche, it is important to get as narrow as you can at first. This is because you need to different than what is already out there if you want to get followers.

Try to think about other passions and interests you may have, and how these could be used to narrow down your area of expertise.

The most dedicated audience tends to be one that relates to you in more way than just one.

So, if you love fashion and sustainability, try to focus on both on your platform. If you love talking about new trends and brands, post about recent changes in fashion, like men’s clothing directions beginning after February 2019.

Do the Research

Never skimp on research when it comes down to what you should be posting, how often, and the tools you can use.

The world of blogging, on Instagram and otherwise, is constantly changing and becoming more competitive, so it is important to keep up.

Treat it Like a Business

A platform on social media that is generating part or all of your income is a business. Show it the discipline, work, and dedication you would with any other business you could start.

Curate Instagram Content

It is vital that you hand select content based on your audience. No matter how much you love an item or product, try to think about the end user above all else, in addition to the general ascetic on your page.

Consider Using Influencer Marketing Platforms

If you struggle to find partnership at first, think about joining online platforms dedicated to helping influencers connect with brands, especially when you just starting out.

Use Instagram to Advertise Blog Content

A website with written content is the perfect pair for an Instagram page full of visually pleasing content.

The best way to utilize both is to post relevant content to both and to use social media to generate more traffic to your website, where you could monetize from affiliate marketing, ads, and products.

Become Insta-Famous in Fashion

Joining the ranks as an Instagram influencer doesn’t have to be a grueling experience.

If you are passionate about what you are posting and writing about, and you maintain an authentic approach, the people will come.

It is also a great idea to always do the research, work hard, and use tools to your benefit as you continue the blogging journey.

For more information about becoming a fashion blogger, check out our recent article on how to succeed as a blogger in this niche.


How to Become a Food Blogger on Instagram

How to Become a Food Blogger on Instagram

How to Become a Food Blogger on Instagram

With over 168 million photos on Instagram tagged as #food, it’s no secret that people love to take photos of food- and look at them too!

Unfortunately, this means that if you are set on becoming a famous Instagram food blogger, it’s going to take some work. Simple photos of what you ate for lunch aren’t going to cut it anymore.

In fact, behind every successful Instagram account, there is a strategy. Here are 5 essential tips that will help you start strategizing your account and learning how to become a food blogger.

1. Define Your Niche

The very first step before you even begin posting is to strategize what your profile and platform will look like. Pick a color theme and style for all of your photos.

This will help you to build up a congruent and professional looking profile as more photos are added.

Not only that, but this is the time when you get to decide what makes you different from every other food blogger.

Will you only post about waffles? Or will you post about healthy versions of your favorite comfort foods?

Whatever, you choose just make sure it’s something you can grow with and that you love!

2. Follow Others

The next step is to begin following other famous food bloggers. This will give you an idea of the kinds of posts that people respond well to.

From the top profiles, you’ll be able to learn how to become a food blogger that people actually want to see in their feeds.

However, don’t stop there! Follow the people that like, comment, and respond to these bloggers as well. This will help you get your name and profile out in front of followers that are already loyal and engaged.

Avoid following bots and people that will just give you a like for a like. Also never buy followers. These both will ruin your engagement and in turn, negatively affect your brand.

3. Be Unique

With over 300 million monthly users on Instagram, you need to make sure that your posts and profile are unique and memorable.

This can be done by posting images of uncommon recipes or making an interesting display of the food. If you get stuck, just check out WaffleMakersHub for examples.

4. Be Consistent and Take Your Time

A successful profile takes time to grow. So don’t throw in the towel too early!

The most important thing you can do is to be consistent with your posting and keep creating killer content. Good posts take time to create, so if you find yourself frequently forgetting it might be time to create a content calendar.

This will help you stay on track and be prepared, even during the busiest weeks.

5. Promote

Lastly, promote your profile outside of Instagram. Utilize the power of other venues to push people towards your Instagram profile.

Creative content enhances your website and a website can help enhance your creative content as well. If you think of them as a complementary pair, your success will be much more lasting.

How to Become a Food Blogger on Instagram?

Begin by following these 5 crucial steps. Then keep learning, growing, and adapting. We can’t wait to see what you can do!

Have any questions? Send us a message. We’d love to hear from you!