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Learn to Sell Pets Online the Safe Way

Learn to Sell Pets Online the Safe Way

Learn to Sell Pets Online the Safe Way

sell pets onlineIf you sell pets online, you’re in the business of bringing happiness to others.

However, to protect the integrity of your business as well as the safety of your animals, you need to take some serious precautions.

Follow the advice in this post to learn how to build up your web presence, as well as how to safely sell your animals to loving, competent owners over the Internet.

Build Your Web Presence

Before we even get into how to safely sell pets online, let’s first discuss how you can build up a web presence that lets customers get to know you as a breeder.

One of the most important things you can do is to immediately register with the Better Business Bureau. This way, when customers find your website, they can see that you have a clean record and learn more about your past customers.

Plus, registering with the BBB proves to customers that you’re authoritative, invested in the health and well-being of your animals, and committed to customer service.

Next, it’s time to focus on your website. Make sure you include lots of pictures of your animals (social media will also be an incredible marketing opportunity for you.) Blog about your process, include a “frequently asked questions” section, and list your experience.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to include glowing testimonials from your past customers. For a good example of a dog site done right, check out Crump’s Bullies. Their homepage links to their social media accounts, clearly indicates their contact information, and uses an image that immediately connects with their target market.

How To Screen Potential Owners

As a breeder, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your animals will be going to a safe environment where they’ll be well taken care of.

These days, everyone wants a pet. In fact, millennials prioritize pet ownership over home ownership and even romantic relationships! However, just because someone wants a pet, doesn’t mean they’re qualified to have one.

Be as specific about the nature of a specific animal as possible. For example, is it more hyper than others? Does it have bathroom control issues? Have you given it any training? This will help to ensure owners know what to expect, and whether or not they can provide the care needed.

Also, be sure you connect with potential owners through email. Ask about the ages of any children they have at home, how they plan to afford care and food, and if they’ve ever owned an animal before.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask where they’ll be keeping the animal, and why they want to buy a pet. You need to know your animals won’t be spending their lives in cages or used for horrific purposes.

You’re Ready To Sell Pets Online

Thanks to this post, you now have all the information you need to both safely sell pets online and build your overall web presence.

Breeding and selling pets is a rewarding career that brings joy to countless people. Make sure that your animals find their dream homes by following the advice in this post.

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